Last update: 2008-03-24

Almost Awake… From Holland

2008-03-24 :: JD and Tory
I’m in Holland. Um, I think this is Holland. Listener Feedback. Patrick Swayze smokes his way thin. Tory’s kung-fu DVD showdown. Dirty Dutch bitch. German poop-shelf toilets 24 Hour Comment Voicemail: (206)666-1929…

I Fucking Swear Alot

2008-03-08 :: JD and Tory Length: 1s
3 in a row! Burying and unburying the dead. Listener Feedback: Squirting, vomiting, and the hair oil fountain of youth. Moment of Truth- the truth is your wife’s a slut Midget babies… ’nuff said Australia, founded by convicts, now stealing musical Scotsmen. Tory’s stalker. 24 Hour Comment Voicemail: (206)666-1929…

They Pissed On My Ass Parade!

2008-02-25 :: JD and Tory
New and heavily distorted… There’s a slight audio problem in this one that makes it sound like I’m laying down a voice track on a Rob Zombie album. Oh well, enjoy the newness! Monsters need cock too. Random farting… and porn. Ass parades. BBW dating. Dog the Bounty Hunter returns to TV. Sharon Stone and [...]…

Fucking Monsters!

2008-02-18 :: JD and Tory
Monsters and madmen…and gay cowboys: “Gay Cowboy” is Dead Bobby Brown’s piss Watch that last step Stevie Wonder 911? I killed my wife. Crazy Swedes What’s this? That’s my penis!…

Come for the Eggburger, Stay for the Codeine

2007-09-06 :: JD and Tory Length: 1s
More Mudbomb almost-live from Australia: Aussie stink car. Eggburgers served by angry Greek bitches. Gun safety… oops. Owen Wilson frenches the anus, then pops some pills. Codeine is LEGAL in Australia! Woo! Shit babies. Bobby Brown and JD’s crack addicted friend.…

Sweaty in Australia

2007-08-29 :: JD and Tory
Mudbomb Season 3 is finally here! Welcome to our depravity back again after a brief hiatus. JD is here in Australia and surely we are all doomed. News about Tory’s new marital status, prostitutes in freezers, map reading Miss Teen USA style, Paris Hilton update and much more!…

I’ve Got A Bandaid On My Cock RIGHT Now!

2007-03-08 :: JD and Tory
Baby I Got Ya Money, Gonna Shoot Ya. Listener Voicemail… why? Australia's got talent(imported). Eddie Murphy goes to a Laker game. Britney Spears goes nuts. Yes AGAIN. I just shot myself in the head with a fucking flare gun! Heather Mills – pegleg dancing. 24 Hour Comment Line – 1-206-222-2662…

ICP Lunchbox and a Don Johnson Jacket

2007-02-28 :: JD and Tory Length: 1s
Tales of yester-douche… Mel Gibson and fights over literacy. Britney Spears badass umbrella. Where the HELL is New Zealand? Alabama ghettos and Leprachauns…huh? Anna Nicole – still skinny. Tattooed whores. 24 Hour Comment Line – 1-206-222-2662…

That Pee-Hole Problem

2007-02-24 :: JD and Tory
Bald Britney Spears. Rotting Anna Nicole Smith. Manly Chyna. More rotten James Brown. Leeroy Jenkins. Stumpy momma. 24 Hour Comment Line – 1-206-222-2662…

Japanese Fart Porn

2007-02-11 :: JD and Tory Length: 1s
Live(with callers that won’t speak) Anna Nicole Smith- losing more weight every day. Rosie Odonnel’s fat mouth. Puff Daddy piss. Happy Valentines Day kitty. Jessica Simpson wants to adopt. Family Guy clip banned in the US. 24 Hour Comment Line – 1-206-222-2662…

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