Last update: 2012-04-16

EPISODE 89 - Night of the day of the dawn of the son of the bride part 2

2012-04-16 :: Length: 32s
Ben and Kara review the very unique and halarious Night of the day of the dawn of the son of the bride of the attack of the mutant hellbound flesh eating living dead. Part 2 in shocking 2-d!…

EPISODE 3.1 - Battlefield Earth: A saga of the year 3000.

2010-04-21 :: Length: 36s
Welcome to season 3 everyone and one of the worst movies of all time!!! Ben and Kara kick the show back off with a big fat ZERO!!!!…

EPISODE 2.32 - Exorcist 3

2009-05-16 :: Length: 28s
Ben and Kara review this 1989 sequel to The Exorcist written and directed by William Peter Blatty starring George C. Scott, Brad Dourif, and Jason Miller. Scary Stuff!…

EPISODE 2.31 - Foriegn Cult Movie Fest!

2009-05-09 :: Length: 35s
Thanks to a movie suggestion from Gregory Joseph to do some Indonesian Cult movies for the show Ben and Kara review some gems from the Far East. Two Indonesian Exploitation Films, Mystics in Bali and Lady Terminator. Then Ben and Kara go to Italy to review Amazons and Supermen. Different Countries but all rich in exploitation.…

EPISODE 2.30 - The Wrestler

2009-04-27 :: Length: 29s
Ben and Kara review the new movie from Darren Aronofsky The Wrestler - starring Mickey Rourke and Marissa Tomei. It's time to feel The Ram Jam!!!…

EPISODE 2.29 - Airport '09: The Entire Airport Series

2009-04-10 :: Length: 49s
Ben and Kara do the longest show ever! The Superfecta of awesomeness that is The Airport series. Airport, Airport 1975, Airport '77, and Airport '79: The Concorde are all included in the show. Sit back relax and notice that the captain has turned on the smoking sign.…

EPISODE 2.28 - The Devil's Rain

2009-04-08 :: Length: 17s
Alright, check it, Ernest Bourgnine, William Shatner, Tom Skeritt, and John Travolta in a movie featuring 20 minutes of people's faces melting off!!! A must see recommendation from Live Nude Swearing.…

EPISODE 2.27 - The Watchmen

2009-04-01 :: Length: 30s
Ben and Kara review this blockbuster comic book movie directed by Zack Snyder (The 300), and starring a cast of virtually unknown actors.…

EPISODE 2.26 - The Big Lebowski Show

2009-03-25 :: Length: 33s
"We're going to cut off your Johnson!" That's right your favorite off the wall comedy by the Cohen Brothers, gets reviewed by Ben, Andy, and guest host Al.…

EPISODE 2.25 - Last House on the Left (1972)

2009-03-18 :: Length: 23s
Ben reviews Wes Craven's first movie - Last House on the left suitably on the same week that the remake came out. He also talks about the great trailers that came out this week on the internet.…

EPISODE 2.24 - The Foot Fist Way

2009-03-09 :: Length: 26s
Ben and Kara review the Napoleon Dynamite-esk comedy The Foot Fist Way. Part Slap-Stick, Part Mockumentary, and all funny.…

EPISODE 2.23 - Itailian Horror Movies Ben Doesn't Like? WTF?!!??

2009-03-02 :: Length: 27s
Ben and Kara review 3 lesser known Italian Horror Movies 2 by the Eye Gouging Magician himself Lucio Fulci. Touch of Death, Woman in a Lizard's Skin, and The Blood Stained Shadow.…

EPISODE 2.22 - Knightriders

2009-02-23 :: Length: 31s
Get out of here Hasselhoff!! Knightriders is a George A Romero movie Starring Ed Harris and most of the Cast of Dawn of the Dead (1978). The movie is about renaissance festivals with motorcycles - OMG!!! It doesn't get more Cult that this. Ben and Kara review this must see for all cult movie lovers.…

EPISODE 2.21 - The Stuff - Killer Frozen Yogurt

2009-02-09 :: Length: 28s
Kara and Ben review the 1985 instant cult hit by Larry Cohen starring Micheal Moriarty, Paul Sarvino, Danny Aielo, and Garret Morris, and talk about the breaking movie news of the week.…

EPISODE 2.20 - Marvel Madness - Hulk Vs. and Doctor Strange

2009-01-30 :: Length: 29s
Ben Reviews two straight to DVD animated features from Marvel. Hulk Vs. - which features two 40 min stories Hulk vs. Thor and Hulk Vs. Wolverine. Then Doctor strange which is an animated version of the creation story of Doctor Strange.…

