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12: Experiencing and Facing Grief with Laura Packer

2015-03-30 :: (Sean Howard) Length: 34s

This week I am speaking to Laura Packer about experiencing and facing soul-crushing grief. We recorded this a few months before the one year anniversary of the loss of her soul-mate and husband Kevin. A date that just passed the week before this post went live.

I first came across Laura’s writing when I read a post on her blog about what not to say to someone who is grieving. I began to follow her on her journey and I can't thank her enough for being so open to sharing her vulnerability, wisdom and love with me.

Show notes:

11: Giving Ourselves Permission to Fail with Eric Portelance

2015-03-22 :: (Sean Howard) Length: 32s

What a joy to have Eric Portelance in front of a microphone again. We used to host Attention Surplus together and I was so excited to learn about his latest epic leap. We discuss what it feels like to announce our purpose to the world, how people respond and finding the courage to find and pursue our craft.

Please note that there is some swearing in today's show.

Show notes:

10: Dropping Into Our Hearts with Deb Ozarko

2015-03-03 :: (Sean Howard) Length: 30s

I've been following Deb's podcast for some time. She speaks of the things that matter to our hearts, our soul and our planet. Since this recording, I was able to spend a day with her and her two dogs laughing, walking and exploring these topics even more. I can't thank Deb enough for all that she has shared. We're speaking about her Status Quo Crusher Revolution manifesto, pain as a gateway to our purpose and living in love not fear.

Note: there is an instance of swearing in today's show. 

9: Richard Derham from Derham Law on his many leaps and answering your questions

2015-02-14 :: (Sean Howard) Length: 43s

This week I am speaking with Richard Derham. Richard is a Canadian lawyer and the principal of Derham Law. We are speaking about his journey and the social enterprise he launched to help at-risk youth. We spend quite a bit of our talk answering the legal questions you submitted.

8: Chris Luckhardt on Photography and Finding Lost Passions

2015-02-09 :: (Sean Howard) Length: 34s

This week I am speaking with musician, web developer and urban exploration photographer extraordinaire, Chris Luckhardt. We are talking about slowing down, finding lost passions and dealing with interests that grow beyond being hobbies. Chris outs himself in two surprising ways in this episode.

7:Brooke Shaden on Creativity, Community and Castles in the Air

2015-01-25 :: (Sean Howard) Length: 32s

I had decided to walk away from photography, but I had these tickets to attend After Dark in St. Louis. This would be my last hurrah. Or so I thought until I met Brooke Shaden. She showed me that fine art photography was within my reach. Over those three days, she would show me how to transform my photography. I am far from alone when I say that Brooke Shaden changed my life. She has a community of hundreds of thousands who would likely chime in with similar stories. 

Note that this was recorded in December of 2014. When we refer to next year, we are speaking of this year (2015).

6: Living a Life of Gentle, Responsible Rebellion with David duChemin

2015-01-12 :: (Sean Howard) Length: 30s

Time for me to come clean. I totally have a man crush on David duChemin and not just because he is one of the most talented, giving and purpose-driven photographers on the planet. His book changed my life. I was in the process of shutting down my photography studio and getting a "real job" when I happened to read his latest book, How to Feed a Starving Artist. It gave me the confidence to choose the harder path, re-focus my photography business and launch this podcast. David and I talk about life choices, pricing and forgetting that the rules even exist.

P.S. David has written more than two books. I was just giddy with excitement to be speaking with David.

5: Emerging from Darkness with the Stunning Anne Marie Talon!

2014-12-29 :: (Sean Howard) Length: 39s

Anne Marie Talon is a force of nature. To speak with her is to be moved. She keeps much of her work secret and hidden from the world but the flashes I get to see cause my heart to leap.We explore the myths of being an artist and her battles with depression.

4: The Love Letters with Mandy Ross from

2014-12-14 :: (Sean Howard) Length: 30s

Mandy Ross is one of the most open, loving and insightful artists I have ever met. Her weekly love letters inspire me to be more vulnerable and help me to remember why I am doing this and what really matters. She is an emerging artist with a heart that burns as brightly as the sun. We explore love, reframing and not being silent about abuse.

3: Leaving the Corporate World Behind with Jon Wilkening from

2014-11-30 :: (Sean Howard) Length: 29s

Jon Wilkening is a truly amazing photographer, artist, and modern sage for those contemplating leaving the corporate world to do their life's work. In this episode, Jon explores his own journey from working for a series of large financial institutions to being an artist and bagging his former co-workers groceries.

2: Failure, Authenticity and the Scarcity Mindset with Dave Conrey from Fresh Rag

2014-11-17 :: (Sean Howard) Length: 32s

Dave Conrey from is in the hot seat this week. Dave is both friend and mentor and has helped me to take so many leaps of late. He shares his experiences with failure, marketing his new book, and getting beyond the starving artist mindset.

1: There Lies Your Vocation

2014-11-02 :: (Sean Howard) Length: 19s

A podcast dedicated to living a purposeful life and doing the work we were meant to do in the world. In this episode we explore the genesis of the podcast and present a workshop on how to identify your vocation and talents.

About this podcast:

Taking the Leap!

Show up. Find purpose. Do work that matters.

Taking the Leap!