Last update: 2013-06-24

Episode 59 »» The Neighbors or Peeping Toms?

2013-06-24 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 56s
Before we get a little creeptastic and touch on intrusive photography … we get to some FYI goodness and updates ….  Moose Press, Yo! That’s right, folks … Moose Peterson has provided us with some more treats, this time in iBook version. Have a listen as we give you the FYI on this latest Moose [...]…

Episode 58 »» Getting Square with Macro Photography and Photojournalism

2013-06-10 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 59s
Before we get up close and personal with macro photography …  Business Stuff We have made the switch to a new server and now have the show hosted with the brilliant folks at Libsyn. The transition was smooth and pain free, so cheers to the hardworking team over yonder! Thanks so much, y’all! And Then [...]…

Episode 57 »» Flickr, The Pitts and Co.

2013-05-26 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 53s
… before we dive in with Flickr’s changes …  Sheep Photography + Test Drives + Canon Canon did it again! They teased us for a long, long time and they have finally released their latest ooh la la lens, the 200-400mm Æ’4, so you know we have a few things to say about that! Brad [...]…

Episode 56 »» Creative Cloud & Mac’s Starbucks Chat

2013-05-12 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski
Adobe Before we launch Mac’s Starbucks chat with our Shutter Time friend, Alan Schietzsch, we of course contribute to the buzz of all things Adobe. In the past week, they’ve made a number of photographers very happy while ruffing the feathers of many more. It’s no secret there will be no CS7 (dry your eyes) [...]…

Episode 55 ~ Boudoir Photography: Top to Bottom

2013-04-29 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski
Before we discuss the titillating topic of boudoir photography, we have some other business to cover first …  Lightroom … Again So you are just getting used to the 4.4 final release, eh? Hold tight, because version 5 is available now in beta mode! Metabones Update Mac gives us a quickie recap of his experience so [...]…

Episode 54 ~ The Mirrorless Evolution

2013-04-14 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski
Oh how far the mirrorless camera has come. But first …   NAB Show 2013 I never made it to NAB this year, but fortunately my good mate did and even though he’s a video editor, he made sure to keep me humming with iPhone snaps of fresh camera gear. What really made me take [...]…

Episode 53 ~ It’s A Post-Processing World

2013-04-01 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 51s
And we’re just living in it … For Free, Y’all! We take a look at some of the resources available via photographers who offer their knowledge and insights to making the photography business work for them ….for free. Soaking up the goodness from other photographers is a highly valuable tool to utilize as you build your [...]…

Episode 52 ~ Film Chat With Scott Hutchison

2013-03-17 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 1s
Film! It’s been just over a year since we’ve dedicated an episode to film photography, so we thought it was time to bring it up again. This time we asked Alberta photographer, Scott Hutchison, to join in on the fun. In Each Corner Mac and Scott face off over the discussion of film vs. digital [...]…

Episode 51 ~ Chasing Light – Does It Really Matter?

2013-03-05 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 38s
Shedding Some Light Before we get right to the matter of chasing light in photography, we first touch on something else. The night we recorded this, it was Anti-Bullying Day here in Canada. Please check out the link at the bottom of the post if you need to be further educated on the topic. We [...]…

Episode 50 ~ Interview With Darlene Hildebrandt

2013-02-17 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 1s
The Business of Photography That’s right — we have a jammed packed show with some bits and bites on the business side of photography, also known as the head-scratcher … and often the cause of brain throb. To make this a lot easier, we invited wonderful local photographer and businesswoman, Darlene Hildebrandt, to sit down [...]…

Episode 49 ~ Photographic Integrity

2013-02-03 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 54s
Rearing Its Head Once again, the question of photographic integrity has popped up in our podcast. Before we dish on this never ending, but always interesting topic, we chat about some interesting gear accessories. Metabones has cranked out an adapter that will give you an extra stop of light and a full-frame look (wider field [...]…

Episode 48 ~ Gear, the Final Frontier

2013-01-22 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 36s
  Space the Canadian Frontier You might wonder, how a country of 20 can have it’s own Space Agency… we do.  We also are very proud of Commander Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut currently living aboard the International Space Station (ISS).  What’s really cool about this, is that he has been taking stunning photographs of [...]…

