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S2E44 Season Finale, Scottish Cup and Charity

2013-05-27 :: Scottish Football Forums
This is not only the final podcast of the season, but it is also the final podcast that will be hosted via this feed. Please update your podcast app to point to === In the final podcast of the season, Krys, Greig and I start off by discussing the Scottish Cup final. We discuss our personal highlights from the season as a whole and our expectations for next season. Every week we do a charity bet, where McBookie generously supply us with the bet, and we announce that Clic Sargent will receive the winnings from the season. They will receive £333, which will hopefully go a little way to helping them continue to do a good job at helping out those in need. Thank you to McBookie for providing us with the charity bet, thank you to our guests, thank you to our regular co-hosts - Laurie, Greig and Krys - and thank you for listening. The podcast will return next season. Enjoy your summer. [...]…

S2E43 SPL climax, Alloa, Dunfermline & the Scottish Cup

2013-05-20 :: Scottish Football Forums Length: 1s
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S2E42 Ye olde football and shocking misses

2013-05-13 :: Scottish Football Forums
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S2E41 - Awards, dives and SFL play-offs

2013-05-06 :: Scottish Football Forums
PLEASE UPDATE YOUR PODCAST APP TO POINT TO THIS FEED WILL STOP FUNCTIONING SOON. I am joined by Krys and Greig this week and there is loads to talk about. Dundee were relegated at the weekend, with Bomber Brown blaming Pawlett. McKay scored a hattrick to put pressure on Higdon, who also scored, for top scorer in the SPL. In the SFL we preview the upcoming play-offs and discuss what is wrong with the current setup and how it could be improved. With QOS and Falkirk both moving to an astroturf surface, we discuss the pros and cons of the move. Rangers were presented with the third division trophy on Saturday and I give the highlights of the occasion. The PFA awards took place on Sunday evening, so we discuss who won what. We also give mention to Higdon’s post awards celebrations. With the SFL finished, bar the play-offs, we decide to go for an all SPL charity bet. Chances are we will lose, but it’s worth a try. Followin [...]…

S2E40 – play-offs, Player of the year & Laurie’s bed

2013-04-29 :: Scottish Football Forums
Please update your podcast player to point to Each week we record the podcast via Skype and we normally sit at our PCs, with headsets on. This week is a little different, because Laurie uses his phone and decides to record the podcast while on his bed. Not only is that slightly disconcerting, but I am sure that he is almost falling asleep near the end. Not that the podcast is boring Krys kicks us off with his SPL review. There is plenty to discuss this week, with debatable red cards, offside goals, tap ins, crappy walls and deflections. The SPL met today to discuss play-offs between the SPL and division one. I personally found this news to be quite positive, but Krys dampened my enthusiasm with talk of what could have been. We all give our votes and our reasoning for who should win the player’s player of the year award. The charity bet was shaping up to have a pretty low return using our usual one match per person, so instea [...]…

S2E39 – Records, Champions and EK Clyde

2013-04-23 :: Scottish Football Forums
Please note that the new SFF podcast feed URL is Please update your podcast software with the new feed. Points for discussion in this week’s show are: The weekend’s SPL games Higdon passed Pettigrew’s post-war goalscoring record for Motherwell Celtic and Partick winning their respective leagues this weekend Celtic’s season ticket price reduction EK Clyde The charity bet SPL predictions This week’s podcast features Krys, Greig and myself. Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake. [...]…

S2E38 Scottish Cup, Reconstruction & Shampoo

2013-04-15 :: Scottish Football Forums
It’s a double act this week, as Krys and I discuss the Scottish Cup semi finals, reconstruction and footballers with lovely long hair. Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake. [...]…

S2E37 fixtures, Harry Ramsden’s & suicidal dentists

2013-04-08 :: Scottish Football Forums
I am joined by regulars Krys and Laurie this week. SPL review Harry Ramsden’s cup final McBookie charity bet Scottish Cup Dentists Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake. [...]…

S2E36 Madden’s madness, Caldwell’s calamity and Laurie’s fly

2013-04-01 :: Scottish Football Forums
Scotland’s defeat to Serbia is first up. We discuss who was at fault for their first goal; Caldwell, Marshall or Hutton. It’s no surprise that Bobby Madden’s performance during St Mirren’s game against Celtic gets our focus. In the SFL, Dunfermline, and specifically those who were shown the door are discussed. We also congratulate Rangers and Queen of the South for winning their respective leagues. Throughout the podcast Krys gives us updates on the St Johnstone vs Dundee United game that was being played as we recorded the podcast. The charity bet and our SPL predictions also feature. As I announce the end of the podcast a zipping noise can be heard from Laurie’s microphone, although he denies it. Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake. [...]…

