Last update: 2015-03-19

LPPC 103: On The Go

2015-03-19 :: Larry Price

Larry returns after a two month hiatus. In his desperation to somehow fit podcasting into his weekly schedule, he decides to produce in a more convenient format. He talks work issues, school, and how long boarding has become his new hobby.

LPPC 102: Keeping It To Myselfie

2015-01-26 :: Larry Price

To me and to you. For better or for worse. Today and maybe tomorrow. Who knows?

LPPC 101: The Battle Of The Five Armies

2014-12-31 :: Larry Price

To wrap up the trilogy and the year of 2014. Special guest David Albertson.

LPPC 100: Larry’s Real Dad

2014-11-03 :: Larry Price

In this, the most important episode of #LPPC, Larry learns the truth of his origins by talking with the man he didn’t know about for over 20 years.

LPPC 99: Mr. Franks

2014-10-27 :: Larry Price

Stubbing the big toe, Fresno Fair shark attack, the Zodiac Killer, and Star Wars dreams.

LPPC 98: Gabbie Rae

2014-10-20 :: Larry Price

Today, Larry interviews young rock artist Gabbie Rae. Hear about her viral cover of “Rainbow In The Dark”, her musical inspirations, how she balances school and her career, and more!

Watch the video for Gabbie’s new single “Scream“! To find more about Gabbie Rae: Official Website Facebook Twitter ReverbNation …

LPPC 97: Foundation 4 Heroes

2014-10-13 :: Larry Price

Today, Larry interviews Mike Koslofsky from Foundation 4 Heroes. They are a non-profit organization that uses the magic of cosplay to uplift and inspire children. You can find more about them at the links below.

Foundation 4 Heroes Main Site Foundation 4 Heroes Facebook Foundation 4 Heroes Twitter …

LPPC 96: New Theme Song?

2014-10-06 :: Larry Price

The debut of the new #LPPC theme song. Do we keep it, or stick with the original? You decide! Send your thoughts to Larry on Facebook or Twitter.

Also: A Walk Among The Tombstones, The Drop, VHS 2, Larry falling through a ceiling, and getting shot in the eye with pencil lead. Dillon Mercure’s Website Dillon Mercure’s YouTube Derek Overby’s SoundCloud  …

LPPC 95: Dillon Mercure

2014-09-29 :: Larry Price
Larry’s good buddy filmmaker/writer/photographer/musician Dillon Mercure, stops by to talk about his life and the theory behind gangs, social media paranoia, and what kind of chips they like. Click on the link below to visit Dillon’s website:

LPPC 94: The Gingerbread Man

2014-09-24 :: Larry Price

Tusk review, Gotham review, in-class essays, and a hell of a story about my experience with a real Gingerbread Man.

LPPC 93: The Fort

2014-09-16 :: Larry Price

Math homework, Football game, and finding the fort.

LPPC 92: Today?

2014-09-04 :: Larry Price

Writing articles, mineral rights, and re-watching The Dark Knight Trilogy.

LPPC 91: Larry Goes To School

2014-08-26 :: Larry Price

The death of a friend, the return to the classroom, and a mission to end the real evil in the world.

LPPC 90: The Notes

2014-08-14 :: Larry Price

Raising awareness, Robin Williams, The Mega-Vacation, Pet Peeves, and being criticized from using a handicap stall.

LPPC 89: David Albertson

2014-08-01 :: Larry Price

Introducing a new Guest Star, David Albertson. Son of Larry’s girlfriend. Hear as he joins Larry in the quest to get to 100 episodes.

(Description written by David Albertson) …

LPPC 88: Paranormal Eviction

2014-07-23 :: Larry Price

What is Paranormal Eviction? Larry’s greatest regret? Or has it evolved into his favorite episode of LPPC thus far? Hear Larry and Arthur’s master plan to terrify one of his former roommates into moving out and documenting it on film in the process. Recorded at the House Of Nelson.

LPPC 87: Peanuts And Coke

2014-07-17 :: Larry Price

Apparently, it’s a thing. This Coke and peanuts. Hear Larry and Arthur’s reactions to this new experience. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, Larry’s latest hospital visit, and the fall of Cornelius on this edition of LPPC.

LPPC 86: Geeking Out

2014-07-09 :: Larry Price

Time. Our record broken. Or are we a broken record?

