Last update: 2015-08-24

The City Says So Episode 3

2015-08-24 :: Hal & Jordan
Staying fresh with the latest trends: OG Dating, Tiny Clothes for your Penis, and Turning 30. It's just one hit after the next over here. Live a little.…

The City Says So Episode 2

2015-08-13 :: Hal & Jordan
A Great Proposition is made. Questionable feminist issues, Texas beaches, and bringing home the bacon, baby.…

The City Says So Pilot Episode

2015-07-24 :: Hal & Jordan
The seminal pilot episode! Tear off your piece of history. Lessons from Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David; musings on careers in the 21st Century; Hal lives a little; goes well with lots of salt. …

About this podcast:

The City Says So

A podcast highlighting the ups and downs, ins and outs, qualities and quantities of life as young female pseudo urban professionals making the dream a reality and making the reality a dream. Live a little.

The City Says So