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#23 James Young

2014-07-30 Length: 49s

James Young is the co-owner of the iconic Melbourne rock venue Cherry Bar, and founder of the best annual alternative music festival in Australia - Cherry Rock.  In this episode we talk about the threat to venues from developers and councils, the live music scene's health and ongoing innovation, and whether Melbourne really does trump Sydney in the rock'n'roll stakes.  We also touch on how Melbourne manages to consistently produce such brilliant acts, with two bands in particular getting high praise from James: King of the North and Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene...





#22 Matt Emery & Larry Boxshall

2014-07-20 Length: 1s

Matt Emery is a comic book artist and publisher, and Larry Boxshall is a writer, film maker, podcaster and all-round pervert.  Both of them join me at the Palace Hotel, South Melbourne, to discuss the hottest things going in Geekdom - film, comic books and more!  We figure out what is really 'cool', solve the problem of gender equity in cinema, and why Americans have the nasty habit of getting caught in huge sculptural German vaginas!


Check out the following links for more info:

#21 Dr Adrian Brown

2014-06-24 Length: 1s

An interview with Dr Adrian Brown from NASA Ames and the SETI Institute.  We discuss NASA's current endeavours on Mars, the search for life in other parts of the Solar System and outside it, and how data from Mars' climate can help us better understand our own climate on Earth.  We also touch on science education, women in science, some of the other leaders in space science, and future NASA projects...


You can follow Adrian on twitter at his SETI Talks handle:




For more information on the Australian Space Prize, see:


See also the following websites for more information on the Mars Science Laboratory, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, NASA Ames and SETI:



#20 Craig Ising - World Cup Special

2014-06-08 Length: 1s

Craig Ising is a musician, writer, actor, father, man-about-town, and all-round bon vivant. He is an expatriate Australian living in Inverness, Scotland.


Craig and I talk up and analyse the upcoming FIFA World Cup. We look at the Socceroos' chances in the Group of Death, review each qualifiers' group, and discuss who is likely to progress through to the round of 16, and then on to the final.  We question whether or not England will fail again, can any African nation feature beyond the group stage, who exactly is going to take home the chocolates, and if there is a 'Group of Death', then must there also be a 'Group of Life'?  This is a must for anyone interested in world football!



#19 Craig Fryers

2014-06-01 Length: 1s

Craig Fryers is a graphic artist, composer and musician.  He plays bass in Melbourne bands Mushroom Giant and El Colosso.  In this episode Craig and I pose the big questions on life, politics and religion - somehow we miss out on sex- and go a long way to solving the World's problems.  Christianity, Islam, atheism, Tony Abbott, morality, hypocrisy, racism, the legacy of slavery in the United States, Darwinian evolution, cosmology, the genocide of indigenous Australians - no topic was untouched or untouchable.  And all in an hour and a half!


Music in the podcast is from Mushroom Giant's brilliant new album, Painted Mantra.  Intro track is Event Loop, outro track is The Drake Equation.  Used with permission.







#18 Matt Lockhart (Vansman23)

2014-05-11 Length: 1s

Matt Lockhart is an articulated comic book art photographer and artiste.  After what had been a difficult week for the both of us (for very different reasons), we make a supreme effort to refocus and get back to getting high on life, and talk about whatever the hell we want to talk about.  Recorded on location at Play in Bourke St, Melbourne, with many thanks to Rex for allowing us the free run of the basement - now known as Podcast Central.


Matt hates twitter, so you can connect with him via instagram:




Check out ACBA on facebook:

#17 Dr Sian Mitchell

2014-05-05 Length: 1s

Dr Sian Mitchell is a lecturer and cinema/film acedemic.  We discuss the role of cinema in society, the portrayal of sex, violence and women in the artform, and what relevance it has in an age of digital technology and small-screen devices...



#16 Jayne Lewis

2014-04-21 Length: 1s

Jayne Lewis is head brewer at Two Birds Brewing, a Melbourne-based craft beer producer.  Jayne is a scientist, an artist, and avid lover of fine brews, and her passion for her product shines through in our conversation!


We discuss trends in brewing, the rise and rise of craft beer, dreaming up (literally) new products, and being a Ken Grossman (Sierra Nevada) fangirl!






