Last update: 2009-07-07

Arts Education

We chat with John Abodeely, Manager of Arts Education at Americans for the Arts, Therese Quinn, Associate Professor of Art Education at School of the Art Institute Chicago, and Tom DeCaigney, Executive Director, Performing Arts Workshop. …

Teaching About the Birds and the Bees: Research on Sex Ed and Abstinence Training

We chatted with Laura Lindberg, Senior Research Associate at the Guttmacher Institute about the role of nonprofit research in the debate about comprehensive sex ed and abstinence training. …

Disabilities and Employment

With daily news of mass layoffs we asked ourselves -- if it's difficult for millions of able-bodied Americans to find and keep employment, what is the situation like for people with disabilities (PWD)? We interviewed three experts in the field from nonprofits and a university-based research center. …

Voting and Elections

A podcast about how the results of the November 4, 2008 election might affect future social issue research. We interviewed two nonprofit groups that focus on voting and elections. Podcast accompanies a special collection of research from across the US that presents startling facts about the flaws in our electoral system and inspiring case studies about how reforms are opening the polls up to millions more voters.…

About this podcast:

The IssueLab Podcast: Bringing Nonprofit Research Into Focus

IssueLab is an open access archive of research produced by nonprofit organizations and university-based research centers. The archive spans and cross-references 35 social issue areas. Check out our bi-monthly issue CloseUp which includes podcasts of interviews with researchers, research consumers, and organizations.

The IssueLab Podcast: Bringing Nonprofit Research Into Focus