Last update: 2012-06-28

Show #44 - Hipster Quiz

2012-06-28 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 44s
Released 6/25/12: Taped June 19th, 2012. Co-host Laura rolls into town as we respond to questions about what I had said in the previous show--leading us into a hipster survey in order to find out whether or not I am officially a hipster.…

Show #43 - Sour Apple Pucker

2012-06-06 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 37s
I'm joined by Kat, discussing (somewhat sourly and bitterly) a little bit about how I feel as I've grown older. Kat reads a poem. I discuss a story relating to why I was featured on an internet blog. We debut our big-budget series "Alley Kat Tales."…

Show #42 - Kat Show

2012-03-29 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 35s
Released 3/29/12: Taped March 11th, 2012. I'm joined by my friend Kat for a little springtime induced randomness. Kat will be a future regular on the Chris Ventura Show. Here, we introduce her to the audience by asking tough questions.…

Show #41 - Travelogue

2012-03-27 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 39s
Released 3/27/12: Taped March 22nd, 2012. Show-regular Oscar stops by to say hi and talk a bit about his trip to San Francisco earlier this month. I also talk a bit about my recent trips during the show's hiatus.…

Show #40 - Long-lost First Anniversary Show

2011-07-21 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 45s
Released 7/21/11: Taped March 8th, 2010. It's our long-lost never-before-released one-year anniversary show!…

Show #39 - Chris' Birthday Personality Test

2011-05-25 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 45s
The Chris Ventura Show - Chris' Birthday / Personality Test…

Show #38 - We're Back--Lots to Talk A-boot!

2011-03-02 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 36s
Released 3/2/11: Taped 2/28/11. After an 11-month hiatus, I'm joined with Laura to kick off the return of the show--we're finally back!! In this show, we discuss some of the changes that have taken places, school, elevators, and late-night places to eat.…

Show #37 - Team Leno or Team Conan--The Conclusion

2010-01-29 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 1m 2s
From 1/28/10: Laura and I get together to discuss the latest on the Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien situation, including Jay's interview with Oprah. In case you're wondering, We'll be back to a mix of everyday topics and new music on the next show--promise!…

Show #36 - Team Leno or Team Conan?

2010-01-14 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 1m 2s
From 1/13/10: So are you on TEAM LENO or TEAM CONAN? Laura and I get together to catch up after not seeing eachother for a couple of months. "Catching up" lasts for about 5 minutes, after which, we proceed into an hour debate over Leno and Conan.…

Show #35 - I'm Not Dead: While I Was Away...

2009-11-17 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 46s
From 11/16/09: Laura joins me after my long absence to discuss why I've been away--including being crazy sick and an accident with a ceiling fan. Also, we catch up with some news stories we've missed, and a song by Shinobi Ninja closes things out.…

Promo #01 - The Chris Ventura Show: I'm Not Dead

2009-11-13 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 1s
NEW SHOWS: Starting Monday Night, November 16th. Just thought I'd inform everyone in a promo that I am not dead! Thanks for sticking by and continuing to download the show and share it with others while I've been away. We'll be back in a couple of days.…

Show #34 - Group Podcast 6: Hey Sandy!

2009-10-07 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 40s
From 10/07/09: My friend Sandy is in town from Reno and she stops by with a couple of friends--Nadine and Jamie. Because I promised Sandy the show wouldn't be about her, we reflect on fun moments we've shared...mostly involving alcohol--of course.…

Show #33 - Support Your Local Artists

2009-10-01 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 44s
From 10/01/09: On this show, I share some music from up-and-coming artists that I've come to know. Includes clips of interviews with some of the artists. Featured are: Natalie Gelman, Big Joe Hurt, Brisby, Mother Echo, Neon Navajo.…

Show #32 - Stuff We Don't Use Anymore--Part 2

2009-09-18 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 41s
From 9/17/09: Laura and I finish up an article that lists 40 obsolete technologies of our generation. How many of these things do you remember? To hear the other half of the list, check out Show #28 from late August.…

Show #31 - Kanye, Kanye, Kanye

2009-09-16 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 43s
From 9/15/09: Oscar joins me as we dissect Kanye West's latest moment of idiocy at the 2009 MTV VMAs. Later: Something mysterious in the sky? Plus: The high school reunion we both avoided and thoughts on how we would have planned it.…

Show #30 - A Jam-Packed Show

2009-09-11 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 41s
From 9/10/09: Laura joins me this time. On this show: A last-minute surprise interview with "Big Joe Hurt." Some funny clips from the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon. An L.A. legend is taken off the air. From "Big Joe Hurt," award-nominated song: "War."…

