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Family Planning: Controlling the Stork

Planning is power! Family planning services allow people to space children, prepare for parenthood, pursue a career before starting a family, or avoid pregnancy altogether. It's a tool that should be available to everyone no matter their income or insurance coverage. Tune in to see why we think family planning is so important.…

Preventing Pregnancy: Continuing the Conversation

Our audio follow up delves deeper into the issue of hormonal birth control. A Planned Parenthood educator offers information for women curious about methods. A New York artist discusses how he uses birth control pills to make a fashion statement and a statement about family planning. And we share new information about a recent study on male birth control.…

Preventing Pregnancy

Preventing a pregnancy is too important to be left to chance. Hormonal birth control comes in a variety of methods that are easy to use and more than 99% effective. Watch our video to learn why we think hormonal contraception is the greatest thing since sliced bread.…

Sex and the Law: Continuing the Conversation

Our audio episode continues the examination of the policing of sexuality. A midnight regulation from the Bush administration could have disastrous consequences on women's health. Oscar contenders Milk and Revolutionary Road challenge society norms, sexism, and homophobia. And a listener shares his concerns about marriage equality and sexual privacy.…

Sex and the Law

Throughout history, people have tried to control our bodies and restrict our relationships. The policing of sexuality continues today. Some pharmacists are refusing to dispense birth control, legal marriage for gays and lesbians is not yet a reality, and anti-choice activists are working to overturn Roe v. Wade. Now's the time to be a sexual and reproductive rights activist!…

Getting Tested: A Trip to the Clinic

Our discussion of testing for STIs continues with an audio trip to a Planned Parenthood health center. We tag along with a patient as she gets tested for sexually transmitted infections. SOS listeners share tips and stories about talking with partners and sharing test results. We end with five things you need to know before your next STI test.…

Getting Tested

If you think you may have been exposed to a sexually transmitted infection, getting tested is a great way to protect your sexual health. Our video episode of Speaking of Sex addresses some common concerns of getting tested for STIs.…

Dan Savage and Listener Questions

Nathan and Malika talk with author, sex columnist, and social commentator Dan Savage about his work and his activism. They also answer questions from the SOS e-mail inbox and Malika shares some big news.…

Sex and the Environment, Part 2

This show further examines the connections between sexual health and the health of the environment. Malika and Nathan interview Cara Page about past injustices of using "population control" as a way to protect the environment. Author and biologist Sandra Steingraber describes how the womb is the first environment in which we all live. And a vegan sex toy entrepreneur explains how the decisions we make when purchasing sexual products have larger implications than the size of our vibrators or the flavor of our lube.…

5 Ways to Make Safer Sex Sexy

With a little creativity and imagination, protecting yourself from pregnancy and disease can be hot, sexy, and safe. In this mini-episode, Nathan and Malika share fives ways to keep the passion high, but the risks for sexually transmitted infections low.…

Tales of Dating, Part 2

Malika and Nathan are back with another round of stories from the dating front. The podcast pair share their own dating adventures, hear from a man who took a gamble on love, learn the secret meaning of a date's favorite movie, and talk to a woman who found love online.…

Sex on the road #11: New York City

Malika and Nathan conclude their sexuality road trip in New York City. They visit the Museum of Sex, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and talk to New Yorkers about sexuality in the Big Apple.…

Sex on the road #10: Philadelphia

Malika and Nathan visit Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania whose culturally competent staff provide health and educational services to the many diverse communities around Philadelphia. They end their visit by celebrating LGBT Pride. .…

Sex on the road #9: Akron

While traveling through northeast Ohio, Malika and Nathan toured the History of Contraception Exhibit. We also learned how local Planned Parenthood staff are using condom art to make safer sex sexy.…

Sex on the road #8: Louisville

While visiting Louisville, Kentucky we visited with Planned Parenthood staff to hear about the work they are doing providing confidential reproductive health care and comprehensive sexuality education. We also met with HPV vaccine researchers and learned about their efforts in creating a second generation vaccine to prevent cervical cancer.…

Sex on the road #7: Chicago

While in Chicago we attended SisterSong's conference on reproductive health and justice and spoke with advocates, educators, community members, and health practitioners.…

Sex on the road #6: Sioux Falls

While visiting Sioux Falls, South Dakota, we learned how Planned Parenthood staff and community organizers successfully overturned the state's 2006 abortion ban.…

Sex on the road #5: The Road

Driving across country, we spent a lot of time in our car. Here are some sexuality highlights from our Sex on the Road Video Road Trip.…

Sex on the road #4: Salt Lake City

Our tour of sexuality across America continues in Salt Lake City, where we interviewed Planned Parenthood staff and supporters. We also stopped at the Utah Pride Center to learn about what life was like for GLBT people in Utah.…

Sex on the road #3: Las Vegas

The Sex on the Road Video Road Trip moves on to Las Vegas.…

Sex on the road #2: Santa Barbara

The Sex on the Road Video Road Trip moves on to Santa Barbara.…

Sex on the road #1: Seattle

The Sex on the Road Video Road Trip begins in Seattle. Malika and Nathan Discuss plans, preparations, and purposes of their cross-country sexuality road trip. …