EPISODE 2.19 - Bangkok (Slightly Unsafe)

2009-01-25 :: Length: 27s
Ben and special guest Jake talk about the cheasy to bad film Bangkok Dagerous.…

EPISODE 2.18 - Green Street Hooligans

2009-01-15 :: Length: 26s
Kara and Ben Review Green Street 'ooligans a british gang movie starring Elijah Wood and Charlie Hunnan (Sons of Anarchy.) and they do it in bad dick van dyke british accents.…

EPISODE 2.17 - Prom Night 3 and 4

2009-01-08 :: Length: 25s
Ben reviews two films from this lesser known horror franchise. Also during the news talks about the state of movies, and the longevity of current formats.…

EPISODE 2.16 - Christmas Story Special 2009

2008-12-30 :: Length: 20s
Ben and Alex are back on the porch with the red ryder BB Gun to review The Grandaddy of all Christmas Movies.…

EPISODE 2.15 - Pam Grier is Foxy Brown

2008-12-24 :: Length: 23s
Ben reviews the iconic movie of Pam Grier's Foxy Brown.…

EPISODE 2.14 - House 2: The Second Story

2008-12-17 :: Length: 22s
Ben and Alex talk about the follow up to house. Starring another Cheers Alum, and Bill Maher.…

EPISODE 2.13 - $1.64 Showcase - Raw Force and Werewolf vs. Vampire Woman

2008-12-12 :: Length: 25s
Ben reviews 2 unknown low budget classics that he bought for a combined $1.64. Raw Force 80's party movie about Cannibal Monks, Nazis, Pirranahs, and Kung Fu Zombies. Then The Werewolf vs. the Vampire Women a hammeri-sh Itailian/Spanish Horror Flick.…

EPISODE 2.12 - 976-Evil and Silent Night Deadly Night

2008-12-11 :: Length: 36s
NAUGHTY!!!! Ben and Andy review two 80's horror movies 976-evil directed by Robert England, and Silent Night Deadly Night one the most controversial movies of the 80's.…

EPISODE 2.11 - (1982 Showcase) - Forced Vengence and The Sender

2008-12-05 :: Length: 25s
Ben has two movies from 1982 to review, one to recommend and one to stay away from. Forced Vengence with Chuck Norris and the creepy sleeper The Sender.…

EPISODE 2.10 - House and Jack Brooks - Monster Slayer

2008-12-02 :: Length: 33s
Ben and Kara review two mixtures of horror and comedy. Also, Ben plays an interview of Bruce campbell on the Craig Furgeson.…

EPISODE 2.9 - Hard Times for Charles Bronson

2008-11-19 :: Length: 20s
Alex and Ben review one of the most badassss movies of all time! Hard times. Charles Bronson, James Coburn directed by Walter Hill. AWESOME!…

EPISODE2.8 - Thief of Baghdad and Sinbad Ferrigno

2008-11-18 :: Length: 34s
Ben and Kara review tow flicks. Sinbad and the Seven Seas (Rated one of the worst and funniest movies of all time.) Then a reel classic - Thief of Baghdad.…

EPISODE 2.7 - Let's Kick Some Ass! - Red Scorpion and Thrashin'

2008-11-11 :: Length: 36s
Ben and Kara review two 80's cult classics! Dolph Lundgren kicks ass in Red Scorpion. Then the Skateboarding epic - Thrashin'.…

EPISODE 2.6 - The Importance of being Norman (Bates)

2008-11-03 :: Length: 36s
Ben reviews one the most underrated horror series. The Psychos. Psycho 2, 3, and 4.…

EPISODE 2.5 - and Shameless plugs

2008-10-31 :: Length: 40s
Ben, Kara, and Alex give thier top five underrated horror movie picks, and Ben talks about the website, the forum, and plugs other podcasts he diggs.…

EPISODE 2.4 - The (Not) Happening and Reform School Girls

2008-10-27 :: Length: 25s
Ben and Kara review the marky mark movie The Happening. Also they review a classic USA Up all Night flick - Reform school girls - Starring Wendy o. Williams.…

EPISODE 2.3 - Dead of Night and Murder by Decree

2008-10-21 :: Length: 35s
Two lesser known movies by Bob Clark - director of Christmas Story and Porky's. Dead of Night and horror movie about PTSD and the Vietnam War, also Murder by Decree, a movie about Sherlock Holmes hot on the trail of Jack the Ripper.…

EPISODE 2.2 - Riki oh-Story of Ricky - Bloody Birthday

2008-10-14 :: Length: 33s
Ben and Alex review one of the goriest and goofiest movies of all time, and then Kara comes in and reviews quite an original horror gem.…


