Last update: 2015-06-02

Starmageddon: Episode 01

2015-06-02 :: Starmageddon
And, we’re back! Who said it wouldn’t last? Listen to the first “official” episode of Starmageddon–the podcast for Star Trek AND Star Wars fans.
Co-hosts Dan Taylor and Michael May discuss call-backs and spoilers and how they both apply to sequels and reboots (especially for J.J. Abrams), as well as Simon Pegg inflicting “nerd rage” and Paramount wanting the new flick to be “less Trekky.” They also gush over the fan-produced Star Trek Continues, and what they dig about [...]…

Starmageddon: Episode 00

2015-05-20 :: Starmageddon
It’s here. The first installment of the Starmageddon podcast — Episode 00.
In this introductory episode, co-hosts Dan Taylor and Michael May start the BB-8 rolling by swapping stories of their earliest memories of becoming fans of both the Star Trek 

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The podcast for STAR TREK and STAR WARS fans. May the Force live long & prosper with you.