Last update: 2011-06-19

Reels, getting credit on IMDB, and DIY filmmaking

2011-06-19 :: Andrea Morris
This episode covers how to get great footage for your reel, how to put together a strong reel and get your reel seen, how to get credit on IMDB, and do-it-yourself filmmaking.…

To Memorize or Not to Memorize: is it better to be cold or off book during auditions?

2011-04-25 :: Andrea Morris Length: 14s
This episode explores memorization techniques and questions such as, is it really more creatively freeing to be off book? And do the pros memorize their lines?…

Headshots: tips for taking great shots, and will headshots soon be obsolete?

2011-04-19 :: Andrea Morris Length: 9s
This episode covers tips about how to relate the the camera, how to smile and laugh authentically in stills and on film sets, and the future of headshots.…

What the Camera Sees: The importance of working on-camera

2011-04-15 :: Andrea Morris Length: 14s
Working to the camera's perspective effects auditions and your relationship with your film or TV director.…

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