Last update: 2015-03-22

Enjoy the night with these two studs.

2015-03-22 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 16m 52s
Wanna have a fun night? Wanna get tag teamed by the two greatest podcasters on the internet? Wanna be drowned in a tub of ecstasy? Then stay tuned and let the good times and laughs come to you!…

Marx is a Bastard

2015-03-08 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 14m 40s
Well we all learned something new this episode. We learned that Karl Marx was a singer in the 80's and is living the high life. Plus the Thompson Twins had a video game. …

Fuck You, it's the Dave and Richie Show

2015-03-01 :: Dave and Richie Length: 1h 43m 19s
Well we are back and since the mongoloids haven't taken over the Earth yet. It's time for another show. So get on those knees and have some fun, here on the Dave and Richie show. …

Sponsored by Afro Sheen

2015-02-16 :: Dave and Richie Length: 1h 40m 16s
Well Dave ain't dead and is it really a good thing? He's been working his ass off in the coal mines and well, they decided to put out another episode for you folks. Plus does anyone else think these two are sexy? - Chad…

Unaired episode from 2006

2015-02-01 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 11m 51s
Well since I have to work seven days a week until the job that I'm doing is done. Checkout this classic unaired episode from 2006.…

The Super Sexy Adventures of Dave and Richie

2015-01-26 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 14m 30s
In case you missed the live show, not to fear, for we are here to bring to you the glory that is the show. Well we hope you enjoy this most excellent adventure. Plus we enjoyed our week long break. So put up those feets and get drunk while we talk or some shit.…

Revenge of the Dog Fuckers

2015-01-11 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 14m 15s
In this most excellent adventure we set sail for fun in the sun while the world is freezing over. Why does it have to be so cold?…

Shoot the shit with us!

2015-01-04 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 8m 34s
Well it is the first episode of the New Year's and we figured why not bring to you fine peoples. This is recorded from our live episode that was done of Friday. We hope you like it as we are back to our regular routine. Plus it's just great to be back.…

The 2014 Year End Finally

2014-12-31 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 25m 18s
Well we have made it through another year of broadcasting this show for all you fine listeners. With that said it's been fun and we hope you enjoy this last episode for 2014 and let's hope to God that Ebola wipes us all the fuck out. With that said, have a safe, and yet rape free New Year's Eve. P.S Fuck Dorfus and all you mongoloids who don't listen. For all those who do thank you. :) And don't forget to join the Facebook group: Twitter: @thebestshowevah email: …

Jackin' off to Christmas II

2014-12-24 :: Dave and Richie Length: 3h 38m 8s
Well it's that time of year again, the beer is chilling next to the fire, the house hasn't burnt to the ground, no chimp outs in sight, and well people can't seem to not jack it in public. So put up your feet, open up a nice cold one, and enjoy as the two least talented people on the internet entertain you. With a very special guest from the never regions of the liquor. Plus with the cast of the Wonder Years, Matlock, Rod Serling, and others. Don't miss this special or else you are a fruit. …

The Jacking off to Christmas Pre-Show

2014-12-20 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 30m 24s
Well we are back for another action packed episode. Though this is the last episode till the great day that is "The Jacking off to Christmas Special II - The Revenge of the Mongoloid" We are proud to have a mellow day where we are able to be ourselves. We hope you enjoy it. Special thanks to Skips for doing the intro. …

The Werewolf Bible Power Hour

2014-12-14 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 1m 35s
Well on the second weekend of Christmas my true love gave to me...................a Werewolf with a loaded gunnnnnnnn. Fuck it, this episode is the best so far. In it Dave and Richie take turns gang-banging a Werewolf as a small Asian Elf watches with tears in his eyes. …

Loose shits sinks dicks

2014-12-05 :: Dave and Richie Length: 3h 1m 46s
Join Dave and Richie as they talk about midget fucking, rape, murdering, OJ Simpson, black folk, robot porn, China, vomit, dying...and we have a very special guest joining us? Who is it? Fuck if we know. Enjoy you fruits. …

For the Veterans

2014-11-11 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 19m 42s
This one is for all those who fought and didn't run like Italians. This one's for you. Thanks for nothing fruits. …

Slobcast and Bonus shit

2014-11-08 :: Dave and Richie Length: 3h 11m 48s
Paul Rieser fucked up this episode and has declared war on the show and us. So he broke into Richie's home and fucked with his computer. So to make it up we gave you guys a fun little treat. Something so disgusting, so Godless, and so trashy that we are sure you'll love it. …

Pig Rapist

2014-11-01 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 3m 5s
Well we are back at it for another fun episode! BARFFFFFFFFFFFF…

The New Dave and Richie Show

2014-10-25 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 3m 33s
Well we are back and this time our assess are killing us. Well enjoy this show now and well if you didn't hear it live then you are FRUITS!!!!!…

The D and R Show Live!

