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Mental Health in the Workplace

2012-07-26 :: Jason Reid Length: 27s
What does mental health and mental illness mean? What are mood disorders? What is anxiety? Are mental health conditions a chronic illness? Jason Reid talks about how medication such as prednisone effects his own personal moods. Jason and Nina also talk about ways to keep healthy and mentally resilient at work and at home. Jason [...]…

Managing Personal Energy & Getting Things Done

2012-06-19 :: Jason Reid Length: 25s
Ways to fight fatigue and anxiety while improving mental and physical wellness in the workplace and home. Jason Reid & Nina Belle look at executive coaching techniques that can allow anyone to do more in less time and with less distress. …

Importance of leadership training and culture on workplace health

2012-05-26 :: Jason Reid
Do the managers in your organization know enough about chronic illness to properly communicate with those employees who are challenged by chronic conditions? Most don’t. This results in increased disability claims, potential lawsuits and reduced productivity. Nina Bell and Jason Reid discuss what managers need to know about chronic illness. Please write us at or [...]…

The changing face of wellness in the workforce

2012-05-06 :: Jason Reid
A look at how sickness has changed and how chronic conditions differ from traditional illnesses such as the flu. We examine how outdated assumptions about illness are hurting organizations and why workplace strategies need to change to reflect this new paradigm. A great segment for HR professionals, wellness managers, benefits managers, supervisors or occupational health [...]…

Economic cost of Chronic Illness

2012-04-20 :: Jason Reid Length: 19s
A Human Resources and Human Capital podcast with a hot topic. We launch our Sick with Success® podcast with a great first episode! Health educator Nina Belle and author Jason Reid discuss the economic cost of chronic health conditions and the business case for change. More than a third of the workforce have a chronic illness and [...]…

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