#15 Lindsay Webb

2014-04-19 Length: 1s

Lindsay Webb is an Australian comedian performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in his show, "Who Are You?  What Do You Do?".


Lindsay has toured around Australia, and internationally, performing at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Indianapolis Fringe Festival, MICF, and many others.



Koops on Pizza Beer Revolution


This week i am one of the featured guests on the excellent Pizza Beer Revolution podcast!  I speak with the hosts of PBR Mike Pullano, Chris Ippolito and Joe Maffei, about Aussie beer, kangaroos and that sonofabitch Chris Christie...


Check out PBR at their website:


or iTunes:


and also on Youtube!

#14 Ed Wyatt

2014-03-17 Length: 1s

A conversation with sports journalist, commentator, writer, producer - Jesus!  Is there nothing Ed Wyatt DOESN'T do? 


Recorded at the Palace Hotel in South Melbourne, with some of the sounds of the Australian Grand Prix in the background, my conversation with Ed spans his growing up in Portland, cutting his teeth on comedy in Seattle, and his journey to Australia.  Currently working with SEN Sports Radio in Melbourne, Ed is also known for his hosting Superbowls on Channel 10, and is the voice of football (the roundball version) for home Melbourne Victory and Melbourne Heart games in the so-called (self-appointed) "Sporting Capital of the World"...



#13 Tha Mike Pilot

2014-02-09 Length: 1s

Tha Mike Pilot is the co-host of The Mediocre Show (America's longest running independent podcast), is also the co-creator, host and producer of the comedy/science podcast Obviously Oblivious, and co-host of the greatest Star Wars podcast in the galaxy:  Full of Sith.

Take my word for it - Mike is a stand-out kind of guy, and this conversation was a real serious pleasure.  Be sure to check out the links below for more info!



#12 The Music

2014-02-02 Length: 2s

Starting from the 1970s, and weaving through all the way to my current tastes and influences, I take a look at the music that has shaped me and worked deep into my psyche.  This is about as general a summary possible - in this program I barely touch on my interest in classical music, and make only passing reference to the musicals my mother listened to that I too so loved.  There was always music playing in my house when I was a young boy, and even now, with three young children of my own, I love nothing more than when my kids ask about the music I play, or make requests of their own.

Pop a bottle, slip on some headphones and enjoy. 

*I've tried to keep the bit-rate as high as possible in the compression process, to better serve and honour the original music included herein...




#11 Mike Pullano

2014-01-22 Length: 1s

In this episode I chat with Mike Pullano, one of the co-hosts of my favourite podcast Pizza Beer Revolution.  Mike is a teacher, with a background in TV production, as well as being involved in one of his great passions - ice hockey - as host of the New York Rangers' Blueshirt Buzz.  I first connected to Mike via social media, as an unashamed fanboy of the brilliant PBR podcast.  The thing that really hit me about his show was how much it was like listening to my own friends - such similar interests and sense of humour!  Frightening!  Maybe it's a New Jersey thing, but it's wonderful to hear so much irony and self-deprecating humour in the American vernacular - PBR goes a long way towards dispelling the myth that Americans 'don't get' irony.

So, you know what to do.  Grab a couple of bottles of your favourite beer, kick back, and crank that smartphone to 11!

Who wants to play 'Top or Bottom'?



#10 Mancave Part 3

2013-12-28 Length: 1s

Taking stream-of-consciousness to new lows, this epidsode of the Koops Podcast sees a return to the Mancave, hosted by the incomparable Ernesto Raymundo Ortega.  We shamelessly indulge our penchant for fine ales, both imported and local, and spend time raving on about complete and utter garbage.  A warning:  both Ernesto and I are clearly affected by the excellent Belgian ales, and by the time the top-end Sierra Nevada comes out, the recording descends into near madness.  So grab a bottle of your finest, kick back and enjoy the shambles!

#9 David Carr

2013-12-08 Length: 2s

A wonderful and relaxed discussion with David Carr, musician and music producer. 

Recorded at David's house and studio in the hills outside Melbourne, we talk music, touring, recording, cosmology, file sharing/piracy, gear and the current state of the recording industry.  Fascinating to get the insider's low-down...