2014-10-19 :: Dave and Richie Length: 1h 59m 52s
So if you were able to stay up late or got permission from the folks to listen to us live then good on you. If not here is what you missed, now we may be doing more of these episodes live so don't forget to checkout the facebook and twitter for show times. …

The Ebolass special!

2014-10-09 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 8m 53s
Well it looks like our two podcast hero's are facing another shot at death. Make sure to grab you're rain gear for this own cause the blood is flying!…

Good ole fashion dog fucking!

2014-09-28 :: Dave and Richie Length: 1h 59m 58s
Who here doesn't like beer, smoking, dog fucking, and video games? We all do! So sit back and enjoy this episode or else? Oh and thanks Dad!…

Fuck Dropbox and David was sick and screwed up!

2014-09-26 :: Dave and Richie Length: 1h 27m 14s
Well it looks as if I fucked up with loading this weeks episode. I blame it on the massive sinus infection that put me in the hospital and for the past week looked like one of Mike Tyson's Ex-wives. Well the medication I got did get me through the week and I was good and high. With that said sorry for the screw up and we hope you enjoy.…

The September 11th Extravaganza

2014-09-14 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 1m 10s
So we are a few days late but what do you expect? We don't get paid for this show. Well this week join Dave and Richie as they travel together from Birmingham to New York. Where they'll be enjoying the wonderful site, the food, and hookers. Will Dave get to see where they shot Jason takes Manhattan? Will Richie get his boilermaker on time? Find out!…

The 2014 Poddy Casty Winners!

2014-09-06 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 3m 34s
We are back and this time we are winners. We are winners of the 2014 Poddy Casty award for best podcast on planet Earth. So take that losers who lost against us. …

The Masturbation Shed Special

2014-08-31 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 5m 19s
Don't forget to buy you're special American made masturbation shed. It's cumriffic or so says Alex Jones and the CIA who orchestrated 9/11. …

Mocking the dead and retro games!

2014-08-21 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 0m 37s
That's right boys and girls today's episode is a special one at that. Enjoy as Richie and Dave laugh at those poor souls who had the very essence of life taken away from them. Plus we talk about retro games and shit. So we hope you enjoy and if you are a single mom, well uhm...…

kcuF Robin Williams

2014-08-14 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 5m 22s
Well its another episode and another day. Today's episode dives into the world of why the fuck a rich white person would kill themselves and other stuff. Also be careful with the flinging of feces.…

Night of the Living Dead Commentary

2014-08-08 :: Dave and Richie Length: 1h 36m 20s
We are back and well get you're popcorn and soda ready, cause we are back and uhm...uhm...just watch the god damn movie yeah fruits. Oh and keep you're hands above the know who I'm talking too. God damn it, this beer is so gooooood...i'm so horny, and this is turning me on. Love you Gramma. …

Eating ass and nuking all!

2014-08-02 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 6m 25s
Wow, who would have thought it? We have had such an increase in fans and followers and that this is the best time for us evah. Oh, who the hell am I kidding, we are simply the best. So with it Richie thinks he's dying and Dave is just bored with life. But now all is well and another commentary is coming out soon. …

Joysticks Commentary

2014-07-26 :: Dave and Richie Length: 1h 23m 34s
Here is the first evah commentary from Dave and Richie on one of the best movies ever made. Here's a link to the movie and make sure you listen and watch cause it is truly awesome.…

Oh no its the D and R show!

2014-07-26 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 13m 20s
Well besides Dave almost going blind and Richie tossing a few turds at some unruly fans. We are back and this time we have a strong message for all you fans of the show. Please listen and give generously to us cause you know, we don't get paid for this shit.…

Mamas Family...BARF

2014-07-19 :: Dave and Richie Length: 1h 58m 49s
Well we were late with this one but what the hell. WE DON'T GET PAID FOR DIS SHIIIIIIET MAN...…

Dorfus + Tits = Fun

2014-07-06 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 2m 24s
Holy ass licking drunk homeless guys Batman. It's time for another most excellent episode of the show everybody. Today's episode is a very special episode where we discuss what's been on everyone's mind! And with that said I'll be watching the worst film of all time "Joysticks", it's so bad but funny when you find out the guy playing Dorfus is living the life of a cum guzzling hobo. And with that said we hope you enjoy this most excellent episode...we don't really give a fuck though.…

We love internet sluts!

