Last update: 2012-11-11


2012-11-11 :: Supersab Length: 35s
Episode 65 is all about fun times, includes but not limited to: special guest Liza W., election results, movie previews, memories, celebrity talk, and much more… listen now. go to the website for an extra good time. [receive lots of good luck if you write a comment at the itunes.] …

64_RoadTrip_Part-3…. still driving

2012-09-01 :: Supersab Length: 16s
……Part 3 of the alternative Family Road trip. eight hours squeezed into 15 minutes..buckle up [click here for photos] …


2012-06-02 :: Supersab Length: 27s
listen in to day two of the family road trip. fun times. photos at …


2012-04-13 :: Supersab Length: 3s
a good luck phone call 206-923-9329 …

61 Road Trip [Episode one] 61

2012-04-06 :: Supersab
Sab and her family get in the car and drive…. road trip… listen …


2012-02-26 :: Supersab Length: 5s
Supersab in Seattle Episode 60. Oscar night 2012 …


2011-10-16 :: Supersab Length: 29s
Episode 59 is an interview with Midge Rowsdower - a master of the art of planking. see for photos. …

58_summer in seattle_58

2011-08-11 :: Supersab Length: 18s
Summer in Seattle Rocks …


2011-07-05 :: Supersab Length: 33s
Episode 57 “Baby Gaga”  is a theme party episode breast milk ice cream all around! Happy Summer! …


2011-05-30 :: Supersab Length: 11s
Listen in to episode 56: Sabrina secretly records Diana … also check out the new website …


2011-04-03 :: Supersab Length: 17s
rainy day episode …


2011-03-09 :: Supersab Length: 29s
Interview with a local Seattle celebrity …


2011-02-06 :: Supersab Length: 11s
Sabrina recently discovered she is doing it all wrong. …


2011-01-26 :: Supersab Length: 17s
Stories and advice and a cat in the sink …


2011-01-15 :: Supersab Length: 6s
new zodiac - new year- new supersab “like” us on FB …


2010-11-28 :: Supersab Length: 27s
Episode number 50 _ Happy Holidays and keep on rockin’ in the new year …


2010-11-01 :: Supersab
Halloween time! Listen in Diana talks sports - sab gives advice - write to us-or call (206) 923-9329 Supersab in Seattle PO BOX 28545 Seattle, WA, 98118 …


2010-09-13 :: Supersab Length: 23s
Lots of Twitter-tweeter-twatter fun listen in for Food Fun and free prizes Join Sab on FB to enter to win! …


2010-09-03 :: Supersab Length: 6s
Supersab has returned from a long break …


2010-06-26 :: Supersab Length: 14s
Gay Pride episode 2010- …


2010-05-29 :: Supersab Length: 17s
Supersab in Seattle off the bus- talks about the recent bus trip around WA… and more … …


2010-05-12 :: Supersab Length: 16s
Sustainability is the capacity to endure. this is a short episode Sab is racing to catch a bus…but not a city metro bus. [especially not the #7] be back soon - I hope with an update on sustainable everything…. food inc: the omnivore’s dilemma: …


2010-04-19 :: Supersab Length: 31s
Is Canada tricky? Sab is going let you decide for yourself. Also on this episode listen in to Diana Belagio in her return to the podcast after many months.  Poutine Ice Hotel Curling Call Supersab for extra good luck 206-923-9329 Search for Supersab on the Facebook, and the twitter lets be friends email [...]…


2010-04-12 :: Supersab Length: 27s
Episode 42 Spring time 2010 Spring brings Easter eggs, gefilte fish, music also on this episode we have a special guest visitor from twitterville Please welcome Hadasb who joins us to talk about her recent trip to Seattle - be sure to follow her on Twitter: Call Supersab for extra good luck 206-923-9329 find [...]…


2010-03-10 :: Supersab Length: 17s
Life is short ~ my advice? Celebrate whenever you find a reason! Hey, here is a reason; the Supersab in Seattle Podcast is two years old. Lets have a party! Everyone is invited! Have a piece of cake and a glass of something and enjoy being alive. Oh… people are already at the door …. [...]…


