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Guidelines for Pruning Bushes, Building a Safe Room, Staining Projects Made Easy, and more

2013-06-28 :: (Tom Kraeutler)

Firework Safety for the Fourth of July, How to Heat Your Pool on the Cheap, Kid Safety for Summer and more

2013-06-26 :: (Tom Kraeutler)

Guidelines for Pruning Bushes, Building a Safe Room, Staining Projects Made Easy, and more

2013-06-21 :: (Tom Kraeutler)

Learn how to keep fireworks fun safe. You can use the free energy of the sun to extend your swimming season. Help kids avoid the special dangers summer poses. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, cleaning mold, roof replacement, deck

2013-06-19 :: (Tom Kraeutler)

Sinkhole Detection, Heating Oil Conversion, Clean Your Showerhead For a Better Shower, and more

2013-06-14 :: (Tom Kraeutler)

Prevent Falls from Windows, Preserving Natural Wood, Dispelling Myths about Cicadas, and More

2013-06-12 :: (Tom Kraeutler)

Stain Your Deck to Protect from Sun Damage, Fertilize with Compost Tea, A New Line of Mechanics Tools for Many Jobs, and more

2013-06-07 :: (Tom Kraeutler)

Protect Your Home From Wildfires, Decking Materials Can Save Time and Add Enjoyment, Clean Your Outdoor Furniture in Minutes, and more

2013-06-05 :: (Tom Kraeutler)

We are coming to you from The National Hardware Show in Las Vegas

2013-05-31 :: (Tom Kraeutler)

We are coming to you today from the 2013 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas

2013-05-29 :: (Tom Kraeutler)

Eco-Friendly Memorial Day Grilling Tips, Create Show-Stopping Window Boxes, Stop Pests from Ruining Your Summer, and more

2013-05-24 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Get tips on going eco-friendly for Memorial Day. Learn how to create charming window boxes to attract potential buyers. Don’t let bugs ruin your summer fun. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, staining a garage floor, asphalt…

Different Stains for Different Projects, Learn how to Reduce Lighting Costs, Maintaining Your Cooling System, and more

2013-05-22 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn which kind of stain is right for your project. Simple changes to your lighting can save energy and money. Cooling systems require year-round maintenance. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, plumbing relocation, stains on…

Build Your Own Patio, Pick the Best Stainless Steel Sink for Your Needs, Low Maintenance Decks, and more

2013-05-17 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
You can lay your own patio with moderate DIY skills. How to buy the best stainless steel sink for your kitchen. Planning a deck that will be low maintenance for its lifetime. Plus  get answers to your home improvement questions about, fencing options,…

Pro Deck Building Tips, Repair Concrete to Avoid Expensive Replacement, High-Efficiency Toilets, and more

2013-05-15 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Get tips on building a deck for seasoned DIYers. Learn how to repair damaged concrete instead of replacing it. High-efficiency toilets have come along way since the low-flows of the 90’s. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about,…

Reduce Your Lighting Bill With Occupancy Sensors, How To Hire a Landscaper, DIYers May Be Able to Build an On-Grade Deck, and more

2013-05-10 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Occupancy sensors may be able to knock $100 a year off your electric bill. Learn the best way to hire a landscaper. An on-grade deck may be the perfect project for a DIYer. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about squeaky floors,…

Prevent Household Poisonings, Home Improvements for Mother’s Day, Air Conditioner Maintenance for Summer, and more

2013-05-08 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn how to prevent household poisonings by locking up medicines and keeping hazardous materials in an outdoor shed. Give the mom in your life the gift of home improvement. Learn ho to get your air conditioner ready for summer by giving it a tune up.…

How Tankless Water Heaters Save Energy, Keep Toys and Toxins Separate in the Garage, Exterior Wood Care Tips and more

2013-05-03 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn how a tankless water heater can save energy and water by heating water only as you need it.  Find out how to keep kids safe in and around your garage with storage and safety tips, including making sure your garage door is working properly.  Get…

Important Steps to Take Before You Dig, Design a Beautiful Deck Yourself, How to Protect Yourself When Hiring a Contractor, and more

