Last update: 2013-06-26

Ep. 312 – Can I use my Verizon Galaxy S4 on a Plane? In a Train?

2013-06-26 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC: Dave is here!  A surprise visit brings Dave in-house, in person for the first half of the show!  We have a blast hanging out and talking news of the day, including what the FAA is going to allow us to do on planes soon, Facebook data leaks, and MORE discussion about the death of……

Ep. 311 – AVG talks NSA, and the FB is all #narcissisism!

2013-06-19 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC: Curious about what the NSA is up to, and what – if anything – you can do about it?  Siobhan MacDermott, Chief Policy Officer for AVG joins us for a rousing, and sometimes downright frightening, discussion about your security and privacy! As if that wasn’t enough, we also have a blast talking with Dave……

Ep. 310 – Talking Trek with Jeanne Wolf and the Saturday Evening Post!

2013-06-03 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC: Whether you are a “Trekkie” or not … wait a minute, what show are you listening to?  Of COURSE you’re a Trekkie!  So in that case you’ll definitely want to tune in this week as we have an in-depth and engaging discussion about Star Trek, old, recent, new and future with Jeanne Wolf, Hollywood……

Ep. 309 – A fount of fun fonts!

2013-05-31 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  Dave’s not here, so Mike gets to rant about Google Reader and Hangouts again and talk about anything else that comes to mind … but Jay Garmon sticks around to discuss the news of the day and share this geek trivia question of the week: Of all the “blockbuster” summer movies released Memorial Day weekend,……

Ep. 308 – Dr. Farzad Mostashari, National Coordinator for Health IT

2013-05-22 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  We have the extreme pleasure this week of talking with Dr. Farzad Mostashari!  Dr. Mostashari is in charge of the ONC and behind an incredible change in the way hospitals and health care providers engage with patients, share and use data. Not only that, but we are lucky enough to have Dave back with……

Ep. 307 – Just Say No to 3D Printing!

2013-05-16 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  Dave’s in Europe, and as you know when Sparky’s away Jay Garmon and I take the opportunity to go whole-geek on your ears!  This week we’re talking about signing up for a one-way ticket to Mars, Commander Riker’s bizarre seating methods in TNG, and about a dozen other things (other than the one thing I promised……

Ep. 306 – Lance Fortnow’s “Golden Ticket”

2013-05-01 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  ”To P or not NP, that is the question.  Whether ’tis nobler in the electronic minds of men to solve their problems quickly, or to suffer the slings and arrows of non-deterministic machine solutions in polynomial time … “  Alright, admittedly we wind up a bit off topic this week (though not so far afield……

Ep. 305 – Alexandre Montagu discusses Viacom vs. YouTube

2013-04-25 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  Good friend of the show and incredibly well informed (and informative) guest Alexandre Montagu, Esq. returns to discuss the recent Viacom vs. YouTube ruling, and how this fits into the context of the DMCA, our rights as consumers of media, and more … we never do get around to discussing boat hulls, but pretty……

Ep. 304 – Conglomeration Conflagration!

2013-04-11 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  No, Conglomeration attendees were not responsible for the riots in Louisville, though Jay Garmon‘s rundown of the annual Sci-Fi and table gaming convention may get you heated up!  You’ll wish you were there … and not only that but Jay gives us another great geek trivia question: How many times did Roger Ebert select a……

Ep. 303 – Webalo and the Rise of the BYOD Workforce!

2013-03-20 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  Peter Price, CEO of joins us today to discuss Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, benefits, and dangers in private, public and healthcare environments.  Users today (that means you!) are demanding – and getting – mobile access to more corporate data than ever before, and Peter gives us a great rundown on what……

Ep. 302 – MoneyPlanSOS Talks Funny Money!

2013-03-13 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  Longtime listener and friend of the show, Steve Stewart of MoneyPlanSOS comes on to help you “pay attention, not interest!”  Steve is a great guest, an interesting guy and a podcaster of his own (check it out at We have a blast, with Dave “Sparky” Saganaki and Jay Garmon joining us, doling out……

Ep. 301 – Ford Motor’s PlugShare with Bill Frykman!

2013-02-26 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  Wondering just exactly how far you can go in your new electric vehicle? Afraid you might not have the juice to get you to grandma’s house this weekend? Bill Frykman from Ford Motor Company comes on air with us this week to discuss how the MyFord Mobile partnership with PlugShare resolves those concerns –……

Ep. 300 – Alex Knapp of Forbes and Asteroid Contingency Planning

2013-02-19 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  Wow! Episode 300 … and what a great one it is too!  Oddly enough, our tricentennial goes unremarked, either through excessive humility or rampant obliviousness (long time listeners of the show will be placing their bets on obliviousness), but with Dave “Sparky” Saganaki, good friend Jay Garmon and new friend of the show Alex Knapp of……

Ep. 299 – Happy Snaky New Year!

2013-02-13 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  That’s right, Mike and Dave are right on top of the Chinese New Years celebration!  Plus, Dave tells about LibreOffice’s new offering, and we tell you when it’s OK to poke your friend and when you should just SnapChat them up Jay Garmon is not actually, physically present, but he gives us a serial trivia……

Ep. 298 – PBS American Experience’s “Silicon Valley” Filmmaker Randall MacLowry

2013-01-31 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  Fabulous show this week, as we get a sneak peek and in-depth discussion about the upcoming documentary “Silicon Valley.”  Randall MacLowry gives us his take on the genesis of not only the technologies and hardware we depend on every day, but also the innovations to culture and business that men like Robert Noyce (founder……

Ep. 297 – Find the Phattest Phablets on Fringe!