Sex and the Environment, part 1

We explore the connections between environmental health and sexual health. Environmental health advocates Charlotte Brody and Ted Schettler discuss the impact toxins have on health. We head to a local food co-op to hear from people on the streets. …

Benefits of Sex

The challenge of doing a show on the benefits of sex, masturbation, and expressing sexuality is narrowing the conversation to just three. Nathan and Malika talk with sex researcher Beverly Whipple about the connections between health and pleasure; they learn how cartoonist Ellen Forney creates sex-positive, kink-friendly cartoons, and interview sexual healer and educator Pamela Madison about using sexual energy to empower and heal. …

Tales of Dating, Part 1

From speed dating to professional matchmakers to dating websites to online social networks, there are so many new ways that people are meeting and finding love. In addition to talking about their own dating histories, Malika and Nathan explore the latest tools and technologies that have brought dating into the 21st century. …

The Anal Sex Show

While anal sex isn’t uncommon, honest and open discussion of anal sexuality are relatively rare. In this episode of Speaking of Sex Nathan and Malika discuss why our society has made such a big deal out of a fairly popular activity. They share some listeners’ opinions about anal sex, as well as learn from author Dr. Jack Morin about how anyone can go about improving anal pleasure and health. …

5 Things You Can Do to Support Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is feeling serious heat from anti-choice hardliners all over the country. Nathan and Malika have five great ways you can stand with us in this time of need.…


In this episode of Speaking of Sex, Nathan and Malika discuss some oft overlooked current and ongoing sex news. Topics include: Sex in Second Life, Imprisoning Sexually Active Teenagers, Reasons Why People Have Sex, and Masturbation in the Prison System. Tune in for all the sex news that is fit to print. Or at least podcast about. …

Sex News

In this episode of Speaking of Sex, Nathan and Malika discuss some oft overlooked current and ongoing sex news. Topics include: Sex in Second Life, Imprisoning Sexually Active Teenagers, Reasons Why People Have Sex, and Masturbation in the Prison System. Tune in for all the sex news that is fit to print. Or at least podcast about. …

Summer Update

In this episode of Speaking of Sex, Malika and Nathan recap some highlights of their summer sexuality road trip and talk about upcoming episodes. Listners are encouraged share their stories and comments by e-mailing us at:…

5 Mistakes People Make When Visiting a Doctor

For many of us, going to the doctor can be an annoying, embarrassing, or even uncomfortable experience especially when talking about sexuality and behavior. Malika and Nathan share 5 mistakes people make when going to the doctor.…

5 Mistakes of Breaking Up

Breaking up in a relationship can feel like an unwanted end to something meaningful or a welcomed "fresh start." Whether you're feeling sad or glad about losing your sweetie, Nathan and Malika offer 5 tips for the newly-singled. Tune in to hear how you can handle break-ups with dignity and compassion.…

A World Without Cervical Cancer: The HPV Vaccine Show

Each year cervical cancer claims the lives of some 4,000 women in the United States. Caused by the Human Papilloma Virus, cervical cancer will hopefully one day be a disease of the past, thanks in large part to Gardasil, a HPV vaccine. In this episode, Nathan and Malika learn about HPV, the vaccine that prevents it, and the important implications of its widespread use.…

5 Sex mistakes

Sex Happens! But not always for the right reasons. In this episode Nathan and Malika address five common mistakes people make before, during, or after sex. Tune in to consider how some different assumptions, communication or behavior could improve your sex life.…

Sex on the Road

Malika and Nathan are taking a video road trip across the country. They will be stopping in big cities and small towns, talking with Planned Parenthood staff, activists, community members, celebrities, policy-makers, college students, and everyday people about the sexuality issues that matter most in their lives. In this mini-update, Malika and Nathan talk about their upcoming trip. …

Road Trip Video

Planned Parenthood's Speaking of Sex Podcast crew goes on a road trip this summer from Seattle to New York City! We're hoping to hear your stories.…

Malika and Nathan Show

In this episode of Speaking of Sex Malika and Nathan talk about ... Nathan and Malika. In an attempt to uncover the personal lives of Planned Parenthood's podcasting duo, the pair asks each other unusual questions, explains embarrassing moments, and shares their favorite resource. If you've been wondering, "who ARE these crazy people???" this show will begin to answer that question. …

Sex Myths: BUSTED!