Show #29 - Fall Season Premiere

2009-09-08 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 39s
From 9/8/09: Ryan is back for our first show of the new season. After some reflecting and catching up, I share more details on my looming high school reunion. Later, we discuss holiday-themed shows and my intense love for the library. Nerd.…

Show #28 - Stuff We Don't Use Anymore--Part 1

2009-08-27 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 1m 1s
From 8/26/09: I get together with Laura to discuss a recent MSNBC article that lists 40 obsolete technologies of our generation. How many of these things do you remember? This is the final regular show of the summer season. Fall-season premier: 9/8/09.…

Show #27 - High School Reunion: To Go Or Not To Go

2009-08-14 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 39s
From 8/13/09: My ten year high school reunion is right around the corner. Now that I've received word that it's actually happening, I'm torn whether or not to go. Laura and I go through some of the pros and cons to attending the event.…

Show #26 - (Board) Games People Play

2009-08-11 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 38s
From 8/11/09: Laura and I get together to discuss many of the board games we both played as kids. Also: Apparently the state of California hates children and their lemonade stands. And: Robert Guillaume is very much alive.…

Unaired Show - July 2009

2009-08-09 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 24s
NEW SHOWS START 8/11/09. Released 8/8/09 and taped July 2009, this un-aired show features guests: Richard (from high-school days--haven't seen in 10+ years), Marcos (Richard's cousin), Joel, Jose (Joel's friend--a different Jose). Confused? Listen.…

Show #25 - Complaints and Grievances

2009-07-23 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 27s
Released 7/23/09: Oscar joins me to discuss a few of our gripes about life in general. Nothing ultra-serious here--pretty trivial, but something had to be said. Tape date: 7/7/09.…

Show #24 - Out of Order: Post-Interview and Movie-News

2009-07-15 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 32s
From 7/15/09: Laura joins me to talk a little about my recent guest interview which leads us into talking about our own musical talents or lack thereof. Also: What is up with me and keeping things in order? And: A little late-breaking movie-news.…

Music Special #1 - Natalie Gelman

2009-07-13 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 36s
From 7/13/09: Singer/songwriter Natalie Gelman joins me via telephone from New York for an interview. We discuss her current and past projects, her unique Miami to New York tour, and a few other interesting tidbits about life and musical inspirations.…

Show #23 - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

2009-07-09 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 28s
Released 7/9/09: It's a two-fer as co-host Oscar AND co-host Laura join me to discuss the Michael Jackson Memorial as well as some of our earliest childhood memories of MJ--with some differences in opinion. Your mileage may vary. Taped 7/7/09.…

Show #22 - Chris Explains It All

2009-06-28 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 36s
From 6/23/09: After a two-week break, I get together with Laura to discuss why I haven't been around. We discuss some of the personal problems and anxieties currently in my life--unedited and raw. Good times!…

Show #21 - The Alternate Show #17: Group Podcast 4

2009-06-09 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 34s
Released 6/8/09: Taped on Friday, May 8th, this show was plagued with technical problems, so it was shelved and left to rot. After some heavy editing, here's the lost/alternate Show 17. Ryan, Joel, Jacob, Alex, and I discuss my birthday and getting old.…

Show #20 - That's what SHE said.

2009-06-06 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 34s
From 6/5/09: Laura is back and this time we're talking about sexual innuendo in everyday life and in television we grew up with. Her and I went at it for 34 minutes. Nice.…

Show #19 - Walnut Sucks: LA Football Stadium Update

2009-06-05 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 31s
From 6/4/09: I give another update on the Los Angeles Football Stadium situation along with my personal opinion on the matter. Later--my close call with lightning. Also, Who in the world would pick a fight with Betty White?! I'll tell you who.…

Show #18 - All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten

2009-05-30 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 37s
From 5/29/09: Laura and I get together to discuss a couple of subjects. First up: An update on what I've been up to over the past couple of weeks. Second: We learn about Laura's job which leads us into memories of life in elementary school.…

Show #17 - Police Chases Are Fun While Miss California Is Dumb

2009-05-14 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 35s
From 5/14/09: Oscar stops by and we discuss the crazy police chase in L.A. on Wednesday afternoon. Later, we vent a little on the Miss California debacle.…

Show #16 - Cinco de Mayo Show (Theater of the Mind #1)

2009-05-06 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 21s
From 5/6/09: Having recovered from my Cinco de Mayo celebrating, I've finally managed to upload the show--a little too much celebrating last night! Take a listen to hear how this eventful show went...even if it never really happened.…

Show #15 - I Could Have Met Betty White!