2010-03-02 :: Supersab Length: 26s
Supersab has been here on the Internet for two years! Lets revisit the very first Supersab in Seattle episode ~ podcast #1 “Who Would buy a Buick” in the two years since this was posted there have been many govt. bailouts GM got about 14 billion dollars in bailout money. Wow - how Lucky for [...]…

39 focus_on_the_family_39

2010-01-30 :: Supersab Length: 9s
Sab is so excited for the Focus on the Family advertisement to be played in this years Super-Bowl half time show! Listen to a preview of the FOTF ad here! …


2010-01-22 :: Supersab Length: 23s
Sab is up on her soap-box telling you stuff you already know… oh and there is some great music on this one - feel free to email anytime for band names or call (206) 923-9329 to talk… advice and stories will return soon. oh and don’t forget, jesus shaves. …

37 It is what it is 37

2010-01-12 :: Supersab Length: 12s
episode 37 It is what it is…. there may be dancing and good times …


2010-01-05 :: Supersab Length: 12s
Supersab is taking your phone calls in 2010 …


2009-11-20 :: Supersab Length: 20s
The Bootleg Fan Episode! This show is not intended for everyone, I hope you enjoy it – if not send me an email to or find us on the Twitter, the Facebook and the Myspace (although like everyone else I tend to update the Myspace less and less frequently) Leave an Itunes review for [...]…


2009-11-01 :: Supersab Length: 29s
The Daylight Savings episode -Lets turn back the clocks and put some boogie in your butt~ …


2009-10-24 :: Supersab Length: 30s
Part two of the Halloween/fall 2009 scary fear episode… listen if you dare… …


2009-10-10 :: Supersab Length: 28s
Halloween Month = PART ONE of a very scary episode, filled with fear and screaming… Listen if you dare … . …


2009-08-01 :: Supersab Length: 13s
Summer in Seattle, and it’s a hot one – record breaking hot. Write: Supersab in Seattle / PO BOX 18794 / Seattle WA 98118 Join us on Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook too (Xtra good luck it you leave an ITunes review) …

30 LUCKY 30

2009-07-11 :: Supersab Length: 2s
Get more Lucky ~ Write: Supersab in Seattle / PO BOX 18794 / Seattle WA 98118 Join us on Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook too …

29 Goodbye Mike 29

2009-07-04 :: Supersab Length: 21s
A farewell to the oddest of our Icons, plus a story a question and some fun. Write: Supersab in Seattle / PO BOX 18794 / Seattle WA 98118 Join us on Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook too …

28 Beat It 28

2009-06-02 :: Supersab Length: 21s
Sun in Seattle, letters, advice, and Dianna Belagio …

27 May Day 27

2009-05-02 :: Supersab Length: 12s
May Day stories and advice - write to supersab - Supersab in Seattle / PO BOX 18794 / Seattle WA 98118 join us on Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook too …


2009-03-29 :: Supersab Length: 33s
episode 26 Diana squared the finale Discussed after much wine: Fashion dos and don’ts, pets, Battle Star Galactic, BIG Love, Secrets from the sororities sisters Diana Balagio shares embarrassing memories from her college career. Plus the Special Olympics are mentioned (but not in an Obama way) and of course more snaps -Episode 26 sounds better with [...]…

25diana and diana part1

2009-03-18 :: Supersab Length: 24s
Episode 25 – No Topic - WHAT the …? this could go anywhere… Pour yourself a glass of wine and listen in to the 1st part of a 2 part show: Diana and Diana are here drinking lots of wine and talking~ snapping as profession, Brad Pitt, Oprah, Fashion and of course killing chickens. Send your true stories [...]…

24 YOUR stories 24

2009-03-01 :: Supersab Length: 10s
Send Supersab a true story to be read on the podcast- IF your story is read you will WIN a SUPER Prize!!  send your true short story to - include your name and your mailing address, (your information will never be reused or sold) you will however receive a GREAT prize if your story [...]…

23 Darwin

2009-02-18 :: Supersab Length: 33s
Seattle porn tax, bus drivers selling crack, and lots of Darwin. Plus Diana Belagio is here… Be sure to join us on the Facebook (you will be richly rewarded) …