2008-10-06 :: Length: 32s
Alex and Ben kickoff the new season with two great cult and camp classics. They Live by John Carpenter starring Rowdy Roddy Piper. Also, TC 2000 with Tae Bo STAR Billy Blanks and Bloodsport's Bolo Yueng. Good Times!!!…


2008-07-30 :: Length: 32s
Kara and Ben discuss this Historical Piece about Pre Civil-War Boxing, and it's many exploitative themes. Then Ben does a quick review of another Australian Apocaplytic thriller Dead End Drive in.…

EPISODE51 - LNS - Dark Knight vs. Hellboy 2

2008-07-23 :: Length: 41s
Ben and Alex discuss of these two new releases. Which one will be remembered down the road? We shall see.…

EPISODE50 - LNS - Driver, Taking of Pehlam 1 2 3, and NightBreed

2008-07-15 :: Length: 26s
Ben watch various types of movies this week and he put them all in. Two 70's action flicks Driver, and The Taking of Pehlam 1, 2, 3, and then the 80's cult horror/action movie Clive Barker's Nightbreed.…

EPISODE49 - LNS - Caligula Phantasm

2008-07-01 :: Length: 31s
Ben and Kara discuss these two movies from 1979. Cult. Very Cult indeed.…

EPISODE48 - LNS - 1971 Cult Cinema - Billy Jack and Omega Man

2008-06-17 :: Length: 38s
Kara and Ben Discuss their opinions on these two cult classics from the 70's. Kara reveals that she doesn't really like Billy Jack. Then Ben Immediately breaks up with her.…

EPISODE47 - Delirious, and Diary of the Dead

2008-06-12 :: Length: 28s
Kara and Ben review Delirious, and Diary of the Dead. Two flicks by two cult directors - Tom Dicllo and George A Romero.…

EPISODE 46 - Herschell Gordon Tourist Trap

2008-06-04 :: Length: 41s
A massive show!! First Andy and Alex hash it out during the news about the merits of Juno. Then Andy and Ben talk about Herschell Gordon Lewis' Film - The Gore Gore Girls. Then Stick around for Ben and Kara's Review of the DVD find of the month Tourist Trap!!!…

EPISODE45 - Does Greatness come in 4's?

2008-05-28 :: Length: 36s
Ben Discusses movies that are on their part 4. Indy and Die Hard.…

EPISODE44 - Chuck Bronson LIVES!!!

2008-05-20 :: Length: 25s
Ben and Alex discuss two great Charles Bronson flicks you may not know about. First the Valachi Papers a great mob movie that takes place in NYC during the same period as the Godfather. Next Breakout (Warning review contains spoilers) - chuck is hired to break out robert duvall out of a mexican prison.…

EPISODE43 - I'm Talking about Audrey Rose!

2008-05-14 :: Length: 17s
Ben discusses the reincarnation propaganda film - Audrey Rose, and new Thai horror flick - The Victim.…

EPISODE42 - LNS - El Santo vs. Ironman

2008-05-09 :: Length: 37s
Kara and Ben Do multiple reivews of old and new. El Santo vs. the Martians, Ironman, Sorcerer, Giants of Thessely, and the Sins of Rome.…

EPISODE41 - Baseball Maddness!

2008-04-29 :: Length: 31s
Kara and Ben review the movies Cobb, and 61*. Two Baseball movies but totally different movies in tone, pacing and themes.…


2008-04-22 :: Length: 28s
Ben and Kara discuss the 70's camp classic Day of the Animals. They also talk about the crap not so classic remake of Day of the Dead. (With thank god, Nick Cannon).…

EPISODE39 - LNS - Top five bar scenes

2008-04-08 :: Length: 36s
Ben and his crew discuss, their favorite bar scenes. Stay tuned until the end as well when they do rapid fire shout outs to almost every bar scene ever.…

EPISODE38 - LNS - The Ice Storm

2008-04-01 :: Length: 23s
Ben hands the Mic over to Alex and Kara to review this racey title from director Ang Lee, about 70's Americana.…

EPISODE37 - LNS Beyond the Darkness

2008-03-25 :: Length: 26s
Kara and Ben Discuss Sleaze Master Joe D'Aamato's Classic - Beyond the darkness. Also Ben Does a quick review of Guy Ritchie's New Effort - Revolver.…

EPISODE36 - LNS - Emanuelle and Last Cannibals

2008-03-20 :: Length: 16s
Ben Reviews the Joe D'Mato's sleaze classic and plays a preview of Harold and Kumar 2.…

EPISODE35 - Slapshot and 30 Days of Night

2008-03-12 :: Length: 34s
Alex and Ben talk about these two movies from totally different genres, and how both are pretty important for movies.…

EPISODE34 - LNS - The Evil Dead Bar Run - Dead By Dawn

2008-03-11 :: Length: 40s
Ben and guest stars Andy Mchugh, Nick Busse, and Alex Brown discuss the true holy trilogy the Evil Deads. Listen as they drive from bar to bar they list of facts and trivia that even the most extreme fan of Bruce and Sam might not even know.…

EPISODE33 - LNS - Joe Estevez for the rest of us!

