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Halo 3 Screen Saver

2007-10-11 :: brad

Hey guess what? I made a screensaver. It grabs all the current user submitted screen shots from and shows them as a slide show.

You can download the free version or if you are a high roller and can afford $2 you can buy the premium version. It has the following perks:

displays all your stats
displays your current armor configuration
displays halo 3 news feeds from 4 sources
lifetime free upgrades

download here


Download the Screen Saver :: Download the Screen Saver …

beats loop

2007-07-26 :: brad

I get all kinds of messages like this one. Beats beats pwnage beats.

I’m down with it.

One day a parade of Goldie lookin chain wearing gamers will fill the streets and their symphony the air. I will be there grabbing my nuts and whispering semi couplets. If I’m noticed I may just blend in and grind with my kind.

Take a step to the right and click for what’s left. Ungh! (nut grab) respect.

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discussion of deranking

2007-07-24 :: brad

De-ranking is intentionally losing, just like these people do in life.

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A matter of age, boy vs man, anger vs honesty

2007-07-23 :: brad

Although I’d like to sound cooler and more authoritative, I do stand behind the content of my message.

The reflexive biting response my playmate displays is normal. He’s striving for social status by appearing as hard as he can.

He’ll exploit any weakness without regard for logic. I stand against he and his brethren and I will continue offer the chance to take the Brad pill.

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enlightenment from johnny hawaii

2007-07-20 :: brad

I’ve never met a person from Hawaii. I suppose I still haven’t met one since this guy barely notices me. No problem.

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turn your head and cough

2007-07-19 :: brad

Even without the input of my subject here I could do this all day.

I sincerely love the marry my mom bit. It created a part of my persona that never would have been.

I hope you like these good feelings. Bye for now.

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How did I get killed by books on tape?

2007-07-18 :: brad

I had a period where I experimented with Harry Potter audio book baiting. Long story short there was nothing good about it and I have since stopped.

That behind me, the rest of this recording is just random XBL nonsense. Try to enjoy it if you must.

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my playmates are unsupervised children

2007-07-17 :: brad

This kid is dangerous. His or her wicked confidence and ugly power is controlled by about 2 ounces of gray matter. The rest is all Pokemon and Britney images.

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It's true that you eat poop !

2007-07-16 :: brad

I think I actually love this one.

It tickles me a rare shade of pink that I can get all extremes of reaction within 3 minutes. Laughter, anger, violent and sexual threats, and finally ostracism.

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this game sucks

2007-07-13 :: brad

Like a symphony’s strata goes from piccolo to tuba, this nonsense is the sum of its parts.

We have an innocent pants pooper, a surfer’s disdain, angry desperation, can’t take it hip hop guy. This garbage is music to me.

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