Last update: 2009-02-18

Return of Podcast Master Ruanime

2009-02-18 Length: 30m 43s

Ruanime is back and tonight show is about: Google claim internet is skynet What new with the group Rants about Pop Culture Gundam 00 review Mr Smiles Game Review and much more!!!!!!! …

The Buzz on Maggi

2008-05-01 Length: 1m 41s

there it is...the newest rant of ranz&draco this tyme the truth has been reveled. wen draco comes thru he will provide links and such so that u can see where we get our sources from. enjoy. …

Draco and Ranz

2008-02-19 Length: 12m 24s
There's this girl on youtube. She makes a lot of vids and in each and every one of them, she just sits there....and stares. This is me and Ranz talking about Magi. Listen and enjoy. …

The Underground Podcast Episode 1

2006-12-19 Length: 56m 33s
Check out the site at : In this episode : Main Focus : How did this site get started? Also: *Interview with Draco ( The site admin) *Short Chat about Anime *Short Chat about Video Game *Interview with Jin( He is the backup admin) * His views on Final Fantasy 12 …

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