Last update: 2015-04-03

Episode 004 : Hypnosis

2015-04-03 :: The Evil Twin Podcast

In this episode we focus our conversation on the subject of Hypnosis. We take a trip down to the office of Certified Hypnotherapist Jillian Brown (, have a short conversation about her experience with hypnosis and then take turns being put under.

Episode 003a : Daily Deed with Jerry Estiban

2015-03-26 :: The Evil Twin Podcast

We all have daily routines and Jerry Estiban is no different. Her self-hypnosis routine or "Daily Deed" gives her the inner strength and motivation she needs to get through. She also eats potato chips for breakfast.

Episode 003 : Scientology Part 2 of 2

2015-03-19 :: The Evil Twin Podcast

In this episode we continue our conversation with Ex-Scientologist and Critical Thinker at Large Chris Shelton. We discuss mind control tactics of the church, Chris' personal journey out, and how the cult may end.

Episode 002a : Idol Time with Jerry Estiban

2015-03-11 :: The Evil Twin Podcast

In her cold dark studio, Jerry waits patiently for her E-Meter to be delivered. She's doing a little more research online when a sudden knock on the door changes everything. The E-Meter has arrived! Michael is forced to try it first.

Episode 002 : Scientology Part 1 of 2

2015-03-03 :: The Evil Twin Podcast

In this episode we discuss Scientology, take a trip down to the Portland Oregon Ideal Org Center, then head back to the studio for a discussion with Chris Shelton who spent 27 years working at the highest levels in Scientology. For more on Chris check out: and his amazing YouTube channel

Episode 001a : Idol Time with Jerry Estiban

2015-02-28 :: The Evil Twin Podcast

Imagine being a fly on the wall of a men's restroom in a roadside gas station. Welcome to Jerry Estiban's home. After Jerry's traumatic break-up with Taylor John Williams she is refocusing her energy toward "crossing the bridge to total freedom." She learns about the E-Meter and decides to try and locate one.

Episode 001 : Taylor John Williams

2015-02-17 :: The Evil Twin Podcast Length: 1s

In this episode we talk to Taylor John Williams (5th Place Contestant on NBC's The Voice, Season 7) about the mythos of celebrity, how his sudden notoriety has affected his life, and his plans for the future.

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The Evil Twin Podcast - #EVLTWN