2013-01-25 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  Mike and Dave have a great time this week with topics ranging from the Manti Te’o catfishing scandal to phablets, Fringe and more!  Listen closely to hear the TechTalk Tip of the Week too Jay Garmon shares some bar trivia tips and then hits us up with this great question: What was the first MS-DOS……

Ep. 296 – Singularity Rising Author James Miller

2013-01-17 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  The coming AI singularity – that point when the growth of non-human intelligence surpasses our ability to control (even understand it) is coming.  Do you know how it will affect you, and what you can do about it?  This week we have a fantastic conversation with author James Miller about his new book Singularity……

Ep. 295 – You Can Be Anyone On the Internet

2013-01-11 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  << NOTE – the final minutes of audio were cut off on this recording >>  Dave and Mike wax on about mobile phone technology, and the lack thereof at CES as well as talking about how one guy lost his phone – but got it back by playing the oldest trick in the Internet……

Ep. 294 – Tech-pocalypse Averted!

2013-01-02 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  Hey, ho, the gang’s all here! Mike, Dave and Jay break down on current news, views on upcoming sci-fi events (ever read about German Nazi at-at’s vs. Allied were-bears?) and more!  We also continue the Dragon Naturally Speaking giveaway … sign up today! Jay Garmon jumps in with this thinker: There is a country that……

Ep. 293 – A Very TechTalk XMas!

2012-12-26 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  Dave and Jay and Mike have a wonderful Geekmas together, celebrating new news and reviewing some old stories as well as discussing Psy’s billionth view and the death of the water cooler – but the rise of the meme!  We also continue the Dragon Naturally Speaking giveaway … sign up today! Jay Garmon Provides the……

Ep. 292 – Speaking Naturally with Nuance’s Peter Mahoney!

2012-12-19 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  Peter Mahoney of Nuance and Dragon Naturally Speaking fame comes on-air today to discuss the ins and outs of Voice Recognition software and technology, and gives listeners a phenomenal insight to not just the tech, but the business and history!  If you’ve ever wondered where those hidden Markov models went to, or then again, even……

Ep. 291 – Do Facts Have a Half-Life? Sam Arbesman Says “Yes!”

2012-12-05 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  We have a great interview today with the author of the book “The Half-Life of Facts,” Sam Arbesman!  It’s a fascinating and deep book, and Sam does a wonderful job of explaining how all of the “facts” we know are constantly being overturned … and that this is occurring at a mathematically definable rate.……

Ep. 290 – From Saganaki to Shatner, everything’s coming up cheese!

2012-11-29 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  Who’s that on the phone?  Holy Cannoli it’s prodigal host Dave “Sparky” Saganaki!  That’s right, Dave jumps in remote style and helps us share the news about rogue murdering anti-virus millionaires, why or why not you might want to give up that clunky iPad and look for the slightly smaller (and cheaper) iPad Mini,……

Ep. 289 – Fantasy Football Fail!

2012-11-19 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  It’s Sunday, noon.  The big game is just about to kick off and all you need to do to guarantee a win in your fantasy football league is to swap that defense.  What do you see as you log in to make the change?  404 website fail!  If you were using Yahoo! this weekend……

Ep. 288 – Alexandre Montagu on Intellectual Property

2012-11-14 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  Alexandre Montagu, founder of MontaguLaw – a leading intellectual property law firm – joins us to talk about all things IP!  Did you know that the color red can be considered intellectual property, and sued over?  We don’t stick with fashion, but have a very interesting and in-depth discussion about what IP is and……

Ep. 287 – Michael Miller Talks Windows 8

2012-11-08 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  Michael Miller, prolific author, musician and tech expert returns to the show to give us his opinion on the new Windows 8, and whether you should be excited, wary, or just bored!  If you’re thinking of getting a new windows device in the near future, this is an episode you won’t want to miss!……

Ep. 286 – Dyson Awards and Innovation with Rob Green!

2012-10-31 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:   After a few minutes of talk about the AWS outage and how our states and brick-and-mortars are allowing our private data to get loose (again), we bring on Rob Green from Dyson Corporation to talk about the recent Dyson Awards finalists, innovation in general, and just exactly how long it took them to build……

Ep. 285 – Dave? Dave’s Not Here (Anymore)

2012-10-25 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:   A wonderful surprise and a sad day as Dave “Sparky” Saganocki joins us to tell us this is his official in-person last show!  I don’t have enough colons and open parens available to express my sadness … hopefully we can convince this newly minted Canadian national to jump on a Skype session with……

Ep. 284 – Lions and Tigers and Asteroids, Oh My!