Recorded in the House Of Nelson. Larry and Arthur go on eBay, talk about Pokemon, Banjo-Kazooie, and a slew of other geeky stuff. …

LPPC 85: Arthur Dies

2014-06-21 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

LPPC 84: Killer Whales

2014-06-09 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Like Wolverine in X-Men: DOFP, Larry’s consciousness has travelled to the past to recall a memory long forgotten. If you take anything away from this week’s episode, remember this: Killer Whales are black. With white spots on them.

LPPC 83: Larry Of Future Past

2014-05-31 :: Larry Price Length: 52s

Larry updates the past, explores the present, and contemplates the future. Oh yeah- he talks about the new X-Men movie too. And his credit score.

LPPC 82: Permission To Blow

2014-03-26 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Arthur Nelson returns to discuss Hannibal season two, his upcoming wedding, vindicating dead animals, and wanting the permission to flip out at work.

LPPC 81: Untitled

2014-03-25 :: Larry Price Length: 55s

Back from the depths of hell, LPPC returns.

LPPC 80: End Of Days

2014-02-03 :: Larry Price Length: 42s

A small era of Larry’s life comes to an end as another begins. On his final day as a Ride Operator, he discusses a horribly useless training class that was usefully given to him on his last day.

“Health Update with Brandon Wladyko” gives us tips on what to do when our body is finally consumed by sickness…
And finally, Larry reviews the mighty, Mega Stuf Oreos!
If you have a question or comment, you can find Larry on Facebook and Twitter! …

LPPC 79: Car Salesman

2014-01-30 :: Larry Price Length: 41s

Hear what craziness can happen in a day in the life of Larry Price! Career changes in the works…

“Health Update with Brandon Wladyko” continues to tell us which supplements can aid us during cold and flu season.
Larry’s Reviews: Dallas Buyers Club and The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty.
If you have a question or comment you can find Larry on Facebook and Twitter! …

LPPC 78: Entrapment

2014-01-18 :: Larry Price Length: 58s

Live from the House Of Nelson! Hear how Larry was accused of “child entrapment”.

“Health Update with Brandon Wladyko” tells us what supplements to keep an eye out for during cold and flu season.
Larry’s Reviews: Her, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Blue Is The Warmest Colour, and more!
The “Absolute” question is, “If you could change into the opposite sex for one day, what would you do in that day?”
If you have a question you can find Larry on Facebook and Twitter! …

LPPC 77: A Rough Agenda

2014-01-08 :: Larry Price Length: 45s

Recovering from sickness, and from “No Agenda”, LPPC returns…

“Health Update with Brandon Wladyko” appropriately begins to tell us how to survive cold and flu season.
Larry’s Reviews: Snapple Apple, Oreo Brownie, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, and More!
If you have a question or comment, you can find Larry on Facebook and Twitter! …

LPPC 76: No Agenda New Years Eve 2014

2013-12-31 :: Larry Price Length: 44s

Larry talks about the new stresses of his job after being cross-trained on this New Years Eve addition of “No Agenda”!

LPPC 75: No Agenda Christmas Eve 2013

2013-12-24 :: Larry Price

On this frigid day in Larry’s hometown of Lemoore, California, we return to our “No Agenda” series. No scripts, no format, NO agenda!

LPPC 74: The Desolation Of Smaug

2013-12-16 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Return to Middle Earth this week on LPPC as Larry reviews The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug.

“Health Update with Brandon Wladyko” gives us the DL on Chlorella and Spirulina.
A new segment debuts as well! “Larry’s Dreams” is where you will hear what goes on when Larry shuts his eyes.
Larry’s Reviews: Burger King Big King, Jack in the Box’s Fajita Ranch Melt, Aveeno Active Naturals Shaving Gel and more!
If you have a question or comment, you can find Larry on Facebook and Twitter! …

LPPC 73: One Year Anniversary

2013-12-12 :: Larry Price Length: 16s

This episode marks the first birthday of LPPC!

In this brief episode, Larry recalls his experience with the show so far.
Thank You to: Derek Overby, Joe Taormina, Arthur Nelson, Zane Jacobs, Giovanni DeFendis, Joei Conwell, Shaopin Tsui, Jordan Bach, Eric Johnston, Katherine Stewart, Michael Mendoza, KaLel George, David Gold, Allyse Garza, Robyn Mote, Michael Newman, Toby Reyes, Tarun Keram, Meghan Ortiz, Brandon Wladyko, the nurses at that hospital in Wichita, and everyone who has taken the time to give a LPPC a listen. We hope you’ll continue to listen. …


2013-12-09 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Larry finally divulges his obsession with the band KISS. He relives the memory of seeing them live and catching a guitar pick from Paul Stanley. A magical tale.

