Last update: 2014-11-08

The DarkCloud Podcast - Episode 1 : The dark side of the cloud

2014-11-08 :: (Sheran & Prabu)
In this week's episode we start on a darker note (like our name), and we speak about the things folks usually don't talk about the cloud…

About this podcast:

The DarkCloud Podcast

The DarkCloud Podcast is conceived by two long term techies who have been getting the groove of cloud computing in recent times. This podcast gives the listener an honest, no holds barred take on Cloud Computing. But of course it's all not all bad, we also speak about the silver lining !. This podcast is rather new, in the future we will be expanding the podcast to include more industry folk. Prabu and Sheran are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Jakarta, Indonesia respectively.

The DarkCloud Podcast