2012-10-19 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:   In addition to our usual junk, Jay Garmon spends some time scaring the living bejeezus out of us we discuss the most recent “near miss” on the asteroid front (and that’s only AFTER we spend some time on the dangers of amusement park rides)! Jay also give us this space-related brain bender:  What……

Ep. 283 – Romance talk with Deputy Chief Inspector Greg Campbell

2012-10-09 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:   Believe it!  No, TechTalk is not going the way of TMZ or TLC, and we don’t get into the latest celebrity tiff … what we do get is a ton of great information and fun conversation with Greg Campbell, whose office is responsible for investigating mail crime!  It turns out that the United……

Ep. 282 – Michael Miller, Maps and Music!

2012-10-05 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:   That’s right, Michael Miller joins us this week (at least for a while) to talk about music, books, publishing through Molehill group, using Pinterest and more! Before he joins us, we also get a chance to cover a ton of news and updates like how Apple’s new maps app works (or doesn’t), alternatives you……

Ep. 281 – iPhone 5 Why?

2012-09-28 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  We start by talking about the iPhone 5 and who among you was sitting out there waiting for it? Was it worth it?  We’d love to know … though Mike has some ideas of his own too of course!  If you’re on the fence you might want to check out this Jimmy Kimmel video:……

Ep. 280 – TechTalk Gangnam Style

2012-09-19 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  OK, we may not be able to quite pull the Gangnam style thing off, but we do have a fantastic conversation with Malwarebytes CEO Marcin Kleczynski, as he joins us to talk about things going on with Malwarebytes, new security threats and dangers, and whether or not we can ever win the war of……

Ep. 279 – Matt Richtel’s Floodgate

2012-09-12 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  That’s right, good friend of the show Matt Richtel is back – and so is Nat Idle (or at least a cameo).  Matt and Mike get deep into search privacy, data dives and more … a lot more – you’ll have to listen to get the whole scoop!  Of course, regular Jay Garmon is with us……

Ep. 278 – Deep Geek

2012-09-04 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  After listening to the sounds of his own voice rattling around the station for a while (talking Facebook security changes, an unfortunate TechTalk email implosion, and more), Mike brings Jay Garmon back to the studio.  Deep geek ensues, and Jay asks this well-timed question: Who were the two individuals or organizations that Neil Armstrong……

Ep. 276 – Mars Keeps Getting Curiouser and Curiouser

2012-08-16 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  Between that news, discussion on Best Buy, security issues, database protocol and our usual nonsense you could almost forget that we’ve been gone for nearly a month!  Jay Garmon helps get us back up to date however, and even whips out another fantastic geek trivia question for us: How many TRS-80′s were originally produced,……

Ep. 275 – Apple App-a-geddon!

2012-07-13 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  That’s right Apple lovers, Dave and Mike get yet another chance to break bad on Apple and it’s app store!  We talk a bit about the DNS Changer malware issue, but if you’re reading/listening to this you’ve probably got it sorted out already anyways.  Jay Garmon gets beat up a bit (not too bad) but……

Ep. 274 – A Boson Walks Into a Bar …

2012-07-06 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  From spy drone hacking to automated speed capture devices in Chicago, and a quick takedown of RIM (again) it winds up taking Jay Garmon to save us from ourselves this TechTalk!  After picking his brain on the upcoming Higgs Boson revelation, we even get some great Geek Trivia from him! How did the fictional character of……

Ep. 273 – Back to what constitutes normal around here

2012-06-28 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  The title pretty much says it – technical issues, phone problems and all!  We discuss what little we know surrounding Windows 8, more tablet talk, share some great coolsites of the week and even a visit from Jay Garmon gets squeezed in: How many women have now flown in space, and what % of……

Ep. 272 – Beachfest #75 is Music Happy Fun Day for TechTalk!

2012-06-19 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  It’s the 75th anniversary of the founding of Round Lake Beach, Illinois and WRLR (and by extension the TechTalk show) is there!  On the corner of the fair, honking horns and all … plus no Internet means we deliver a decidedly different show for you, filled with short blips of news and commentary and……

Ep. 271 – iolo Technologies’ Kraig Lane!

2012-06-12 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  In case you had any doubts, this week proves once again that your passwords and online accounts are anything but secure!  Mike gives you some REAL advice on how to protect yourself (when you can anyways) … To sweeten the pot we bring in awesome returning guest Kraig Lane from iolo Technologies, who talks……

Ep. 270 – 50 Shades of Faraday

2012-06-05 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  You know there’s no love lost here for the RIAA, and we consider them to generally be against all progress … but this time they got a bad rap! Mike swallows his pride (and credulity) to give the straight scoop on this one.  Jay Garmon schools us on Marvel canon, and then drops this……

Ep. 269 – Monkey swipe, monkey do!

2012-05-16 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  That’s right, tablets so easy even an orangutan can use them!  Teaching an old orang tech may be just as difficult as getting your parents to stop inappropriately tweeting however … We also cover all the class action and other tech suits that seem to be all the rage this week.  Between google and……

Ep. 268 – iPad, uPad, we all Pad!

2012-05-10 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  Except Dave, that is … that’s right Dave has declared a moratorium on tablet discussion!  Unfortunately, he chose the week that Mike got an iPad from work, so good luck with that Other than waaaay too much talk about tablets for Dave’s liking, we have a lot of fun discussion Amazon book price fixing,……

Ep. 267 – Tonsil Hockey and Tongue Bowling!