S2E35 Scotland the grave

2013-03-25 :: Scottish Football Forums
Laurie, Krys and I discuss Scotland’s defeat against Wales, as well as: Preview Serbia vs Scotland Dunfermline’s financial future Derek McInnes being named Aberdeen boss Rangers 0-0 Stirling Albion McBookie charity bet SPL Predictions Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake. [...]…

S2E34 Bonus - Charles Green’s reconstruction statement

2013-03-22 :: Scottish Football Forums
Following every podcast recording we normally stay on to chat about football and random banter. Krys accidentally left his recording running and caught our reaction to Charles Green’s statement about reconstruction, and how he sees Stranraer. We didn’t know we were recording, so the language is strong. [...]…

S2E34 League Cup final, Green Brigade and Kristine Lilly

2013-03-18 :: Scottish Football Forums
Laurie makes his return to the podcast after a spell out, and he joins Krys and I. Laurie was at the St Mirren vs Hearts final, and gives his account of the day. Krys and I were neutrals for this game, so enjoyed it a little more than Laurie. Krys was at the Celtic fans march on Saturday and gives us his first hand account of what went on. Laurie attempts an impersonation of Charles Green, although you wouldn’t have guessed who it was meant to be. Kristine Lilly is mentioned for the first, and probably last, time on the podcast. SPL, SFL, Scotland vs Wales and charity bet also feature. Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake. [...]…

S2E33 - Goal-line technology & SPL entry criteria

2013-03-11 :: Scottish Football Forums
This week Krys and I are joined by a special guest - ESPN’s Derek Rae. We start by discussing Celtic’s performance against Juventus. Derek gives us his view on Juventus’ replacement for the Stadio Delle Alpi and also how Pirlo became the player he is today. On Sunday the Edinburgh derby finished 0-0, with a lot of the talk focussing on Leigh Griffiths’ goal that never was. We all know that the ball crossed the line, but the officials never gave it. We discuss what could be done to stop that happening again; including goal-line technology, and Derek gives his opinion on the use of TV evidence. Morton are currently sitting atop division one and have aspirations of reaching the SPL. With promotion comes certain stadium criteria and Morton have until the 31st of March to confirm they have plans in place to upgrade their stadium. The sticking point is that league reconstruction is due to be voted in on the 15th of April and if it happens, the top tier entry criteria [...]…

S2E32 Lord Nimmo Smith, Scottish Cup and The Beard

2013-03-05 :: Scottish Football Forums
This week me, Greig and Krys spend an hour talking about Scottish football and other nonsense. Our first attempt at starting this week’s recording failed after about five seconds, which was then followed by about ten minutes of faffing about trying to sort out the technical difficulties. It was the Scottish Cup quarter finals this weekend, so we discuss the ties between Killie & Hibs, Dundee & Dundee United, Hamilton & Falkirk and St Mirren & Celtic. Krys also expertly guides us through the previous SPL games and we discuss the highlights in detail. James Dayton’s beard was a thing of beauty, so of course we spend time discussing The Beard. Despite mentioning Lord Nimmo Smith at the start of the podcast, I almost forget to include it in the podcast due to time constraints. Luckily Krys reminded me at the end, so we got a chance to discuss Lord Nimmo Smith’s decision to fine Rangers (oldco) £250k, but not strip them of SPL titles. We also make our cha [...]…

S2E31 Old school players and naughty songs

2013-02-25 :: Scottish Football Forums
Krys expertly guides us through the SPL results over the last week, as Greig and I listen in intently. We go on to discuss the key moments in detail, in particular the offside rule and interfering with play. I introduce the SFL section, but instead of focusing on the results, we discuss the Pars financial situation, ice wheelie bins at Alloa, and naughty singing by Rangers fans. There are midweek SPL matches, as well as a couple at the weekend, to predict. The weekend is dominated by Scottish Cup matches, with three out of four being shown on TV. After Krys let us down in last week’s charity bet, we try again. We end with a plug about the new SFF Android app. Greig has to work on his promotional skills. Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake. [...]…

S2E30 Celtic vs Juventus & McFadden returns to the SPL

2013-02-18 :: Scottish Football Forums
Greig makes his return, as he joins Krys and I to discuss Scottish fitba. Celtic in Europe is first up, and we try to discuss a little more than the WWF style grappling that has dominated the media since the game. Krys takes us through his SPL review, and we discuss the bits that take our fancy. Kenny Shiels gives us more entertainment, and unsurprisingly there are some dodgy penalties to discuss. James McFadden was officially announced as a Motherwell player today. Greig and I attempt to discuss the move for as long as possible without mentioning who we are talking about. The charity bet was a dud last week, so we try once again to put on a winning triple. Laurie is taking the week off, so I have returned to editing duties. I couldn’t find the new intro music, so we are going retro this week. The magic button is as technical as I can get while editing, so the news bed is omitted. Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake. [...]…