As long as people have been having sex there have been myths about sex and bodies. Nathan and Malika are joined by Tim the Educator and with his help they bust down some common myths like Two condoms are better than one, You can't get pregnant on your period and Men are more sexually active than women. Plus Nathan and Malika tackle sincere questions from listeners who are in need of a bit more information.…

Understanding the Penis:

In this episode Nathan and Malika discuss male sexual anatomy, head to the streets to ask the age old question, "Does size matter," and debate penis-sensitive topics like circumcision, penis names, and male underwear. They take a field trip to a local piercing parlor to learn about the ways that some men adorn their penises and testicles. Tune in for good penis health tips and a whole lot of penis fun.…

Exploring the Vagina

In the first episode of a two-part series, we talk about the vagina - its pet names, its functions, its strengths, and its vulnerabilities. The show is loaded with vaginal facts and de-bunked fictions. We hit the street to ask people "what’s special about the vagina," visit a waxing salon to learn how some people decorate their vulvas, and wonder ... "if your vagina could speak, what would it say." …

Sex Toys, Sex Joys

Sex Toys: you might think they're great, you might think they're gross, you might never have thought about them at all. Whatever your thoughts, these gadgets and gizmos of pleasure could be a way to bring some excitement and fun into your sex life. Malika and Nathan visit a sex toy store and talk with an educator about the ins and outs of sex toys. They share five tips for using sex toys and end with sex toy stories submitted by our listeners. Tune in to hear what all the buzz is about.…

Sexual Problems: When Sex Stops Working

When they strike, sexual problems can take the "zing" out of your sex life. In this episode of Speaking of Sex, Nathan and Malika discuss what happens when sex stops working the way you want it to and what a person or a couple can do to deal with it. They share five tips to bring the spark back into your sex life and end with some resources for people to get more information and support.…

Abortion: Exploring Choice

Each In their second show on abortion, Malika and Nathan interview three amazing activists about the Pro-Choice perspective. They talk with Jennifer Allen, a Planned Parenthood Public Affairs representative, about what being Pro-Choice actually means. They also talk with Jennifer Baumgardner about the diversity of beliefs within the Reproductive Justice Movement. Lastly, Nathan and Malika have a conversation with film-maker, Penny Lane, about her film, The Abortion Diaries, and the effect it has had on reducing stigma and shame around abortion. As with each episode of Speaking of Sex, be sure to tune in for the latest in sexual health news, resources, and ways to get more involved.…

World AIDS Day Episode: Emerging issues in HIV/AIDS prevention and research

In recognition of World AIDS Day Speaking of Sex recognizes the millions of people in the world currently affected by this devastating disease. This episode focuses on three prevention efforts currently being researched: HIV Vaccines, microbicides and male circumcision. Nathan and Malika explore what these are, their potential effectiveness and how folks can get involved. Tune in to hear about the amazing advances in medical research in the fight against HIV/AIDS and how you can take part!…

Abortion - In the Clinics, In the Courts

Each year in America over a million women choose to end a pregnancy. In this show, our first in a two-part series, we focus on the medical and legal aspects of abortion. Nathan and Malika talk with a Planned Parenthood clinician to get information about the two most common procedures: Aspiration Abortion and Medication Abortion. They also talk with Chris Charbonneau, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Western Washington, about many of the unnecessary legal restrictions that hinder people’s ability to get access to safe and affordable reproductive health services throughout the country.…

Gay Media Podcast

Gay Media - In this episode of Speaking of Sex, Nathan and Malika discus the role of media in telling the stories of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community. Our co-hosts talk with actor Chad Allen about the challenges and rewards of coming out in today's Hollywood. They also interview a librarian in Alaska about the controversy surrounding a children’s book that discuses homosexuality, and wrap up the show with a list of helpful LGBTQ resources.…

Sexually Transmitted Infections Podcast

Sexually Transmitted Infections - Getting a sexually transmitted infection can be embarrassing, scary, or even painful. In this episode of Speaking of Sex, Malika and Nathan separate fact from fiction as they take a trip to a Planned Parenthood clinic to talk with a clinician about symptoms, treatments, and prevention. They also share 5 tips for starting a conversation about with your partner about STIs.…

Emergency Contraception Update Podcast

On August 24th the Food and Drug Administration approved Plan B (Emergency Contraception) for over-the-counter sales to people 18 and older. In this mini-update, Malika and Nathan talk with Vanesa Cullins, the VP of Medical Affairs for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, about what this decision means for women and men who are wanting to prevent a pregnancy. They also preview some exciting upcoming shows and end with a request for listeners' stories.…

Emergency Contraception Podcast

Also known as Plan B, emergency contraception has become another wedge issue on the American political landscape. Just what is Plan B? Where can you get it? And why are people arguing about it? This edition of "Speaking of Sex" sheds light on these questions with the help from Dr. Susan Wood, the former director of the Office of Women's Health for the FDA who resigned her position over the agency's decision to delay the approval of Plan B for over-the-counter sales.…

Relationships Podcast

Relationships are powerful! Defining moments of our lives often occur within the context of a relationship. Looking into a partner's eyes and realizing for the first time that you are completely, hopeless in love; struggling with grief and loss after a relationship ends unexpectedly; these moments of transition create opportunities for reflection, affirmation and growth, molding us (for better or worse) into the people we are today. Our second podcast is a collection of relationship stories. We hope that by listening to other peoples' stories, you are entertained and enlightened about the dynamic power relationships have on your own life.…

Birth Control Podcast

In our first podcast Malika and Nathan take a sex quiz from Tim, a Planned Parenthood of Western Washington educator. What method of contraception works best for you? It's a grab bag of information! People on the street say what the word "protection" means to them. This is a great show for people that need updated information about the most current methods available.…

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