2012-05-04 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  Quality Warning – the first 15 minutes have some crackle and pops, so don’t adjust your audio.  They do go away after that! Dave and Mike have a great time discussing Spotify apps, and then get back into that whole android vs. iPad discussion, which is particularly relevant to Mike as he anxiously awaits……

Ep. 266 – Who’s #1?

2012-04-25 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  No, I’m not trying to beg for praise – that’s the title of the fascinating new book that authors Carl Meyer and Amy Langville have written … and we have a great time talking to them about it today!  We cover some of the more interesting ways that math, sports, ratings and rankings all……

Ep. 265 – Trade up that iPad 2 with NextWorth!

2012-04-08 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  Dave and Mike get to talk to Jeff Trachsel of NextWorth this week, and discuss how NextWorth can help you trade up (or at least get rid of) all that tech junk you’ve been collecting! We also talk about Macintosh’s malicious malware that has descended on fully 600,000 of you supercilious, overconfident apple fanboys!……

Ep. 264 – Give it Up For Facebook?

2012-03-27 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  Do you need a job so badly that you’re willing to give potential employers the keys to your private life?  That’s just one of the questions we attempt to answer this week, in addition to looking at the Windows 8 Metro interface, getting excited about Photoshop 6 being available for free (well, until mid-April……

Ep. 263 – The War on Porn!

2012-03-13 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  Between your favorite porn site storing all passwords and credit card numbers in clear text and PayPal trying to take a bite out of e-book porn, it’s been a rough week for those in the rough trade … not only that but our favorite nemesis Anonymous becomes not quite so anonymous anymore (and with……

Ep. 262 – Windows 8 Unseen!

2012-03-05 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  Flying solo again this week, Mike takes down the consumer release of Windows 8 and tells you what to look for (and look out for)!  Is it just a tablet OS? Jay Garmon joins us (or should we say saves us?) with some fabulous discussion on tablets and reading, writing and the difficulty thereof. ……

Ep. 260 – A Leap Year for Geeks!

2012-02-29 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  Mike, Dave and ubergeek Jay Garmon have a great time this week talking books, authors, new publishing ideas and leap years!  It doesn’t hurt that Jay has just returned from (yet another) really cool fiction con to rub our noses in.  Leap years and leap days are so much fun that we enhance our……

Ep. 259 – Spacewars 50x Redux!

2012-02-14 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  That’s right, Mike attempts to outtrivia Jay “Geek Trivia” Garmon himself this week with an intro that’s all about the 50th anniversary of the world’s first video game!  We spend a little time discussing Steve Jobs – the FBI files, but then of course, Jay has a great mindbender of his own in store:……

Ep. 258 – Healthcare Technology and Mobility

2012-02-07 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  Mike talks healthcare and mobility and more with Steve Rosen and Jeremy Hillman of Proximiti Communications!  This doesn’t happen of course until after we get a rant in about why not to get a satellite radio, how Mike supports the Pats and a sad update regarding Micron’s CEO Steve Appleton’s tragic Plane crash. Jay……

Ep. 257 – 9 Algorithms That Changed the Future

2012-01-25 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:     Dave and Mike have a great time, joined by John MacCormick discussing his new book “9 Algorithms That Changed the Future”!  John breaks down the basics of everything from Euclid’s algorithm to modern day cryptography, web search and compression and somehow makes it accessible and easy to understand.  If you’ve ever been mystified and……

Ep. 256 – Ride the Tech Buffalo!

2012-01-16 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:     Left to their own devices, Mike and Dave take the opportunity to rant and rave about their pet topics!  That includes blogger’s rights, PIPA and SOPA, Google troubles,, Mahler ringtone interruptions and more! Jay “Encyclopedia Garmonica” deserts us this week, but that’s OK, there’s always more Jay to be found at (check……

Ep. 255 – Reddit’s Erik Martin talks SOPA!

2012-01-10 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  You’ve heard Mike rant about SOPA often enough … it’s about time he got someone on-air knowledgeable about the darn thing!  If you’ve been wondering what it is, or why we should hate it, Reddit‘s GM Erik Martin provides a much needed clear head and informed insight into the topic. Not to let a……

Ep. 254 – The year in review (and other random stuff)

2012-01-04 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:     Happy new years, listeners!  Can you believe we’ve finished another trip around the sun so quickly?  And that so much happened this last 12-months?  We have a great and quite random discussion about this, talking about top stories of 2012 and spending altogether too much time discussing the loss of Steve Jobs. Jay EncycloGarmonica……

Ep. 253 – Dynamic Collaboration!

2011-12-23 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:     It’s the episode right before Christmas, and all through the station not a creature is stirring … well, except Mike and Dave and their fantastic guests this week!  Authors Ray Schwemmer and Rick Havrilla spend time with us discussing their new book “Dynamic Collaboration” and getting deep into how collaboration is changing today –……

Ep. 252 – Popular Science Top Innovations of 2011!

2011-12-14 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:     We’ve got a full house and an exciting show today!  Not only is Dave here, but Scott Andraschko of Round Lake Area Schools drops in to add some much-needed insight and expertise to our conversation.  But of course, that’s not all!  Corinne Iozzo of Popular Science helps us out by breaking down some of……

Ep. 251 – Talking Turkey

2011-12-01 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:     That’s right, Mike is talking turkey in this special post-Thanksgiving pre-Cyber Monday show!  Not only does Mike describe how he Alton-Browned the heck out of that bird, but you get some great prep coupon apps for your holiday shopping! Jay “Encyclopedia Garmonica” returns with one answer and a new question, plus breaks down how……

Ep. 250 – McAfee’s 12 Scams of XMas!

