Last update: 2008-03-16

SploitCast #026

2008-03-16 Length: 1s
SploitCast Shmoocon episode!  We had a great group of people join us for a roundtable discussion.  Conversation focuses around the changing emphasis of security in 2008.  Topics include SCADA, signature vs. anomaly detection, and much more. Speakers include Simple Nomad, Squidly1, Rodney Thayer, Johnny Long, Landon Lewis, Harrison Holland, and Matt Hillman

SploitCast #025

2008-01-16 Length: 1s
Matt, Xbert and Squidly1 discuss new computer misuse legislation in the UK
and its implication on whitehat hacking and the security industry, compare
it to the similar German law and discuss a few surrounding issues.…

Forum Conference #004

2007-08-24 Length: 50s
Part two of the July conference call.

SploitCast #023

2007-08-19 Length: 1s
Matt and Mubix discuss their experience at defcon 15, recorded in the hotel
room on day 3. This was also streamed live via hak5radio.

Forum Conference #003

2007-08-08 Length: 1s
Forum conference call with some of the old and new members.

Forum Conference #002

2007-05-18 Length: 58s
Forum conference call with Matt, Walcy, Squidly1, Xbert, Mubix, and Joat.…

SploitCast #020

2007-02-24 Length: 46s
In this episode Matt interviews Adam Laurie, a legend in the computer security field.  They discuss Laurie's wide array of knowledge with topics that include RFID vulnerabilities, infrared, bluetooth, privacy, and his underground "ex-ministry of defense" secure hosting facilities called "The Bunker".…

Forum Conference #001

2007-02-07 Length: 43s
Forum conference call including several SploitCast crew members as well as a few forum members.  Topics of discussion include, the upcoming Shmoocon, and more.

Christmas Special '06

2006-12-24 Length: 1s
Well, it's about that here is your SploitCast Christmas special. Thanks to Matt :) Merry Christmas from the crew at SploitCast.…

SploitCast #018

2006-12-23 Length: 26s
Matt and Walcy do a roundtable discussion on some hot topics in security including the unpatched M$ word exploits floating around.  They also discuss some holiday gifts for hacker friends (okay, it's sort of a joke) and the upcoming Shmoocon event.  In addition, the new contest is announced!…

SploitCast #017

2006-12-08 Length: 23s
Matt and a guest report on the DNS Con hacker conference in the UK.

SploitCast #016

2006-11-27 Length: 50s
The newest member of the crew Matt interviews Dino Dai Zovi, discussing the fascinating topic of VM rootkits, OS X security, how to trick wifi clients, disclosure issues, and Microsoft security.…

SploitCast #015

2006-09-18 Length: 59s
Interview with Johnny Long

SploitCast #014

2006-08-13 Length: 14s
Old school SploitCast style. We discuss security news and some hot topics; including crafty new trojans that use ping tunneling to transfer data to an attacker, offensive computing, sensative data on stolen laptops, and more. Roundtable discussion with Rob, Kim, Walcy, and Harrison.…

SploitCast #013

2006-07-31 Length: 47s
ZOMG!!! teh H.O.P.E!11

SploitCast #012

2006-07-16 Length: 41s
Brian Contos, of ArcSight, joins us to discuss insider threats.

SploitCast #011

2006-07-02 Length: 6s
A few quick announcements, including our current contest, and a new release schedule!

SploitCast #010

2006-06-23 Length: 23s
Phil Zimmermann joins us to discuss Zfone.

SploitCast #009

2006-04-28 Length: 28s
We are joined by Melanie Rieback to discuss RFID security.  We had a great time talking about the RFID guardian project, among other research that she has worked on.…

SploitCast #008

2006-04-13 Length: 39s
Victor Oppleman joins us to discuss high level ISP hacks, including such topics as IP prefix hacking and complex routing procedures.  We also discuss some interesting security solutions such as darknets.

SploitCast #007

2006-02-27 Length: 44s
Lance James joins us to discuss various topics including new phishing and malware attacks, countermeasures, and his new book Phishing Exposed.…

SploitCast #006

2006-02-21 Length: 36s
Black Tuesday (Microsoft updates), RSA Conference, phishing sites with valid SSL certs, and much more.…

SploitCast #005

2006-02-11 Length: 39s
Google, Google, Google. We discuss the security behind the Google X-TOKEN. Thanks to dJOEK for joining us to discuss his great work.…

SploitCast #004

2006-01-24 Length: 20s
Ab3nd joins us to discuss magnetic card emulation.…

SploitCast #003

2006-01-17 Length: 32s
We discuss the Shmoocon security conference this past weekend.…

SploitCast #002

2006-01-10 Length: 19s
Earlier this evening, well at this point it was technically last evening, we recorded another wonderful SploitCast session which is now available for download. We discussed several exploits, some of which include the AOL cross-site scripting vulnerability, a Windows embedded font issue, and updates on the WMF exploit. Check it out on our podcasts page.…

SploitCast #001

2006-01-08 Length: 31s
A roundtable discussion regarding the WMF exploit that has been grabbing the news lately.…

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