Episode 47 ~ Giving Back / Volunteer Work

2013-01-06 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 31s
Oh, Those Rumours  Before we dive in with volunteer work, we have to get some gear chat over with first! Of course with CES 2013 only hours away, the rumours continue to swarm over expected announcements from Fuji and Sony. Have a listen as we discuss what the possibilities are for potential gear goodness. Your [...]…

Episode 46 ~ Year End Reflections, 2012

2012-12-24 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 42s
The End Is Near  The year end, that is! We took to our mics for one last time in 2012 to discuss and reflect on what we have learned this year from having our podcast, why we still have fun recording, etc. But before we get to sitting back with some Christmas cheer induced beverages, [...]…

Episode 45 ~ Through Our Christmas Lens

2012-12-11 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 50s
Ho Ho Ho ‘n Stuff We’ve already made you shiver with candy cane tingles over our gift suggestions for the photographer in your life during the holiday season. Now we’re back with some Christmas photo ideas and tips for making the most out of your holiday photos! But first … In This Corner  We don [...]…

Shutter Time Extra #1, Yo!

2012-12-03 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 20s
A Quickie, But A Goodie As much as we love long Shutter Time podcasts, or any others for that matter, we thought we’d add a little ditty to the Shutter Time vault and produce a shorter show for those moments where time is fleeting … Hey, Fuji! Mac updates us on some Fuji news. iPhone [...]…

Episode 44 ~ The Return Of The Christmas Bag

2012-11-26 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 1s
Santa’s New Bag, 2012 Before we start dishing on the Shutter Time 2012 Holiday gift guide photographers will love, we have a few things to crunch over first. Have a listen as we discuss a couple of headscratchers that led Mac to Facebook and Google Plus to start a discussion to hear your thoughts. Oh, [...]…

Episode 43 ~ Interview With Michael Van Der Tol

2012-11-12 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 1s
Gear Chat Before we get rolling with our interview with Michael, we start the show off with a little bit of gear chat and Mac’s mini rant. It’s About Time Michael has been absolutely wonderful to our show, listening to us yap since the beginning, and we cannot thank him enough for his support. To [...]…

Episode 42 ~ Sharing, Printing, and Selling

2012-10-31 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 59s
Mmmm, Fresh Gear Before we dive in the ol’ SPS pool (that’s Sharing, Printing, and Selling), we have to chat about some fresh gear. Nikon announced their new Nikkor 70-200mm f/4 G ED VR AF-S, but what really caught my interest was a tweet from the fine folks at Borrow Lenses! Spotting a Canon lens [...]…

Episode 41 ~ Third Party Lenses

2012-10-17 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 42s
Holding Hands Before we start yapping about third party lenses, we have to say, it’s been a nice change of pace to see photographers coming together, whether just for friendly chit chat when out shooting or to band together for a passionate project. Therefore, we briefly chat about the goodness of all things photographers. Aw.  [...]…

Episode 40 ~ Fabulous At 40!

2012-10-02 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 47s
Happy Birthday, Us! Before we dive into social media, we had to celebrate a bit, as we’ve just turned 40 (Sept 26th), huzzah! Thanks to all of our listeners and supporters for tuning in, show after show. We truly couldn’t do it without your support and feedback. Hopefully the next year is even better and [...]…

Episode 39 ~ Chasin’ Crops

2012-09-19 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 50s
Time’s Running Out Harvest season is well in motion, so we dive into the genre of agriculture photography. Before we start chasin’ crops with you, we discuss the latest news coming from the Nikon, Sony and Fuji camps. Mmmm, fresh gear. Of course Canon announced a new body the day after we recorded this show, [...]…

Episode 38 ~ Robswildlife: Interview With Rob Daugherty

2012-09-03 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 1s
Sonylicious Before we get rolling with our interview with @Robswildlife, there we a few other things on our mind, such as the rumours swirling about the Sony NEX systems, Photokina and more. SmugMug Some news has been announced from SmugMug which are leaving some customers / users feeling a little muggy … We talk about [...]…

Episode 37 ~ Falling For Fall

2012-08-20 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 52s
Same Old Song  Before we discuss the goodness of all things fall photography, Mac shares his experience on how he was recently perceived on a pro shoot. Have a listen and let us know if you have ever been judged by your gear, whether you’re in the field, studio, etc?! Damn You, Adobe We have a [...]…

