Last update: 2013-05-31

Chet Zar - Painter of Dark

2013-05-31 Length: 1h 6m 42s

My guest for this episode is dark artist, Chet Zar. We discuss the sympathetic darkness, monsters, ego death, psychedelic experience, and other oddities like David Lynch and horror films. Check out Chet's work online at …

Be the Fractal with Brian Paul Smith

2013-05-07 Length: 1h 2m 24s

My guest for this episode is up-and-coming visionary/fractal artist, Brian Paul Smith. We discuss the fractal nature of reality, fractal visions, tryptamines, Burning Man, Sacred Spaces, and his upcoming event, "Imaginarium." You can find Brian's work online at and his Facebook event post at …

The Electric Jesus with Talat Jonathan Phillips

2013-03-27 Length: 1h 22m 2s

My guest is Talat Jonathan Phillips, author of the book, The Electric Jesus, and co-founder of Reality Sandwich and We discuss healing, energy, entities, nonduality, Santo Daime, and so much more. You can find Talat online at Also, I announce my new art website, …

Decomposing the Shadow with James W. Jesso

2013-03-06 Length: 1h 4m 48s

For this episode I interview author James W. Jesso about his forthcoming book, Decomposing the Shadow, a guide to the use of psilocybin mushrooms for personal growth and discovery. Listeners can support James' project by visiting this link: …

Entering the House of Stone with Morgan Sorne

2013-01-13 Length: 1h 17m 20s

My guest is Morgan Sorne, creative force behind the musical project "SORNE." We discuss the creative process, diving in deep, confronting fears, moving past limitations, and finding authentic expression and one's voice. Features the songs "Overtones," "First Born," and "Silent Fall" from the album, "House of Stone" ( …

Terence McKenna's Failed Prophecy for 2012

2012-12-26 Length: 39m 9s

In his books, True Hallucinations and The Invisible Landscape, Terence McKenna promoted a "prophecy" that Dec 22, 2012 would be the "end" of time and history with the appearance of UFOs made out of "translinguistic matter" that would represent the final evolutionary stage of the ingression of novelty into reality. He was wrong. This episode explores what he claimed, his inspirations, and how history proved his prophecy to be pure speculation and projection with no basis in reality. …

Organs of the Mind with Thomas Ray, Ph.D.

2012-09-27 Length: 1h 40m 18s

Join me for a fascinating conversation with Thomas Ray as we discuss his hypothesis of "Organs of the Mind" and the neurological underpinning of psychedelic experience. We discuss the actions of DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, Salvia Divinorum, Ibogaine, and MDMA. …

A Non-Believer's Take on 2012

2012-09-13 Length: 39m 6s

For this episode I read my new essay, "A Non-Believer's Take on 2012" where I discuss why I think the whole 2012 thing is pure ego projection and illusion. If you're into 2012, you may find this challenging . . . …

APEXERAL and Drinking Azara

2012-07-24 Length: 44m 58s

For this episode, I make some announcements about my upcoming visit to Europe, read Chapter 6 from Beyond Azara (which is centered on the experience of drinking "Azara" - aka, ayahuasca), and share some songs from my latest album, APEXERAL. For more Beyond Azara, listen to the Beyond Azara podcast at **Apparently an earlier file got linked to this episode - this should be the correct file. Sorry for any confusion . . . …

Beyond Azara: A Universal Love Story

2012-06-18 Length: 36m 34s

For this episode, I share the first two chapters of my just-released novel, Beyond Azara: A Universal Love Story. It's sensual, psychedelic, sexy, and sublime, and, as far as I know, the only novel in the world centered on the 5-MeO-DMT experience. Just like the medicine, it starts with a band, so here we go! …

All is One: Understanding Entheogens and Nonduality

2012-05-15 Length: 32m 50s

For this episode, I read a short selection from my new mini-ebook, "All is One: Understanding Entheogens and Nonduality," plus some announcements about Evolver Calgary May Spore, The Higherside Chats, and a fundraiser event in Ashland for June 23rd. And of course, a little new music. …

The Herbal Linchpin: A 4/20 Episode

2012-04-20 Length: 55m 2s

Why legalizing herb is the one issue with the greatest potential to transform society . . . plus some new music (which is available for free download at …

So You Want to Be Enlightened . . .