2014-06-30 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 30m 51s
In today's episode we talk about sluts, the internet, stupid people not from Florida. We also have a very interesting conversation about shit that everyone wants to talk about but is to afraid to start. Also who the fuck confuses World War One with World War Two anyways?…

Another Late Show

2014-06-25 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 2m 18s
Well I have been busy with everything that has just happened in the past little while. So things are going to be a little off for the next bit. So here is another fun episode for all you fans.…

Only for the Subscribers.

2014-06-17 :: Dave and Richie Length: 1h 31m 10s
Something for those fans who want something a little bit sadder and yet funny as hell. Only those subscribed will get this funny as hell audio from a first date with a tool that everyone knows far too well. So with that said we hope you enjoy the audio recording from the first and only date Chris Chan every went on. Plus he took his Dad with him so enjoy the laughs and cringes. Don't know if we'll be doing this quite often but since we have been late posting this episode, we figure what the hell. P.S We all know this is what went down for Richie on his first date.…

Here's the damn show

2014-06-17 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 0m 20s

Alex Jones Presents Bohemian Grove

2014-06-07 :: Dave and Richie Length: 1h 31m 36s
Just like I said in our last episode, here is the Bohemian Grove specials by the one and only Alex Jones. We hope you enjoy it and keep in mind no matter who you vote for they are taking it in the pooper.…

The old Presidential Poop shute

2014-06-07 :: Dave and Richie Length: 1h 55m 3s
Today Dave and Richie come back with a very deep and very intelligent topic for you this week. Plus you know we'd like to thank those troops who are and have fought for our freedom. Thank you Chris, you're dedication, and work brought us great joy in reading you're email.…

Watermelon Gap and cum guzzling

2014-06-01 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 2m 29s
In today's episode Dave and Richie you bring the best in news from both coasts and at the price of you're sanity. By the way make sure you join the awesome D and R Show and give us money.…

The Blarg Dumps

2014-05-24 :: Dave and Richie Length: 1h 55m 45s
*toilet flush* I can't stop wiping.…

Mutant Rat Feminist's

2014-05-17 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 4m 21s
Today we talk about some stuff, laugh at others, do some stuff, plus with a funny skit. So sit back, relax, and enjoy another fine episode of everyone's least favorite podcast. …

Dog tihs kcid

2014-05-10 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 0m 37s
Join us for some reason and have a blast doing whatever it is you do.…

Demi Moore's Monster Bush

2014-05-03 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 5m 24s
Everybody know's who the hell Demi Moore is, right? So can you imagine the shock that was brought upon Dave when Richie tells him she has a tarantula living in her lower regions. Set phasers to stun in this most excellent adventure. Plus if you are going to use twitter, don't forget to use the hash-tag #DemiMooremonsterbush and lets make this thing go internationally. …

Case of the Sleepy's

2014-04-26 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 6m 28s
Dave and Richie bring you both the best in news from around the world and by bringing you the laughs you all want. Plus we gotta nuke Italy until there is nothing but ash. Plus Dave is just so sleepy. …

Rats Invade

2014-04-19 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 16m 20s
In today's touching episode Dave and Richie travel to joy old England and learn the meaning of what it is to feel for others who have it worse off then you.…

20th Episode Special

2014-04-12 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 7m 3s
Join us as we celebrate the 20th episode to this great show that we do without being paid for it. So you get what you pay for I guess. We would like to thank you all for listening and how awesome you guys are. The fans make this such a great show and we would like to thank you. …

Grandma Rekcuf

2014-04-05 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 20m 4s
We dive into the sick and twisted world that we call home. A guy who loves to smear poo has been running rampant in India, a guy is lost at sea, spinning of the elderly, and a guy who isn't getting any is going to get some now. Plus we also award the first ever "Dave and Richie Gold Star of Excellence" to a wonderful group of humanitarians who went above and beyond the call of awesome. …

Chewing on glass and riding a tricycle

2014-03-29 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 6m 12s
Dave and Richie are back and this time its personnel. Make sure to get out the Pabst, get you're smoking pipe ready, and enjoy. For we have been voted the best self proclaimed podcast on the internet. Plus join us while we laugh at some fruit from England who failed at selfies and then at suicide. …

The Great Paulino and the 30,000 Subscriber Special

2014-03-23 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 19m 51s
Well everyone it's that time of week again where we bring you the stories that the mainstream media won't even touch. So go out and get some steaks, cut off you're clothes, and hop in the shower. But don't munch on any babies and don't let loose the juice though it is pretty awesome to get a broad mad at you. Cause you are about to get dirty. Plus we have reached our mark on the interweb, so let the good times roll.…

Back off war child, seriously

2014-03-15 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 2m 50s
It's time for another action packed episode of everyone'd favorite podcast. On today's episode Richie teaches Dave the meaning of friendship. …

