Last update: 2008-03-30

Why Are So Many Black Men in Prison?

2008-03-30 :: Length: 2s
We discussed what a MAN is NOT; Changing the negative mindset; the school to prison pipeline; and the 14 principles of success. The authors for this evening were: KL, Roland Tyler,William Boswell,Brian E. Curtis,David C. Williams, and Dr. Joseph B. Howard. Guest speaker Debra Owsley of Simply Said Reading Assc. and Ella Curry, owner of EDC Creations.…

Authors Against Racism | Inside Frat Unity | Get Your Own!

2008-03-28 :: Length: 2s
Authors KL the writer, Stacy Hawkins Adams,Irving Lord Williams,Chris Dixon,Leroy McKenzie,Shamontiel L. Vaughn,Ryan C. Greene and Nefertari Imani Barak discuss the election, a inside look at Frat brothers unity, racism today, supporting each other and their books. We also discussed "Entrepreneurship - Starting Your Own Business". Each author gave their opinion of the Obama Speech made in March, 2008.…

Can you afford to be a bestselling author?

2008-03-28 :: Length: 2s
Can you afford to be a bestselling author? 20 authors and community leaders discuss the business side of publishing and becoming a published author. Find out how to gain more exposure without going broke! How do you submit your work to magazines and newspapers? What to pro football players read? Recession proof your book promotions with COS productions, Stephanie L. Jones, Monica Carter Tagore, Ella Curry, Jessica Tilles, Wanda Childs, Lynda Sanders, Wanda B. Campbell, Nefertari Imani Baraka, KL the writer, Laura Major,Dana Pittman, Mikasenoja, Leroy McKenzie, and special guest Niona Green.…

Erotica, Family Secrets, Classism....Lies & Alibis

2008-03-27 :: Length: 2s
Authors Nanette M. Buchanan, Petula Caesar, Kim Shaw, Geletha and Dale Black, Victoria Wells, Debra Owsley, and Pro baller Jesse Holley discuss new book releases relating to healthy AA relationships, erotica, classism, the male romantic perspective, and the business side of literature. We also discuss prejudices within the African American race. How to get published and maintain your sanity! Why don't men talk to each other?…

For the Grown and Sexy Author Showcase

2008-03-22 :: Length: 2s
ADULT CONTENT: What is true Sexual Freedom? And, more importantly, why should you care about it? Get the answers at Black Authors Network! BAN is hosting a night of exploration and learning, followed by a lively discussion into sexual freedom as a fundamental human right. 15 Erotica writers, Urban Lit authors, Spoken Word artist, and sexy poets are on the show to showcase your "Grown and Sexy" books. Listen to live poetry readings and sensual book excerpts.…

Monica Carter Tagore, Toniqua Womack, and Michelle Valentine

2008-03-22 :: Length: 1s
Tonight's show featured authors Monica Carter Tagore, Toniqua Womack, and Michelle Valentine. This was a fantastic show about staying true to your dreams!…

New Book Release: Mismatched by Laura Major

2008-03-22 :: Length: 6s
Can the traditional development of love survive cyber dating and the complications of ethnic variation? Laura Majorâ??s debut release of the multicultural contemporary romance, Mismatched takes a lighthearted yet sensual look at what happens when love is presented in a form that is unexpected and a manner that is unconventional. Mismatched, which is set in the center of New Yorkâ??s financial district and the New Jersey Suburbs, tells the story of Tessa Dennison, an African American finance professional who decides to option love on the Internet after a series of busted blind dates. To improve her odds, Tessa incorporates the gender expertise of Justin Martin her childhood friend and secret admirer. Join Tessa and Justin for a matchmaking game like no other. Laura Major has an English degree from Arizona State University and is an active member of the national organization Romance Writerâ??s of America and Interracial Multicultural Romance Readers online group as well as several other readers and writers groups. ISBN: 978-1-934475-40-9…

From Dusk to Dawn Author Interviews

2008-03-21 :: Length: 1s
Niambi Brown Davis, Trice Hickman, Wanda B. Campbell, C. Rance Redman and Ella Curry discuss living your dream and what your legacy in life will be. Find out more about these debut authors and their books by tuning in.…

Authors Against Racism

2008-03-21 :: Length: 2s
Authors KL the writer, Stacy Hawkins Adams,Irving Lord Williams,Chris Dixon,Leroy McKenzie,Shamontiel L. Vaughn,Ryan C. Greene and Nefertari Imani Barak discuss the election, a inside look at Frat brothers unity, racism today, supporting each other and their books. We also discussed "Entrepreneurship - Starting Your Own Business". Each author gave their opinion of the Obama Speech made in March, 2008.…

What is Pinkster?