2013-05-01 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Do you know the three numbers you should dial before digging in your backyard? It could save your life. You can design your own deck that could rival one out of a magazine. Learn how to protect yourself and your assets when hiring a contractor. Plus…

Broadcasting from The Home Depot on 23rd Street… which is taking full advantage of Earth Day to showcase hundreds of items that will help you go green

2013-04-26 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
There are SO many ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and choose products, materials and appliances for your home that are environmentally friendly.  And this hour, you’re going to learn more about just a few of the cool eco-friendly products…

From New York City in Honor Of Everything GREEN

2013-04-24 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
We’re bringing you info today on products and materials that will save you money and energy, and maybe help keep your environmental conscience too!  …

Never Forget to Turn the Lights Off Again, Wind-Resistant Roofing, Different Decking Materials, and more

2013-04-19 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Find out about occupancy and vacancy sensors, the easiest way to make sure your lights are never accidentally left on.  Learn about wind-resistant roofing to protect your roof from heavy wind and wild weather. Get important inspection tips for…

Eco-Friendly Flooring Options, An Easy and Inexpensive Way to Clean Your Shower, Stop an Insect that’s Killing Ash Trees Across America, and more

2013-04-17 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Find out about durable and beautiful flooring options that are also earth-friendly. You can keep your shower clean without breaking your back or inhaling fumes. Learn about an insect that’s killing ash trees in North America and how you can combat it.…

Protect Your Lawn and Garden From Wildlife, Preserve Paintbrushes By Cleaning Them Properly, Low-Hassle Energy Saving Tips, and more.

2013-04-12 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Keep wildlife from trampling and eating your lawn. Cleaning your paintbrushes properly can save lots of money on painting projects. Simple energy saving tips that can save you lots of money. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about –…

Safe Storage of Flammable Liquids, Expert Advice on Decking Material, Get Smoke Odors Out of Your Home and more

2013-04-10 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Store flammable liquids safely to protect your home and family. Choose the right material to build your deck to make sure your preserve your investment. Get tips on getting tough smoke odors out of your home. Plus get answers to your home improvement…

Don’t Let Your Mobile Devices Use Too Much Electricity, Money-Saving Lawn and Garden Tips, Best Options in Vinyl Fencing, and more

2013-04-05 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Make sure your mobile devices aren’t driving up your electric bill. Get a beautiful garden without breaking the bank. Learn about all the options available in vinyl fencing. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about , carpet…

Make Sure Your DIY Deck is Sturdy, Transforming Your Home into Your Office, How To Pick the Right Contractor, and more

2013-04-03 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
You can put up your own deck and have it be sturdy enough to hold your friends and family. Tips to consider when trying to work from home. How not to get taken by a bad contractor. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, raised…

Inexpensive Ways to Add Value to Your Home, Fixes for Furniture Finishes, The Top Three Places Most Overlooked When Cleaning, and more

2013-03-29 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Add value to your home and attract buyers without spending much money. Fix problems with finishes and extend the life of your furniture. Find out the top three places that get overlooked when cleaning a home. Plus get answers to your home improvement…

Maintain Your Air Conditioner Now for Summer Cooling, Jump Start Your Spring Gardening, Protect Yourself from Chemicals Found in New Carpeting, and more

2013-03-27 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Efficient air conditioning requires year-round maintenance. Act now to have a beautiful spring and summer garden. Learn how to protect yourself from potentially harmful VOCs in new carpeting. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about,…

Hang Shelves to De-Clutter, Learn to Light Your Landscaping, Simple Tricks to Add Curb Appeal, and more

2013-03-22 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Properly anchoring shelves to a wall can de-clutter your garage. Adding a few simple lights can transform your outdoor space. Cleaning up your front yard can add curb appeal and help sell your home. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions…

Get the Most Value out of Your Deck, Keep Your Shower Clean with Little Effort, Add Value to Your Home with Little Investment, and more

2013-03-20 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Make sure you choose the right material to have a deck that lasts and is worth the investment. You can keep your shower clean with very little effort. Add value to your home this buying season with a few eye-catching tricks. Plus get answers to your…

