Last update: 2013-06-15

Episode 36: El Coñ Cave

2013-06-15 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
News continues to pour out about Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, a new movie about the “Mad Monk”, and Archie’s return to the big screen. Robert Rodriguez has more TV projects in the works as does JJ Abrams. Gaming News. Superman 75th anniversary. Classic rocker is looking into Opera, new Placebo album and more. Insidious: Chapter…

Episode 35: Goonygoogoo

2013-06-11 :: The Con Cave Length: 55s
News on Doctor’s Who’s Matt Smith & Karen Gillan upcoming adventures, Expendables 3 casting news, Assassins Creed movie and books. Slayer & Black Sabbath music news and more. DC Comic’s & A.C.Camargo Cancer Center Superformula Containers video…

Episode 34: Thur Teeeee Four. Wink Wink

2013-06-09 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
More news about Guardian of the Galaxy casting and news about the next Bond film and an upcoming Elton John biopic. Star Wars makes  a return to TV, DC’s new animated feature, & Superman turns 75. Also news about Stone Temple Pilots, The Velvet Underground, and Billy Joel. Marry Kill Threesome and more. Justice League;…

Episode 33: Thirty 3

2013-05-30 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
Clerks 3, new Toxic Avenger, X-Men and Poltergeist movie news. New FOX & ABC TV shows with trailers, PS4 & Xbox news. Music news about One Direction, Metallica & Twisted Sister. Kevin Smith’s Instagram of Clerks 3 Script – click here Ender’s Game trailer – click here Great Gatsby video game – click here Metallica Through the Never…

Episode 32: Why Ain’t We Cancelled?

2013-05-13 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
Highlights from the Central Texas Toy & Comic Expo Michael Rooker, April Hunter & more. Trailers released for the films [REC] 4 & The World’s End. Doctor Who news, Star Wars games, RVD signs with Hound Comics and more news. The World’s End trailer – click here [REC] 4 Apocalypse trailer – click here DC’s…

Episode 31: Thur Tee Wun (31)

2013-04-29 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
Ghostbusters 3, Weird Science, The Crow and Ninja Turtles movie news. Futurama goes bye bye (again) while Heroes might make a return, THQ sells its assets off and Yoko Ono & Snoop Dogg (Lion) news. FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! Stadium Comics of Ontario FREE COMIC BOOK DAY video – click here…

Episode 30: The Big Three Oh… 30 Rocks from the Sun

2013-04-19 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
Casting news for Guardians of the Galaxy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers 4 and more. TV news about Being Human, Jamie Foxx writing for SyFy Channel, Zombieland TV show & rumors about True Blood. Hound Comics & Hound Publishing appearances, Eisner Award Nominees, Motley Crue returns to The Joint, and news about Coachella. And apparently Justin Beiber…

Episode 29: Good Bye 20s

2013-04-16 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
Sequels and prequels for Chronicle & The Shining, Justice League movie news along with a possible Point Break remake. Marvel Heroes video game release dates, Dark Horse Comics’ new upcoming mini series, Transgenders and gay sex in comics, and much more. We also talk a bit about Kevin Hart face memes. Blowsight’s album preview for “Life & Death”…

Episode 28: Twenty Eight Episodes Later

2013-04-11 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
Movie news about Ninja Turtles, Justice League, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hercules, and more. BBC & HBO cancelations and renewals, Doctor Who’s 50th news, a bunch of music news and more. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters: trailer – click here Lewis and Weird Al Yankovic in Funny or Die American Psycho spoof – click here…

Episode 27: Twenty Seven

2013-04-03 :: The Con Cave Length: 41s
More Godzilla & Escape from NY news. The Griswolds might return & Star Wars 7 news. FOX’s FXX channel, Netflix TV and music news about LA Guns & Smashing Pumpkins. The Central Texas Toy & Comic Expo featuring Hound Comics – click here…

Episode 26: Short, Shriveled & to the Left

2013-03-30 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
Godzilla & Escape From NY reboot news, History Channel’s controversy, Tone Loc and Morrissey health news. Doctor Who episode titles and posters – click here…

Episode 25: Twenty 5

2013-03-17 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
Movie news on Jurrasic Park, X-Men, Beauty and the Beast and Veronica Mars via Kickstarter. Max Brooks’ has a new comic, Hound Comics’ videos from Portland and Ohio. Also news on The God Particle, Ex-Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr and more. Hound Comics at Wizard World Portland - click here Hound Comics at North Market Fiery…