Episode 36 ~ Mirrorless Backyard Olympiad

2012-08-09 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 38s
  Olympic Hard Bodies  The world has been tuning in for the past couple of weeks as elite athletes have been competing in their dedicated sports with the hopes to become Olympians. Of course, they are not the only ones competing. Canon and Nikon have jumped in, as always, and photo nerds have probably been [...]…

Episode 35 ~ Moose Musings: Interview With Moose Peterson

2012-07-23 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 1s
Moose Peterson, Y’all! We did it. We had wildlife / aviation photographer, Moose Peterson, visit the Shutter Time bunker for a chat. Seriously. Moose Peterson. Our listeners are well aware of my appreciation for Moose and not only his photography, but his dedication to preserving our wild heritage, which is so important to us all. Imagine [...]…

Episode 34 ~ Two Steppin’ Out of Your Photography Comfort Zone

2012-07-08 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 39s
Steppin’ Out With Photography There are many different reasons why you should step out of your comfort zone with your photography. We discuss some of the reasons why we should all do so and offer up some suggestions! Bits ‘n Bites We have a hell of an interview lined up, so stay tuned in the [...]…

Episode 33 ~ Instagramming Your Life, Yo!

2012-07-03 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 54s
Xtrafolio App  Before we dive into instagramming your life, we chat about another app on our minds today. Have a listen to see what the latest is with this iPad portfolio app update, 2.0.1 … Ahhhh, Fuji. The big bad boys of Fuji made an announcement for an upcoming release to their wildly popular X-Pro [...]…

Episode 32 ~ Fuji vs. Eos, iPad Apps & More!

2012-06-25 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 38s
Oh. Kitteh.  The things photographers will find when out on photo adventures. Fuji + Eos come together! Fujilicious  Are you sick of this camera yet? Fuji is about to make another big announcement! Have a listen to see what’s the haps. To Catch a Thief We touch on the often controversial topic of image thievery. [...]…

Episode 31 ~ Fuji, Drobo, and Sharing, Oh My!

2012-06-18 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 43s
The Sharing Circle We had a great question come in from fellow photographer, Michael Van der Tol, and we took it to the show to see how other photographers feel. Tune in to see what the heck we’re talking about and let us know what your take on this is. All Things Drobo Scott Kelby [...]…

Episode 30 ~ Motivation in Photography

2012-06-12 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 47s
Pancakes! Not the delicious, fluffy goodness you would find at IHOP, but rather a little lens Canon wants you to slap on their latest body. Have a listen as we chew over the latest coming from the Canon camp and what’s also painfully missing in action. The Triple X Episode 30 shows already! Yowsa, right? [...]…

Episode 29 ~ Backing Up Life Changes

2012-06-03 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 53s
Mixed Bag o’ Nuts After a couple weeks of back to back interviews, we thought since there was no big photography news, we’d chew over a few things on our photo plate. In this bag of nuts, we discuss more gear woes (emo style?), Lightroom 4 updates, as well as run through some iPad photography magazines [...]…

Episode 28 ~ Interview With Ashley Green

2012-05-27 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 54s
All Things Ashley  Another talented (and local) photographer has stepped up to the mic and graciously agreed to have a chat with us in the ole Shutter Time bunker. Join us as we sit down with Ashley Green, the ever talented, energetic, and charming photographer behind Photos With Ashley. Be prepared to learn, laugh and hell, [...]…

Episode 27 ~ Interview with John De Bord

2012-05-14 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 1s
Oh. Leica. When the M9 just will not do! Leica has introduced the M Monochrom. As the name suggests, this hella expensive body shoots only in black and white. Have a listen as we briefly discuss what we know of this camera so far. Here’s Johnny!  It took a couple months of syncing schedules, but [...]…

Episode 26 ~ Dusting Off The Mics

2012-05-07 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 48s
Back in Action After a few weeks away, we finally found our way back to the Shutter Time bunker. We missed you guys! In this episode, we catch up and dish over a few things which have grabbed our attention … NAB – Vegas, Baby! The Vegas ramblings, photos and text messages from my pal, [...]…

Episode 25 ~ Lenses, Lenses, Lenses

2012-04-15 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 33s
Dry Your Eyes This will be our last show for a couple weeks, as Mac and I have been lured out of the Shutter Time bunker to work on some projects. We will be back behind the mics in the first week of May. During our mini-absence, why not listen to some of our older [...]…

