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CBH Xmas 2009!

2009-12-22 :: (The Comic Book Haters)

Holiday tidings and cheer, assholes! Pull up a nice glass of eggnog and enjoy a special Christmas episode of The Comic Book Haters! The boys talk about some bible shit and the Venture Brothers. Damn, that's some spiritual shit. Download here!…

Episode CLXI- The Return of the CBH!

2009-12-14 :: (The Comic Book Haters)

Like a Scirocco blowing through the desert- not the wind, but a shitty VW Scirocco that's low on gas and rusting through the floorboards, CBH comes blowing through your iPods and personal media players!

Witness the return of the CBH! And the addition of DJ Fonzi, who used to be DJ Whipcream, who used to be about 3 or 4 other names, too.

Have we "jumped the shark?" Hells yeah we have, but that was like a hundred and forty episodes ago.

So sit back and enjoy the mellow sounds of the CBH boys discussing the finer points of Sweet Tooth, Beetle Bailey, and Hagar the Horrible.

Download here, if you dare!…

Check Yer Head...Comix, Level 15

2009-09-28 :: (The Comic Book Haters)

Click here for the lowdown, dig?…

Check Yer Head...Comix episode 14

2009-07-15 :: (The Comic Book Haters)

The sweet, dulcet tones of home... And a voice of idiocy amongst the retarded. Let's just dance between the raindrops, you and I. Mind you, when them music stops, I'm yankin' the seat out from under yer ass.

Because this cake-walk is mine. And so is that cake, muhmukkah.

Clicky clicky for CYH episode 14.…

Roy Crane Strip

2009-07-13 :: (The Comic Book Haters)
Can anyone identify the approximate date or year of this Roy Crane strip? Thanks!

Indie Video Spotlight Season 3 - Episode 2 (Streaming)

2009-07-08 :: (The Comic Book Haters)

The Comic Book Haters - Season Three, Episode Two from The Comic Book Haters on Vimeo.

Here's the streaming edition of CBHIVSS2E2, acronymphiles! Alright, so technically that isn't an acronym. Well, acronymphiles isn't even a word; so there!!…

Indie Video Spotlight Season 3 - Episode 2 (Streaming)

2009-07-07 :: (The Comic Book Haters)

The Comic Book Haters - Season Three, Episode Two from The Comic Book Haters on Vimeo.

CBH Indie Video Spotlight S2E2- Arcade of Cruelty from The Comic Book Haters on Vimeo.

Indie Video Spotlight Season 3 - Episode 2

2009-07-06 :: (The Comic Book Haters)
Hey there, shit-sausages. How's it hanging? Would you like to see what the CBH crew has been up to? You would? Well, howsafuckingbout that? You're in luck, fucktards. The Indie Video Spotlight now includes CBH-Videocity- a patented technique wherein moving pictures will be displayed on your computermachines or video-enabled-iVictrolas. Join the CBH fellas as they peruse an indie book called Arcade of Cruelty. Check it out, won't you? Clicky-clicky here, bucko.

(The file is large and the download might be slower than usual. A streaming version will be available tomorrow for impatient assholes who don't mind waiting an extra day.)…

Indie Video Spotlight Season 3 - Episode 1 (Streaming)

2009-06-30 :: (The Comic Book Haters)

CBH Indie Video Spotlight S3E2 - Blazing Combat from The Comic Book Haters on Vimeo.

Indie Video Spotlight Season 3 - Episode 1

2009-06-29 :: (The Comic Book Haters)
Due to popular demand, the Comic Book Haters return to the mini-screen with a riveting exploration of the recent Blazing Combat reprint collection. Once thought long dead, the CBH crew has returned to the netwaves with a new recording of their innermost thoughts and opinions. Yes, it's the premiere episode of Season Three of the Indie Video Spotlight, and once again it's a Fantagraphics selection. Hey, let's face it; they print up some good comics. Join Schooly G, Umbrellaman, and DJ Sloofus as they venture further into the field of funnybook madness.
In layman's terms, this is a new video episode. We review Blazing Combat. Capeesh?
Click here to download this thrilling debut episode of Season Three. Streaming episode will be available tomorrow!


2009-06-13 :: (The Comic Book Haters)
To prove that we're not dead, the Comic Book Haters are on Facebook! For now, at least. It's all pretty juvenile and shitty. So, for the time being, join us on Facebook!…

We're not dead!

2009-06-09 :: (The Comic Book Haters)
Hey everybody. Just a note to let you know that didn't drink ourselves to death yet (though I haven't seen Cappy in a while, nor the Umbrellaman...)