“Health Update with Brandon Wladyko” gets down to the nitty-gritty about Soy Protein. 
Larry’s Reviews: Shame, The Hunt, Talk is Jericho, KFC Go Cup, and more!
The “Absolute” question today is “Would you rather control time or gravity?”
If you have a question or comment, you can find Larry on Facebook and Twitter! …

LPPC 71: Dreams

2013-12-05 :: Larry Price Length: 56s

Larry goes solo for the first time in 5 months. Will he make it through this episode alive? 

Today, he talks about dreams. How exciting, disappointing, and utterly terrifying they can be.
On “Health Update with Brandon Wladyko”, we learn all about the wonders of Pumpkin Seed Protein.
Larry’s Reviews: Pizza Hut 3 Cheese Stuffed Crust, Jack In The Box’s Chocolate Overload Cake, VHS, My Amityville Horror, and more!
The “Absolute” question today is, “If you could choose how you would die, then how would it be?”
If you would like to send in a question or comment, you can find Larry on Facebook and Twitter! …

LPPC 70: Growing Up (and how the movies made us afraid to do so)

2013-11-26 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Arthur is back! He and Larry discuss growing up and how the movies set their standards of expectations.

“Health Update with Brandon Wladyko” has one final note on rice, and brings us new info on Golden Pea Protein.
Larry’s Reviews: The Hunger Games Catching Fire, Snow White’s Scary Adventures, Muppetvision 3D, Artie Lange’s Crash and Burn, and more!
The Absolute question today is, “Do you have any belongings that you intend to own forever?”
If you have a question or comment, you can find Larry on Facebook and Twitter! …


2013-11-19 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Eric Johnston. Comedian, Actor, Writer, Renaissance Man. He returns to discuss all of his adventures from 2013. On the road with Tom Green, starting a production company, smoking with the Iron Sheik, and more!

On “Health Update with Brandon Wladyko”, Hemp and Rice Proteins. No weed jokes please.
Larry’s Reviews: Taco Bell’s Triple Stacked Steak, Everyman Jack 2-in-1 Shampoo, and Marley and Me (the book and the movie).
The Absolute question is: Would you rather have free Starbucks for a year, or free iTunes music forever?
If you’d like to send in a question, you can find Larry on Facebook and Twitter! …

LPPC 68: Phobias

2013-11-09 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Phobias! What do you fear? Joei Conwell returns to discuss strange and common phobias with Larry. 

Brandon Wladyko begins his chapter on vegetarian sourced proteins. Is is better to go the alternative route?
On “Larry’s Reviews”, Lady Gaga’s Artpop, 12 Years A Slave, Thor: The Dark World, The Devil’s Advocate, Sugar Free Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pop Tarts and more!
On “Absolutes”: Would you survive if you were in a horror movie?
If you have a question for Larry, you can find him on Facebook and Twitter! …

LPPC 67: Remakes, Reboots, And Reimaginings

2013-11-01 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Rookie Cop is back! Shaopin Tsui is here to talk “Remakes, Reboots, and Reimaginings” with Larry. What makes a good remake? When is it time for a series reboot? 

Brandon Wladyko talks with us about egg white protein on “Health Update”.
Larry’s Reviews: Bad Grandpa, Ender’s Game, Odori Sushi, and El Taco!
The “Absolute” question today is: Would you rather have a bell go off every time you were aroused, or have a sharp pain in your side every time someone says your name?
If you would like to ask Larry a question, you can find him on Facebook and Twitter! …

LPPC 66: Arthur’s Top Superhero Movies

2013-10-27 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

LPPC would first like to thank PodBean for last week making us a “Featured” podcast and this week naming us “Podcast Of The Week”. Very cool!

In response to Larry’s “Top Horror Movies” list, Arthur brings us his “Top Superhero Movies” list. Which will be the “Godfather” (if you will) of the superhero movies?
“Health Update with Brandon Wladyko” concludes with his final word on whey proteins. Next week, egg whites.
On “Larry’s Reviews”: Knott’s Scary Farm, Machete Kills, Carrie, Jack In The Box’s Exploding Cheesy Chicken, Mountain Dew Game Fuel, and more…
For “Absolutes” the question is, “Would you rather hiccup constantly or always feel like you had to sneeze?”
If you’d like to send in a question or just want [...]…

LPPC 65: Larry’s Top Horror Movies

2013-10-17 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Thanks to those who listened to the premiere of Season 2! Your feedback was much appreciated.