Occupancy Sensing Switches Add Safety and Savings, Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Space, Choose the Right Vacuum for Your Needs, and more

2013-03-15 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Let your light switch turn the lights on and off in the room for you. Get tips on making the most of your outdoor living area. Learn which type of vacuum best suits your needs. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, radon,…

Do’s and Don’ts for Spring Cleaning, Write Home Improvements Off Your Taxes, Easy-to-Install Dimmer Switches to Add Drama, and more

2013-03-13 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Make spring cleaning easier and more efficient with these quick tips. Learn which home improvements can be written off your taxes. Installing a dimmer switch to your lights is super easy and can add a lot of drama to a room. Plus, get answers to your…

Which Type of Countertops Are the Most Earth Friendly, How to Silence Noisy Plumbing, Getting Value Out of a Storage Shed, and more

2013-03-08 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn which types of kitchen countertops are the most earth-friendly. Those whistles and bangs you hear from your pipes may be a sign your plumbing needs attention. One type of storage shed offers more value than others. Plus get answers to your home…

Be Prepared for a Disaster With a Go Bag, Do It Herself Workshops for the Novice DIYer, Choose the Best Option in Fencing, and more

2013-03-06 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Keep your family and home prepared for a disaster by preparing an emergency grab bag. Even a novice DIYer can learn to do things around the house with a new Do It Herself workshop. Learn which materials make the best fences. Plus get answers to your home…

Small Renovations That Add Big Value, How to Fix a Cracked Plaster Wall, Energy Saving Changes for Less Than $50, and more

2013-03-01 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Spend a little but add a lot of value to your home with these simple renovations. Cracks in plaster walls is a common problem in older homes. Learn how to fix them. Find out how to lower your energy bill with an investment of $50 or less. Plus get…

Expert Lighting Tips to Improve Any Room, Get Yourself Safely Out of a Frozen Garage, and more

2013-02-27 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Get tips on adding the right kind of light to a room to change the feel and add safety.  Get expert lighting tips that can make a room appear bigger, brighter and add safety. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, hiring a…

Décor Trends for 2013, Controlling Electronic Gadget Clutter, Create a Landscape Plan and more

2013-02-22 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn about the hottest décor trends for 2013, including retro looks and colors. Find out how to keep all the clutter from household electronic gadgets contained, by labeling charger cords. Create a landscape plan so that you are ready to plant come…

Red Carpet Makeover for Your Home in time for Academy Awards, Garage Heating Tips, New Adhesive from Trusted Brand, Hints for a Happy Laundry Room and more

2013-02-20 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Get ideas to add glitz and glamour to your home so it’s red carpet ready for the Academy Awards. Find out options for heating your garage so you can use the space for more than just storage. Learn about a brand new adhesive from a brand you grew up…

How to Fix a Cold Radiator, How to Choose Luxury Bedding, Bargain Hunting Tips for Presidents Day Sales, and more

2013-02-15 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Get tips to a cold radiator yourself. Buying new sheets? Learn what’s worth paying for and what to skip. Presidents Day sales can lead to big savings. Tom and Leslie talk shopping strategy. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about,…

Home Remodeling Recovery, High Efficiency Washers that Save Money, Easy Bathroom Upgrades, and more

2013-02-13 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Home remodelers are predicting a record-breaking financial quarter – find out what projects are most popular. Are expensive high efficiency washers worth the extra cost? Find out. Changing your toilet seat is an inexpensive way to give your bathroom…

Prevent Unexpected Oil Delivery, Safe Household Waste Disposal, Fix a Low-Pressure Faucet, and more

2013-02-08 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
If you once had an oil heat system, make sure you don’t have a delivery pipe still in place. One New York couple got a basement-full of oil when the heating fuel was delivered to the wrong address, and pumped directly into the basement. This Old…

Prepare for Winter Storms, Tips on Treasure Hunting at Flea Markets, Romantic Room Makeovers for Valentine’s Day, and more

2013-02-06 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn how to prepare for winter storms, including stocking up on food, water and how to choose a backup generator. Get tips on finding valuable items at flea markets and yard sales. Fixes you can do around the house to keep your valentine happy. Plus…

