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Smells Like Home Special Podcast! Wizard World Portland Comic Con!

2013-03-14 :: Zero Hurley
We are back and we are plus 1.  No Hurley did not get married but we added Zarrell.  His claim to fame is that he’s always “slayin Dragons n’shit”.  We have never seen this, infact, the first dragon in skyrim killed him 8 times. Onto the show, the three of us braved the scary world outside the Dungeon and drove up to Portland, Oregon to Wizard World Comic Con.  We met some awesome Celebs and awesome people.  This is our report, look for videos soon! [...]…

Episode 16: All The Nerdy News You Can Take

2012-06-21 :: Zero Hurley
What’s up Next Generation Nerds!  Another week, another nerdy adventure.  We talk Nerdy News this week including Google, Youtube, Vampire Hunters and much much more! [...]…

Episode 15: E3 Review Madness

2012-06-14 :: Zero Hurley
Another week, another nerdy adventure.  We recount our favorites from E3 and some duds. [...]…

Episode 14: We Spoiled The Avengers

2012-06-07 :: Zero Hurley
Hey guys!  We talk the Avengers Movie this week and the awesomeness that was.  Spoiler Alert!!!! Spoiler Alert!!!! [...]…

Episode 13: A Visit to Rifts Part II

2012-05-17 :: Zero Hurley
Hey Howdy folks!  Sorry for the delay, Real Life came up last week and we did not have a chance to record our Podcast.  As promised we are back with Part 2 of our look at Palladium’s Rifts Ultimate Edition. [...]…

Episode 12: A Visit to Rifts

2012-05-03 :: Zero Hurley Length: 1s
You asked for it and we are giving it to your Smells Like Home Style.  We are tackling the Rifts Ultimate Edition and your comments in this episode…but WAIT! There is more!  This is only Part 1!!! Listen in next week for the conclusion! We also talk about CISPA [...]…

Episode 11: WoW! It’s a Podquest Part II

2012-04-27 :: Zero Hurley
Hey folks!  It’s time for Part II of our MMO Podcast.  We hope you enjoy us ranting and raving about our MMO Issues.  Sargoth is back and don’t forget to check out our Youtube Channel!!! [...]…

Episode 10: WoW It’s a Podquest! Part 1

2012-04-20 :: Zero Hurley
Howdy folks!  Our apologies for the late episode this week and no episode last week.  You’ll find out why in this podcast!  We have a special 2 part episode on MMO’s!!  We talk shop on all things MMO including…yes World of Warcraft.  Look for part 2 next week! [...]…

Episode 9: The Bat Signal made my tattoo itch

2012-04-05 :: Zero Hurley
Hey hey hey loyal listeners.  Thanks for listening to our ramblings week in and week out.  This week we talk about Batman: The Dark Knight Rising.  We dive deep in the orgin of Batmas and discuss the good and bad of the series.  In the news this week, vibrating tattoo’s, Google Glasses, and invasion of privacy! [...]…

Episode 8: The Art of Roleplaying

2012-03-29 :: Zero Hurley Length: 1s
Salutations fellow nerds!  Another week, another Smells Like Home Podcast!  This week we tackle the hard hitting issues in table top gaming…ROLEPLAYING!!! We give our tips and tricks to become a better Roleplayer.  Also, we readdress TMNT in the Nerdy News and also talk a lot of “Orbis”, Sony’s PS4.  Take a listen and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for future awesomeness videos! [...]…

Episode 7: Michael Bay is violating my inner child

2012-03-22 :: Zero Hurley
This week on the Smells Like Home Podcast we tackle online streaming media and the effect it has on all of us.  We’ll talk about Hulu, Netflix, On Demand and those poor, poor video store clerks (Sorry Randal).  We also continue our Nerdy News segment and talk about Microsoft’s non announcement of their new hardware, Michael Bay’s butchering of another TV show favorite and some out of control congressmen. As always listen, enjoy, and don’t forget to comment! [...]…

Episode 6: Return of the Ipad?

2012-03-15 :: Zero Hurley
Greetings fellow geeks! This week at the Smells Like Home Studios we discuss E-readers and explosion of that market.  We also talk about the new Ipad dropping and some of it’s new features along with current news such as Assassin’s Creed 3 and Homeless Hotspots.  As always please write us a comment or question below.  You can also reach us at  We also look forward to our listener’s feedback! As promised here are some links for free e-books! If you wish to check out the Homeless Hotspots, the website is: [...]…

Episode 5: I think I have an Avengers Issue…

2012-03-08 :: Zero Hurley
The Avengers Issue!  The who, what, and where on The Avengers! We talk comic book origins and past members of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!  You might be surprised who was once a member! We talk the good, the bad, and the ugly about the new movie and our thoughts on it.  Later on we dive into Super Power Origins and what we would want as our Superpowers!  Please feel free to comment with what power you have always dreamed of! [...]…

Episode 4: Great Scott!

2012-03-01 :: Zero Hurley
Roads? Where we are going…we don’t need…roads! That’s right, in the fourth episode of the Smells Like Home Podcast we BS our way into the theories of Time Travel.  We talk about Movie and TV Lore and the possibility of it. We talk about such films as Back to the Future, Terminator, Time Bandits and TV shows such as Star Trek, Battlestar, Doctor Who, Quantum Leap, and many others. Hope you enjoy, feel free to comment and we’ll read it on the next podcast!  Don’t forget to subscribe and/or rate! [...]…

Episode 3: Don’t Drop The SOPA! (Palladium Review)

2012-02-23 :: Zero Hurley
In the third installment of the Smells Like Home Podcast we have our first guest in “Studio”, Sargoth! We open the show talking about SOPA/PIPA and the effects it had on the internet.  After that we dive into the reason for our guest, Sargoth, our Palladium Review!!!  We talk about all things Palladium and review the system and it’s many game series including: Palladium Fantasy, Rifts, TMNT, Nightbane, and many more!!! Take a listen and give your thoughts as we talk about our favorite system and try to spread the love!  Don’t foget to subscribe, comment and/or rate! [...]…

Episode 2: Attack of the 3D

2012-02-16 :: Zero Hurley
In the second episode of the geekiest podcast we talk about the Re-Release of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.  We also dive into one of our favorite genre’s, Zombies and our theories about the eventual apocalypse.  Also, we talk about the 2011/2012 Winter Season of Video Games and our favorites.  If you enjoyed today’s show don’t forget to share it with your friends.  If you have time and you are super awesome, log onto Itunes and rate us a 5 star! [...]…

Episode 001- Where we f up the intro

2012-02-09 :: Zero Hurley
Our first episode where we introduce ourselves and talk about different gaming related topics, including gamer stereotypes and different games we play. [...]…

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