Episode 24 ~ Traveling With Your Camera

2012-04-09 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 56s
Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag Bags are on our minds and we go over some of the best bags we have come across, as well as some of the challenges trying to find the right bag. Oh yeah. Moose Peterson Hits the iPad After a year in the making, Moose’s BT Journal goes digital! [...]…

Episode 23 ~ Night Photography

2012-04-02 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 35s
Never Gonna Give You Up That’s right — we’re still in the Fuji X-Pro 1 honeymoon phase over here in the Shutter Time bunker, so as you can guess, we have a quick little chat about our newest acquisition … When The Sun Goes Down  Night photography can often bring us the biggest challenges and [...]…

Episode 22 ~ Accessorize This

2012-03-25 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 57s
  LEE Filters The end is almost here … I’m am so close to wrapping it up with all things LEE filters. You’ll hear why in this episode! Huzzah! Fujilicious  There are nothing but smiles here in the Shutter Time bunker as we swoon over the Fuji X-Pro 1. I personally blame Kai from DigitalRevTV, [...]…

Episode 21 ~ Landscaping With Your Camera

2012-03-19 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 58s
Always On Our Minds The Fuji X-Pro 1 is never far from our minds over here in the Shutter Time bunker. We’ve discussed this camera before, and today we quickly talk about a couple of the cons coming out of the limited reviews so far. All of this aside, I have a feeling nothing will [...]…

Episode 20 ~ Hitting the Streets

2012-03-12 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 1s
Ooh, Canon. Not 5 months after announcing the release of the 1D-X, the much anticipated successor to the 5D Mark II (circa 2008) was finally announced! Enter the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. Are you swooning yet? We chew over some of the features from this newest kid on the block. Lightroom 4 After a short beta [...]…

Episode 19 ~ Jammin’ With Jamey M.

2012-03-04 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 57s
Jammin’ With Jamey M Photo We invited Edmonton photographer, Jamey M Photo, from Jamey M. Photography, to come on over to the Shutter Time bunker and have a chat. Sit down, grab a brew and enjoy the interview with this young, super stylin’, engaging, and passionate urban photographer! (Interview starts at 19:42) Grilling Pirate Booty The [...]…

Episode 18 ~ New Gear? Giddy Up.

2012-02-26 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 55s
It’s Time You’ve decided to move on from using your iPhone as your main camera; you’re ready to jump into the DSLR or 3rd Gen camera game; you’re finally leaping from film to digital; or you’re simply upgrading your gear — where to start? We take you through some of those head scratching steps when [...]…

Episode 17 ~ Romanticizing Film

2012-02-13 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 1s
Oh. Nikon. Rumour has it Nikon has made a decision regarding repairs which, come July 23rd, could have a serious impact on Nikonians, but also possibly Canon and other users down the road. Have a listen to see what the heck I’m talking about! When 2 Just Isn’t Enough We decide to make it 3! Terry [...]…

Episode 16 ~ Feeding Your RSS

2012-02-05 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 38s
When Opportunity Knocks Back in November, Moose Peterson dropped by the Googleplex to have a chat about photography. We dish on my reaction (after watching the video) to his killer presentation and audience participation. The Shutter Time Top 10  This may not be the normal top ten list most of us are used to, but we [...]…

Episode 15 ~ Friends In Low Places

2012-01-31 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 48s
Resolutions  We’re finally able to update you on some gear woes I’ve been dealing with … oh yeah. Bokehlicious Mac had his hands on a HOT lens this past weekend and I think he’s in love. While he’s at it, Mac also discusses some interesting news regarding the much coveted Fuji X-Pro 1. Find Out [...]…

Episode 14 ~ Hardbodies

2012-01-26 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 34s
Not So Old Cliches  The best camera is the one you have with you! We hear this time and time again and it’s a topic long debated by photographers (and iPhone camera app developers) everywhere. Hear our take on this debate! Those EVIL Sinners Speaking of new trends, there’s been a smoking hot debate of late [...]…

Episode 13 ~ 2012, You Say? Bring It.

2012-01-09 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 32s
2012 ~ We’re Still Here Happy New Year, yo! After a small hiatus, we’re back on track with episode 13, V2! Did you miss us? Don’t lie. We thought we’d kick off the new year with a discussion of what’s happening in photography and what 2012 will hopefully bring … The Big Kahuna  Mad props [...]…

Episode 12 ~ Marking With Water?