S2E29 Stevenson’s red card, handballs and Strachan’s first game in charge

2013-02-12 :: Scottish Football Forums
Ryan Stevenson was controversially sent off for a challenge on Gary Mackay-Steven at the weekend. There are conflicting views on whether it was, and we give our arguments for and against. The SPL had an unnaturally large number of handball claims, and we try and give our opinion on each one. Don’t worry, I didn’t get the rule book out again. We take a look at Scotland’s victory over Estonia and pick out our key players. We also cover the SFL, Craig Gordon, McBookie charity bet,SPL predictions, and preview Celtic’s tie against Juventus. Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake. [...]…

S2E28 McNamara, Rangers’ signing policy & the Scottish Cup

2013-02-05 :: Scottish Football Forums
This week sees the debut of Nicky, who joins Krys, Laurie and I to discuss the previous 7 days in Scottish football. Nicky is a Dundee United fan, so we hear his views on the appointment of Jackie McNamara as Dundee United manager. Dundee United despatched Rangers with ease in the Scottish Cup, which leads us to discuss Rangers’ signing policy and whether it has worked. We also cover the remaining Scottish Cup games, as well as last weeks SPL games. This week’s McBookie charity bet is a four fold, with a potential return of over £100. As always, we end with our attempts at predicting the scores in the upcoming SPL games. Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake. [...]…

S2E27- You’re resigned

2013-01-29 :: Scottish Football Forums
We don’t spend too long discussing the weekend’s SPL games, because frankly, they weren’t the matches weren’t very good. The league cup was where it’s at and Laurie and Krys have very different reactions to their games. We won the charity bet last week, and I take great delight in announcing our big win. Dumbarton was the secret to the good return, so I pick them again as part of this week’s treble. Peter Houston was resigned from his role at Dundee United prior to recording, which leads us to discuss the various candidates for the role. McBookie gave us odds on a surprise replacement, although I suggest keeping your money in your pocket now that McNamara has been confirmed as boss. As ever we end on our midweek SPL predictions, as well as a quick look at the upcoming Scottish Cup ties. Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake. [...]…

S2E26 Strachan, Mackay-Steven and a TV inventor

2013-01-22 :: Scottish Football Forums
There were plenty of goals in the SPL this weekend, including two hat-tricks, so that takes up the majority of the discussion. John Logie Baird scored for Dundee, which leads me to look up his previous inventions. Gordon Strachan and Mark McGhee have been confirmed as the men leading the national team for the next two and half years, and we give our opinion on the appointments. SFL, Charity bet, SPL and league cup predictions also feature. Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake. [...]…

S2E25 SPL’s mid season report card

2013-01-15 :: Scottish Football Forums
It’s the SPL’s winter break and it’s pretty much mid way through the season. That means it’s the perfect time to give our SPL mid season report card. Laurie, Krys, Greig and I go through each SPL side and give our review of their season so far. Best player, best signing and worst signing are some [...]…

S2E24 Two guys talk about fitba

2013-01-08 :: Scottish Football Forums
Krys is away on business, Greig was unavailable, and a last minute transfer coup failed, so this week it’s me and Laurie discussing fitba. In the SPL we discuss Motherwell’s penalty against Celtic; whether it was a penalty and also whether it was on the spot. You can probably guess that I get the rule book [...]…

S2E23 The best and worst of Scottish football in 2012

2012-12-31 :: Scottish Football Forums
It’s me, Laurie and Krys in the final podcast of 2012. It’s a busy podcast, with two rounds of SPL games to discuss, on top of our usual charity bet and SPL predictions. Laurie suggested the perfect topic to end 2012 - the best and worst of Scottish football in 2012. Thank you to McBookie for donating [...]…

S2E22 Christmas puns and the best team in 2012

2012-12-24 :: Scottish Football Forums
Greig returns to join Krys and I, with Laurie taking a week off. With Christmas tomorrow, one of our topics is football related Christmas puns. We also discuss Kenny Shiels comments that he thinks that Killie achievements in 2012 overshadow that of any other team in Scottish football. Of course Krys gives us his SPL review and [...]…

S2E21 A reffing disgrace

2012-12-19 :: Scottish Football Forums
This week we have an extended discussion on the SPL. In particular we look at the refereeing performances across the league, and in particular penalty decisions. In the SFL section we discuss Rangers game against Montrose in detail, as well as Montrose’s programme which focussed on Rangers being a new club. It’s a Scottish football podcast, [...]…

