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Shop Closed. Gone Fishin’

2013-06-24 :: Atley Jonas
Just a quick note to everyone regarding the Happy Road Ahead podcast. The show is currently on break until mid-July, due to a move from Japan to Canada. Regular podcasts will resume at that time. Thank you for listening and for your continued support.Podcast website: [...]…

Episode 19 - Get Your Own Treasure House

2013-06-10 :: Atley Jonas
This is the LAST broadcast from Yamanashi, Japan. After this episode, The Happy Road Ahead will take a 4 week holiday to move from Japan to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We will resume podcasts on July 8, 2013. This week, I look at three Zen stories and explore how they each offer different, simultaneous lessons. And what does all that have to do with Tuvan throat singing? Listen in and find out! Show notes are on the Happy Road Ahead website here: [...]…

Episode 18 - Opportunity Costs and the Space-Time Continuum

2013-06-03 :: Atley Jonas
Exploring the philosophy of opportunity costs to bring peace and harmony to your time management skills, and ten tips for optimizing a small space. Then, cat beards and an old, Japanese children’s tale. Show Notes available here: [...]…

Episode 17 - The Do-Good-Later Episode

2013-05-27 :: Atley Jonas
This week, we found a TON of feel-good stories from around the world that will really restore your faith in humanity. Everything from donating Japanese bicycles to developing countries, to many different ways to tell someone they’re doing a good job, to hockey fans in Canada donating big macs to the homeless, to a life-changing tip for one deserving waitress in a small restaurant… And one new, little bonus segment at the end — just for fun! Show Notes: [...]…

Episode 16 - The Iowa Connection - Part II

2013-05-20 :: Atley Jonas
For a second week running, I am joined by special guest co-host, Mark Snell, a non-profit organization management professional. We continue to explore a number of topics related to how Mark has achieved job satisfaction throughout his career, this time focusing on matters related to fundraising and some important life lessons learned from that particular industry.  Show notes: [...]…

Episode 15 - The Iowa Connection - Part I

2013-05-13 :: Atley Jonas
I am joined by special guest co-host, Mark Snell, a non-profit organization management professional. We explore a number of topics related to how Mark has achieved job satisfaction throughout his career, whether he’s serving as the governor of Iowa’s aide-de-camp, to helping globalize the perspectives of junior high school students in rural Japan. Show Notes: [...]…

Episode 14 – I’m Not Bovvered!

2013-05-06 :: Atley Jonas
This week, we take the symbolism of springtime renewal to heart, and explore seven ways to renew our lives. Then, do brain-boosting games actually boost brain power? Or is it just high-tech snake oil? And some quick tips on how not get offended when someone who owes you a “Thank you,” doesn’t! Show Notes: [...]…

Episode 13 – I’ve Decided… To Have a Cup of Coffee!

2013-04-29 :: Atley Jonas
This week’s episode focuses on one CEO’s efforts to help his company’s employees make good life decisions in three interesting ways. The Happy Road Ahead takes a closer look. Also, how a hundred year-old Neapolitan coffee tradition has become a European, and now a worldwide phenomenon, and some advice from British philosopher, Alan Watts, brought to life as a comic strip from a talented artist! Show Notes are on the website: [...]…

Episode 12 - The Sword of Passion

2013-04-22 :: Atley Jonas
The Samurai sword as a metaphor for passion, and getting to the bottom of whether pursuing one’s passion is really the recipe for success. Show notes: [...]…

Episode 11 - Nope! No Cowardly Lion Hiding in Here…

2013-04-15 :: Atley Jonas
We continue with our exploration of the virtues of bushido. This week, courage is the theme, and stories of courageousness. Also, how the 6:1 ratio of criticism can bring happiness to your workplace, and the absurdity of airborne iPads. As always, show notes are located on the website: [...]…

Episode 10 - Samurai Justice

2013-04-08 :: Atley Jonas
This week, The Happy Road Ahead goes back in time, all the way to Episode 4, when we looked at the concept of Bushido — the Samurai Code of Honor, and looks at the virtue of justice, or rectitude. Listen in for a retelling of an ancient, but popular tale of Old Japan, and how it illustrates this concept. Also, learn about finding joy in life’s daily little things, and how giving to others can be uplifting and motivational. Show Notes: [...]…

Episode 9 - Shiawase No Michi

2013-04-01 :: Atley Jonas
This week we change the show format to reflect a Japanese listener base, and take on 10 types of annoying people in our lives! Plus, the rising cost of humor, on this special, April 1st episode of the Happy Road Ahead. Show notes here: [...]…

Episode 8 - Six Ways to Motivate - Part II

2013-03-25 :: Atley Jonas
This week we take a look at the second set of six different types of motivation. We also look at an inspiring 2-year who can teach us a thing or two about American presidents, and an inspirational message that ponders the question: what would the world look like without hatred? Show notes are here: [...]…

Episode 7 - Six Ways to Motivate - Part I

2013-03-18 :: Atley Jonas
This week we take a look at the first three of six different types of motivation, and explore new research on how turning our thoughts into something physical can have real consequences. Show notes: [...]…

Episode 6 - Da Rasta Road Ahead!

2013-03-11 :: Atley Jonas
How can Japanese soccer chants, a chunk of frozen pee, a Jewish photographer arriving late to a Bar Mitzvah, and a Rastafarian train station master all help you deal with the negative people in your life? Find out on the latest episode of The Happy Road Ahead. Show notes: [...]…

Episode 5 - Powers of Nine

2013-03-04 :: Atley Jonas
Part III of a discussion on how understanding our own personality and those around us can result in better interpersonal relationships. A closer look at the Enneagram of Personality. Featuring: Special guest co-host, Brent Conkle — President and CEO of Business Across Cultures in Japan. Show notes: [...]…

Episode 4 - Willpower Not Included

2013-02-25 :: Atley Jonas
But that’s because you won’t need any if you listen to this episode, where we talk about lifestyle changes, what stops us from making them, and how to overcome some of the hurdles! Also, how bushido’s virtue of truthfulness applies to keeping a New Year’s resolution. Show Notes are available at the official website: [...]…

Episode 3 - Don’t Think… FEEEEL!!!

2013-02-18 :: Atley Jonas
This week, we find out what Bruce Lee has in common with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, examine the relationship between bushido and a recent speech by the Dalai Lama, and introduce a Blog site by Clare Law that tells us all about the beautiful things in her life. All that, and more in this week’s episode of The Happy Road Ahead! Show Notes may be found at the podcast official website: [...]…

Episode 1 - Emptying the Cups

2013-02-11 :: Atley Jonas
The pilot episode of The Happy Road Ahead! An introduction to the format of the show and segments, a brief overview of how turning your hobbies into your job can be a fulfilling experience, and a good dose of Zen! Om!!! [...]…

Episode 2 - Just Who Do You Think You Are?

2013-02-11 :: Atley Jonas
Show Notes for Episode 2 Update 3: All files have now been moved to the new server. All previous updates have been moved to the end of this post, as they are now old and no longer relevant. iTunes now reflects the new location of the podcast. The changeover should have been automatic, but just in case your podcatcher is left out in the cold, please use the new iTunes link to subscribe. This week we take a look at the good, bad, and ugly of personality tests. A personality test based on COLOR: This bizarre test will creep you out (but many claim is very accurate): A link to the Lifehacker article mentioned in this week’s podcast: Credits: The Free Music Archive: Zero V (Agree to Disagree album) Freesound.o [...]…

Episode 0 - The Happy Road Ahead

2013-02-11 :: Atley Jonas
Promo for The Happy Road Ahead Podcast. …

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