This Old House Makeover, Geothermal Heating Solutions, Universal Design and more

2013-02-01 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
The Money Pit radio show broadcasts from the site of the latest This Old House renovation, as they wrap up another successful season. Learn about the heating solutions for this project which included a geothermal makeover, using heat from underground to…

The Money Pit Broadcasts from the set of This Old House, Landscape Design Tips, Aging in Place and more

2013-01-30 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Guest host Kevin O’Connor joins Tom Kraeutler for a Money Pit broadcast featuring the cast of This Old House as they discuss renovations on their latest project, a cottage in Essex, MA. Get tips on landscape design, including how to make patio and…

Tips on Home Sprinkler Systems, How to Safely Cut into a Load-Bearing Wall, Closet Organization Tips, and more

2013-01-25 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
You can increase fire safety in your home by adding a sprinkler. Learn how to safely cut into a load-bearing wall to create an open floor plan. Get tips on organizing a messy closet. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about grout,…

Create Your Own Hobby Room, Advice on De-Cluttering Your Home, Cold-Weather Safety For Your Dog, and more

2013-01-23 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Plan a designated space just for your hobby. An expert on compulsive hoarding shares what you can learn from her extreme cases. Keep our pet happy this winter with some canine safety tips. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions such as, wood…

Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes, Choose the Right Houseplant for Your Home, Attract Winter Birds to Your Yard, and more

2013-01-18 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
  Get tips on how to keep your pipes from freezing during the winter months. Learn how to pick the right kind of houseplant for your house. You can attract colorful winter birds to your yard by putting out the right kind of feed. Plus get answers…

Buying a Wood-Burning Stove, 2013’s Color of the Year, Home Office Organization, and more

2013-01-16 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Weigh the pros and cons of buying a wood-burning stove. Find out which color has won the title of hippest for 2013. You can use a scanner to de-clutter your home office. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, water heaters, leaky…

Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger Without Knocking Down Walls, How to Quiet a Noisy Heating System, Home Warranty Tips, and more

2013-01-11 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
You can make your kitchen feel roomier without paying the hefty price of a remodel. The noises your forced-air heating system makes might be signaling it’s time for maintenance. Find out how to protect all your appliances from break down with a single…

Safety Tips for Using Space Heaters, Faux Stainless Appliance Makeovers, Grow Fresh Vegetables Indoors, and More

2013-01-09 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn how to be safe when using space heaters. How to get the look of a stainless steel appliance without the hefty price. You can serve healthy home-grown vegetables to your family by planting indoors. Plus, get answers to your home improvement…

Create a Home Theater on a Budget, Top Remodels That Pay Off, Kitchen Design Tips to Make Cooking

2013-01-04 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Get advice on creating a home theater on a budget and in time for the big game. Learn how to light the room and create the best audio experience. Don’t waste money on remodels that don’t pay off. Discover what changes bring the most value. Your…

Fire Safety: Plan an Escape Route, Protect Your Child from Identity Theft, Hassle-Free Gift Returns, and more

2013-01-02 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Make a plan for escape in case of a house fire. Keep your child safe from identity theft with a few simple steps. Returning gifts doesn’t have to be hard. Learn how to make your holiday returns hassle-free. Plus get answers to your home improvement…

How to Seal Drafts to Cut Heating Costs, Best Sump Pumps, Tips on Storing Holiday Decorations, and More

2012-12-28 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn how to seal drafts to lower your heating costs. Figure out which type of sump pump is right for your needs. Plan your holiday decoration storage now for an easy 2013 season. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions, noise reductuion,…

Home Improvements Tax Deductions, Small Living Spaces, Snow Removal Tips, and More

2012-12-26 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Hear the top five things homeowners forget to deduct on their taxes. Living Small: Hear from a man who says a single person only needs 89 square feet of living space. Lighten your chores with tips on removing snow and ice. Plus, get answers to your…

Use Photo Electric Smoke Detectors for Timely Alarm, Learn How to Remediate Mold at Home, Get Travel Safety Advice in Time for Holiday Visits and more

2012-12-21 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Discover the frightening study that found that ionic smoke detectors take a while to sound an alarm, and get advice on a better type: photo electric.  Learn how to get rid of a mold problem on your own, or determine if a pro should be called.  Find…

