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Disaster Bonus Show

2013-06-30 :: Luke Webb
28/06/13 – Disaster Bonus Show! If you’re a new listener, don’t listen to this episode first! It was a real train-wreck, so we’ve released it as a “bonus show” instead. Luke, Thom and Duffy are in the studio for what … Continue reading

Episode 22: The Lance Diaries III

2013-06-21 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
20/06/13 – Episode 22! Luke, Thom and Lance are in the studio with plenty of stories! Birthday talk, more Lance tales, “Luke Webb Presents Thom Gibbons’ Super Great Low Aims Great Times Fun Excellent Times ft Susan Sarandon”, Our Twitter … Continue reading

Episode 21: Poly-tics

2013-06-15 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
14/06/13 – Episode 21! Tor joins Luke and Thom in the studio for the first time. Booze talk, Buckingham Palace, Gillard gets flustered, robber gets chilli’d, Ian talk, mullets, US Remakes, WorkSafe ads and much, much more!…

Episode 20: We’re back!

2013-06-08 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
18/06/13 – Episode 20! We’re back from our hiatus with Luke, Thom and Duffy in the studio. Please bear with the audio quality on this one, we’re still getting everything set up and fine-tuned. We talk about our frequent hiatuses, … Continue reading

Episode 19: AFK BRB

2013-03-16 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
17/03/2013 – Episode 19! Luke, Thom and Duffy are back in the studio. This week: Kevin Bronson pulls a fast one, we’ll be taking a short break, The Hitler Show, Newsreader’s Twitters, We have a real stalker, Duffy makes a … Continue reading

Episode 18: Wake-Up Call

2013-03-08 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
08/03/2013 – Episode 18! Duffy joins Luke and Thom in the studio this week! Duffy’s initiation, Gumtree calls from Karaoke men, Some real-talk about The Gay Mardi Gras Incident, The worst thing that could possibly happen when putting fake ads online actually happens, … Continue reading

Episode 17: Foxxxy

2013-02-25 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
22/02/13 – Episode 17! Lance is back in the studio joining Luke and Thom! More sexy talk, pop talk radio, the Lance Happy-time Turbo Hour Spin-off Show, damn pesky foxes will come and get you in the night, Luke’s new Android app, Lance’s job … Continue reading

Episode 16: A Whole Lot of Fen

2013-02-08 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
08/02/13 – Episode 15! Luke, Duffy and Thom are in the studio tonight! Talk concerning pigeons, Round the Twist, another Luke’s childhood story, I’m the meanest host, stop interacting with Sunrise, The Fen MacLoud Chronicles, bothering a lovely South African … Continue reading

Episode 15: A Period Piece

2013-02-01 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
01/02/13 – Episode 15! Luke and Thom are back in the studio for the premiere of Low Aims Season 2, Matt joins us for the first time. We discuss running on to trains, puffing billy, our new favorite fan PAULO, … Continue reading

Episode 14: Christmas Special

2012-12-26 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
Luke, Thom and Duffy are in studio for the First Annual Low Aims CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! We talk about how nobody can relate to Luke, tipping your bartender, Christmas lights, Christmas trees, eggnog, Norway talk, 9/11 talk, we still can’t get … Continue reading

Episode 13: Charity

2012-12-11 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
07/12/12 – Episode 13! Luke and Thom are back in the studio, talking about Dr Karl, telemarketers and scammers, Luke’s sponsor child story, apparently we hate charity?, Existential crisis, predictions and the end of the world, Prime Ministers, Bond talk … Continue reading

Episode 12: Rated R

2012-12-03 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
29/11/12 – Episode 12! Lance joins Luke and Thom in the studio, it’s DAMN HOT UP IN HERE, reviewing things, the drunk show, the Beiber overalls fiasco, more about Ustream ads, WASP freeze knife, seriously it’s hot, facebook is being … Continue reading