2008-03-04 :: Length: 27s
Alex and Ben talk about the enigma that is Joe Esteves ( Martin Sheen's Younger Brother) Then they talk about one of Ben's Fav's Wild at Heart, and Willam Defoe's character - Booby Peru.…

EPISODE32 - The Man-Weekend Movie Fest

2008-02-26 :: Length: 38s
Ben and his male coharts watched tons of movies while Kara was away. Slugs: The Movie, Crank, Death Proof, Trees Lounge, A fish Called Wanda, Truth or Consequences NM, and The Dead Next Door. Trailers for all and a couple Jams.…

EPISODE31 - Copkillers, Pumping Iron

2008-02-19 :: Length: 32s
Ben and Kara discuss 70's cult classics - Pumping Iron (with Arnold and Lou) and Copkillers precurser to Natural Born Killers.…

EPISODE30 - LNS - Orca, Curdled, and King of Kong

2008-02-13 :: Length: 28s
Ben and alex talk about the movies Curdled, King of Kong, and the thing called Orca.…

EPISODE29 - LNS - Naked Lunch

2008-02-05 :: Length: 23s
Ben discusses the Chronenberg classic Naked Lunch. And the Brian DePalma Failure Sisters.…

EPISODE28 - LNS - Trailer Special 3

2008-01-29 :: Length: 37s
Trailers from Grindhouse, Carnival of Souls, super 70's movies, and more!…

EPISODE27 - LNS - The Hunger and The Fury

2008-01-23 :: Length: 45s
Ben and Todd Discuss The Hunger (Vampire movie with David Bowie), and The Fury ( Very unbalanced movie with Kirk Douglas.)…

EPISODE26 - LNS - Death Wish Special

2008-01-22 :: Length: 36s
Ben and Kara discuss the many merits and faults of the death wish series.…

EPISODE25 - LNS - Raptor

2008-01-15 :: Length: 36s
Alex and Ben Discuss the straight to video classic Raptor. They also do quick reviews of Astro Zombies, and Daughters of Darkness.…

EPISODE24 - LNS - New Release Cult Movies!!!

2008-01-07 :: Length: 38s
Ben and Kara review new releases that they think are going to be cult in years to come. They discuss Shoot Em Up, Stardust, and Eastern Promises. Don't worry there are no spoilers…

EPISODE23 - Christmas Story Special

2007-12-27 :: Length: 34s
Alex and Ben Shoot the Red ryder and talk about the best scenes of the Movie. PLUS TRIVIA!!!…

EPISODE22 - LNS - Fast vs. Slow Zombies.

2007-12-19 :: Length: 29s
Ben reads the news from LNS HQ. Then Ben and Kara do a live remote from the car during one of the worst snow storms of the year.…

EPISODE21 - LNS - Polyester and Inside Deep Throat

2007-12-13 :: Length: 28s
Ben Reviews and plays clips from Polyester and Inside Deep Throat.…

EPISODE20 - Next, Troll 2, Over the Top, and the Rifftrax

2007-12-04 :: Length: 43s
Host Ben and Guest Alex review the three movies they got rifftrax for. Next, Troll 2, and Over the Top. They also discuss the Nicholas Cage Downfall theory and which point of his career did it all go wrong that lead him to NEXT!!!…

EPISODE19 - LNS - The Not So Quick Review Show

2007-11-27 :: Length: 29s
Ben Does Quick reviews on Ran, The Baxter, Tim Burton's the Corpse Bride, and two The Film Crew Episodes - Killers from Space, and Giant of Marathon.…

EPISODE18 - LNS - Hostel 2, The Tennent, Visitor Q, Deadly Spawn

2007-11-20 :: Length: 41s
HORROR FEST!!!! Todd Kara and Ben review 4 movies after thier week hiatus. They have thier mixed feelings about the 4 and debate on the merits of each.…

EPISODE17 - LNS - Death Race 2000, Black Christmas (1974)