2008-02-11 :: Length: 7s
Rosalynn West discusses the meaning and history of Pinkster?…

Great Migration

2008-02-07 :: Length: 6s
Rosalynn West discusses the Great Migraton of African American.…

Maureen Perkins-Why Black is Important

2008-02-07 :: Length: 1s
Maureen Perkins-Why Black is Important…

LA Banks--Why Black History is Important

2008-02-07 :: Length: 1s
LA Banks--Why Black History is Important…

Donna Hill Introduction

2008-02-07 :: Length: 4s
Donna Hill Introduction of ON THE LINE.…

Joy Newhouse of ON THE LINE

2008-02-06 ::
Joy Newhouse the main character from ON THE LINE.…

I Am Somebody

2008-02-06 :: Length: 1s
I Am Somebody…

Vince Alexander--Why is Black History Important?

2008-02-05 :: Length: 1s
Vince Alexander--Why is Black History Important?…

Black History Month Theme Song

2008-02-04 ::
Listen to the Black History Month Theme Song.…

Authors of On THE LINE by Donna Hill

2008-02-04 :: Length: 6s
Meet the authors of On THE LINE by Donna Hill.…

Not Even if You Beg by Francis Ray

2008-01-31 :: Length: 1s
Not Even if You Beg by Francis Ray. The promotional commercial.…

Poet Khari--Flawless Black Diamond

2008-01-29 :: Length: 5s
Poet Khari--Flawless Black Diamond…

Good Bye to Karibu Books

2008-01-29 :: Length: 8s
We dedicate this song to Simba Sana of Karibu Books. He's Not Heavy, He's My Brother by Donny Hathway.…

Tolu - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2008-01-10 :: Length: 7s
Why Women are Exploited World Wide…

Torrian Fergerson - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-12-30 :: Length: 59s
Torrian interviews author Chinichi about her new Urban Lit title.…

Francis Ray - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-12-03 :: Length: 7s
Only You A novel by Francis Ray (The fifth book in the Graysons of New Mexico series)-------Reader Review----- Although, Sierra Grayson thinks she has escaped the matchmaking hand of her mother, Ruth, who has found mates for each of her four sons. Instead Sierra finds herself caught by the mysterious, no-nonsense-taking, but handsome Cherokee businessman, Blade Navarone. Readers were introduced to the mystery man (Blade) in Dreaming of You and Ms Ray teased a bit more in Irrestiable You. Blade Navarone has now made his appearance and left his mark. Blade "wins" ($30,000) Sierra in an auction and while having dinner, Sierra finds a way to interview as a broker for one of Blade's real estate properties, Navarone Resorts and Spas. While their attraction for one another develops, Sierra proves to be as stubborn and headstrong as Blade. But what's holding Blade back? Appearances by the Grayson brothers, their wives as well as Taggerts and Falcons gives us an update of what's going on in their lives. Ms Ray left us with the idea that Ruth Grayson may not be finished with her matchmaking yet, she may have set her sights on Blade's bodyguard/friends, Shane and Rio. I am hoping so. So did Ruth have a hand in Sierra and Blade's match up? Read this wonderful story and find out…

Shaun Mathis- Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-11-30 :: Length: 3s
This Hurts (Paperback) by Shaun Mathis---Book Description--- All his life Syncere Washington has lied and deceived his way into the hearts of women who adored him. The only woman he loves is Kendra Lewis until the Brazilian Kenya Goddess catwalks into his life sending Syncere into a whirlwind of confusion. Unknown to both women Syncere has more skeletons in his closet than they will ever know as he lies and cheats them out of their love. Underneath his exterior lies a lonely young man desperately craving the love of a women.but which one?…