2011-11-15 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  Today we’re joined by Robert Siciliano from McAfee, who provides a great rundown on what you should be worried about going online this holiday season!  We cover the gamut from android malware and driveby infections, to wrong transaction email phishing, scareware, and why you may not be as safe with that Mac as you……

Ep. 249 – Klout Exec Megan Berry

2011-11-07 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:     Wondering what your true impact in the (online) world is?  Don’t know how “social” you are?  Klout exec Megan Berry is here to clear up any confusion you may have and help elevate you to 50+ Klout ranking overnight!  OK, maybe not – even the guys at TechTalk can’t seem to get higher than……

Ep. 248 – Every Day is Halloween!

2011-11-01 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:     Or at least it should be!  Mike and Dave get together right before Halloween this year to tell you spooky tech stories … well, maybe not so spooky, but Dave does apologize for his comments about Steve Jobs from a few weeks ago, and an apology from the TechTalk show can seem almost supernatural……

Ep. 247 – NYT Tech Writer Nick Bilton

2011-10-25 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:     Mike fights through a bad headcold to bring an excellent show to your ears – thanks mostly to his guests of course!  Lead technology writer for the New York Times and author of the book “I Live in the Future & Here’s How it Works” Nick Bilton comes on for a solid half hour……

Ep. 246 – Steve Jobs is Dead … Long Live Steve!

2011-10-11 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  Just Mike and geek buddy Jay Garmon here today, and even though Mike’s never been described as an Apple fanboy a good amount of time is spent discussing the impact that Steve and his ubiquitous bitten fruit have made on the world today.  To honor Steve, the geek trivia question of the day is……

Ep. 245 – Spotify Killed the Radio Star

2011-10-04 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  Mike and Dave miss our good buddy Jay Garmon, but have a lot of fun anyways debating Pandora vs. Slacker vs. iTunes and your personal music collection … and whatever you pick now it’s all shared on Facebook, for better or worse!  We get into some browser wars, security and police, and then find……

Ep. 244 – A Vaccination for Late Fees?

2011-09-27 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  OK, maybe not, but Mike and Dave cover so much ground (and go so far off the rails) there’s no possible headline that could encompass it all!  Between bemoaning the anti-vaccer movement to Kindle library books and Spotify on Facebook, we get a lot of great conversation in … and the occasional bit of……

Ep. 243 – ZocDoc CEO and Founder Cyrus Massoumi!

2011-09-20 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  After a little phone tag and some discussion of how GoDaddy sites were hacked, Dave and Mike get a chance to grill ZocDoc’s CEO Cyrus Massoumi about a very cool way to find and schedule your next doctor!  New to Chicago, ZocDoc has been helping California and NY residents rate their experiences and schedule……

Ep. 242 – Who dat Zagat? Google’s got Zagat, dat who!

2011-09-13 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  OK, OK, I know our title means less than usual this week, but we do discuss the Googlicious acquisition of Zagat this week – as well as an in-depth cover story about how to pronounce the word Zagat and some of your other favorite tech terms!  We also tell you why you can’t trust……

Ep. 241 – Let the tablet wars begin!

2011-09-06 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  Both Dave and Mike get to opine about their individual idea of where the tablet wars will go, and have fun discussing the differences between geeks, nerds, and ne’er-do-wells!  Plus Dave shares his ongoing love (and deep fear) of the hacking group Anonymous! Jay Garmon leaves us for Dragoncon, though we’re sure we’ll talk……

Ep. 240 – Mermailer Founders Jeremy and Jason

2011-08-30 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  Dave and Mike have a fantastic time grilling the Mermailer crew Jason Schmidt and Jeremy Schmuckler about their new and very cool service for helping clean up your inbox!  We find a few minutes to rant about the HP tablet and upcoming Amazon tablet too, and oh yeah, some Steve guy in Cupertino put……

Ep. 239 – Fake Review Ferrets!

2011-08-22 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  Dave is in the house again!  Tired, wet, but here, and he helps Mike figure out the ferreting of fake online reviews!  Not only that, but the first reports of the HP WebOS tablets comes through, and they’re going like hotcakes! Jay Garmon joins us with some fantastic geek trivia as usual: What is……

Ep. 238 – Boost Mobile’s VP Andre Smith!

2011-08-20 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  If you’ve been debating whether to pay an arm and a leg for some mobile loving, there may be other options – and Andre Smith of Boost Mobile shares his unique perspective on the mobile industry, how consumers are driving pricing, and more! In addition, Mike whines about how no one else showed up……

Ep. 237 – Your WiFi Hacking Neighbors from Hell!

