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Trial of the Time-Crosser

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Standing trial for an unforgivable murder, a polite, well-dressed defendant addresses the jury. These are the five strange minutes that follow. Written by Andrey Summers. Performed by Matt Cornah. Produced and scored by Alastair Craig. Listener Warning: …

Rapper’s Mash (Part One) by Trop Blanc

0000-00-00 :: Rubber Chicken Audio Length: 1s
If there’s one thing The Internet is lacking, it’s exceptionally white mash-ups from even whiter bedroom DJs.  Today we tip that harsh balance in a tribute to the timeless words of Sugar Hill Records’ finest. Download MP3 Subscribe on i…

Sweet Blimpin’ Suite

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This background music (composed for the season one finale of The Vine Audio Programme) covers the full range of human emotion: Owning a blimp. Losing a blimp. Regaining said blimp with trumpets in tow. Download MP3 Subscribe on iTunes I’m very proud…

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