2009-05-01 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 25s
From 5/01/09: Oscar and I get together to discuss the use of censorship on the show. Later, we get into a bit of showbiz news from this past weekend. Also, some brief thoughts on the swine flu.…

Show #14 - The Show With Just Enough Drinking

2009-04-30 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 30s
From 4/28/09: Oscar and I get together to discuss a poll on the website--'Too Much Drinking on the Show? After the break, we hit up a little talk about fake 'CHiPs' and a little discussion about the 99cent store.…

Show #13 - Superstitious Action at the Carwash on Earth Day

2009-04-24 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 34s
From 4/24/09: I get together with Sergio to discuss some superstitions, a trip to the carwash, and Earth Day. What a combo.…

Show #12 - Group Podcast 3

2009-04-20 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 33s
From 4/18/09: Another group podcast--This time: on location from co-host Ryan's backyard. This time we try a little drinking challenge, I discuss a few gripes I have with people, about almost getting shot, and a few other things we shouldn't talk about.…

Show #11 - The Infomercial Show

2009-04-18 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 41s
From 4/16/09 Special Offer! 10 Extra minutes! Act Now! Operators are standing by! Me and Oscar get togeter for a little hanging out and discussing our late-night addiction; watching infomercials.…

Show #10 - Clips and Other Miscellany

2009-04-15 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 33s
From 4/14/09: To welcome new listeners, I review some short clips from past shows. For current listeners, I introduce some clips of material that was never used including pre-show banter, mistakes, and two unused segments (Football Stadium/OCD?)…

Show #9 - Healthier Children--Adults Go To BevMo

2009-04-08 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 29s
From 4/7/09: Along with my friend 'Riley Youngwood' (fake name, folks) we take a brief look at an article on childhood obesity as well as a very little bit of alcohol talk. In the second half I discuss some changes coming to the show.…

Show #8 - Another Group Podcast!

2009-04-07 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 43s
From 3/27/09: Another group podcast! There's more drinking, but as a public service, you can take a survery along with us to find out if you're an alcoholic or not. We also play a round of "$100,000 Pyramid." Guests: Ryan, Joel, Jose, Jacob.…

Show #7 - And We're Back--Death Valley/Watchmen

2009-04-06 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 32s
From 3/23/09: I'm joined by my friend Oscar to discuss my recent trip to Death Valley. We also discuss what we thought about "Watchmen." Play along at home: When you hear the 1up sound, take a shot!…

Show #6 - The First Group Podcast--The Blue Flavored Show

2009-04-06 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 29s
From 3/11/09: The first group podcast! What happens when you're drinking and several friends decide to show up? You tape a drunken podcast! In this podcast my guests and friends include: Ryan, Joel, Sergio, and Laura! [Taped extremely late on 3-6-09]…

Show #5 - Leaving For Death Valley

2009-04-06 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 14s
From 3/11/09: A brief podcast taped while I was packing for my trip to Death Valley. I talk about my previous experience there as well as what I hope to expect during the trip.…

Show #4 - Paul Blart--The Low Expectations Show

2009-04-06 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 24s
From 3/9/09: I discuss the relationship between watching Mall Cop and having certain expectations. Later, I discuss some future plans and a movie-going experience as a kid. Before listening to this particular show, leave your expectations at the door!…

Show #3 - Arguments and More Relationship Questions

2009-04-06 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 28s
From 3/5/09: I discuss a fight between a friend of mine and get some very biased phone calls to support my stance on the situation. I answer a few more relationship questions. Finally, a little something cool from YouTube for you to hear.…

Show #2 - Relationship Questions

2009-04-06 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 26s
From 2/27/09: I answer a few relationship questions that were written to me. Also, I discuss my thoughts on the Los Angeles Football Stadium they're planning to build in my area.…

Show #1 - The First Show

2009-04-06 :: (Chris Ventura) Length: 30s
From 2/25/09: An introduction to the show and a little about me. Also, my feelings about the recent format change at KLSX in Los Angeles which resulted in the end of FM Talk, my inspiration for getting into talk radio and doing this show.…

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A comical look at life and various everyday topics examined by the twenty-somethingish Chris Ventura from Southern California--with the random assistance of various friends every now and then, produced in the style of FM talk radio.

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