How to Care for Your Fresh Christmas Tree, Creating Natural Cleaning Solutions from Pantry Ingredients, Holiday Candle Safety and more

2012-12-19 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn the secret to caring for your fresh Christmas tree to keep it green through New Year’s Day.  Get recipes for all natural cleaning solutions you can make from pantry ingredients for just a few pennies per use.  Home fires peak in December.  Make…

How to Choose the Right Snow Blower, Keep Warm Efficiently with Radiant Floor Heat, Get Clean Water from Every Faucet with a Whole House Water Filter, and more.

2012-12-14 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn about the different types of snow blowers and find out which is right for you. Learn why radiant floor heating may be worth the expense of installation. Whole-house water filters can save a bundle by eliminating the cost of bottled water. Plus,…

Recycling Tips for the Holidays, Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips, Holiday Childproofing Tips and more.

2012-12-12 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Get recycling tips to cut down on your holiday waste. Learn how to safeguard against the potentially-deadly gas, carbon monoxide. Make sure your home is safe for young children this holiday season. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions…

Insulation for Warmth, Sound and Fire Prevention, Fix Uneven Heat in Your House, The Trick to Measuring for New Carpet, and more

2012-12-07 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Find out which type of insulation not only provides warmth, but also soundproofing and fire protection. You can fix the problem of having uneven heat in your home in a few steps. Learn the tricks of measuring before you buy new carpet. Plus get…

Energy Efficient Holiday Display, Fresh vs. an Artificial Christmas Trees, Refinishing Old Furniture, Water Resistant Membrane Paint and more

2012-12-05 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Get tips on cutting electric bills with energy efficient holiday displays, including LED lights.  Learn the pros and cons of fresh Christmas trees versus their artificial counterparts.  Discover the secrets to bringing new life to old furniture by…

Home Warranties to Supplement Insurance, How to Repair Formica Countertops Yourself, How to Find Fresh Christmas Trees, and more

2012-11-30 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Find out how new kind of insurance policy lets you protect your products when the warranty doesn’t. Learn how to fix your laminate countertop without the help of a pro. Get tips on how to pick a fresh Christmas tree for your home. Plus, get answers to…

An Easy and Safe Way to Clean Your Fireplace, DIY Fix for Your Clogged Disposer, When Icicles Spell Trouble for Your Roof, and more

2012-11-28 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Tips on cleaning your fireplace to prevent ash and soot buildup. How to unclog your garbage disposer without needing a plumber. Learn why icicles could mean you need a new roof. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, remodeling…

How to Clean Your Stove’s Vent Hood, Hanging Holiday Décor without Damaging Windows, Eco-Friendly Flooring Options and more

2012-11-23 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn how to clean your stove’s vent hood so that holiday cooking odors don’t take over your house.  Discover the secrets to hanging decorations on your vinyl or vinyl clad windows without damaging them.  Get a slew of eco-friendly flooring options…

Should you Remodel or Move? Prevent Plumbing Emergencies, How to Use Your Ladder Safely and more

2012-11-21 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
With an improving real estate market, is it better for you to move or remodel your home to get the space you’ve dreamed of?  Get advice on preventing the most common plumbing emergencies this time of year.  Learn how to use your ladder safely when…

Argon Gas in Your Windows Can Save Energy, Small Bathrooms that Don’t Feel Cramped, Make Your Refrigerator More Efficient, and more

2012-11-16 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Replacement windows with argon gas can save you a lot of energy and money from escaping out of your windows. Transform a cramped-feeling bathroom into a pleasant space. Save on your energy bill by reducing the amount of energy your refrigerator uses.…

Get Ready for Holiday Guests, Fire-proof Insulation, Motion Sensing Light Switches, and more

2012-11-14 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn how to make overnight guests comfortable when they stay for the holidays, Keep your home safe with fire resistant insulation. Learn about a sensing switch that can help save on your electric bill by automatically turning off when not in use.…

Reduce Noise with Insulation, Energy-Saving Tips for Laundry, How to Detect a Carbon Monoxide Leak Early, and mo

