Last update: 2009-06-03

31 - Do Your Job

2009-06-03 Length: 1h 10m 56s
Doing things right is way over-rated.  Fucking shit up is the way of the future.  Who knew that Idiocracy was a documentary?…

30 - Candy Smokers

2009-05-18 Length: 1h 5m 58s

Another show closer to Jake's impending murder.

29 - Guess What's In Your Food

2009-05-04 Length: 1h 0m 12s
Mystery ingredients, black > gay, and  thou shalt not drive slower than the fucking speed limit.…

28 - Apology Not Accepted, Homo

2009-04-27 Length: 1h 19m 45s
Calling your wife "The Queen Bitch of I Told You So" is perfectly acceptable after she "love taps" your nuts.

27 - The Little Big Show

2009-04-06 Length: 1h 37m 19s

Leading the revolution against shitty kids and asshole dogs.

26 - Weddings Schmeddings

2009-04-04 Length: 1h 6m 33s
Weddings: A big waste of everybody's time.…

25 - Who's The Asshole?

2008-10-21 Length: 1h 22m 42s
Every vote counts as we reach out to the listeners to settle this dispute.

24 - Stealing From Casa Bonita

2008-09-02 Length: 1h 16m 56s
Jake's thug antics lead to a near miss at a themed restaurant and a possibly misleading dinner story. Fortunately, Lara is around to set the record straight.

23 - Stop Spending The Fucking Money

2008-08-11 Length: 1h 8m 50s

Jake may spend a little more money than he should, but Lara is a big bully who is mean to the whole world.  Take that, bitch.

22 - Hold On

2008-07-27 Length: 1h 42m 16s

This show's topics include, but are not limited to, roofers, garage/estate sales, and a horny ass cat.  Insert the F-word accordingly to comply with Lara's vernacular.

21 - It's Always Your Fault

2008-05-18 Length: 1h 6m 19s
A snake tragedy, a threatened lawsuit, malfunctioning home office equipment, makeshift cat chew toys, and somehow Jake is to blame for it all.

20 - We're Back

2008-04-28 Length: 1h 6m 37s
It's been a rocky few months, but we finally pulled out the mics.…

19 - Stupid Animals

2007-07-17 Length: 38m 36s
Decrepit cat, dumb-ass snake, dead bunnies, and suicidal fish.  It's like the animal channel, only retardeder.…

18 - The Case Of The Missing Beer

2007-06-26 Length: 53m 31s
Jake visits church in an inebriated condition and Lara has a semi-broken finger.  In addition, our secret of marital survival: bicker like a motherfucker.…

17 - No, I Didn't Fuck Your Ex-Wife

2007-06-18 Length: 1h 20m 20s
Leigh is back and Lara is disagreeing with Jake....again.  We talk about fucking banks, estranged ex-husbands, weight loss, and some disgusting medical shit.…

16 - Mental Disorders

2007-06-03 Length: 54m 57s
PMS, OCD, kleptomania, anxiety....holy shit, we are fucked up.…

15 - Leigh

2007-05-27 Length: 1h 2m 10s
Leigh is in the house, rock on. It's been awhile since our topics have gotten x-rated, but we more than make up for it in this show. Threesomes, double-ended dildos, erotic vampire novels, we've got it all.…

14 - Squirrels Are Not Your Friends

2007-05-19 Length: 57m 19s

Another missed show?  What the fuck?  Lara and Jake really need to learn to handle thier alcohol a bit better.  Either that or quit drinking ain't gonna happen.  This week:  crackhead squirrel…

13 - Fucking Ego

2007-05-07 Length: 1h 18m 37s

Bitch, Asshole, .....Pshh.....Ffff......Shhh.....Pfff.

12 - So Fuckin' Lost

2007-04-24 Length: 56m 19s
Jake discovers that mixing Vicodin and microbrews leaves him feeling "So Fuckin' Lost."…

11 - Who Needs Romance

2007-04-16 Length: 51m 37s
Jake and Lara discuss their secrets of romance, or lack thereof. …

10 - Jabba The Cannibal

2007-04-09 Length: 57m 9s
Reptile geeks hated our very first YouTube contribution, but fuck 'em. They, along with a few others need to be punched in the face. Also, Jake - 1; kitchen sink - 0.…

9 - Kick A Dog, You Might Like It

2007-04-03 Length: 59m 36s
Jake feels like a big man around little rat dogs, and finds a way to answer the age old question, "What do you want for dinner tonight?"…

8 - You Poisoned Me

2007-03-25 Length: 1h 2m 38s
Lara's voice is back to normal, but she was unable to bring herself to have her pre-show libations after last show's incident. We talk about our Halloween props, Lara's hair removal treatment, and how corporal punishment didn't teach us a goddamn thing.…

7 - Drunk Bitch

2007-03-18 Length: 1h 15m 12s
What happens when a borderline midget woman consumes a little too much vodka and Red Bull?  The title says it all.…

6 - Chicks Have Miniscule Brains

2007-03-04 Length: 1h 6m 47s

Is 7-11 food really that bad? Lara thinks so. Jake also shares his feelings about other peoples kids.

5 - Hit A Dyke Night

2007-02-26 Length: 1h 47m 51s

The Sex Expo is here. We also talk about the BK Quad challenge, our first Denver apartment, and how our daughter is cuter than yours.

4 - The Threesome Pact

2007-02-20 Length: 1h 14m 45s

We probably share way too much on this show.

3 - Fucking Phone Downloads

2007-02-20 Length: 39m 32s

Lara shows just how much she likes squirrels and Jake was supposed to edit something out of the show.

2 - Coin Slots Rule

2007-02-20 Length: 47m 42s

Lara doesn't have a wedding ring, Jake is checking out women at the beauty salon, and The Illusionist may or may not suck.

1 - The Dead Cat Show

2007-02-20 Length: 39m 41s

An introduction to Jake and Lara as they discuss work, Joaquin, squirrels, pussy, and dead pussy.

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