Episode 24: Jack Bauer… someone gonna die

2013-03-13 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
News on projects from Joss Whedon, Stephen King, and a remake of Poltergeist. McFarlane Toys’s Walking Dead toy exclusive from NY Toy Fair by Hound Comics. Music news about Ratt, Lamb of God and more. BAFTA Video Game awards Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing trailer – click here Hound Comics: Toy Fair 2013 – WALKING DEAD…

Episode 23: Fuck Yo Self

2013-03-01 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
Amazing Spider Man & Super Troopers sequel news, New TV shows from NBC & BBC, and Eddie updates us about Wizard World Portland and Ohio’s Fiery Foods Fest. BBC’s new show In the Flesh – trailer / promo  …

Episode 22: Valentines Day

2013-02-14 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
The Valentines Day Episode! Movie, Comic Book, TV news and more. Doctor Who 50th anniversary, pre-oscars, & Hound Publishing. L.C. Blake’s book The Shadow Shift - click here…

Episode 21: Legal to Drink

2013-02-09 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
New Star Wars, Amazing Spider Man, & Ant Man movie news. Hello to new Community season and goodbye to a BBC series. Deadpool video game, PS4 and other gaming news.  New Monty Python project? HBO Films “Phil Spector” trailer – click here…

Episode 20: Twenty

2013-02-09 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
We taste the new Food Hound Tidbits/Hound Comics Food Seasoning by CaJohns. Movie news for Guardians of the Galaxy, The Amazing Spider Man 2, & More. 007 reunion for the Oscars. Food Hound Tidbits Seasonings – click here Sideshow Collectables’ Deadpool Statue – click here Johnny Cash Stamp – click here Injustice: Gods Amoung Us trailer…

Episode 19: The Saucy Episode

2013-01-25 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
Hot off the tails of the Hound Comics Spicy Extravaganza we talk & taste the new sauces which include Luscious’ Lip Smack’In and Bumblefoot’s various hot sauces. Movie. TV & music news too. Order FoodHound’s & Bumblefoot’s Sauces from CaJohns – click here Douglas Brown’s Tamed – click here John Corabi on line - click here…

Episode 18: Legal to Bang

2013-01-13 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
Sequels for ID4, Sin City & The Last Exorcism. TV show updates on A&E’s Bates Motel and M. Night Shyamalan returns with Lost Horizon. Music news, comic book news about Green Arrow’s upcoming changes and video game updates on Marvel’s MMORPG Marvel Heroes and much more. Hound Comics’ NYC 2013 Spicy Hound Extravaganza – Launch & Release…

Episode 17: Start a New with Season 2

2013-01-06 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
Happy New Year! The Con Cave goes into its second season! We talk about James Bond Skyfall, the Justice League movie, new Star Wars and a ton more! Stan Lee Birthday Tribute on MTVGeek – click here    …

Episode 16: Sixteen

2012-12-16 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
Justice League Movie plot, movie sequels which include Hedwig & the Angry Inch, Ghostbusters live read and more. The guys discuss A Haunting in Connecticut… in Georgia? Eddie returns from Pittsburgh having visited the Zombie Museum at the Monroeville Mall.…

Episode 15: Post Hurricane

2012-11-18 :: The Con Cave Length: 2s
The Con Cave returns, after surviving Hurricane Sandy, to talk about Disney’s Star Wars purchase, movie sequel news that includes Hotel Transylvania, Transformers, Dark Knight Returns & more. An extra long episode with special guests Tyler & Jose. The Hobbit end credits song “Song of the Lonely Mountain” by Neil Finn – click here Warm…

Episode 14: four teen

2012-11-06 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
After the storm episode 14 makes it way online, with a little technical difficulties. New Conan the Barbarian with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ryan Gosling and Mark Wahlberg not doing Logan’s Run and Transformers 4. Green Light given to new Paranormal Activity movie. And we discuss our favorite ZOMBIE movies & games. “The Exorcist” 80′s Sitcom Edit…

Episode 13: Lucky Number 13

2012-10-22 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
Movie news that includes sequels for Transformers, Insidious, and even Roger Rabbit! Also, some NYCC news from the panels about DC story lines. Agent Coulson on TV? We discuss some of our favorite Vampire & Wolf Movies. Stolen Doctor Who Sketch – click here Mis Fits series 4 trailer – click here Man of Steel…

Episode 12: Twelve Deep

2012-10-10 :: The Con Cave Length: 1s
Keeping with the October Halloween season we talk about a Dracula TV show, Guillermo Del Toro, Ann Rice & more. We list New York Comic Con guests including Kevin Smith, Robert Kirkman & Brimstone and also Marvel’s birthday celebration for Spider Man. NBC postpones Community. New York Comic Con – click here American Scream –…

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