2012-11-09 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn how to stay warm and reduce unwanted noise with the right kind of insulation. Find ways you to save energy when washing and drying clothes. Early carbon monoxide detection can save your family’s life – learn how to test for the deadly gas. Plus…

How to Prevent Below Grade Leaks, Tips to Lower Kitchen Energy Costs, Windows that Get the EPA’s Highest Efficiency Honor, and More

2012-11-07 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
You can stop leaks into your basement with an easy, brush-on solution. Get tips on lowering your energy bill by changing some easy practices in the kitchen. Learn which brand of windows win the EPA’s Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award. Plus get…

How to Find Hidden Drafts That Cost You Energy Dollars, Driveway Repairs You Can Do Yourself, Discover a Way to Make Your Windows Even More Energy Efficient, and More

2012-11-02 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn how to find and fix drafts in your home from sucking out the heat and your energy dollars. Get easy DIY driveway repair tips. Discover a no-hassle way to keep heat from leaking out your windows in winter, and answers to your questions. …

Ways to Keep Unwanted Water Out of Your Home, A New Type of Warranty for Your Home Could Save You Money, Renters Can Winterize Windows Without Violating Rental Agreements, and More

2012-10-31 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Channeling unwanted water away from your home could be as easy as painting a wall. Learn about a new type of warranty that picks up where manufacturer warranties drop off. Discover ways renters can lower their heating bills without violating their…

Tips on Dealing with Customer Service Reps, Prevent Disaster By Winterizing Your Vacation Home, Make Sure Your Electronic Devices Aren’t Using Needless Electricity, and more

2012-10-26 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Get tips on making calls to customer service representatives go faster and be more productive. Learn how to drain the pipes in your vacation home to prevent problems in the off season. Get energy-saving advice on recharging your portable electronic…

New Switch Helps Make Sure Lights Aren’t Left On, Latest Design Trends to Sell Homes, Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space, and more.

2012-10-24 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Tired of fumbling for the lights in the dark?  Learn about an occupancy sensor that makes dark rooms a thing of the past.  Discover trends in home design that will help you sell your home. Uncover an easy way to make the most of your outdoor living…

Make Your Home Safe for Trick or Treaters, Learn Whether Vinyl or Wood Windows Are a Better Choice for You, Learn About the Latest House Chosen for This Old House, and more.

2012-10-19 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn ways you can make your front yard safer for trick or treaters. Find out whether vinyl or wood windows better suit your needs. Learn about the house chosen to be renovated on this season’s This Old House. Plus get answers to your home improvement…

Turn Trash into Treasure with, Tips for Clog-Free Garbage Disposal, Eco-Friendly Halloween Decorations, and More

2012-10-17 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn how to transform a boring bookshelf into a prized piece of furniture. Keep plumbers away with tips to avoid clogged garbage disposers.  Get green tips for Halloween décor and the answers to your home improvement questions about – wet basements,…

Insulation to Stop the Spread of Fire, Windows that Can Add Value and Beauty, How to Fit a New Door into an Old Frame, and more

2012-10-12 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn how insulation can be key in keeping your family safe from fires. How to pick windows that not only stop leaks but also add beauty and value. Learn how to fit a new door into an old frame. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions such…

How to Add the Light of Windows Without Wasting Energy, Turn a Shabby Piece of Furniture into Shabby Chic, How to Care for Your Wood-Burning Stove, and more.

2012-10-10 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn how to add the light that you want from windows, without creating an energy drain. How to quickly turn an old piece of wood furniture into a trendy treasure. Learn the do’s and don’ts of caring for a wood-burning stove to keep yours burning for…

Learn About Low-E Windows and Cost-Savings, How to Maintain Your Chimney, Learn about Vinyl Fencing Options, and more.