2012-03-21 Length: 27m 38s

I share two short writings: "So You Want to Be Enlightened: 18 Questions and Answers Regarding Enlightenment" and "Pithy Nondual Wisdom Nuggets", featuring music by JaM ( and myself, and cover art by Jessalynn Jones …

More DMT with Mitch Schultz

2012-03-02 Length: 1h 6m 18s

We check in with independent film maker, Mitch Schultz, and discuss "The Spirit Molecule," the DMTRMX project, his in-progress film series, DMT Down Under, Alex Jones, Machine Elves, National Geographic, fiction, and more . . . …


2012-02-12 Length: 27m 51s

A sampling of songs from my new 2012 album, "TryptaMind" - the perfect soundtrack for all your Dynamic Movement and Transformation dance parties! For more music and to download tracks, visit my new music page on Facebook: …

Digesting the Spirit Molecule

2012-01-09 Length: 52m 23s

For the first episode of 2012, I give a nondual analysis of the accounts of DMT experiences as recounted by participants of Rick Strassman's study in Mitch Schultz's film, "The Spirit Molecule." DMT experiences are seen as existing on a spectrum from dual (distinctions between subject and object/self and not-self - ie, from the perspective of the ego) to recognition of the full nature of the self as nondual and without separation. …

Music and Poetry Night at the EE

2011-10-24 Length: 57m 14s

Music by JAM ( and poetry by me, with a very special WTF!? moment …

God's Handbook for Operating Human Vehicles

2011-10-12 Length: 1h 21m 53s

A no nonsense, no strings attached approach to universal being. The full text for this podcast is available at: …


2011-09-05 Length: 1h 39m 34s

Here's my talk from Friday morning at Sacred Spaces Village for Burning Man 2011. The talk was entitled "Entheogens as the Ultimate Rite of Passage into Unitary Consciousness." Enjoy! …

MWB at MAPS Catalysts Conference

2010-12-13 Length: 41m 37s

Here's my talk from the Dec 11th MAPS Catalysts Conference in LA - direct from my iPod to the podcast. Enjoy! …

MWB at Science and NonDuality Conference, 2010

2010-11-24 Length: 32m 47s

Here's my talk from the 2010 Science and Non-Duality Conference in San Rafael, California. The topic of my section was "Entheogens as a Portal" and here I share about my experiences with 5-MeO-DMT and its implications for understanding non-dual, or unitary, experience - my favorite topic! …

Rick Doblin, MAPS - Part 2

2010-11-17 Length: 44m 31s

Here's the rest of my conversation with Rick Doblin from the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). Be sure and check out the upcoming MAPS conference in LA this December: …

Rick Doblin, MAPS

2010-11-11 Length: 46m 0s

Part 1 of my interview with Rick Doblin from the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies ( …

EntheoRadio Interview with MWB

2010-09-18 Length: 1h 0m 39s

Here's a re-posting of my interview from EntheoRadio with Trevhar Hughes. Enjoy! …

The Process

2010-04-16 Length: 36m 47s

An experiential demonstration of the process . . . After several months off, it's a pleasure to bring you this episode. I've been giving it much thought, and have concluded that I'm basically done "explaining" things on the podcast, for the time being. For now, I'd much rather demonstrate. For those looking for further explanation, I invite you to take a look at my new site, "The Entheological Paradigm: Humanity's Guide to Reality" at And for those looking for music, I'm happy to let you know that my latest album, "The Medicine Show," is now available at iTunes. Enjoy! - Martin …

The Entheological Paradigm in Action

2009-11-16 Length: 1h 0m 42s

This week I address the subject of how the Entheological Paradigm, as explained in my book, Being Human, could be applied to society at large, especially in the area of education. Topic to most likely be continued in future podcasts . . . Also, our cover art this week is by Maureen "Mo" Murphy. You can find more of Mo's artwork at …

