Last update: 2013-07-01

TIH 144- The Billionaire's Apprentice

2013-07-01 :: Chris Gondek Length: 31s
Anita Raghavan discusses the rise and fall of the Galleon Fund…

TIH 143- Culturematic

2013-06-01 :: Chris Gondek Length: 41s
Grant McCracken talks about the Culturematic process.…

TIH 142- The Great Persuasion

2013-01-16 :: Chris Gondek Length: 39s
Angus Burgin discusses the development of free market thought from the Depression to today.…

TIH 141- Triumphs of Experience

2012-12-03 :: Chris Gondek Length: 32s
George Valliant discusses the findings of the 70 year old Harvard Grant Study.…

TIH 140- Internal Time

2012-10-15 :: Chris Gondek Length: 29s
Till Roenneberg talks about the surprising aspects of sleep, both biologically and socially.…

TIH 139- Volcker

2012-09-15 :: Chris Gondek Length: 25s
William Silber returns to discuss the life of Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker.…

TIH 138- There Is an I in Team

2012-08-15 :: Chris Gondek Length: 34s
Mark DeRond returns to discuss the true lessons that team sports has for business.…

TIH 137- Oracles

2012-07-15 :: Chris Gondek Length: 25s
Chris speaks with Donald N. Thompson about the power and pitfalls of prediction markets.…

TIH 136- The Art of the Sale

2012-06-15 :: Chris Gondek Length: 29s
Chris welcomes back Philip Delves Broughton to talk about the art of salesmanship.…

TIH 38- Images of Organization

2012-05-15 :: Chris Gondek Length: 44s
A remastered version of the October 2006 episode with Gareth Morgan on the use of metaphor in Organizational Development.…

TIH 134- Uprising

2012-03-15 :: Chris Gondek Length: 27s
Uprising: Chris Gondek speaks with marketing executive Scott Goodson about the brand building potential of social movements.…

TIH 133- Paper Promises

2012-02-15 :: Chris Gondek Length: 27s
Paper Promises: Chris Gondek speaks with Philip Coggan of The Economist about the past and future of sovereign debt.…

TIH 9- The Age of Heretics

2012-01-15 :: Chris Gondek Length: 37s
A remastered version of the January 2006 episode with Art Kleiner talking about the men and women who revolutionized Organizational Development.…

TIH 132- Brandwashed

2011-12-15 :: Chris Gondek Length: 28s
Brandwaashed: Chris Gondek speaks with Martin Lindstrom about current practices in stealth marketing.…

TIH 131- Blah Blah Blah

2011-11-15 :: Chris Gondek Length: 32s
Blah Blah Blah: Chris Gondek speaks with Dan Roam about new frontiers in vivid thinking with images.…

TIH 128- The Future of Pharma

2011-08-15 Length: 35m 20s
The Future of Pharma: Chris Gondek speaks with Brian Smith about the changing competitive landscape of the global Pharamceutical industry.…

TIH 127- Pulse

2011-07-15 Length: 32m 0s
Pulse: Chris Gondek welcomes Douglas Hubbard back to the show to discuss the dramatic advancement on using the internet as a social and business research tool.…

TIH 126- Crises and Opportunities

2011-06-15 Length: 29m 24s
Crises and Opportunities: Chris Gondek interviews Youssef Cassis about the aftermath of bank crises.…

TIH 125- Blind Spots

2011-05-30 Length: 29m 11s
Blind Spots: Chris Gondek interviews Ann Tenbrunsel about ethical blind spots.…

TIH 124- Knowledge Workers in a Sentient City

2011-05-15 Length: 25m 51s
Sentient City: Chris Gondek interviews Laura Forlano about Project: Breakout.…

TIH 123- Overconnected

2011-04-30 Length: 33m 3s
Overconnected: Chris Gondek interviews Bill Davidow about the negative aspects of being overconnected on the internet.…

TIH 122- As One

2011-04-15 Length: 26m 26s
As One: Chris Gondek interviews Mehrdad Baghai about the As One Leadership Project.…

TIH 121- Failure By Design/Social Apponomics

2011-03-30 Length: 25m 22s
Failure By Design/Social Apponomics: Chris Gondek interviews Rita Gunther McGrath and Matt Anderson about their articles in HBR and S+B.…

TIH 120- Why Everyone Else Is a Hypocrite

2011-03-15 Length: 28m 46s
Why Everyone Else Is a Hypocrite: Chris Gondek interviews Rob Kurzban about the modular model of the mind.…

TIH 119- Starstruck

2011-02-14 Length: 27m 52s
Starstruck: Chris Gondek interviews Elizabeth Currid-Halkitt about the business of celebrity.…

TIH 109- How to Measure Anything

2010-07-15 Length: 34m 54s
How to Measure Anything: Chris Gondek interviews Douglas Hubbard about how to measure intangibles in business.…

TIH 94- Liquidated: An Ethnography of Wall Street

2009-11-15 Length: 36m 14s
Liquidated: Chris Gondek speaks with Karen Ho about her anthropological study of the world of investment banking.…

TIH 129- Codes of Finance

0000-00-00 :: Chris Gondek Length: 40s
Codes of Finance: Chris Gondek speaks with Vincent Antonin Lepinay about internal confusions within a bank that develops exotic financial instruments.…

TIH 130- Generation X

0000-00-00 :: Chris Gondek Length: 27s
Generation X: Chris Gondek speaks with Lauren Leader-Chivee about Generation X.…

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