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Generation Why - #28 - The Lipstick Killer

2013-06-26 Length: 44m 38s

William Heirens was the longest serving inmate in U.S. history. He confessed to murdering two women and a little girl. To understand how a teenage thief could become known as the notorious Lipstick Killer, one must first go back to the Chicago of the 1940's. A time when the press could print whatever it wished and the police could use just about any means necessary to get a suspect to bend to their will. …

Generation Why - #27 - Dakota Cochrane

2013-06-17 Length: 50m 7s

We interview professional MMA fighter, Dakota Cochrane. One of the sport's most exciting talents, he speaks with us about his training, the positives of mixed martial arts, fighting for Resurrection Fighting Alliance, & lots more. …

Generation Why - #26 - Personal Stories

2013-06-11 Length: 58m 47s

Personal Stories. Justin & Aaron both share personal stories. One involves run-ins with dangerous pedophiles and the other involves a home intruder. We go over the details of these occurrences and discuss what we thought then and what we know now. …

Generation Why - #25 - The Scuba Mystery

2013-05-26 Length: 54m 42s

David Swain & his wife, Shelley Tyre, went on a scuba diving trip in the British Virgin Islands. Leaving friends on a boat awaiting their turn, the couple dove in. After 30 minutes only David would resurface. Once Shelley was located, her lifeless body could not be revived. Was David a murderer? Or was this an unfortunate accident? …

Generation Why - #24 - Kansas City Firefighters Case

2013-05-10 Length: 55m 3s

A November 1988 arson at a construction site set off an explosion ending the lives of six Kansas City Firefighters. Nine years later, five individuals were tried and convicted of the crime. We were joined by Kansas City Star journalist, Mike McGraw, to discuss why this case just doesn't seem to add up. …

Generation Why - #23 - I Have A Dream

2013-04-20 Length: 46m 1s

We discuss the Martin Luther King Assassination and the conspiracies surrounding it. …

Generation Why - #22 - Don't Mess With Texas

2013-04-05 Length: 43m 23s

We discuss the Joe Horn case which involves a Texas man who shot down two men who had burglarized his neighbor's house. In court, he invoked the 'Castle Law' claiming he was defending himself. …

Generation Why - #21 - Pretty Maria

2013-03-26 Length: 44m 55s

The murder of 7 year-old Maria Ridulph in 1957 was shocking enough, but the case would later make history as an arrest was made more than 5 decades later. Would her real killer finally be brought to justice? …

Generation Why - #20- Current MMA

2013-03-13 Length: 1h 17m 28s

We discuss recent MMA events as well as the upcoming welterweight title fight between champ Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz. …

Generation Why - #19 - JonBenet Ramsey

2013-02-24 Length: 1h 8m 6s

At the age of six, JonBenet Ramsey was an American child beauty pageant queen. She would soon garner the attention of the world when she was found murdered in the basement of the family home. Did someone in her family attack her or was this a botched kidnapping? …

Generation Why - #18 - A Man And His Church

2013-02-07 Length: 1h 2m 18s

Geoffrey relays his experiences working with and for various churches. …

Generation Why - #17 - The Case of Jeffrey MacDonald

2013-01-25 Length: 1h 3m 59s

In 1970, a triple homicide occurred in North Carolina. The only survivor of his family, Jeffrey MacDonald, was later tried and convicted of the murders. Was this an open and shut case? Or was there any truth to the claims that a cult was responsible? …

Generation Why - #16 - MMA Promotions

2013-01-14 Length: 57m 16s

We discuss MMA Promotions, the legal plight of Eddie Alvarez, & more, with Dave. …

Generation Why - #15 - West Memphis Three

2012-12-21 Length: 1h 21m 24s

Melissa & Geoffrey join us to discuss the case of the West Memphis Three. Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, & Jessie Misskelley were convicted of the murders of three 8 year-old boys. …

Generation Why - #14 - 9/11

2012-12-07 Length: 1h 16m 59s

We discuss the events of 9/11/01 and the 'Truther' movement that followed. …

Generation Why - #13 - MMA Talk with Dave

2012-11-22 Length: 1h 26m 50s

Dave joins us again to discuss recent UFC outcomes, future fight picks, marijuana in MMA, and the recent signing of the world's top female fighter, Ronda Rowsey. …

Generation Why - #12 - The Walking Dead

2012-11-13 Length: 52m 59s

We discuss The Walking Dead. What it is, how it translates from comic to cable television, where it's headed, and why we love it. …

Generation Why - #11 - Pet Adoption

2012-11-03 Length: 1h 2m 7s

We discuss pet adoption, puppy mills, as well as the Missouri Prop B bill that the Governor and legislature re-wrote despite being passed overwhelmingly by voters. …

Generation Why - #10 - Concealed Carry

2012-10-24 Length: 1h 5m 29s

We discuss Concealed Carry in Missouri, our experiences with the CCW class, and briefly touch on the Trayvon Martin case. …

Generation Why - #09 - History's Mysteries

2012-10-14 Length: 1h 30m 42s

We discuss some strange places and things from around the world.  

Generation Why - #08 - JFK Assassination

2012-09-23 Length: 1h 35m 59s

We discuss the John F. Kennedy assassination. …

Generation Why - #07 - MMA Retirements & Jon Jones

2012-08-30 Length: 1h 28m 30s

Our buddy Dave joins us as we discuss Jon Jones and his refusal to fight Chael Sonnen as well as who should stay and who should go as retirements are concerned in the UFC. …

Generation Why - #06 - The Dark Knight Trilogy

2012-08-21 Length: 1h 15m 10s

We talk about Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. It should be said, there are spoilers in here for those who have yet to see them. …

Generation Why - #05 - Privacy

2012-08-02 Length: 53m 44s

We discuss privacy, as it relates to a right as a citizen of the USA, and whether or not losing it has been worth the price in this post-9/11 world. …

Generation Why - #04 - Piracy

2012-07-24 Length: 1h 21m 5s

We discuss media & content piracy with our friend Adam. …

Generation Why - #03 - MMA All Time Greats

2012-07-03 Length: 1h 29m 22s

We discuss Fedor's recent retirement, his place in all time MMA rankings, and UFC current greats. Note: During the podcast I mention the Barnett-Fedor fight that never happened as being under the Strikeforce promotion. This was simply a brain fart. I should have said Affliction instead. I also didn't get Julio Cesar Chavez's name correct. …

Generation Why - #02 - The Staircase

2012-06-28 Length: 1h 8m 33s

We discuss the events surrounding the death of Kathleen Peterson and the conviction and subsequent release of her husband, Michael, pending a retrial. …

Generation Why - #01 - Jury Duty

2012-06-21 Length: 1h 7m 59s

We discuss Justin's recent experience as a juror in a murder case. …

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