We have been working on a new CBH project, which will be premiering shortly. So sit tight, true believers. And go fuck yourselves in the meantime.…

Check Yer Head...Comix- Lucky Turd-een

2009-05-07 :: (The Comic Book Haters)

Are you in the mood for a headache? Well, ME NEITHER. So, remember the show's called "Check Yer Head...Comix". First: we check your head (think HOCKEY), THEN...we talk about Comix. Note the three dots that separate the head thing from the comix thing.
So, load that bowl, pop that top, strip down to yer comfy undies (boxers are more covering, my friends...we don' wanna see yer junk), and get ready for a brag-fest! Happy Birthday, muhmukkahs! Click here to get it.…

Episode CLX- Operation: Smeg-up

2009-04-16 :: (The Comic Book Haters)

Hey everybody! It seems like the last episode was a month ago or more! WOW! Isn't time weird?

Speaking of time, a new Doctor Who is out! AND a new Red Dwarf! Nerds the world over have all smegged in their pants. (Their own pants, sadly.) Put this together with a new CBH episode and you truly have a shitacular week.

So click here if you want to hear Sloofus and Schooly talk about some shitty comic called Warlord as well as a sneak peak at the new Doctor Who and Red dwarf episodes.

Enjoy! See you next month! (That may be a joke- but it might not be. Time will tell. Shut up- this shit is free.)…

More Comic Book Haters Coming Soon!

2009-04-04 :: (The Comic Book Haters)
Until then, enjoy this video clip, featuring a young Sloofus.

Episode CLIX- Not "Clix" but the Roman Numeral for 159- All Along the Watchmen Tower

2009-03-09 :: (The Comic Book Haters)

Who watches The Watchmen? Not me, I can tell you that. But Sloofus did. And he can't stop gushing about the goddamn movie. But what did the Haters think of the actual comic? Do you really want to know? Click here to hear two half-wits give their impressions.

Yes, I know the picture is a repeat. But it's fucking funny. Stop bitching. This shit is free.…

Episode CLVIII- Attack of the Comic-con Haters!

2009-02-23 :: (The Comic Book Haters)

Hey, y'all. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the CBH boys (minus Umbrellaman) visited a comic-con? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the CBH boys visited the NEW YORK comic- con? How about if they talked about it afterwards?

This episode's highlights:
- Sloofus spills an $8 drink at the entrance of podcast alley
- Schooly plays a bunch of videogames drunk, just like he does every night at his home
- Umbrellaman stays home and pulls his pud because he didn't go to NYCC

Click here to check this shit out, yo.…

Check Yer Head...Comix episode 12: goodbye

2009-02-22 :: (The Comic Book Haters)

So long, and thanks for nothing.…

FBD- Hulk vs. Thing

2009-02-18 :: (The Comic Book Haters)

Episode CLVII- 1st Anuual CBH Academy Awards Shitacular

2009-02-10 :: (The Comic Book Haters)

We here at CBH Command have had plenty of Shitaculars in the the past: the one about when Cappy got killed, the one where Sloofus lost his wallet in a hooker, and another one, too. But this Shitacular is special. Please join the CBH boyz (please check local listings for spelling correctness) as they weigh in on shit that no one really cares that much about. Click here to express your displeasure. All derision should be hurled toward thecomicbookhaters at yahoo dot com.…

Check Yer Head...Comix episode 11: Earache my eye

2009-02-05 :: (The Comic Book Haters)

Even if you don't like Underground Comix (heathen...), or even KNOW what that means, you will dig this shit. Get ready for the best mix of music, Idolatry and inebriated idiocy that this one Herbivore (snicker...) can muster. Personally, I couldn't care less if you downloaded this Pudcast, but if it entertains the shit out of me THIS much, it's gotta be a little fun for you, too. Check it.…

The Funnybook Dungeon- Ball-Licker

2009-02-04 :: (The Comic Book Haters)

FBD- Crack-hole

2009-02-04 :: (The Comic Book Haters)

Episode CLVI- The Dreaded Metacast!

2009-02-03 :: (The Comic Book Haters)

Well, it's happened. We've done a State of the Podcast Address. Listen in as we don't really discuss any comic book shit. But we do talk about some interesting issues confronting the CBH team. Is a format change really in the works? Is Cappy actually hospitalized with a "social disease?" Will the CBH run out of beer money? The horror... THE HORROR!

You don't have to give a shit, but please give a listen, won't you?…

Check Yer Haters Episode Won!

2009-01-27 :: (The Comic Book Haters)

Because of his undying devotion to the Commentary By Haters crew (and, seeing as he was bribed by a stack of sweet, sweet comix), EclipsespilcE took it upon himself to dig up an old episode of The Comic Book Haters podcast, and mess it up.
Relive (or live for the first time, with HEIGHTENED SENSES!) an early episode of the CBH, with badass music in the background, properly mixed audio (smack!) and retarded commentary by yours truly, EclipsespilcE. If you aren't already a fan of the CBH, here's a chance to see WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE!!
rated PG-21, for scenes of extreme stupidity and idiocy. Parents strongly cautioned (against breeding).…

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