Last update: 2015-03-08

Podcast Episode #6 - Charles Martinet, the Voice of Super Mario and Luigi!

2015-03-08 :: Scene World Magazine
Charles Martinet is the voice of Super Mario and Luigi, among a ton of others. AJ and Joerg talk to him about his incredible career and his love of people. …

Podcast Episode #5 - The Frag Dolls

2015-02-20 :: Scene World Magazine
The Frag Dolls are Ubisoft's professional, all-female competitive gaming team who represent all-inclusive communities and gaming for all. AJ and Joerg talk to Krystal “SiREN” Herring and Michelle “Esper” Roberson about what they do and where they're going. …

Podcast Episode #4 - 3D Realms

2015-02-12 :: Scene World Magazine
Firepower matters with 3D Realms, and they're back producing the bad ass games they're known for. AJ and Joerg talk to 3D Realms President and CEO Mike Nielsen and Vice President Frederik Schreiber in a surprisingly candid interview. …

Podcast Episode #3 - The Peruvian Scene

2014-12-13 :: Scene World Magazine
AJ and Joerg talk to Lobsang Alvites (Mr. Byte) about the Peruvian Scene. …

Podcast Episode #2 - The Return of Cinemaware

2014-11-14 :: Scene World Magazine
Cinemaware is back! AJ and Joerg talk to Matt Falcus and Sven Vößing from Cinemaware, who have taken their classic games to entirely new levels. Aheh… get it? Games? Levels? …

Podcast Episode #1 - retro music copyright violence, social network security, privacy in danger for everybody?

2014-07-20 :: Scene World Magazine
Welcome to our new project: Scene World Podcast with Derision as host, Nafcom as co-host and always a special guest. …

About this podcast:

Scene World – The C64 NTSC/PAL Disk Magazine – Podcast

The C64 NTSC/PAL Disk Magazine also has a podcast. In this podcast we talk to VIPs in the tech area that have something to plug and tell to our listeners. So far we have had high profile guests since the beginning of the show and will have in the future! We also keep up on the current development of things of our past guests!

Scene World – The C64 NTSC/PAL Disk Magazine – Podcast