LaConnie Taylor-Jones- - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-11-30 :: Length: 3s
When I'm With You (Indigo) (Paperback) by LaConnie Taylor-Jones-----Romance in Color, August 11, 2007 4+ Caitlyn Thompson was placed in foster care at the age of five after her mother died unexpectedly. She's recently relocated to Oakland, with the help of her friend Victoria (Vic), after escaping an abusive relationship. Her only concerns now are her safety and finding the money to help keep the neighborhood youth center she manages a float. Marcel Baptiste is a wealthy philanthropist who runs his family's automotive dealerships in and around the Oakland area. He is passionately intrigued when he is receives a proposal to fund a youth center. He is overwhelmed with feelings he can't explain when fate places him face to face with Caitlyn. Marcel then embarks on a campaign to make her his. As their romance begins to bloom, Marcel and Caitlyn must come to grips with secrets from their past, and one that threatens to tear them apart. WHEN I'M WITH YOU is a story about the damage caused when someone is in an abusive relationship, and what happens when the person suffering the abuse is too scared to tell their loved ones what's going on. It showcases the difficulties one faces when learning to trust after having suffered the shame, embarrassment, and betrayal during the relationship, and the importance of being able to forgive and forget while moving forward with your life. There is also a lesson about why you should know your family history. This is a fast-paced story with a plot that focuses on family, trust, and redemption. It was interesting to see the history of abuse and the similar reactions that the abused characters had. There were also parts that are heart-warming and funny. WHEN I'M WITH YOU is a quick and enjoyable read, and Ms. Taylor-Jones handled a distasteful subject well.…

Cheryl Donovan - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-11-30 :: Length: 4s
Women What the Hell are You Thinking: An Inspirational Guide to Becoming A Virtuous Woman (Paperback) by Cheryl Lacey-Donovan ---Book Reviews by Review Date: May 13, 2007 About the Author: Cheryl Lacey-Donovan, has spent over 20 of her years as a health care provider and educator. In those years Cheryl has helped women learn to overcome and deal with many issues that arise from their many daily challenges as women. Cheryl's insight through God's word and the bible has proven to be her stronghold in her life. Finding herself with a child in her early teen years has given Cheryl without realizing it, a reason to turn completely towards God for her foundation of strength. Cheryl has two sons and a husband of 13 years. They are members of the Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas. Cheryl Lacey-Donovan is a true Virtuous Woman! About the Book: "Women, What the Hell are You Thinking An Inspirational Guide To Becoming a Virtuous Woman of God", A Virtuous Women is: a protector of her spiritual beliefs upright, strong, loving, forgiving, patient, courageous, faithful, wise, kind, owns self-respect, guards her dignity, and will turn away from anything or any one that would dare tear down her self-worth or self-esteem. This Virtuous woman is what the book, "Women What the Hell are You Thinking" is written about. In this book the author teaches women lessons through her words and through the use words of biblical references. The lessons that you will read in this book are meant to reach your most inner self and help you become more aware of your self-esteem, your self-acceptance and your spiritual self. You will also learn the importance of a no-acceptance policy to allow failure in your life. "Women What the Hell are You Thinking", is a book for women of all ages. It is well written and easily understood through the author, Cheryl Lacey-Donovan's interpretations. This book will wake up many of your most hidden thoughts and fears in regards to how you are living today. Through its very inspiring biblical references you will be faced with a very important question such as, are you a VIRTUOUS WOMAN? This question alone will take you through this book page after page, challenging you to look hard at how you think and feel as a woman today. You will also begin to look at how YOU are allowing others to treat you, through every type of relationship. It will unfold many strong feelings, some that you may have never felt before. These feelings are renewed spiritual awakenings which will help you to take a stand for your right as a virtuous woman. highly recommends, Women, What the Hell are You Thinking for all women. All women that face daily challenges ranging from abuse, poverty, racism, addictions and parent-teen problems, just to name a few. These challenges play the Devils advocate in many of our lives, causing so much emotional confusion. This book will help you, the reader to be more aware of your enemy. --Dorothy Lafrinere,…