2011-07-20 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  Dave and Mike get a little bit freaked out by the WiFi hacking neighbor from hell story, and a little more by the fact that Netflix is changing!  Better yet, Spotify finally hits the US (if you want an invite, email Mike at Then there’s the always outstanding geek trivia from our good……

Ep. 227 – LeBlanc Dishes on Jive

2011-04-26 Length: 1h 0m 15s
TOPIC:  He may not be as good looking as Matt, but Bryan LeBlanc from Jive software is a heck of a lot more social!  Social software is the next big thing … and Jive has got some great stuff going on that Dave and I get pretty excited about.  [...]…

Ep. 226 – Poker is Busted!

2011-04-20 Length: 1h 0m 23s
TOPIC:  Like playing poker online?  Well, so did a lot of people apparently; enough so that when the government decided to bust ‘em all for money laundering and fraud there was quite an outcry!  We miss Dave, but that’s just as well as h[...]…

Ep. 225 – McAfee in the Breach!

2011-04-13 Length: 59m 41s
TOPIC:  Adam Wosotowsky, principal engineer for McAfee joins Mike and Dave this week to give us McAfee’s great insights and thoughts on what to do now that your data’s been breached once again!  That’s right, we’re talking ab[...]…

Ep. 224 – Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked

2011-04-05 Length: 58m 12s
TOPIC:  We’re missing Dave and Jay this week, so the title’s not just the podcast only song of the week, but a good description of Mike’s day!  We still have a blast though, with tons of good info about April Fool’s day, new [...]…

Ep. 223 – Nextworth’s Robert Wesley!

2011-04-01 Length: 58m 54s
TOPIC:  Dave’s back and just in time for us to have a great show!  Not only does Mike get in a nice rant on how not worth living life is without a smart phone, but Robert Wesley of joins us for a fantastic discussion of what you [...]…

Ep. 222 – Oh No, Yoko!

2011-03-22 Length: 1h 3m 21s
TOPIC:  Dave’s very own version of the TechTalk Yoko absconds with him to the wintry wastelands of Canada this week, leaving Mike to fend for himself against the many, many scams regarding Japan and the tragedy there this week.  A special mid-[...]…

Ep. 221 – And the Kitchen Sink too!

2011-03-06 Length: 59m 24s
TOPIC:  Tips from Conan, iPad2 bashing, more kindle talk, angry birds on your screen and a quick discussion of the not yet but soon to be released RIM Playbook – yes, we’re scattered, but gosh do we have a good time this week! Our good f[...]…

Ep. 220 – Sweet Gadgety Goodness!

2011-02-28 Length: 59m 32s
TOPIC:  No Dave, but lots of discussion about the new Verizon iPhone, the Motorola Zoom tablet vs. the soon to be ubiquitous iPad 2, and then our good friend Jay Garmon comes on to not only discuss ebooks and copyright materials for a while, but the[...]…

Ep. 219 – I Lost on Jeopardy, Baby!

2011-02-23 Length: 1h 1m 43s
TOPIC:  Dave is with us one more cold week before he escapes to Jamaica, and we get in a great discussion about playing jeopardy, net neutrality, and more! Our good friend Jay Garmon joins us in our Jeopardy discussion and adds this bit of trivia go[...]…

Ep. 218 – McAfee’s Malware Madness

2011-02-12 Length: 54m 17s
TOPIC:  Mike flies mainly solo today, discussing a wide range of things, including most notably the top malware to beware of courtesy of McAfee! Jay Garmon can’t come on personally, but provides us with the answer to last week and a new way to[...]…

Ep. 217 – Facebook for Old Folks!

2011-02-08 Length: 57m 23s
TOPIC:  Dave and Mike have a GREAT time with return victim … errm, guest that is, Mike Miller!  He talks to us about his new book Facebook for Grownups (or as I like to call it – “Facebook for Old Folks”). This wouldn’t[...]…

Ep. 216 – Egypt Calling … Or Not?

2011-01-30 Length: 1h 0m 32s
TOPIC:  Dave and Mike have a lot more fun with Egypt than the Egyptians do, particularly since we can get on the Internet today!  All kidding aside it’s a more serious discussion than you might normally expect from us, and we wind up spending [...]…

Ep. 215 – Jobs off the Job? Plus when and what to borrow, not buy!

2011-01-25 Length: 59m 43s
TOPIC:  Mike and Dave get pretty deep in a heated discussion (hot and heavy?) about Steve Jobs and whether we need – or deserve – to know if he’s healthy or ever coming back to take the helm at Apple.  Plus, we have an awesome inte[...]…

Ep. 214 – Kindle Love and More!

2011-01-20 Length: 1h 1m 38s
TOPIC:  Mike and Dave break down the good things – and the problem – with Mike’s new kindle, including how useful (or not) it may be for academicians. Jay attempts to come on, we fight through some tech issues and finally get some [...]…

Ep. 213 – Top 10 of 2010!

2011-01-05 Length: 1h 1m 59s
TOPIC:  OK, there is just no way Mike could hold himself to only 10, but he did stop at 11 so it really wasn’t too bad!  In addition we talk about the reported Verizon iPhone, the push of 4g and WiMax tech, plus what to look for in the coming [...]…

Ep. 212 – Cisco and Linksys Router Ramblings!

2010-12-21 Length: 1h 0m 15s
TOPIC:  Mike and Dave get together for the final show of 2010 to do our usual shtick of news, views, interviews and reviews!  We have the great pleasure of Karen Sohl of Cisco Consumer Products joining us to discuss the new router tech, how it[...]…

Ep. 211 – Should Wikileaks be “un-hosted”?