2011-12-19 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 36s
Our New Crush Here at Shutter Time, we’re always on the lookout for photography goodness that can curl our toes, or at the very least, spark enough interest so we can talk about it on the show. Who knew it would come in the form of a video this week, MWACattack!?! Walking On Water Okay, so [...]…

Episode 11 ~ Ethically Speaking

2011-12-14 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 44s
Rules of Conduct As we all know, ethics play a large part in not only our daily lives, but in photography as well. Mac wrangled up a panel of photography enthusiasts to discuss just this and more. Joining him is Jennifer Plant, a very promising amateur photographer, whose specialty is dog portraits. She is joined by her [...]…

Episode 10 ~ Filtering Masochism

2011-12-07 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 37s
Filter This, Mac! My cheeky co-host is continually referring to me as a photography masochist because I like to put time in the field. I’m sure some will laugh at me as I continue to grumble over the omission of a Lee Filter holder from my camera bag, but it’s a chance I’ll take until I [...]…

Episode 9 ~ Santa’s Bag

2011-12-02 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 50s
Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag Our 2011 holiday gift guide photographers will dig! It’s the time of year where photographers and photography related sites crank out their top holiday gift suggestions for the photographer in your world. We thought we’d join the ranks this year and just get ‘er done. We reached deep into our photographic [...]…

Episode 8 ~ HDR Photography

2011-11-22 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 36s
The Madness of QA/QC Mac shares his recent bumpy experience when ordering from Blurb. Fool Me Once  Here I thought I could spot an HDR image a mile away. They all look the same, right? Tone-mapping gone wild, I’d say! Wrong! We discuss the pros and cons, and even surprises of HDR photography! Bits ‘n [...]…

Episode 7 ~ Douchebaggery in Photography?

2011-11-16 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 42s
Happy Mac He updates us on his Snapseed app (from Nik) woes! When Worlds Collide The fine line where the old school, real world of photographers and the growing trend of famed Internet photographers was drawn is becoming blurred of late with the increasing numbers of Google + photographers taking the world of photography by [...]…

Episode 6 ~ Staching Social Media

2011-11-07 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 45s
  Movember  We thought we’d shake things up a little bit here at Shutter Time and add Mo Bro Alberta photographer, Randy Pond, to the team. But just for tonight, as we don’t think we could afford to buck up (read: pay the bribe!) every week! It was an honor and a blast to have [...]…

Episode 5 ~ iPad, Workshops, & Mac’s Little Secret

2011-10-31 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 56s
The Ipad Blues Mac, being the ever so dedicated photographer, decided to add his iPad 2 to his workflow, but ran into some obstacles along the way when it came to a photo editing app, Snapseed. Have a listen to his troubles and if you can offer some insight or a solution, please leave a [...]…

Episode 4 ~ Photography Workflow

2011-10-24 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 44s
Canon’s Big, Bad Announcement We all knew it was coming. We may not have gathered around the watercooler at work to discuss it, but the murmurs of what Canon’s next professional DSLR body could possibly be most likely escaped our lips. Have a listen to hear our thoughts on this new beast. Your Photography Workflow [...]…

Episode 3 ~ Mixed Bag of Nuts

2011-10-11 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 42s
Our Mixed Bag of Nuts We appreciate y’all listening to our first two podcasts and most definitely enjoy the feedback (critique?). Please keep it coming.  Speaking of feedback …  Back to Episode 2 We certainly received a bit of feedback over this episode. Some folks did not agree with us (and that’s ok!). We briefly [...]…

Episode 2 ~ Critiquing Your Images

2011-10-02 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 35s
Tuning In Hi everyone! Thanks so much for listening to our first podcast, Episode 1 – Introductions. Like Mac had mentioned, it’s a little rough around the edges, but we strive to improve with every show and we hope you keep tuning in for more. Are your images on the internet for all to see? [...]…

Episode 1 ~ Podcast Introductions

2011-09-26 :: Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski Length: 30s
Welcome To Shutter Time This is our premiere podcast! It maybe a bit rough around the edges, but I promise it will be better and better, as my mad audio editing skills will improve, as will the hosts of the show once we get our feet wet. We have submitted the show to iTunes, so [...]…

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