Anita Ballard-Jones - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-11-30 :: Length: 30s
The Dancing Willow Tree (Paperback) by Anita Ballard-Jones---Book Description--In 1950, young Elizabeth Turner was raped by Reverend Oliver, the assistant pastor of her father's church. After a hidden pregnancy she gave birth to her son, Johnny. Reverend Turner, Elizabeth's father refused to respond to her story of rape and disowned her and her son. He forced Elizabeth and his wife, Loretha to hide the identity of the baby's father and live the next thirty six years with lies and secrets. In 1986, Reverend Oliver was forced to confess to his family as well as the Turner family, but before he could leave Rehoboth he became seriously ill. The ripple effect of his confession touches everyone causing them to have an array of physical and emotional reactions. As Elizabeth continued to move on with her life, she didn't know the secret her husband, Nat harbored was the cause of his suffering and enormous pain. Thea, Reverend Oliver's wife, could not escape the disgrace and shame she was feeling. She watched painfully as her son, Malcolm tried to forge a relationship with his brother, Johnny. And she never knew Malcolm was also struggling to come to terms with his sexuality. Thea's most plaguing dilemma had to do with her relationship with her husband. Her only consolation was an old weeping willow tree in her front yard where the graceful branches would dance on the mild summer breezes. Thea called it her dancing willow tree and she would sit under it daily to pray and receive guidance from the Lord. She knew if her husband was to be saved, she had to give him a life threatening ultimatum.…

Tinisha Johnson - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-11-28 :: Length: 9s
Searchable Whereabouts by Tinisha Nicole Johnson-----While Rahkel Williams is trying to unravel the circumstances surrounding her Uncle's mysterious murder, she discovers clues about his life that has her questioning if he was really the man she thought he was. Now, obsessed with finding her Uncle's killer, she enlists the services of private investigator Darrin Miller. With his help, she sets out to get answers and it's not long before private gets very personal. But Rahkel finds herself caught in a web of lies and deceit where nothing and no one are as they seem. Strange things are happening and people around her are dying.…

Paula Chase - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-11-28 :: Length: 3s
Don't Get It Twisted: A Del Rio Bay Clique Novel by Paula Chase----Book Description- Mina Mooney's parents are killing her social life. It's time to fight back... Mina's fantasy has finally come true. Craig Simpson--the hottest guy at Del Rio Bay High--has just invited her to the biggest bash of the year. There's just one hitch: her parents aren't down with letting Mina date a boy they know nothing about. Now she has thirteen days to give her parents a crash course in Craig, or else figure out how to get her fine self to the soiree--without alerting mom and pops. Whatever she decides, she's going to need reinforcements... Unfortunately, her peeps are caught up in their own twists and turns. Jacinta's boyfriend has been getting on her nerves about spending so much time in `burbville, while rich and sheltered Kelly just might kick it with Angel, a cute, slick-talking hustler from the projects. And ever since JZ made varsity basketball, his mind has been glued to the game instead of schoolwork, which means his dad might make him drop all sports. As for Mina, if she doesn't succeed in enlisting the help of her friends--and fast--her social life just might hit skid row... A fast-paced novel about loyalty, love, and friendship, Don't Get It Twisted shows what it takes to have a blast while breaking all the rules...…

Joshua A. McClure - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-11-28 :: Length: 20s
Can These Bones Live? The Miraculous Story of What can Happen to a Church that Follows God's Vision by Joshua A. McClure Is time running out on many churches today? Does the alarming and depressing knell of church doors closing foreshadow the inevitable demise of the contemporary church? In his new book Can These Bones Live?, author Joshua A. McClure addresses the serious problem of the thousands of stagnant, declining, churches in North America. Pastor McClure writes with passion and verve in recounting the miraculous story of what can happen to any congregation willing to (re) discover its first love. With eloquence and unfettered conviction, McClure reminds his readers that today s church can once again be as vibrant, pulsating and energetic as the early church. Can These Bones Live? should be required reading. God s affirmative answer for today is, Yes! These bones can become living persons again.…