2012-10-05 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn how low-e windows work to save on energy costs. How to maintain your chimney to stay warm and safe in the cooler months. Vinyl fencing can make fence maintenance a breeze. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions such as – attic…

Where to Position Smoke Alarms, How to Buy a Pressure Washer, How to Insulate Your Water Heater, and more

2012-10-03 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn important safety tips on smoke detectors. Find out what to look for when buying a pressure washer. Gets tips to cut water heating costs. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions such as – extending a concrete driveway, mold in the…

Fall Lawn Care Tips, Rot and Insect Resistant Trim, Exhaust and Ceiling Fan Maintenance, and more

2012-09-28 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Get tips on how to cut your grass in fall to keep it healthy year-round. Learn about trim for your home that is beautiful but needs no maintenance. Learn how to care for your bathroom fan and your ceiling fan. Plus get answers to your home improvement…

New Color Trend for the Season, Prep Furnace for Heating Season, Replacement Windows: Vinyl vs. Wood and more

2012-09-26 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Discover the new color that homeowners are incorporating into their décor, it may sound like a downer, but it’s making most people very happy!  Also get step-by-step tips on preparing your furnace for the heating season.  And learn about replacement…

Test Your Windows for Leaks, How To Transplant a Small Tree, Seal Cracks in Your Concrete Driveway, and more.

2012-09-21 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn how to test your doors and windows for energy-draining leaks. Find out how to save a small tree by transplanting it. Learn how to seal cracks in your concrete driveway to prevent further damage. Plus get answers to your home improvement…

What You Need to Steam Clean Your Carpets, Cautions Renters Need to Be Aware of, Fix Patio Furniture Before Storing It, and more.

2012-09-19 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn what you need to rent to get a super clean carpet. Learn changes that are in store for people who rent their home. How to easily fix patio furniture without a hammer and nails. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions such as, water…

How to Have a Clean and Safe Fireplace, Replace Your Mailbox to Increase Curb Appeal, How to Have a Safe Shower for Every Member of Your Family, and more.

2012-09-14 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn how to clean your fireplace in a safe, efficient way. Learn how to replace your mailbox to make a good first impression. You can transform your shower into a safe place for your family at every stage of life. Plus get answers to your home…

How to Avoid Disaster When Using Propane, How to Install or Replace Windows Yourself, Learn How Much Insulation You Need in Your Attic, and more.

2012-09-12 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn how to detect if you have a leak in your propane tank. You can install new windows or replace windows yourself. Learn what the government recommends for insulation in your attic. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions such as,…

Get Empty Nest Room Makeover Ideas, How to Clean Up a Basement After a Flood, A Quick Trick To Update the Look of Your Kitchen, and more

2012-09-07 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Get ideas on what you can do with some extra space in your home. Learn how to clean up a basement after a flood. Learn a quick trick you can do in your kitchen to spruce it up without spending much money. Plus get answers to your home improvement…

Learn Ways to Keep Your Gutters Clean, How to Tell If the Treasures in Your Attic Are Junk or Gems, How to Clean and Store Window Screens, and more.

2012-09-05 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn how gutter guards work and whether they are worth the expense. Learn how to tell if the treasures you’ve inherited over the years are actually worth something. Get information on cleaning and storing your screens for the colder months. Plus get…

Fix-ups Now for Fall, Fixtures That Will Save Water, How To Save Time When Finishing Wood.

2012-08-31 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Learn projects you should be doing now to make sure your enjoy fall. Learn how to make sure your fixtures are saving water. Learn about a wood finishing product that can save you days on your project. Plus get answers to your home improvement…

Easy Replacement Windows, Pet Safe Home Improvement, Water Heater Maintenance and More

2012-08-29 :: (Tom Kraeutler)
Get advice on easy window replacement, including tips on how you can do it yourself.  Learn how to keep your pets safe when doing home improvement projects at home.  Protect them from accidental poisoning and injury.  Find out about water heater…

This Old House TV heads to Rhode Island

2012-03-09 :: (Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete)
Restoring a forlorn beach house with oceanfront views.This project will involve a lot more than just aesthetics. While the first floor of the house sits just above the flood zone, its in the Zone II wind zone, which means that it faces particular…

Renovation Of A Small House In Need Of A Big Makeover

2012-03-07 :: (Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete)
With its generous views of Narragansett Bay, the location was lovely. The 1,600-square-foot house was anything but. Built as a tiny, seasonal Cape Cod, it had fallen victim to a hodgepodge of poorly planned additions and remodels, most recently in the…