Let Loose the Juice 2 Society: Richie's Revenge

2014-03-09 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 3m 24s
Well we figured why not give you guys a second dose of your favorite talent-less internet hacks on the planet. With that said, we hope you enjoy this most excellent adventure, where we dive into cow fucking on an international scale, glory holes antics, and the more pathetic members of society. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our most semi-excellent adventure true believers. …

Let Loose the Juice

2014-03-06 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 7m 24s
Dog fucking, incest, Swiss cheese, dumb cops, and good times. Are what you'll find in this episode, make sure you listen, and enjoy. Oh and fuck the EU.…

Go Kcuf Yourself

2014-02-23 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 2m 22s
In today's episode Dave and Richie dive into the world of underground cockfighting and soon discover the meaning of Donkey Punching. Plus Dave loses his virginity at the ripe old age of 48.…

Jamarcus does it again!

2014-02-16 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 0m 53s
In today's action packed episode Dave and Richie take a walk down the darker side of humanity. Plus Dave makes a special announcement and it looks like Jamarcus did it again, another white woman taken in the embrace of darkness that his manhood. …

Don't eat the butter and my mom's in a gangbang

2014-02-09 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 1m 41s
Richie is a really cool dude and Dave creeps him out with poop fetish talk.…

Oregon woman gets 12 years for raping friend's 12-year-old son in public

2014-02-02 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 0m 45s
Today Dave and Richie talk about stupid people in the news and the great American Hero simply known as Killdozer. Oh and some people died or something but whatever, we hope you enjoy it.…

Chili Dumps Richie Style

2014-01-26 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 1m 17s
A wonderful discussion on Richie's recent bowel movement and how England is going to be invaded by mutant rats.…

The Best of the Worst

2014-01-22 :: Dave and Richie Length: 1h 57m 34s
This show is a toss up. But if you like hearing us talk then you are in for a real treat. …

Nazi Aliens and a Cop that has a taste for calf, God Bless America!

2014-01-15 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 4m 25s
Just got back from having a busy day at work and now it is time for promoting another upload to a podcast that so many people seem to think is alright. So with that said, come and listen to Richie and I as we discuss a formal cop that got away with the worst crime ever. Plus we shed some light on why Iran thinks the United States is under the control of Nazi Space Aliens in a plot for world domination. Join us on a podcast that seems to be somewhat...well some what popular I guess.…

It's cold and the Dog is giving me the eye.

2014-01-08 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 2m 14s
Well with it being cold in Alabama and it being warm up in Alberta. We decided to pull together another fine episode for all you fine folks diving into the world of taking one's pants off and attacking the elderly and then to fucking the family dog. We hope you guys enjoy and with that said don't forget to join the Facebook group "The D and R Show" Twitter - @thebestshowevah Email -…

Long live the Chief

2013-12-28 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 0m 51s
What's more fun then sticking one's own nogging in a microwave to get high? Listening to The D and R Show. Don't forget to follow us on twitter at @thebestshowevah, joining our Facebook group "The D and R Show" and how about dropping us a line at…

Jerking off to Christmas Special

2013-12-20 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 32m 57s
But Officer, I haven't even peed yet!…

How to beat one's meat in the meat aisle!

2013-12-16 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 9m 43s
Today's episode we come across some wonderful examples of mankind at work doing what they do best. Some sick people in the world I have to say, so we hope you enjoy this wonderful episode, and thank you to all those who subscribed and shared this show with those you love. I'm turning into Dr. Phil over here *wipes away tear and sniffles*…

A New Beginning and a Most Excellent Adventure

2013-12-12 :: Dave and Richie Length: 2h 17m 48s
The first episode of an all new series for the show. Richie is my new co-pilot and were taking off for fun and adventure. This is our...I guess you can say a test episode as we are using some new audio recording software. We are also trying out a new format and were just having a good time. …

My Dinner with Richie

2013-12-08 :: Dave Length: 2h 10m 57s
Join me as I sit down with one of the first comedians on YouTube who made a truly wonderful set of videos. He is a reviewer, editor, and an all American. A true talent who I have known since almost the beginning of YouTube before it turned to crap. So now I get to speak with the man who made YouTube a household name. The meal we had was Appetizer: fresh seasonal salad. First course(s): terrine of foie gras in red wine; fennel salad with pan seared crab legs and marinated mango. Main course: sautéed scallops with parsley cream sauce and sautéed artichokes. Dessert: cherry clafouti tartlet with assorted sorbets. And what we had to drink, Muscat de Rivesaltes 2006; Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons 2007 William Fèvre. With that said I hope you enjoy.…

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