Dorothy Parhams - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-11-28 :: Length: 13s
The Blues for Annie Mae by D J Parhams Profound and Life Affirming Experience, October 14, 2007 By L. Shirley "Laurie's Boomer Views" "The Blues For Annie Mae" by D.J. Parhams----- Grab a box of Kleenex and prepare to embark on a deeply intense and emotional journey with Annie Mae Jenkins. Author D.J. Parhams with her first novel, "The Blues For Annie Mae" has truly given us a gift. A wonderful reminder that life is worth living. It is a story of digging deep, of finding the spirit within you that will see you through life's toughest moments. Parhams takes us on a roller coaster of emotions - anger, sorrow and fear, but also joy and laughter and you will be left sighing and smiling. Tougher then tough have been most of the moments in Annie Mae Jenkin's life. From early childhood on,she is abused by a mentally unstable mother and life itself. It makes of fighter of Annie Mae, but in turn deepens her need for her mother's love. She lives through seemingly unbearable events, physical and verbal abuse, through a drug filled young adulthood, to a devastating illness and still finds the strength to go on.The hand of life that fate dealt her would make most people want to give up on life. But... it is at her lowest points, that Annie Mae seems the strongest. In that hand, she holds an ace. Her love of music, most particularly the Blues. The Blues are part of her very being. She feels them, lives them and boy can she sing them. And when she is down so low, it doesn't seem like she will ever get up, it is the Blues and one caring being that point Annie on the road to her dreams. D.J. Parhams has a unique and fresh writing style, creating situations you may find yourself relating to.She uses marvelous street language and colorful descriptive phrases. Some of which you may want to make your own when the occasion calls for it.The characters and dialogue were very real and a refreshing change of pace. She puts you right there in Annie's head and into the setting. I became so touched and attached to Annie Mae, I wanted to protect her and hug her and let her know she was loved. As I reached the end, I felt I wanted to slow down and savor the words, the story and the life-affirming feeling I had. Although I am not reviewing much here any more, I could not let this one go without a big shout out and a very enthusiastic recommendation. It is truly a book that will have you involved from first page to last, one that says- find your ace in the hole! And... don't forget those Kleenex!(I got choked up just writing this review) A couple of notes on the book itself. First if you are offended by four letter words, you may want to skip it. I for one felt that the language was part of Annie Mae's story and added greatly to the setting. The other thing is that just like our heroine Annie Mae, this book is in need of some tender lovin care. The editing is not the best, but the story is so good, it's easy to overlook. I am also informed that there will be a newly edited version out soon. Bravo Ms. Parhams for a truly profound experience.....Laurie…

Carla Sarratt - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-11-28 :: Length: 6s
Welcome Class of 2006 to your freshman year! Freshman Focus Book Summary The first bell has just rung to start the freshman year for Kendra Hayes, Lamar Adams, Destiny Jameson, and Steven Phillips. The four of them share feelings of excitement and uncertainty, but they walk the hallways of Carter G. Woodson High School with a different focus, or perspective, in mind. An excellent student, Kendra is focused on making good grades in high school. She is also determined to make a name for herself at Woodson and not be known as Malcolm Hayes' little sister. Her classes, the basketball team, and other activities will keep Kendra busy. Soon after Kendra starts school, she is invited for membership in a high school sorority. Kendra's invitation alters her perceptions of others and herself. Lamar's focus is to make the basketball team and have as much fun as possible in high school. He also wouldn't mind meeting as many girls as he can. After all, he knew that girls want to have fun too. At home, Lamar's goal is to get his mother to honor her promise to him. Standing up to his mother challenges Lamar as well as his relationship with her and his stepfather, but Lamar is determined to regain what he lost. Destiny is focused on maintaining her superiority over everyone around her. Rich and beautiful, Destiny is perfect and is determined to make sure everyone believes that. Isolated in her perfect world, Destiny is all alone until she meets a popular senior who invites her to join her sorority. Destiny is excited to be asked and looks forward to kicking up her superiority a notch. But Destiny's condescending attitude might jeopardize her membership in the sorority. New to Charlotte, Steven is focused on shaking off his past. His parents' life of crime stripped Steven and his brothers of having a childhood. Lessons surround Steven at school and at home, but he is committed to making his new beginnings with his foster parents a happy ending. As a member of the JV football team, Steven has another outlet to direct his energy. Freshman year is tough, but these four are intent on finding their way as they navigate the hallways, demands from teachers, tests, extra curricular activities, friendships, and parents. They have to navigate their journey all while maintaining their focus on what's important to them.…

Gwynita Leggington - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-11-06 :: Length: 8s
A Walk In My Shoes, takes you on a poetic journey through the author's eyes. She shares some of her own personal experiences and feelings about life. This book will enlighten your heart with the beautiful language of poetry. A Walk In My Shoes, focuses on spirituality, love, romance, death, friendship, motivation, and everyday hardships and struggles. The author provides you with poetic expressions from the soul. She will take you to another level with her words of wisdom. You are sure to enjoy this poetic journey as you take a walk in her shoes.…

Author Brenda Farrar-Ejemai - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-11-02 :: Length: 5s
Well-known author Brenda Farrar-Ejemai takes a 'leap of faith' to record the personal trials and tribulations encountered while living on the streets of New York City.…