Drunk Bonus Show

2012-11-30 :: Luke Webb
24/11/12 – Drunk Bonus Show! If you’re a new listener, definitely don’t listen to this one first! We’re all drunk, A whole lot of giggles are had, we talk about donkey penises and drawing cats and not much more.…

Episode 11: Now With Plain Packaging

2012-11-24 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
23/11/12 – Episode 11! We get off to a bad start, the third mic, browser wars,, DS Dads, iPad babies, growing up is scary, phone wars, plain packaging, alchopops, Curiosity about to blow our minds, trustworthy news anchors and … Continue reading

Episode 10: Star Whores

2012-11-02 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
02/11/12 – Episode 10! Nick joins me in the studio, Triple J talk, modern day blackface, we have 100 Facebook likes, Thom is dead again, bananas = god, god talk again, definately trust everything you read on the internet, Scientology … Continue reading

Episode 9: NERRRRRDS!

2012-10-27 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
26/10/12 – Episode 9! The weakest links, kid film standard conventions, MySpace and Facebook, get a real profile picture YOU NERDS, taking photos, fitness talk, old man dicks, peeing, quitting smoking, horrible bodies, girl sells her virginity to Asian man, … Continue reading

Episode 8: Ladybugs

2012-10-17 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
12/10/12 – Episode 8! Two week break, Gillard cuts sick, road trip, earwigs & silverfish, Hugh Jackman, Family BE WARNED, Swans, biological robots, morning routines, I’m full of ladybugs, Listen live you jerks, people are fucking dumb, the three points … Continue reading

Episode 7: Toddler Army

2012-09-23 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
21/09/12 – Episode 7! Duffy joins me tonight, Thom is dead, Snoop Lion, Luke’s kindergarten army, Kony’s Kidz, Hobo aroma, Thom calls in, Spy Kids, Dre improv, Duffy’s old radio show, The Walking Dead, woman finds ex living in her … Continue reading

Episode 6: Broccoli

2012-09-15 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
15/09/12 – Episode 6! We’re sleepy, wake-up talk, our dumb bodies, McDonalds employees, porn talk, chest hair, iPhone talk, listening to our own voices, breakfast talk, Luke’s family broccoli story, thumb wars, merch, eyes, we want animal weapons, Chris Brown’s … Continue reading

Episode 5: Angry Show

2012-09-07 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
07/09/12 – Episode 5! Kebab buddies, the studio tour, hoarder dad, beer filled MacBook, gardening talk, we hate popes, growing up semi-catholic, let’s get excommunicated, catholic education was fucking strange, my Google account got hacked, poop schedule, girl catches plauge … Continue reading

Episode 4: Nineties Kidz

2012-08-31 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
31/08/12 – Episode 4! Luke is in a real mood, telemarketrers gettin’ rude, Gilligan’s Island talk, Batman Boners, The Low Aims Roadtrip, let’s get crossbows, possums, awkward kid music video, fuck you NineMSN, Hey Arnold, We want a better number, … Continue reading

Episode 3: Back Into Batman

2012-08-24 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
24/08/12 – Episode 3! We’re back from hiatus, talking about colds, we sort of have Skype now, the rise and fall of Facebook, we’re bad at radio, give us reviews on iTunes, bikie knife fights, Mum thinks I’m racist,, … Continue reading

Episode 2: Gunning For People

2012-08-10 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
10/08/2012 – Episode 2! Luke and Thom are back in the studio, talking about iTunes woes, The Beibs, baby books & beard babies, Coyote-style demolitions, damn dirty hippes and homeless, more Rhianna, grammar Nazis, Steve Jobs & Siri, Mars, MIB3, … Continue reading

Episode 1: Pilot

2012-08-06 :: Luke Webb Length: 1s
03/08/2012 – Episode 1! This is our first episode, it’s probably pretty awful! We speak briefly about our lies, Korea, the Olympics, commercial radio, maracas, Where’s Wally, Rove and a ton of other stuff!…

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