Liberation through Unknowing

2009-11-09 Length: 45m 1s

This week I discuss the idea of transcending personal identity as constructed by culture, religion, politics, etc. through entheogenic awakening and why such an experience is merely the beginning of coming to know yourself and therefore a liberation through unknowing. More art by Sandeep Chandran from for the cover art this week as well. …

Opening to Energy with Entheogens, Part 2

2009-10-26 Length: 1h 3m 24s

We get deeper into the topic of how to explore energy with entheogens and why this kind of work can only be done with entheogens. Also features a re-podcasting of the limited edition "psychedelic artifact" as an example of expressing energy vocally as part of the process of getting to know one's energy. This week's cover art is by Sandeep Chandran of, where he has more psychedelic art for viewing and purchase. …

Opening to Energy with Entheogens, Part 1

2009-10-19 Length: 58m 4s

This week I distinguish the methods of working with entheogens to explore energy from the practices of meditation and the dualism of shamanism and entheogenic religion as discussed in my new book, Being Human: An Entheological Guide to God, Evolution and the Fractal Energetic Nature of Reality …

Introducing Being Human

2009-10-09 Length: 1h 1m 2s

Happy to be back after a month off and introduce my new book, Being Human, An Entheological Guide to God, Evolution, and the Fractal Energetic Nature of Reality - a book that can change your life and change the world! …

God's Signature in Fractal Anatomy

2009-09-10 Length: 51m 36s

Checking in with y'all post-Burning Man and sharing the idea of God's Signature in Fractal Anatomy =) …

Jonathan Goldman and Santo Daime, Part 3

2009-07-21 Length: 1h 2m 29s

We wrap up our epic talk with Jonathan Goldman this week. We discuss the actual court case, the ruling, and what that means for the legal status of DMT containing sacraments in the U.S. ** Minor correction: It's, not .net! …

Jonathan Goldman and Santo Daime, Part 2

2009-07-14 Length: 1h 7m 32s

We continue our talk with Jonathan Goldman from the Church of the Holy Light of the Queen. This week, we discuss how Santo Daime came to the U.S. and how the recent court case got started. Next week, the big conclusion with a win for Religious Freedom! …

Jonathan Goldman, Santo Daime, and Religious Freedom

2009-07-07 Length: 1h 1m 49s

An historic interview with Jonathan Goldman, Padrinho of the Church of the Holy Light of the Queen in Ashland, Oregon. Jonathan led the court case against the federal government to recognize his church members' right to drink Daime, which contains DMT. Part 1 of a 3 part series. This week, Jonathan explains the origins of Santo Daime and his involvement with the Brazilian religion. …

The God Molecule with James Oroc, Part 2

2009-06-30 Length: 52m 51s

More 'Roc! Also, a brief appearance by Hal of the Temple of Awakening Divinity to talk about Oroc's upcoming presentations here in Ashland, Oregon …

5-MeO-DMT, the God Molecule with James Oroc, Part 1

2009-06-23 Length: 1h 1m 23s

This week I talk with James Oroc, author of the new book, Tryptamine Palace, all about my favorite medicine, 5-MeO-DMT. The conversation goes into all kinds of realms including the Akashic field and zero-point energy. Fun! …

Entheology and the Open Current

2009-05-12 Length: 1h 30m 40s

Finally! I reach the end of my ongoing monologue with a wrap up of the main ideas and suggestions for how to cultivate human freedom and responsibility from an entheological perspective. …

Living in Reality, Part 3

2009-05-05 Length: 1h 14m 49s

This week I take on the sacred cow of 2012 and rough it up a little …

Living in Reality, Part 2

2009-04-28 Length: 1h 11m 59s

I continue with the same critical evaluations of systems of thought as last week, with the primary topics this week being Gnostic Christianity and Tibetan Dzogchen. I critique Gnostic dualism and disdain for material reality and critique Dzogchen as not recognizing the ontological status of mathematics and math-derived scientific knowledge. …