Sherryle Kiser-Jackson - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-11-01 :: Length: 8s
Author of Soon and Very Soon. Soon and Very Soon Everyone thought the ten month courtship and marriage between Willie Green, the strait-laced pastor of the traditional Harvest Baptist church, and Vanessa Morton, the dynamo preacher-pastor from the contemporary Mt. Pleasant Baptist church, was too soon. Neither pastor realized that after the nuptials, all heck would break loose as they planned to combine their respective churches. The honeymoon abruptly comes to an end as Willie tries to maintain control of his congregation as the staunch Deacon, Charley Thompson, and a group of dissenters go to extreme lengths to keep their religious routine going at Harvest. Meanwhile, Vanessa struggles with the new balancing act of being a competent co-pastor and a nurturing first lady to her husband. The price of having too much too soon leads them both to deal in their own way with letting go of the way things used to be.…

Afro-lution Magazine Barbara Furlow - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-10-31 :: Length: 11s
The Beginning â??DREAMâ??: The dream is a simple one, a vehicle of expression for the youth of the African Diaspora. The idea came about when I committed the first semester of my junior year of Spelman College to study abroad in South Africa, at the University of Cape Town, while conducting an independent research project about the destitution in the surrounding area. My goal was to find new ways in which college students around the world could contribute to the evolution of the African Continent. From this emerged the idea for Afro-lution Magazine. Afro-lution Magazine is the first and only international publication, fueled and founded by the energy of youth from Africa, Central America, Europe, and North America. The inaugural issue of Afro-lution Magazine was released in late 2005 to critical acclaim and featured the artistic vision of co-founder Ian Vengnai, of the University of Cape Town. With the help of new partners Sanpha Kargbo and William Smith of Morehouse College, Afro-lution Magazine re-launched on October 24, 2006 with a new brand image, digest format, and expanded staff. In addition, the website: was inaugurated as a separate but unified online digital publication. Always true to the dreams and ideals of myself and co-founder Ian p. Venganai, Afro-lution Magazine continues to grow and develop. The Vision: Afro-lution Magazine is a global campus publication that is produced 6 times annually. The magazine is supported by an interactive website at: Afro-lution Magazine and the website aspire to bridge the cultural and experiential gaps between members of the African Diaspora throughout the world. We also seek to promote global travel, better health, youth culture, financial management and social involvement. There is no other major magazine that deals with the issues and aspirations of the youth of the African Diaspora. As this population ages and enters the professional work world, they look for intellectual content, sophisticated entertainment and in-depth reporting. Afro-lution Magazine aims at fulfilling this need EVERY ISSUE.…

Author Michelle Larks - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-10-30 :: Length: 4s

Desiree Day- Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-10-26 :: Length: 2s
Desiree Day has worked in the banking, telecommunication, and information technologies industries, as well as in academia. Her fiction has appeared in Woman's Word magazine and on the Internet. She is a member of the Georgia Romance Writers. She is presently working on her next novel. She lives in Georgia. From the author of Cruising and Crazy Love comes an I-canâ??t-believe- you-really-said-that novel about hot-as-hell twin sisters who share everything except their taste in men, and a fine-ass brother from Chicago. Felicia and Aisha Goodman need separate places. Aisha canâ??t settle on any one man, and night after night of loud hot sex in the room next door is driving Felicia crazy. But neither can imagine life without the other. The solution: 1920 Peachtree, owned by their good friend Tarik. The twins can each have an apartment, yet still work together on the accounting firm they own. But for two crazy sistahs like Felicia and Aisha, life is never simple. Aishaâ??s eyeing Derrick upstairs, even after his pregnant ex-girlfriend from Chicago turns up. Felicia is having a secret affair that will shock even her sex-crazed sister and her life takes even a crazier turn when she falls in love with her best friend. And theyâ??re both beginning to wonder if the business they started was the right choice. Itâ??s a bumpy ride, but the twins are set to prove that determined women truly can have it allâ??careers, maybe marriage, and certainly lots of good hot sex. Click to read excerpt…

