Last update: 2012-08-15

Tech Twurl Podcast #4 – Google Fiber High Speed 1GBit/s Internet + Cable TV and Apple Mountain Lion OS

2012-08-15 :: Technology and Electronics Length: 8s
For this weeks podcast we talk about Google’s new Fiber internet and cable TV, as well as Apple’s new Mountain Lion OS for Macs. Check it out!…

Tech Twurl Podcast #3 – Google Nexus Q, Internet Explorer vs Firefox/Chrome, and No More Spam?

2012-08-01 :: Technology and Electronics Length: 6s
This weeks podcast includes details on the new gadget from Google, the Nexus Q. We also go into detail on some of todays most popular browsers, as well as giving you news on how spam has been reduced on the … Continue reading

Tech Twurl Podcast 2 – Samsung Galaxy S3, Microsoft Tablet, Mozilla OS, and Cloud Gaming

2012-07-18 :: Technology and Electronics Length: 7s
This weeks podcast features the Gadget of the Week – Samsung Galaxy S3 (III) as well as discussion on Microsoft’s Surface Tablet, Mozilla’s new mobile OS, and cloud gaming with Gaikai.  …

Tech Twurl Podcast #1 Macbook Pro Retina Display and iOS 6

2012-07-10 :: Technology and Electronics Length: 6s
This weeks intro podcast includes the gadget of the week: Macbook Pro Retina Display and features the new iOS 6.   Download Link: Podcast 1 (Right Click and Save As)…

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