2010-12-14 Length: 1h 1m 26s
TOPIC:  Mike and Dave try to answer this question – and a few others – as we spend some quality time during one of Dave’s more and more infrequent appearances!  We wind up with a great show, covering a huge amount of news, views, a[...]…

Ep. 210 – Sexting, cyberbullying and how NOT to be a spy!

2010-12-07 Length: 1h 1m 51s
TOPIC:  Dave goes out for a charity shuffle/run, leaving Mike to enjoy our special guest Denise Terry from SafetyWeb discussing cyberbullying and sexting; some great ways to manage your kids’ online activity without spying! Additionally, Jay G[...]…

Ep. 209 – Cyber Monday on the way

2010-12-01 Length: 58m 30s
TOPIC:  In this special post-prandial all Mike show, we cover some great ways to make the most of Cyber Monday and your after Thanksgiving spending dollars!  Here’s some of those awesome shopping sites: Retailmenot -  Fatwallet -  Slickdeals.[...]…

Ep. 208 – Popular Science Innovations of the Year!

2010-11-23 Length: 1s
TOPIC:  All we want for Christmas is some working phones in the studio, but even with communications difficulties Mike and Dave manage to have a phenomenally great discussion with Popular Science editor Seth Fletcher and a review of the top innovati[...]…

Ep. 207 – The Trouble with Tech

2010-11-16 Length: 59m 32s
TOPIC:  This week Mike struggles with his own tech issues, Dave’s not here, but manages to have a great show and get some great info out there for you regardless!  Because of the tech issues, Jay Garmon, isn’t quite able to answer last w[...]…

Ep. 206 – Spooky Saganaki and Halloween Cheese

2010-11-05 Length: 1h 2m 35s
TOPIC:  Surprise guest Dave “Spooky” Saganaki joins us this week, and helps out with what’s sure to be a classic Halloween TechTalk!  Mike and Dave talk some tech, answer a listener question from Hans in Germany,  and go on an anti[...]…

Ep. 205 – Landline Savings!

2010-11-03 Length: 58m 50s
TOPIC:  Mike shares some tips on how to save a few bucks on your phone bill - which of course is easy if you switch ...…

Ep. 204 – Phoning It In

2010-10-25 Length: 1h 3m 41s
TOPIC:  No Dave "Sparky" Saganaki around to keep Mike in check means you get to hear a LOT about cell phones, cell service, the death ...…

Ep. 203 – A Paramour or a Pair is More?

2010-10-15 Length: 58m 48s
TOPIC:  We thoroughly enjoy the unexpected return of Dave "Sparky" Saganaki, as it gives Mike a chance to wax poetic about paramours, movies, and the ...…

Ep. 202 – Security TuneUp with McAfee

2010-10-07 Length: 1h 1m 38s
TOPIC:  This week we get a fantastic security tuneup with McAfee's Dave Marcus!  Dave is the Director of McAfee Labs Security Research Communications (you'd think ...…

Ep. 201 – What the What?

2010-10-01 Length: 55m 59s
TOPIC:  It's just Mike hanging out today, with not even Jay around to temper the unbridled rampage of geek news and views!  And Mike does ...…

Ep. 200 – Cool Site Extravaganza!

2010-09-10 Length: 59m 12s
TOPIC:  Who knew this was our 200th episode? Certainly not Dave or I, who let it pass unremarked!  We do pack a great show into ...…

Ep. 199 – Google Voice wants YOU

2010-08-31 Length: 59m 33s
TOPIC:  Or is it the other way around? Either way, it's about time we returned from our summer hiatus - Mike's been out roaming the ...…

Ep. 198 – The Book is Dead; Long Live the Book!

2010-08-12 Length: 1h 2m 2s
TOPIC:  Wondering about whether you should pull that paper mill investment out of your portfolio?  Eric Ginsberg of Bookswim comes on air to tell us ...…

Ep. 197 – We’re baaaack!

2010-08-05 Length: 1h 4m 10s
TOPIC:  Well, most of us are anyways!  For undiscovered technical reasons, Jay Garmon is not reachable though you should .  We do have ...…

Ep. 196 – The Germans are Coming!

2010-07-15 Length: 58m 11s
TOPIC:  Sonja auf Deutschland joins us today to bring a listener question right to the studio!  We do our level best to give her a ...…

Ep. 195 – Mark Frauenfelder’s “Made by Hand”

2010-06-26 Length: 1h 2m 8s
TOPIC:  You may have seen him on "The Colbert Show," but you'll actually get to listen to him on TechTalk!  We explore some of the ...…

Ep. 194 – Tom Standage and The Economist’s Technology Quarterly

2010-06-19 Length: 1h 0m 20s
TOPIC:  The title of this one pretty much says it all, but doesn't give you a hint at what an awesome guest Tom was!  We ...…

Ep. 193 – Google’s Got Image Problems

2010-06-12 Length: 1h 1m 13s
TOPIC:  OK, I know lots of people are expecting world cup discussion, but I'm betting none of the true geeks really gives two bytes about ...…

Ep. 192 – The Lost ‘cast … or … Mike and Dave Unplugged!

