Last update: 2010-09-09


2010-09-09 Length: 5m 35s

Shake Yo Stank Off will be made available in the rock version on Bounce, Stretch, Twist, Bounce CD. Composed and arranged by Derrick Whitt (bass guitars and drum programming). Check this out! …

Keepin' It Real

2010-01-02 Length: 3m 7s

Coming from Derrick Whitt's first EP is the title track, a drum and bass groove composed by Derrick Whitt. Check it out! Lumination's bassist is willing to do interview and talk about the latest project due in Spring 2010. …

From Lumination: Contradiction

2009-08-28 Length: 10m 53s

This is too good to put it lyrics to it. Let it speak for itself. Written by Derrick Whitt and Jay Lock. Copyright (c) 2009 Lumination Music. All rights are reserved. Lumination is on MySpace: Tell them what you think of the band's jams. …

India China

2009-08-23 Length: 6m 42s

India China is written in dedication to India Cole of Syracuse, NY. Composed by Derrick Whitt and Jay Lock for the Bad Reputation EP. Copyright (c) 2009 Lumination Music. All rights are reserved. …

NEW MUSIC: Luminationized Version of Jungle Love

2009-07-25 Length: 11m 43s
From the Ice Cream Castle CD, written by Morris Day and Jesse Johnson, and performed by Morris Day and The Time. Arranged by Derrick Whitt. A tribute to the brothas. Thanks Morris! …

Lumination: Sweet Chocolate

2009-06-15 Length: 11m 32s

From Bad Reputation EP, Lumination breaks out with this jam, and there is a name behind this track: Sheree Ruth of Chicago, IL who inspired Derrick to write this instrumental. Jay Lock of Syracuse, NY was featured on the track as featured musician on rhythm guitars. Composed by Derrick Whitt. Copyright (c) 2009 Lumination Music. All rights are reserved. …

Lumination New Music: Bad Reputation

2009-03-03 Length: 5m 36s

The Syracuse Bad Boys are doing it again and they are letting it out. You have already heard Lumination's Rodimus Prime/Galvatron Battle Theme here. Now they are bringing their Bad Reputation but this is the rock version. Let the band know what you think of the track by sending your messages to Tour dates and updates regarding Lumination is on MySpace... Composed and produced by Mike Payne and Derrick Whitt. Copyright (c) 2009 Lumination Music. All rights are reserved. Produced in the USA. …

Lumination's New Music

2009-01-22 Length: 7m 16s

Lumination is act it again and came out with the best jam ever since Eye Candy, and it is tribute to the Transformers cartoon series and movies: Rodimus Prime/Galvatron Battle Theme. Contact the band at if you are interested in having the band perform at private parties, weddings, or a venue you frequent. You can also visit to hear more tracks from the Syracuse Boys. …

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