2007-11-06 :: Length: 41s
Ben and Kara review Death Race 2000 Black Christmas, and a quick review of Wet Hot American Summer.…

EPISODE16 - LNS - Trailer Special 2 - Horror Fest and Old Time Radio

2007-10-30 :: Length: 43s
Ben with a halloween special this week. Trailers and an extra scary episode of suspense starring Cary Grant! Enjoy!…

EPISODE15 - LNS - Horror Fest - Sleepaway Camp and CandyMan

2007-10-23 :: Length: 33s
Ben and Kara talk about two of their Favs - Sleepaway Camp and Candyman. Ben also reads the news and talks about the 5 billion movie remakes coming to a theater near you.…

EPISODE14 - LNS - Freddy, Jason, or Michael who's king?

2007-10-16 :: Length: 40s
Ben brings the gang together to talk about the holy horror series of the 80's. Ben and Kara mainly discuss the series their dislikes and likes. This episode was put together as a guide for someone who isn't really familiar with the series and would like to rent some good ones.…

EPISODE 13 - LNS -Cruising

2007-10-09 :: Length: 37s
Ben reviews the movie cruising and then Kara comes in and talks about Roger Corman 's impact on the industry and his Edgar allen Poe Masterpieces.…

EPISODE12.2 - LNS - Drunken Airborne Review

2007-10-08 :: Length: 22s
The crew gets together drinks a bunch and reviews the "Classic" Rollerblading Movie Airborne. Warning this episode contains vulgar drunken language (Thanks alot Todd)…

EPISODE12 - LNS - Behind Locked Doors

2007-10-04 :: Length: 34s
Ben and guest Todd discuss Behind locked doors, the Harry Novak Classic, and also quick reviews of the hustler and the Color of Money…

EPISODE11 - LNS - Das Boot

2007-09-25 :: Length: 41s
Ben and guest Kara discuss Das Boot, Death Machines, College Girl Confidential and Listener Mail.…

EPISODE 10.2 - LNS - Drunken HomeAlone Review

2007-09-19 :: Length: 11s
Todd and Alex Stop by on thier "Man Date" and do a drunken review of the Home Alone Movies. I assist in any way possible. WARNING CONTAINS LUDE AND VULGER LANGUANGE…

EPISODE10 - LNS - The Dead Trilogy

2007-09-18 :: Length: 36s
Ben for his episode 10 kick off, does the Dead Trilogy. Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Day of the Dead. Also Kara comes in and does a review of the mexican cult classic, Alucarda.…

EPISODE9 - LNS - Faster Pussycat Kill Kill

2007-09-05 :: Length: 32s
Ben and guest Kara, discuss movies such as Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill! Rob Zombies Halloween, Balls of Fury, Cannibal Ferox, and a quick review of The Devil's Backbone.…

EPISODE8 - LNS - Burial Ground

2007-08-28 :: Length: 50s
Ben is back from break, and with his guest todd they discuss, Burial Ground, and Driving Force - with Don Swayze. Ben also does solo reviews of Omega Cop and Karate Cop, and a quick review of Inland Empire.…

EPISODE7 - LNS - Trailer Special

2007-08-16 :: Length: 32s
Ben's on Vacation next week. So he put together a big trailer montage from various camp and cult classics.…

EPISODE6 - LNS - God told me to

2007-08-14 :: Length: 41s
Ben and guest Kelly, discuss Zodiac, and Ben discusses God told me to and Larry Cohen's other works.…

EPISODE5 - LNS - Hot Fuzz

2007-08-08 :: Length: 37s
Your host Ben frawley and guest Kara discuss the movies Hot Fuzz, Lair of the White Worm, and a quick review of the movie Colour me Kubrick.…

EPISODE4 - LNS - Blade Runner

2007-07-31 :: Length: 36s
Ben and guest Josh discuss numerous topics, mainly blade runner, other ridley scott pics and thier importance, and indiana jones 4.…

EPISODE 3 - LNS - Movie Hodge Podge

2007-07-23 :: Length: 29s
Ben and guests todd and andy discuss numurous titles, including: The Big Doll House, Black Mama White Mama, and Alajandro Jodworsky. Check it OUT!…

EPISODE2 - LNS - Harry Potter

2007-07-19 :: Length: 28s
Ben and guest kara review harry potter and the order of the pheonix. WARNING SPOILERS!!!…

EPISODE1 - The Live nude swearing Movie show

2007-07-17 :: Length: 30s
Live Nude Swearing Movie review show. Ben talks about Coffy with Pam grier and other movie topics.…

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