Living in Reality and Human Responsibility

2009-04-21 Length: 1h 7m 24s

If our task is to be ourselves, then our responsibility is to live in reality, for we cannot be ourselves if we cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy. To that end, I begin a multi-part discussion of human systems of belief and thought, analyzing from the perspective I've been articulating over the past month. We begin with scientific materialism, the Anthropic Principle, and Christian faith. …

Cosmogenesis and the Liquid Crystal Evolution, Part 2

2009-04-14 Length: 1h 2m 36s

I pick up right where I left off last week and bring us up to the present, along with a possible answer to the question of "Why?" …

Cosmogenesis and the Liquid Crystal Evolution

2009-04-07 Length: 1h 0m 52s

This week I begin to articulate my theory of everything, starting with a basic discussion of some of the fundamental principles of philosophy of science, metaphysics and ontology. To be continued next week and possibly beyond . . . …

Your Personal Interface

2009-03-17 Length: 56m 29s

This week I go a little deeper into who/what we are and how to "tap in" …

The Bio-Energetics of Being

2009-03-10 Length: 55m 38s

It's time for REALITY 101! Here we go!!!!!! …

Light as a Feather

2009-03-03 Length: 55m 30s

This week I share a personal breakthrough of working with a feather . . . …

A Conversation with Bill Richards from Johns Hopkins, Part 2

2009-02-24 Length: 55m 14s

We continue our talk with Bill Richards and I officially announce my trip to Peru with Richard Grossman for this summer. We're looking for adventurous individuals who would like to join us for a two-week exploration into Ayahuasca and the sacred medicines of Peru. Stop by at for details and an application. …

A Conversation with Bill Richards from Johns Hopkins, Part 1

2009-02-17 Length: 51m 28s

This week I interview Bill Richards, one of the lead researchers at Johns Hopkins University in their studies on psilocybin and mystical experience. I also remind everyone to get their tickets to the 5th annual Amazonian Shamanism Conference in Iquitos Peru and mention my name and podcast to help get me down there! …

The Entheogenic Reformation, Part 2 with Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D.

2009-02-02 Length: 58m 11s

We continue our conversation with Thomas B. Roberts with further updates on the Santo Daime trial in Oregon. Also I discuss the 5th Annual Amazonian Shamanism Conference - mention my name and the podcast when you buy your ticket and a small portion will go to help to pay my airfare to get me down to Peru to speak at the conference =) …

The Entheogenic Reformation with Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D.

2009-01-25 Length: 1h 0m 40s

Our guest this week is Thomas B. Roberts, discussing his ideas of the Entheogenic Reformation, the Single State Fallacy, and Academic, Artistic and Religious Freedom regarding entheogen use. Also, we continue with the raffle and I share a couple passages from Albert Hofmann's and Ann and Alexander Shulgin's essays in the book, Entheogens and the Future of Religion, by Robert Forte. …

I Am Water . . .

2009-01-13 Length: 55m 45s

A personal attempt at answering my rhetorical question from last week …

Sound Healing with Dr. Richard Grossman, Part 2

2009-01-08 Length: 48m 41s

We continue our conversation with Dr. Richard Grossman discussing sound healing and ayahuasca …

Sound Healing with Dr. Richard Grossman, Part 1

2009-01-02 Length: 56m 11s

We start off the new year with a talk with Dr. Richard Grossman about his work with ayahuasca and sound healing. Part 1 of a 2 part talk. You can visit his website at Also, this episode features Dr. Grossman's music (didjeridu, gongs, jaw harps). …

Roland Griffiths, Part 2, and the Great Entheogenic Evolution Sweepstakes!

