Last update: 2009-09-11

RootCMD Episode 5 "HumTime"

2009-09-11 :: Length: 22s
Stories: Asus T1 Screens, Windows XP usage drops, Microsoft Lies about Linux!, Left 4 Dead 2 developers flys boy cotters about to Valve studio, Courtney love to sue Activision for use of Kurt Cobain Avatar, DDO Now FREE! Movie Pick: None…

RootCMD Episode 4 "Nostream 4 Ustream"

2009-08-18 :: Length: 53s
Guests: Joezef, MedinaMatt: Show Notes:Facebook Acquires FriendFeed,ChromeOS spotted with dock and other blurry UI elements,Samsung Introduces Cameras With Social Networking In Mind,NVIDIA confirms Tegra processor within Zune HD, details it real good,World of Warcraft - Cataclysm,Starcraft II's lead producer on the decision to remove LAN, Movie Pick:District 9…

RootCMD Episode 3 "Digg Squid"

2009-08-05 :: Length: 25s
OCZ's 1TB Colossus SSD gets a price and launch timeframe, Digg Bans Laughing Squid Without Warning or Specific Reason,Microsoft Details How to Port IPhone Apps to Windows Mobile, Batman Arkham Asylum demo slated for this Friday,Hackers have taken over Call of Duty 4 on PS3, Wolfenstein Multiplayer Footage Leaked Online, Movie Pick: Zodiac…

RootCMD Episode 2 "May the Goth be with you"

2009-07-28 :: Length: 22s
Show Notes: WD ships industry's first 2.5-inch 1TB hard drive,Apple's much-anticipated tablet device coming early next year, Best Buy Introduces Next Class Laptop Line, Resident Evil 5 PC system requirements, Dead Space film in the works, Custom-made Luke Skywalker USB drive is impressive. Movie Pick: AntiTrust…

RootCMD Episode 1 "Welcome to the Machine"

2009-07-20 :: Length: 34s
Show Notes: AMD's Neo to hit nettops, all-in-one PCs soon, Pirate Bay owners announce give-and-take model, Do you really need a high end graphics card?, Arkham Asylum will let you 'feel' Batman's power, You Really Should Get Over Gamer Girls, The USB Powered Chainsaw: Best. USB Peripheral. Ever. Movie Pick: Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen!…

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2009-07-20 ::
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