Today, Larry discusses his top horror movies list. Which will be number one? Any guesses?
“Health Update with Brandon Wladyko” goes even deeper into the world proteins. Are you checking your labels?
On “Larry’s Reviews”: Portillo’s Chocolate Cake Shake, Alpha Brain, Disney’s Dole Whip, Mountain Dew Distortion/Typhoon, Captain Phillips, Toy Story Of Terror, Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train, and more!
For “Absolutes”, Larry revisits a survey Arthur took about him in 2010 to see Arthur will answer the questions the same way now.
If you’d like to ask a question, you can find Larry on Facebook and Twitter! …

Season 2 Premiere

2013-10-14 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

We’re back! On this Season 2 Premiere episode, Larry and Arthur talk about the recent hiatus and what’s changed with show.

Also, the debut of our new artwork by Joe Taormina!
On “Health Update with Brandon Wladyko”, he starts his series on protein. What is the best? Am I getting enough? How much do I need?
Today, Larry reviews “Curse Of Chucky”, “Prisoners”, “Sinister”, the Filet-O-Fish, the Wendy’s Triple Cheese Burger, and Taco Bell’s Brownie Sandwich.
The “Absolute” question today is, “If you could step inside the shoes of a disabled person for one day, what disability would you choose?”
Also, Larry talks about his recent Psychic reading and his first time smoking a hookah! …

LPPC 63: No Agenda Epsilon

2013-07-18 :: Larry Price Length: 40s

The Larry Price Podcast is going on an indefinite hiatus. We leave you with yet another edition of our “No Agenda” series.

LPPC 62: Larry In The ER

2013-07-16 :: Larry Price Length: 19s

Hear about Larry’s recent trip to the ER.

LPPC 61: The Tattoo Artist

2013-07-11 :: Larry Price Length: 18s

Ever wondered what it’s like to stick in a needle in someone’s skin and create a piece of art on their body? Meet Meghan Ortiz. She’s a tattoo artist. She’s pretty good at what she does.

LPPC 60: Desecration

2013-07-09 :: Larry Price

Force-feeding Mos Def, defending Lil Wayne, The Lone Ranger, and the mystery of Marlon Brando’s clapper.

LPPC 59: Dead Dogs and Books

2013-07-04 :: Larry Price

Larry gives his thoughts on the recent viral video of a dog being shot to death. He also discusses his relationship with books and how many he and his friends have read.

LPPC 58: Social Media Syndrome

2013-07-02 :: Larry Price Length: 15s

Larry expresses his opinion on social media. What he uses, and how it affects his life negatively and positively.

LPPC 57: Shao’s Audition

2013-06-27 :: Larry Price

After a long hiatus Shaopin Tsui returns to LPPC! He tells Larry about a recent audition experience.

LPPC 56: Hannibal Season One

2013-06-25 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Larry and Arthur give their thoughts on the first season of “Hannibal” as well as make predictions about the future of the show.

LPPC 55: Arthur Is Special

2013-06-20 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Arthur Nelson seeks counsel from Larry.

LPPC 54: Existential Quantifier

2013-06-18 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Take a ride through space and time with Larry and his special guest, David Gold.

LPPC 53: Man Of Steel

2013-06-15 :: Larry Price Length: 11s

Larry gives his review of “Man Of Steel”.

LPPC 52: Drugs And Alcohol

2013-06-13 :: Larry Price

Larry talks about his limited use of drugs and alcohol.

LPPC 51: Acne

2013-06-11 :: Larry Price Length: 26s

Larry talks about his 10 year struggle with ACNE!

LPPC 50: Ghosts

2013-06-06 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

David Gold Skypes in to talk with Larry about ghosts. Expect to be educated and terrified.

LPPC 49: Voicemail

2013-06-04 :: Larry Price

Strange voicemails. We all get them. Who the hell is this person? What are they saying?

LPPC 48: Tarun Legacy

2013-05-30 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Well, sort of. Meet Tarun Keram! An actor in Vancouver. The general consensus seems to be that this guy is just the best dude ever. See for yourself.

LPPC 47: Twisted

2013-05-28 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Arthur Nelson returns, and he Larry talk about some pretty twisted stuff. Satanists, NAMBLA, you name it.

LPPC 46: Toby

2013-05-22 :: Larry Price Length: 56s

Today Larry goes on an unforgettable journey with his good friend Toby. Name changes, and old women paying for their dead husbands phone bill. You gotta hear this one.