2008-12-18 Length: 1h 5m 30s

We continue our conversation with Roland Griffiths from Johns Hopkins Medical School discussing psilocybin and mystical experience. Also, Hal helps out with announcing the winner of the Entheogenic Evolution Sweepstakes and we discuss how to integrate mystical/entheogenic experiences after the journey. …

Mushrooms, Mysticism and Medicine - Roland Griffiths, Part 1

2008-12-11 Length: 1h 13m 0s

Part 1 of a conversation with Roland Griffiths from Johns Hopkins Medical School discussing their research programs with psilocybin on mysticism and cancer anxiety treatment. To volunteer as a research subject, visit Also, we continue the great Entheogenic Evolution sweepstakes! …

Salvia Divinorum from A-Z with Daniel Siebert, Part 1

2008-11-20 Length: 1h 8m 3s

Daniel Siebert shares everything you've ever wanted to know about Salvia divinorum. In part 1, Daniel talks about the Mazatec Indians and their use of salvia and psilocybin mushrooms. Also, this week I'm happy to say that early release copies of my new book, The Entheogenic Evolution: Psychedelics, Consciousness and Awakening the Human Spirit is now available in paperback and PDF. You can order a copy at or …

Mycelium Messiah - John Rush discusses his new book, Failed God

2008-11-06 Length: 1h 39m 23s

Dr. John Rush discusses the evidence of entheogen use in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity - and yes, he says Jesus is a mushroom - along with his new book, Failed God: Fractured Myth in a Fragile World. …

The Energetic Body of God - an Entheogenic Perspective

2008-10-23 Length: 51m 14s

This week I read an essay from my forthcoming book, the Entheogenic Evolution, where I propose a metaphysics of energy that might explain everything from physical objects to consciousness and living beings. Curious? …

Was Jesus a Mushroom? Interview with Jan Irvin, part 2

2008-10-16 Length: 52m 14s

We continue our conversation with Jan Irvin from about early Christianity and psychedelic mushrooms …

Was Jesus a Mushroom? Interview with Jan Irvin, part 1

2008-10-09 Length: 53m 8s

This is the first in a two-part discussion with Jan Irvin from about John Allegro's research indicating that Jesus was not an actual person but rather a psychedelic mushroom. Jan is the co-author of the book Astrotheology and Shamanism, is the co-producer of The Pharmacratic Inquisition, and is the author of the forthcoming, The Holy Mushroom. All are available at (an earlier version of this episode that had some sound level problems has now been corrected and replaced) …

The Temple of Awakening Divinity

2008-08-11 Length: 56m 33s

This week we visit once again with Hal and learn about the Temple of Awakening Divinity, which uses 5-MeO-DMT as a ceremonial sacrament …

Inner Paths to Outer Space, Part 2

2008-07-20 Length: 45m 38s

Our conversation with Dr. Rick Strassman continues this week with topic ranging from the importance of psychedelic states in the Old Testament to Strassman's vision for the Cottonwood Research Foundation ( …

Inner Paths to Outer Space with Dr. Rick Strassman

2008-07-08 Length: 45m 2s

Rick Strassman shares thoughts on DMT, UFO's, aliens, spiritual realities, psychedelic research and more with a reading of the transcript of the recent interview I did with Strassman in New Mexico. Part 1 of a two-part episode. …

The Shaman Behind the Drum

2008-03-28 Length: 1h 5m 11s

Part I of a 2 part episode with an amazing interview with Timothy White, editor of Shaman's Drum magazine. …

Shamans, Mystics, and the Law, part 2

2008-03-10 Length: 46m 0s

This week I continue the discussion from the previous episode, focusing more on the legal issues surrounding the use of entheogens as a spiritual or religious practice. I talk about the Constitution, the Supreme Court, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, The Native American Church, and the recent decision regarding the UDV's religious use of hosca. …

Shamans, Mystics and the Law

2008-03-03 Length: 58m 25s

The first part of a 2 (or more?) part talk about shamans, mystics, and the law. What is direct spiritual experience? How is it different from religion? Is direct spiritual experience protected by the law, and if not, why? …

Sage of the Shamans

2008-02-25 Length: 54m 35s

It's all about Salvia divinorum this week, plus news about Rick Strassman's Cottonwood Research Foundation …

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