Connect to David on twitter:  @davidedwincarr

#8 Larry Boxshall

2013-12-07 Length: 3s



A sunny Saturday in early summer, some fine cold beer, and time spent having a conversation with filmmaker and pop-culture fanatic, the great Larry Boxshall.




This podcast was recorded on location at the Palace Hotel, in South Melbourne.  They have some goddammed fine craft ales from both local and international breweries.  We sampled the 3 Ravens American Pale Ale (Melbourne) and the Bridgeport Kingpin Double Red Ale (Portland, Oregon).  Both were sensational!


Thanks to Jess at the Palace Hotel for looking after us!


Palace Hotel - 505 City Road, South Melbourne.  @The_PalaceHotel



#7 Eddie Murphy

2013-11-09 Length: 2s

If we can't listen to another's stories, then we can't learn - it's as simple as that.

My guest on this episode is Eamonn (Eddie) Murphy, one of the great story tellers I've encountered.  We discuss his journey from Longford in the 1960s to Melbourne in the 21st Century, his passion for stories, the lost art of letter writing, politics and family.  A wonderful 3 hours!

The lesson learned here is, of course - never get an Irishman started on a story not yet finished!

A special note:  there is approximately 30 minutes missing from the end of the podcast - there seemed to be a problem with encoding from the source file.  Sincere apologies to Eamonn...

#6 Ben Longley & Jarrad Dawson - Witness the Fitness

2013-10-30 Length: 2s

No, this is not a 2-hour homage to Roots Manuva, but rather a conversation about health and well-being, martial arts, nutrition and freedom.  This episode of the Koops Podcast covers ALL bases...

My mention of the "MacPherson Shale" at around the 1 hour 50 minute mark should've been referencing the Burgess Shale. Check out the Wikipedia listing for more info...

#5 The Guzumo

2013-10-30 Length: 2s

Matt Emery, comics publisher, writer and artist extraordinaire, guests on The Koops Podcast.  Smashing all things pop culture related, we talk cinema, music, art and sex - not necessarily in that order.  A pleasure was had by all...


Oh, apologies to Rick McCallum, who I referred to as 'Rick Berman' at one stage.  I'm sure you'll get over it. Also, Tokyo is, of course, on the island of Honshu, not Kyushu as I stated at some stage or other...

#4 Jody Kruger - Just Playing Games

2013-10-30 Length: 1s

Gaming.  It’s all just a bunch of child’s play.  Except the industry turns over billions every year, and invests many, many millions in development.  You thought the movie industry was big?  Hollywood is not a patch on the gaming biz.  This week we saw the release of the biggest game title of the year – Grand Theft Auto V.  Violent, sexy, immersive, controversial – pretty much all bases covered in the flagship brand for Rockstar Games.


I’m talking to Jody Kruger – a game designer and player (yes, a gaming obsessive) -  about GTA-V, the future of gaming, misogyny, violence and the potential for education in games and games technology.

#3 Mancave - Parts 1&2

2013-10-30 Length: 1s

Welcome to the hidden and secret world of the Mancave.  The place where grown men seek refuge from reality, and practice the ancient rites of indulgence…


With Ernesto Raymundo Ortega.

#2 Lisa Renkin Discussing the Effort to Combat HIV in China & Tibet

2013-10-30 Length: 45s

When a new government comes to power brandishing mandates like a machete, few consider the effect a slash in foreign aid can have. With no immediate – or at least easily identifiable – fiscal return to the nation’s economy, foreign aid makes for an easy target.


In this conversation with Lisa Renkin, an International Health Specialist and Fellow with the Burnet Institute, we look at the efforts being undertaken by this Australian NGO in the fight against HIV in China, and explore some of the benefits that come with such working relationships.

#1 What Does a 10-Year-Old Really Think?

2013-10-30 Length: 36s

All too often adults discount and pretty much ignore the ideas and opinions of young, young people. In this episode of The Koops Podcast, I interview my son, Orion, and ask him about what kids think about sex, drugs, religion, peer group pressure, and hopes and fears for the future.

There is an issue with the audio levels at the start of “What Do 10-Year-Olds REALLY Think?”, but this issue has now been corrected. Stay tuned for the next conversation…

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