Cut the Cost of Your Hot Water Bill For Free, The Best Kitchen Lightning Options, Select the Best Home Fueling For Your Needs and More

2012-03-02 :: (Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete)
Learn ways to cut down your hot water costs without getting a new water heater. Learn how kitchen lighting makes a big difference and which lights are right for you. How to pick the best home fueling options for your needs. Plus get answers to your…

How to Pick the Right Quality Paint for Your Home, Composting Inside, The Dangers of Winter Sun Through Your Windows and More

2012-02-29 :: (Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete)
Cheaper isnt always better when it comes to picking the right paint. Learn how you can compost inside in the colder months. Winter sun through your windows can damage your skin and furnishings. Learn how to protect your home against harmful sun rays.…

Use Leap Year to Leap into Home Improvement, How to Fix Cracks in Your Plaster, Prep Your Home for a Party and More

2012-02-24 :: (Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete)
Learn how to leap into the DIY world with easy-to-do projects like changing out light bulbs for energy efficient ones, how to stop a toilet leak and more. Learn how to fix cracks in your plaster with advice from This Old House general contractor Tom…

Fixing Your Home for the Visually Impaired, Home Repairs in Less Than 30 Minutes, How To Tackle a Woodworking Project and More

2012-02-22 :: (Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete)
Learn ways to make your home more accessible for someone with vision problems. Pressed for Time? Learn important home repairs you can accomplish in less than 30 minutes. Get the basics on woodworking from Rough Cut host, Tommy Macdonald. Plus get…

Trace the History of Your Home, The History of the White House, Keeping Your Pets Safe in Winter and More

2012-02-17 :: (Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete)
Learn how to trace the history of your home and unlock its secrets. Find out about the history of the White House and what it takes to maintain the Presidents home. Get tips on keeping your pets safe and warm during winter. Plus get answers to your…

Snow Removal Tips, How to Prepare for a Power Outage, Add Glamour to Your Home Inexpensively and More

2012-02-15 :: (Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete)
Get tips on how to safely get rid of snow on your walkway. Learn how to prepare for a power outage. You can add glamour to your home in time for the Academy Awards without spending much. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions such as,…

Transform Your Bedroom into a Master Suite, How to Install a Garbage Disposer, Avoid Accidental Poisoning and more.

2012-02-10 :: (Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete)
Learn ways to turn your master bedroom into a master suite in time for Valentines Day, from simple furniture additions to complete renovations. Find out how to install a garbage disposer in your kitchen sink. Learn how to avoid accidental poisonings…

Romantic Home Makeover Ideas, Home Improvement To-Do List for February, Growing Herb Gardens Inside and More.

2012-02-08 :: (Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete)
Get ideas for romantic home makeovers just in time for Valentines Day. Find out what needs to be maintained in your home during February. Learn how to grow an herb garden inside for fun and food. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions…

How To Hide Wires Hanging from Your Flat Screen TV, Ways To Open a Frozen Garage Door, How To Fix Loose Vinyl Siding, and More

0000-00-00 :: (Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete)
Learn how to hide the wires that hang from your flat screen TV. Find out easy ways to open your garage door when it freezes shut. Learn how to fix your vinyl siding yourself when it becomes loose. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions…

How to Install a Home Bar, Learn to Safely Attach a Bookshelf to a Wall, Find Out Which Style Light bulb is Best for Your Needs, and More.

0000-00-00 :: (Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete)
Transform your home into a party palace by installing a home bar. Learn the safest way to attach a bookshelf to a wall. Consumer Reports sheds light on which style of light bulbs scored the best in their test. Plus get answers to your home improvement…

2012 International Consumer Electronics Show

0000-00-00 :: (Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete)
We are broadcasting from the floor of the 2012 International Consumer Electronics show here at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This is the granddaddy of all consumer electronics shows and is backed by the Consumer Electronics Association - whose…

2012 International Consumer Electronics Show

0000-00-00 :: (Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete)
Live from the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center - where hundreds of thousands have gathered for the granddaddy of tech shows - the 2012 International Consumer Electronics show. …

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