LPPC 45: The Maiden Voyage

2013-05-14 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Larry Price, Arthur Nelson, Jordan Bach, Robyn Mote, Michael Newman, and Allyse Garza bring characters to life with a fun reading of Arthur’s new story “The Maiden Voyage”.

LPPC 44: David Gold

2013-05-09 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Today, Larry steps into the mind of one of his good friends. Actor David Gold Skypes in!

LPPC 43: No Agenda Delta

2013-05-07 :: Larry Price

After attempting to solve our technical difficulties, LPPC is BACK! No Agenda Delta! Where will we go? What will we see? No one knows…

LPPC 42: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

2013-04-25 :: Larry Price Length: 41s

Larry tells the complete history of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” series.

LPPC 41: No Agenda Gamma

2013-04-23 :: Larry Price Length: 46s

Yet another edition of No Agenda! “There’s no earthly way of knowing, which direction we are going…”

LPPC 40: Guns

2013-04-19 :: Larry Price Length: 6s

Larry throws himself into gun-talk.

LPPC 39- Skin, TV Shows, and Tragedies

2013-04-18 :: Larry Price Length: 55s

Larry talks about his recent trip to a dermatologist, and is joined by Arthur to talk about the recent tragedy at the Boston marathon.

LPPC 38: The Substitute

2013-04-16 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Arthur shares his hilarious first experience as a sub. Another one of Larry’s favorites.

LPPC 37: Austin, TX

2013-04-11 :: Larry Price

Larry talks about the awesome energy of Austin, Texas.

LPPC 36: Role-play

2013-04-09 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Larry tries to help Arthur prepare for his first day as a substitute by role-playing with him. Fun fact: Although it is the second to air, this is the first episode ever recorded in the Wichita studio.

LPPC 35: Evil Dead

2013-04-05 :: Larry Price Length: 10s

Larry gives his opinion on the new remake- funny huh? Evil Dead.

LPPC 34: The Arrival

2013-04-04 :: Larry Price Length: 40s

Larry talks about leaving Lemoore and dealing with the loneliness of Wichita.

LPPC 33: Lemoore Finale

2013-04-02 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Larry and Arthur do it up one last time in the Lemoore studio. Bittersweet.

LPPC 32: Expressionism

2013-03-28 :: Larry Price Length: 40s

Larry and Gio talk about art. No, not Art Nelson. Expressionism. Gio teaches us about the different types of art he’s studied in college.

LPPC 31: No Agenda Beta

2013-03-25 :: Larry Price Length: 46s

Giovanni DeFendis joins Larry for another round of talk with No Agenda!

LPPC 30: Fat

2013-03-21 :: Larry Price

Larry talks about his never ending struggle to lose his gut and huge thighs.

LPPC 29: KaLel George

2013-03-19 :: Larry Price Length: 55s

Larry talks to his good friend, actor/musician KaLel George. From Nigeria to Alberta, a young man’s epic journey.

Listen to his music here:

LPPC 28: M.M.M.

2013-03-14 :: Larry Price Length: 48s

Marine Michael Mendoza joins Larry to talk about his time serving the country.

LPPC 27: Katherine Stewart

2013-03-12 :: Larry Price Length: 27s

Larry talks to author/journalist Katherine Stewart about her book “The Good News Club: The Christian Right’s Stealth Assault On America’s Children”.

LPPC 26: No Agenda Alpha

2013-03-05 :: Larry Price Length: 48s

The first in the “No Agenda” series. Larry picks up the microphone and simply… goes. No topic. No guest. No script. Pure randomness.

LPPC 25: The Bug

2013-02-21 :: Larry Price Length: 41s

Larry talks about his first car. The 1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle. How it screwed him. The numerous break-downs. Endless repairs. Faulty brakes. Oil-leaks. You name it. Hear how it became a part of his identity and how it is being reborn.


2013-02-19 :: Larry Price Length: 44s

Actor/comedian Eric Johnston returns to complete his tale. Life after film school, losing his best friend, and how his life changed after.

LPPC 23: HystERICal

2013-02-13 :: Larry Price Length: 41s

Round 2. Actor/Stand-up comedian Eric Johnston returns to continue his riveting life story. Will the Splatalot! star make it to round 3?

LPPC 22: Eric Johnston

2013-02-12 :: Larry Price Length: 43s

Actor/Stand-up Comic Eric Johnston joins Larry via Skype. In this first installment, they talk about growing up, Eric’s Dad, wrestling, and comedy. Real good stuff.