Author Robbie Ayele - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-10-24 :: Length: 19s
About the Author Robbie Ayele and Owner of Chocolate Angel Publications... Robbie Ayele has learned much in her 40 years on this planet. As someone who has survived a mentally abusive marriage, a divorce and the deaths of triplet baby boys, she has come through the fire still in one piece! On the brink of death, she chose life and went on to experience an amazing journey overseas that turned out to provide one of the greatest lessons in her life. The journey began some time after Robbie was still working through the pain of her past when she met a handsome stranger in a Starbucks on Wisconsin Avenue in DC. Eight months later they were married and went to live in her husband's homeland, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was to be a one-year getaway, a break from the rat race and a chance to write full-time but once she saw her surroundings, she wondered if it would be nothing but a challenge. Being an urban planner by trade, she could not wrap her mind around the hard conditions people had to live in. While there was a strong, growing middle class, there was also poverty and disease like she had never seen. There were parts of the City that were still war-torn. There were people struggling to walk on legs mangled and twisted due to diseases such as polio. But still there was an unusual spirit and strength burning in the eyes of the people. She realized that most of the people were survivors like her. But they had managed to not only maintain a positive attitude but make lemons out of lemonade. From the six and seven-year old shoe shine boys to the poor peasants selling roasted ears of corn, they were making the best of life and feeling the joy. And even though they didn't have much in the material sense, they had something even more valuable - a close-knit community. And they were all in it together and determined to do better. One day as she sat people-watching, she noticed people of the same sex strolling down the street linking arms and laughing. She leaned over and whispered to her husband that even through hellish situations, people found plenty to smile about. And suddenly it hit her that if they could be happy, why shouldn't she? Maybe she could really push aside the past and find joy again by appreciating what she did have - a great husband, a supportive and loving family and wonderful friends. Robbie came back to the States inspired and ready to impart some of what she had learned. As a result she wrote her labor of love, Chocolate City Chronicles. It is a collection of moving yet powerful poems reflecting on urban life in America. Specifically it is about where a people have been, how they have forged on despite the obstacles, where they are right now and how they might find the joy again. Robbie's goal is to show that even if people have been through hell, they have to stay focused and keep it moving. They have to strive to achieve their goals and remember who they are in the process. For her, this is her written ministry and a cleansing of her own soul.…

Debra Owsley - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-10-22 :: Length: 5s
Debra Owsley Simply Said Reading Accessories SIMPLY SAID READING ACCESSORIES SIMPLY-SAID 954- 562-5709 â??SIMPLY SAIDâ??, is my company. I offer personalized, hand made bookmarks, book thongs, book plates and love notes. I would love to customize some of these items just for you. These items are GREAT GIFTS TO FANS, GIVEAWAYS, BOOK SIGNINGS, PROMOTIONAL EVENTS, RELEASE PARTIES, AND CONTESTS for your website, as well as wonderful additions to your PRESS PACKETS. THE BOOKMARKS can have your picture, current work, several of your recent works, coming releases, your biography, contact information, tour schedule, or what ever you decide you want. We can work out a design EXCLUSIVE to you. Full 2 x 8 and half size 2 x 4.5. THE BOOK PLATES are great to send to your fans that canâ??t get to you. It can have your picture or a sentiment from you, just sign and mail. THE BOOK THONGS are wonderful gifts for contest winners. They are â??book jewelryâ?? for the book lover. They come in 5 colors that can be mixed and matched to coincide with the cover of your newest release, or theme. THE LOVE NOTES can offer a line or a phase from your book, which you feel is paramount, a great punch line, a verse, or a thank you note to your loyal fans. All cards can have a coordinating book mark made to match; both items only cost a .41 cent stamp to mail. I really want to work with you. I do understand that bookmarks are an industry standard, but my bookmarks are not the standard. They are YOUR â??Aâ?? GAME. I prefer to call them â??GIFT MARKSâ?? These are not throw away items. They are thank you gifts to loyal fans, book clubs, and gifts at more intimate signings. You will be remembered each time they are used. Letâ??s talk about what your needs are, what you would like, and how we can make this happen. Thank You Debra Owsley UNDER CONSTRUCTION check out my myspace/odebsimplysaid page…

