Last update: 2008-02-01

The Bohannon Show - Episode 13

2008-02-01 Length: 10m 29s

Thirteen! Unlucky for some. Unlucky for me because I'm empty... spent. Unlucky for listeners as this is a particularly joyless episode. Enjoy! …

The Bohannon Show - Episode 12

2008-01-10 Length: 9m 6s

A new year brings with it renewed hopes and fresh optimism. Unfortunately that's all crushed like last year's tinsel as yet another sub-par collection of "skits" lumbers into 2008. …

The Bohannon Show - Episode 11

2007-12-20 Length: 8m 19s

It's Christmas and in the spirit of the season here is an episode where all the humour has been extracted and donated to those more fortunate. …

The Bohannon Show - Episode 10

2007-12-12 Length: 8m 23s

It's the tenth anniversary edition - ten shows in and still going strong - or running desperately out of steam depending on your perspective. …

The Bohannon Show - Episode 9

2007-12-05 Length: 9m 42s

I've been awaiting the delivery of a new barrel - I've scraped right through the bottom of the old one - and that has caused a slight gap in the hilarity. Never mind, it will have given your aching sides a chance to heal. …

The Bohannon Show - Episode 8

2007-11-22 Length: 8m 38s

Another slice of hilarity pie with a side helping of double thick... oh, I can't be bothered finishing that sentence - it's the usual twaddle. …

The Bohannon Show - Episode 7

2007-11-15 Length: 7m 22s

Whoever invented the first primiive device for recording sound would be thrilled to know that his legacy has allowed idiotic audio fandannery like this to fester in people's ears. …

The Bohannon Show - Episode 6

2007-11-07 Length: 9m 10s

Another steaming heap of whacked-out, crazy, cuckoo hi-jinks. They said it couldn't be done... or was that shouldn't? Anyway it's done now and it's too late to change it. …

The Bohannon Show - Episode 5

2007-11-01 Length: 8m 33s

In a world of uncertainty it's nice to have something predictably humourless to rely on. …

The Bohannon Show - Episode 4

2007-10-29 Length: 7m 47s

More utter nonsense. Its only saving grace is that there's not a lot of it and it's relatively fat-free. …

The Bohannon Show - Episode 3

2007-10-24 Length: 8m 13s

More slapdash half-baked comedy snippets. It doesn't get any funnier than this! …

The Bohannon Show - Episode 2

2007-10-18 Length: 8m 1s

Another shoddily assembed collection of sketches. …

The Bohannon Show - Episode 1

2007-10-12 Length: 7m 58s

The Bohannon Show is an amateurish and only partially successful attempt at comedy sketches. It has silly voices and stuff and you may derive an occasional chuckle from it if you are mildly cretinous. If you listen to this sorry attempt at entertainment and for some inexplicable reason you enjoyed it then please feel free to leave comments - if not, keep your thoughts to yourself - nobody likes a moaner. Bo. …

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