S2E20 Tannadice boycott and Euro 2020 proposal

2012-12-11 :: Scottish Football Forums
I am joined by Krys and Laurie. Celtic’s victory against Spartak Moscow, and subsequent qualification for the last 16 of the Champions League, is the first item on the agenda. Krys follows that with his review of the SPL and we all discuss the main points from the weekend. I cover the SFL, although the weather meant that [...]…

S2E19 Scottish Cup

2012-12-04 :: Scottish Football Forums Length: 1s
There were SPL games midweek last week, so Krys gives us his review and we discuss the main points. The Scottish Cup 4th round took place at the weekend, with the main talking points being Ross County’s draw against Inverness, Arbroath’s draw against Celtic and Hibs victory over Celtic. The 5th round draw took place on Monday [...]…

S2E18 Is Neil Lennon’s job under threat?

2012-11-27 :: Scottish Football Forums Length: 1s
Krys returns after two weeks out and joins Laurie and I. Greig is taking a week off. Neil Lennon’s Celtic suffered another home league defeat at the weekend, so a natural topic was to focus on Neil Lennon. Is he still regarded as doing a good job? Is the European run masking his poor league [...]…

S2E17 Scotland, Leigh Griffiths and the SPL/SFL

2012-11-20 :: Scottish Football Forums
Greig, Laurie and I cover last Wednesday’s Scotland friendly, and I have an admission to make about the game. Krys wasn’t on this show, because he was on a Euro trip to see Celtic face Benfica in the Champions League. This means that Laurie does the SPL roundup and it’s full of puns. Laurie’s Tweetie Eye returns, [...]…

S2E16 Hearts financial situation

2012-11-13 :: Scottish Football Forums
Krys was off seeing a random folk singer, so Greig returns to join me and Laurie. Luckily Krys has pre-recorded his SPL review, but that is not the only time you will hear him during this show. You will have to listen right to the end to hear him getting a little excitable during Celtic’s home [...]…

S2E15 Scottish Cup upsets (or lack of)

2012-11-05 :: Scottish Football Forums
S02E15 Cup upsets in the Scottish Cup (or lack of) I am joined by Krys and Laurie, while Greig takes a week off. Due to bonfire night, I suggested that we record on Sunday evening, which explains the early release of the podcast. It was the Scottish Cup third round, so we discuss the lack of real cup [...]…

S2E14 - Back to the future

2012-10-31 :: Scottish Football Forums Length: 1s
Laurie, Krys, Greig and I (Craig) return once again. Krys delivers his SPL roundup in typically professional style. We then discuss the standout moments of the weekend. I cover the SFL roundup, including a 61 year old stand in assistant referee. Laurie casts his eye over Twitter, in the section called Tweetie Eye. Kilmarnock hadnt won at Celtic Park [...]…

S2E13 - Goal celebrations and the cost of football

2012-10-23 :: Scottish Football Forums
Krys returns after his nose job, so naturally he talks us through the SPL games. The BBC recently did a report on the cost of attending football matches, so we discuss the findings. The weekend past seen some interesting goal celebrations (Ambrose being a standout), we discuss some memorable celebrations. I also list the dangers of extravagant [...]…

S2E12 Scotland special

2012-10-18 :: Scottish Football Forums Length: 1s
Krys is missing due to his nose job, so it’s me, Krys and Laurie. Scotland faced Wales and Belgium in an away double header, so naturally that is the focus of the podcast. Lauri’s Tweetie Eye returns. I can’t say whether David Priest receives another mention. You will have to listen to find out. Laurie picks the charity [...]…

S2E11 Football Songs

2012-10-09 :: Scottish Football Forums
Krys is off having a nose job this week, but it doesnt stop him from delivering the SPL roundup via pre-recorded review. I lost the charity bet last week, so Greig takes over the reigns. Laurie continues to edit the podcast and it has a less lazy feel than when I did it. Songs with a football edge [...]…

S2E10 Negative vibes from the stands

2012-10-02 :: Scottish Football Forums Length: 1s
Greig is missing due to parental duties, but Krys returns from his Holidays. Laurie also joins us to complete the threesome. Laurie takes over the editing this week, and he makes a good job of it. Gone are the days of my magic button, and instead we have background music and wee tunes. The main topic this [...]…

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Podcast 4 - Romanov, the Europe League draw and football poetry

0000-00-00 :: Scottish Football Forums
Following a successful guest spot in the first podcast, Scott from returns to join SFF regulars Craig and Laurie. As usual we start with a review of the SPL matches from the weekend, where we unfortunately seen two serious injuries, but w…

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