LPPC 21: Derek Overby

2013-02-07 :: Larry Price Length: 47s

Finally, it’s here! The creator has come! The one and only Derek Overby joins Larry to talk about his life and his musical history.

You can find Derek here:


2013-02-06 :: Larry Price Length: 14s

LPPC turns 20! We celebrate with a short vodcast! Larry talks about shopping and the stress that comes with it. Thank you to Mr. Brandon Renner for answering the crop-circle questions from episode 5! Ever wonder why crops are grown in a circular pattern? Find some answers here:

LPPC 19: BAD Words

2013-02-04 :: Larry Price Length: 55s

Larry is joined once again, by Miss Joei Conwell. They talk about “bad” words. You know… the bad ones. The ones your parents told you not to say. They talk about their theories on these words and their experiences learning them. Perhaps you’ll relate. If you’re easily offended, stay away from this episode.

Also, we’ve got two tracks by the mastermind behind the LPPC theme song. Mr. Derek Overby! He’ll be on the next episode! But in the meantime, find him here:

LPPC 18: Shao Full-Circle

2013-01-30 :: Larry Price Length: 39s

Final Round for Shaopin Tsui! He joins Larry via Skype to talk about the life of a young actor after the Vancouver Film School. The New World….

LPPC 17: Jordan Bach of L!ght L!nes

2013-01-30 :: Larry Price Length: 55s

Larry talks to DJ/Producer Jordan Bach of L!ght L!nes. Good shit. You can find L!ght L!nes here:

Go see them live this Saturday in Sanger!

LPPC 16: Shao Half-Circle

2013-01-28 :: Larry Price

Actor/Rookie Cop Shaopin Tsui returns! In this episode he and Larry discuss their time at the Vancouver Film School. The good stuff, the bad stuff, and the- well, you know.

LPPC 15: Shaopin Tsui

2013-01-24 :: Larry Price Length: 46s

The first Canadian guest! Shaopin Tsui joins Larry via Skype to talk about growing up in Vancouver. Good talks. More to come.

LPPC 14: Joei Conwell

2013-01-22 :: Larry Price

Larry interviews long-time friend Joei Conwell. Parents, coming out, band, politics. All that shit. One of Larry’s favorite episodes yet.

LPPC 13: “Those Moments”

2013-01-17 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Arthur Nelson returns for his first in-studio appearance to discuss “those moments”. Marriage, Dads, coping, that stuff… got it? Enjoy!

LPPC 12: Gio Full-Circle

2013-01-15 :: Larry Price

Giovanni DeFendis returns to discuss his friendship with Larry, his mission, and his marriage.

LPPC 11: Risk

2013-01-08 :: Larry Price Length: 28s

Larry takes a risk. The shortest and most personal episode yet.

LPPC 10: Arthur 98%

2013-01-03 :: Larry Price Length: 1s

Giovanni DeFendis rides shotgun as Arthur Nelson returns from Episode 3 to finish 98% of his story. Prepare yourself for laughter, tears, and utter humanity. Fact: The longest episode of LPPC yet!

LPPC 9: Giovanni DeFendis

2013-01-01 :: Larry Price Length: 39s

Larry sits down with one of the most important men in his life: Mr. Giovanni DeFendis. They talk family, friends, acting, Dragon Ball Z, you name it.

LPPC 8: Jaws

2012-12-26 :: Larry Price Length: 35s

Larry talks about his favorite film of all-time… EVER… “Jaws”.

LPPC 7: The Hobbit

2012-12-25 :: Larry Price Length: 46s

Larry discusses his opinion of  the first installment in Peter Jackson’s “Hobbit” trilogy.

LPPC 6: Zane

2012-12-24 :: Larry Price Length: 44s

Larry chats with his brother, Zane.

LPPC 5: Wichita

2012-12-23 :: Larry Price Length: 47s

Larry talks about his recent trip to Wichita, Kansas.

LPPC 4: Banjo-Kazooie

2012-12-16 :: Larry Price Length: 39s

Larry talks about his favorite video game of all time: Banjo-Kazooie! Also, the debut of The Larry Price Podcast theme song: “Too Coo” by Derek Overby.

LPPC 3: Arthur Nelson

2012-12-14 :: Larry Price Length: 42s

Larry takes a call from his good buddy, Arthur Nelson.

LPPC 2: Dad

2012-12-14 :: Larry Price Length: 48s

Larry talks about the life of his Dad.

LPPC 1: Introduction Episode

2012-12-13 :: Larry Price Length: 45s

Larry answers the questions: Who, what, where, why, when, and how?

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