2010-06-06 Length: 1h 2m 48s
TOPIC:  The audio quality may be poor, but the content quality is up to our usual standards (about mediocre) in this "lost" episode - we ...…

Ep. 191 – Vive le Apple!

2010-05-29 Length: 54m 46s
TOPIC:  Just Mike yet again, this week astounded by the fact that Apple has exceeded Microsoft in market cap.  After getting excited about that - ...…

Ep. 190 – Google Heil!

2010-05-27 Length: 55m 25s
TOPIC:  Just Mike - and as you may have noticed a very busy guy lately!   We finish up a few minutes early, but still ...…

Ep. 189 – Apple vs. Gizmodo, who’s “The Man” now?

2010-05-19 Length: 1m 1s
TOPIC:  Dave is back in the studio and we have a great time debating who's to blame for Gizmodo's "theft" of an errant iPhone!  After ...…

Ep. 188 – Chad Gniffke on Kaseya’s IT Toolkit!

2010-05-12 Length: 59m 13s
TOPIC:  After geeking out with Jay Garmon on comic book to movie conversion (among other things), Chad Gniffke gets on the line with us ...…

Ep. 187 – Mo’ McAfee, Mo’ Problems?

2010-05-04 Length: 1h 0m 20s
TOPIC:  Mike makes a valiant but ultimately failed attempt to get through to his contacts at McAfee for an on-air explanation of the recent "issues" ...…

Ep. 186 – Here, There, Whatever!

2010-04-16 Length: 1h 1m 46s
TOPIC:  Mike blabs on and on about his jetsetter traveling lifestyle trying to impress us all with how fabulous it is going to conferences all ...…

Ep. 185 – Eye-Fi CEO Jef Holove!

2010-04-05 Length: 1h 0m 34s
TOPIC:  The whole crew is here, including Jay Garmon and Dave is with us too!  But what really rounds out the show is a great ...…

Ep. 184 – Mail Bag!

2010-03-31 Length: 57m 26s
TOPIC:  Lots of news and views today, with Mike slamming those Russian spammers!  Plus we respond directly to listener mail with questions from Australia and ...…

Ep. 183 – The Ugly Boys Show

2010-03-22 Length: 58m 28s
TOPIC:  Dave's finally back, at least for a week, though we do lose Jay Garmon this time around!  No worries though, he sends us his ...…

Ep. 182 – Dave’s not here man.

2010-03-13 Length: 59m 13s
TOPIC:  Like a bad Cheech and Chong album, Mike's looking around for Dave again, but still manages to pull together a great show for your ...…

Ep. 230 – Transhuman Much?

0000-00-00 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  Just Mike this week, but in addition to all his regular junk he manages to squeeze in a fascinating interview with  Braden Allenby and David Sarewitz, authors of the book “The Techno-Human Condition.” Jay Garmon finally joins us agai…

Ep. 229 – Al Franken’s Felonious Linkers!

0000-00-00 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  Mike and Dave “Sparkela, Spark-o-matic, Sparky, take your pick!” Saganaki get a little riled up about Senator Franken’s most recent foray into crushing freedom on the Internet, but Mike does wax rhapsodic about the Library of Co…

Ep. 228 – Sick of Data Breaches

0000-00-00 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  Mike’s just sick – sick of data breaches, and sick with a nasty head cold as he goes into his final week of preparation for a 1/2 marathon.  It may slow him down on the course, but it doesn’t slow the fun down this week’s…

Ep. 231 – Mobile Security Woes

0000-00-00 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  Mike gets a little giddy with his new Samsung Galaxy phone (provided by Boost Mobile), but Dave brings him back to Earth with a few ripping good tales of bad security! Our good friend Jay Garmon comes on with even more trivia and insight than we …

Ep. 232 – Bitcoins, Amazon and Education?

0000-00-00 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  Dave and Mike try to figure out how many bitcoins make a kilocoin, which somehow leads Mike into (yet another) rant on Amazon and the public education system … a deep, deep rant on the public education system.  But don’t turn that di…

Ep. 233 – VaporStream and IT Harvest

0000-00-00 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  Bike accidents and lack of sleep don’t keep Mike and Dave from providing you a great show!  Of course, our awesome guests – VaporStream President and CEO Jack Hembrough and IT Harvest industry analyst Richard Stiennon (and author of …

Ep. 234 – Autobots Rise Up!

0000-00-00 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  Google’s got robot cars roaming the highways and by-ways of America!  Mike and Dave discuss this and more on this week’s episode.  Plus, Jay Garmon tells us why you should sign up for today, and then throws this h…

Ep. 235 – Matt Richtel’s Idle Hands!

0000-00-00 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler
TOPIC:  Pulitzer prize winning journalist and author Matt Richtel comes on-air to discuss his newest book and the fate of our brains, on tech!  Plus, Jay Garmon gives us another zinger with this geek trivia question: How many mommies and daddies did Dol…

Ep. 236 – Chip Bell is “Wired and Dangerous”!

0000-00-00 :: Michael "TechTalk" Kastler Length: 1s
TOPIC:  Author, businessman, consultant, vet, raconteur and man-about-town (well, I’m making that last one up) Chip Bell and collaborator John Patterson bring us the insightful new book Wired and Dangerous: how your customers have changed and what …

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