Last update: 2015-04-07

Episode 011 Chris August

2015-04-07 Length: 1s

Ben and Chris talk about family, hurt and the Cowboys.

Episode 10 Lauren Daigle

2015-03-16 Length: 50s

Join Ben and Lauren as they talk about the letter "H", woman and variety in music and traveling to Mars.

Episode 009 Justin and Jeremy from Carrollton

2015-03-10 Length: 35s

Join Ben as he talks to Justin and Jeremy from Carrollton.

Episode 008 Will McGinniss

2015-02-04 Length: 41s

Join Ben and Audio A and Hands and Feet cofounder Will McGinniss as they talk about music, dealing with fear and Will's friendship with Katy Perry.

Episode 007 Marie Miller

2015-01-23 Length: 1s

Join Marie and Ben as they talk about the challenges of doing both Christian and Mainstream music, odd musical instruments and Lord Of The Rings.

Episode 006 Ryan Stevenson

2015-01-07 Length: 54s

Join Ben as he talks to Ryan Stevenson about his time as a paramadic and how it shaped his music career.

Episode 005 War and Treaty

2014-12-29 Length: 58s

Join Michael and Tanya from War and Treaty as we talk about funny road stories, racisim in CCM and war.

Episode 004 Josh Smith of Ashes Remain

2014-12-22 Length: 1s

Join Ben and Josh at dinner as they talk about why pay is generally so poor for ministry workers, florida football teams and the important things in life.

Episode 003 Dan Bremnes

2014-12-08 Length: 49s

This is a fun episode for me.  Dan talks about his start in music, being away from his calling and coffee.  Big thanks to one of the original supporters of the show.

Episode 002 Jon Lewis Part 1

2014-12-01 Length: 23s

Jon Lewis from Hyland talks about Spotify and the Music Business.  If you're looking for a deep spiritual chat with Jon this isn't it.  But some great insight in to the music business is to be heard.

Episode 001 Aaron Shust

2014-11-24 Length: 30s

Aaaron sits down to talk about his classical music background, worship music and Pennsylvania.

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