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JoAnn’s Blog Post – Balancing your Chakras

2013-01-24 ::
I posted a new article on my blog called “How to Balance your Chakras” – this article shares my experiences with using the Odyssey soundscape to assist one in balancing their chakra system. There is also additional information about the chakras in general and why one wants to maintain a balanced chakra system. You can [...]…

Radio Interview w/JoAnn on MAIN

2011-08-16 ::
I was interviewed a few weeks ago by Stardancer who broadcasts a show on Monday mornings from Asheville, NC call Seeds of Life. Her show airs on MAIN-FM (Mountain Area Information Network). We talked about the beginnings of our work and how we got started doing it.…

BTR Interview – Bigfish Radio with Kerrace Alexander

2010-12-01 :: Length: 1s
Join Kerrace Alexander while she interviews JoAnn at Visionary Music – an enlightening and interesting conversation about DNA Activation and the current evolutionary journey of LIghtworkers. Kerrace has a regular radio show on BlogTalk….. “Bigfish Radio” is an interactive, live Internet talk-radio show that focuses on helping individuals reclaim their birthright and divinity as unconditional [...]…

Radio Interview – World Puja DeAnne Hampton

2010-11-23 :: Length: 1s
Gary was recently a guest with DeAnne Hampton, who has a radio show on World Puju networks called The New Human. You can listen to the interview below or download it on our Itune’s Shapeshifter podcast channel. DeAnne was the co-author on our Rejuva book: The Secret to Abundance and has worked closely with Shapeshifter [...]…

Radio Interview w/Anrita Melchizedek

2010-11-20 ::
We were recently a guest on Anrita Melchizedek’s show on BBS Radio. Anrita is the creative being behind The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network You can listen to the show below or download it at Anrita’s website. Anrita begins with a beautiful DNA Activation invocation and then the interview starts at around 20 minutes. Show [...]…

Dielle Interviews Gary & JoAnn

2010-10-29 :: Length: 1s
This 63 minute interview was recorded in July of 2008. Dielle Ciesco visited the Sanctuary of Sounds Studios in Asheville, NC to spend some time with Gary & JoAnn Chambers/Shapeshifter to ask more about their work. This interview was originally posted on YouTube in its entirety in several separate videos. We have left only the [...]…

Radio Interview with JoAnn by Isaras Oracle

2010-08-10 ::
JoAnn was recently interviewed by Kelly Isara on her radio show called “Isaras Oracle.” Kelly’s show airs on Monday nights at 11 p.m. in the US or 1 p.m. on Tuesdays in Australia. Kelly and JoAnn talked about a variety of things related to the DNA Activation music by Shapeshifter along with discussing the current [...]…

DNA Activation Interview with Shapeshifter

2010-07-13 :: Length: 1s
This 86 minute interview was recorded in September of 2008. Dielle Ciesco visited the Sanctuary of Sounds Studios in Asheville, NC to spend some time with Gary & JoAnn Chambers/Shapeshifter to ask more about their work with DNA Activation using Multidimensional Music & Sound. This interview was originally posted on YouTube in its entirety in [...]…

BlogTalk Radio Interview with Artists & Ascension

2009-10-22 :: Length: 1s
We were recently interviewed by Nancy Wait, who is the host of the Artists & Ascension BlogTalk Radio show. We have posted the podcast here for you to listen to. Tune into Nancy’s show each week at 5 p.m. EST on BlogTalk Radio. Show Description: Artists & Ascension On our blog talk radio show we [...]…

Podcast – Radio Interview w/ViratoLive

2009-05-16 ::
Updating our podcasts on Itunes. This is an interview with Virato Live on 880 the Revolution recorded on July of 2007. The conversation is about the DNA Activation work.…

Podcast – Radio Interview w/Range Guide

2009-05-16 :: Length: 2s
We are posting a few of our old radio interviews on our Itunes podcast. If you want to tune into our podcasts, search on Itunes for “Shapeshifter,” then look in the Podcast section. You can subscribe to these so that each time we post a new one, your Itunes player will automatically download them. This [...]…

Podcast – 11.11.08 World Events

2008-11-26 :: Length: 1s
Topic: 11:11 Celebration & The World’s Events/Election Gary & JoAnn talk about the recent election results and the economy and how to navigate this energy using their multidimensional music. Recorded 11/11/08 Shapeshifter’s Live, Uncut and Slightly Raw Podcast Approx Times Indicated [xx:xx] [1:30] 11:11 Opening [5:35] JoAnn’s Opening on World’s Events How it affects lightworkers [...]…

Podcast 9.10.08 – DNA L2 Q&A

2008-10-04 :: Length: 1s
Topic: DNA L2 Program Q&A Format Shapeshifter’s Live, Uncut and Slightly Raw Podcast Recorded 9/10/08 Approx Times Indicated [xx:xx] [1:30] Can you speak to the timing of the DNA L2 project in relation to the current planetary situations taking place, also how does it assist as we move towards the 2012 timeline [36:00] How are [...]…

Podcast 9.17.08 – Dreaming & Sleeping

2008-09-21 :: Length: 1s
Topic: Dreaming & Sleeping with Soundscapes followed by Q&A Shapeshifter’s Live, Uncut and Slightly Raw Podcast Recorded 9/17/08 Topics Included (in order of discussion) Approx Times Indicated [xx:xx] [2:23] Music for Sleeping & Dreaming Sleep Patterns Abuse energy/Sexual/Death Imprints Shamanic Journey work pre/post sleep Productive time/Creative Manifestation time How to Listen – Holding In between [...]…

Podcast 7.15.08 – Sanctuary CD

2008-08-17 :: Length: 1s
Topic: Sanctuary CD Project. We recently had a few gatherings here at the studios to celebrate the release of the Sanctuary CD. We recorded the conversations with the group and have uploaded it as a podcast here. While we talk mostly about the Sanctuary project, we also go off into many other topics related to [...]…

Podcast 2.3.08 – Shapeshifter Info

2008-04-14 :: Length: 1s
Topic: The name of Shapeshifter and Shapeshifting Shapeshifter’s Live, Uncut and Slightly Raw Podcast – Recorded 2/3/08 Topics Include: (in order of discussion) The Story behind the name Shapeshifter Shapeshifting Music & Multidimensional Selves DNA Potentials Thoughts & Thinking in Higher Realms 5th World Dynamics 12 Strand DNA – Junk DNA – Transposons Evolving at [...]…

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