22 Laura and the strippers 22

2009-02-01 :: Supersab Length: 33s
Listen in as Laura shares stories of her new job working at the strip club. Supersab is please to be found on Itunes, Myspace, Facebook and Twitter. Join up with Supersab and receive good luck and great fortunes! Itunes please search Supersab and Facebook please search Supersab …

21 it is the little things 21

2009-01-18 :: Supersab Length: 19s
2009 is here, it is the little things that make a life good. Episode 21 has Seattle crime talk, some White House history and of course yodeling~  find Supersab on twitter now. Come and tweeter with us… …

Snow day in Seattle

2008-12-23 :: Supersab Length: 11s
Seattle is covered in snow; listen to the Supersab holiday special. Music, eggnog and a bit of winter fun. …

19 update 19

2008-12-10 :: Supersab Length: 6s
Short fast update ~ music heard will be Luna, Tobacco –Hairy and Japanese Motors …

episode 18 … karma or something

2008-11-23 :: Supersab Length: 26s
Sab recaps the last week or so, the gay marriage equal rights march reminds Sab of the February 15, 2003 anti-war protest remember it, millions of people protested in approximately 800 cities around the world and it was successful in stopping the Iraq war before it ever started. Karma Sab shares her bad tipping story [...]…

#17 it is election eve

2008-11-03 :: Supersab Length: 14s
Monday November 3rd is election eve also Halloween update, and other news from Sab’s Seattle experience, listen in to the short episode 17 today (regardless of how the election turned out) …

episode 16

2008-10-23 :: Supersab Length: 24s
Listen to Diana Bellagio evangelize and prophesize. Also Gay marriage, proposition 8, the go gos are old, Ellen and Portia, and of course lots of Jesus. …

episode 15

2008-10-12 :: Supersab Length: 29s
The United States was founded by religious zealots- remember the pilgrims? They were holy rollers for sure. Now many moons later the country is divided between the religious and the nonbelievers. The religious are looking for meaning in all the wrong places. I just don’t get it- Jesus is like science fiction, the rapture the [...]…


2008-09-27 :: Supersab Length: 12s
If you listened to episode 13 you know Diana is going to tell a story- here she is. send Diana a message at the webpage …

13 lesbian bar + dogs 13

2008-09-19 :: Supersab Length: 21s
Laura is back, listen in on sab and Laura talk about dogs and lesbians and other stuff too …

12 pets 12

2008-09-04 :: Supersab Length: 9s
the new puppy is driving sab crazy, but the ladies do love puppies …

taco bells

2008-08-20 :: Supersab Length: 12s
supersab is being nice …

Breaking the Silence

2008-07-17 :: Supersab Length: 11s
Sab breaks her vow of silence. (cheater) …

6 letter from bush’s white house 6

2008-06-04 :: Supersab Length: 15s
one of president bush’s staff members wrote sab a letter, it was so well written, and such nice paper. …

5 man woman wedding 5

2008-05-26 :: Supersab Length: 11s
California knows how to party, keep ‘em rockin’ …. …

episode IV part II

2008-05-23 :: Supersab Length: 29s
Listen to  Laura’s opinion on the dumbing of america- email and let Laura know what you think… …

Supersab Episode IV

2008-05-03 :: Supersab Length: 33s
What is happening in the USA? We used to embrace science and education in this country, these days no one reads, intellectualism is being rejected…. Why is that? Lets hear what Supersab and her friend’s think is behind this dumbing down of America. then send an email and give your opinion too. …

hawaiian update

2008-04-13 :: Supersab
sabrina and her peeps are still at the beach …

hawaii episode 3

2008-03-27 :: Supersab Length: 19s
We are off to Hawaii- land of rainbows, waterfalls, cockroaches and spam. It is paradise for two weeks, any longer than a week or two and I find myself driving in circles around and around looking for a bridge to get off - Off the tiny-land mass that is one day going to join the [...]…

who would buy a Buick

2008-03-16 :: Supersab
The first Supersab podcast “can young, liberal people drive Buicks too?” …

little surprise

2008-03-16 :: Supersab
episode 2- Listen to Sab and friends tell stories about life’s little surprises. …

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