Author Leroy C. Mckenzie Jr. JNF - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-10-19 :: Length: 7s
Young & Gifted, The New Generation of Entrepreneurship (Paperback) by Leroy C. Mckenzie Jr. Product Description An entrepreneur is defined as a person who organizes, manages, and assumes responsibility for a business or other enterprise. There are those in life who are called to lead and there are those who are called to follow. The word that sits above defines those of us who have chosen to answer the call and lead. Just as Moses chose to answer the call of the burning bush, and David received the calling of being King, we entrepreneurs of the 21st century have chosen to build our visions. What I have chosen to do in the pages that follow is to highlight some entrepreneurs who have taken the mantle that has been passed to them and to carve their names in the history of business and industry. Entrepreneurship is not something that should be entered into lightly. The task that comes with entrepreneurship is very demanding. If it were easy then everyone would be doing it. In our society today so much emphasis is placed on the negative aspect of business. We hear, on a daily basis, the corrupt and the detrimental side of businesses today. The newspapers, radio, and television, are filled with stories of business owners who seem to have gone over to the dark side of business and industry. What would make someone in this day and time want to take on the risk of starting and having their own business when over half of businesses fail within the first five years? What makes these businessmen and women that you will meet in the next few chapters stand out from others? So much emphasis is given to the music, sports, and entertainment industries that I wanted to show that there are many of us who do business in many other industries and are successful. There is nothing wrong with being in music, sports or entertainment, but we must understand that we can do and be so much more. We must begin to understand the importance of economic leverage in this day and time. If we are ever to move forward in our society and communities then we must begin to change our way of thinking. There must be a paradigm shift in our mentality. In the next few pages and chapters you will meet entrepreneurs who are in different industries and have had different journey s that took them to where they are today. Their success is not measured by their profit & loss statements. Nor is their success measured by the cars they drive or the houses they live in, but their success can be measured by the visions they have fulfilled and the calling that they have chosen to answer. These Young & Gifted individuals have become a part of an exclusive club that not too many want to take the risk and be privy to. They have chosen to be a part of the doing generation and not the talking generation. Their legacies will be memorable and will be a part of our society for what we hope will be years to come. In highlighting this New Generation I hope that they will show that the way we do business in the new age is impactful, inspiring and provocative. Each and every one of these entrepreneurs has imparted to me something that will forever stay with me. They have given me their backgrounds, insights, and experiences, that I hope to shared with you. Their stories are one that I felt should be told and shared with others so that we can begin to change our way of thinking. Welcome to the 21st century way of entrepreneurship. This is the way we do it!! Meet the Young & Gifted, The New Generation of Entrepreneurs !!…

Author Shelia M. Goss - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-10-16 :: Length: 8s
Paige's Web by Shelia M. Goss Synopsis Life for Paige Webb couldn't get any better. She has the perfect job as the #1 event Planner in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, perfect condo located near a man-made lake with a breathtaking view, and three men who adore her. Paige is considered beautiful by most men, yet her personality is such that it doesn't intimidate other women. After being dumped one too many times, she devises a plan guaranteed to keep her from getting hurt again: Date more than one man and never agree to an exclusive relationship, thereby lessening the potential of falling in love. She has a weekly schedule: Marvin Jenkins on Mondays and Wednesday; Marvin, late twenties, is a computer programmer. He is smart and good with his hands. Alvin Rivera on Tuesdays and Thursdays; Alvin, early forties, owns a chain of cleaners, and loves exotic things. And Tyler Stanley Anderson, on Fridays and Sundays. Tyler mid thirties, is an attorney at law. His television commercial proclaims "If Stan the Man can't get you off than no one can." He's romantic and has a genuine caring heart. If she isn't tired, her Saturdays alternate, depending on with whom she's in the mood to spend extra time. Now the stress from juggling three men ultimately throws her schedule out of sync.…

Matthew C. Horne - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-10-16 :: Length: 6s
Matthew C. Horne, Motivational Speaker and Author, co-authored the book â??A Massive Dose of Motivation,â?? and authored the thought provoking and life- enhancing book "The Universe is Inviting You In."…

Author Donna Fair - Sankofa Literary Society Audio Ezine

2007-10-10 :: Length: 9s
Urban Fairytales is a collection of adult short stories by Donna Fair. This must read can be savored either after a long day or if you find yourself in need of a quick journey. Inside you will find mystical stories such as Erica's Tale. In this story you will meet a woman whose guidance I hope that you'll never need. Be forewarned she leaves a lasting mark on all who cross her path. Enter cautiously! a href="" Podshow PDN /a {podshow-92046118c3aaf5a5bdea439094cf419e}…

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