Last update: 2013-02-20

Magic Absinthe Ride

2013-02-20 Length: 1s

Evan, Matt, Brian, Anna and Zarloth the alien all tell stories while drinking the famous, supposedly hallucinogenic, alcoholic drink known as "Absinthe".   While something is oddly missing in this podcast the tanks still manage to carry on with the five casters.  Listen to this podcast to hear epic tales of macaroni and cheese and road cones!  Trust me it’s a lot more interesting than it sounds.  As for the absinthe I don’t think it cause any of us to hallucinate but who knows maybe Anna was never actually there...right Zarloth?  Yea man, totally!  Well, give this cast a listen and tell us what you think!    


Doing a Pots n' Shit

2013-02-05 Length: 55s

Anna, Brian, Evan, Jafar, Jake, Matt, Pat and Stef all talk about pot n' shit.  Listen to this episode to find out what happens when your dog eats pot brownies, how you should never try to part a lift while high and why "Cool Runnings" is actually a delicate drama that will tug on your heart strings.  If you make to the end of the cast you'll hear more shit!  Not just any shit wonderful shity antics and stories about, you guessed it shit!  Oh and by the way Jafar might be meeting Bruce Willis in a week or so.  Everyone keep listening and tell us what you think!  

Courtship and Concerts

2013-01-28 Length: 1s

Anna, Brian, Colleen, Evan, Jake, Matt and Smithulhu all join in talking about incestuous strangers, topless women, cleaning carpets, crazed emotions, tantrums, awkward silences, heightened tension and everything else that goes along with the awkward beginnings in the life of dating.  The group also mentions eventful concerts which include women passing out, the word “torpid”, overly robust women, hungry hungry hippos and beating up a priest’s offspring during a concert.  Listen to figure out which is stranger, beating up a priests son or, the fact that a celibate priest has a son in the first place.  The answers to all of your questions may or may not be explained in this exciting and riveting episode of The Noise Tanks!  Leave a comment on Twitter, Facebook or our website and tell us what you think!  

Miami Connection (Friends for Eternity Against the Ninja Review)

2013-01-21 Length: 1s

Boris, Brian, Evan, Jafar, Jake and Matt review the exquisite film titled "Miami Connection"!  The masterpiece known as Miami Connection is a 1987 film that takes place in Miami Orlando, Florida.  The film was in theaters for a very short amount of time and then hidden away to be forgotten forever and never to be seen again...until now!  Thanks to Jafar, The Noise Tanks has managed to get a Blu-Ray copy of the coveted Miami Connection film.  This movie includes a large drug dealing circle in florida who is somehow connected to a group of ninjas located in Miami and a peace loving metal band named "Dragon Sound" who slaughter dozens in a grizzly battle with inept ninjas in their bloody quest to end violence and spread peace through taekwondo and murder!  Dont miss this exciting review and make sure to pick up a copy of Miami Connection for yourself today!  


Dragon Sound. "Against the Ninja",  "Friends"

Click here for the official movie trailer 

Satchels, Boobs and the Horrors of Retail

2013-01-14 Length: 1s

 Brian, Evan, Jake and Smithulhu talk about some of the listeners questions that were posted on The Noise Tanks Facebook page.  Such as, "Should men wear sachels?" and "Boobs."  The hosts also tell blood curdling stories about the horrors of working as an employee ata retail store.  Let us know what you think by leaving a coment, posting on our Facebook page.  We look forward to hearing what you all think!   

The Noise Tanks Drinking Game and Drunken Endeavors

2013-01-07 Length: 1s

Anna. Boris, Brian, Evan, Jafar, Jake and Matt all play a drinking game where Anna is the judge.  Anna made two different rules for each respective host.  Each time a host breaks a rule Anna hammers down on a giant gong and the perpetrator is sentenced to do one shot.  The most sober host standing lying on the floor is the winner to which the champion is awarded with the least severe hangover when they wake up in the morning next evening.  While this game is under way every member shares in a less than stellar moment they have experienced by telling a very epic drunk story where regrets are born and dignity dies.  Tell us what you think!      

Django and Have a Happy New Year!!!

2012-12-30 Length: 1s

Brian, Evan, Jake and Matt talk about the Quentin Tarantino film, "Django" and how they felt about it before, during and after they saw the movie.  All of the good parts are mentioned at least once in this podcast so if you haven't seen the movie yet you may want to wait until you do, or skip to 41:00 of the cast where everyone begins their much less in depth review of "Jack Reacher."  This is the first new cast on our new hosting site and also our last cast of the year of 2012!  Leave Comments and let us know what you think.   


The Apocalypse Confessions and A Special Announcement

2012-12-23 Length: 55s

Brian, Evan, Jake and Smithulhu talk about the end of the world and a fantastic idea for a Lord of the Rings themed pornographic film. This podcast includes several end of the world confessions including sabotaging a cafe and a horrible incident at a local fast food chain. Stay Tuned after the podcast has ended for a special announcement from the Noise Tanks!       


Yiruma. "River Flows In You" 

Joren "Tensei" de Bruin. "Elevatorstuck"   

Thunder Luv and Party Level Over 9000!

2012-12-16 Length: 1s

Boris, Brian, Evan and Jake are joined by their adoring fans in this podcast where they all talk about their interesting beverage purchases and their weekend endeavors. These hilarious stories include ugly sweater parties, sexual Christmas gifts, a tragic car ride to New York that will make you lose your shit, followed by an awesome party of legendary proportions. Also mentioned in this podcast is our plans going forward into the future. Should we talk more about movies? Should we talk about anime? Should we keep on rambling about our insane adventures that no one in their right mind would retell on the internet? Let us know by commenting on this podcast or contact us through e-mail or twitter.

Adventures In Gernmany and The Bieber Slayer

2012-12-09 Length: 1s

Brian, Evan and Jake talk about parts of their various adventures in places such as New Orleans and Germany. Many other topics are mentioned as they bring up their hilarious accounts of what happened on their adventures including a woman with the ability to crush aluminum cans with only her breast, pop music in foreign countries and a burlesque show. This podcast covers a wide range of topics as well as whatever else was on the groups mind at the time.

Cabin In The Woods, with Cookies

2012-12-02 Length: 52s

Brian, Evan and Jake talk about the gory and hilarious horror movie Cabin in the Woods! They express their opinions and tell funny stories about their experiences seeing the movie for the first time including stories about a real life cookie monster. If you haven't seen the movie yet be prepared because just about every good part is talked about in this episode.

Bottled Sex and A Metal Show!

2012-11-25 Length: 1s

Boris, Brian, Evan and Jake describe a metal show that they experienced. Some of which were attending their first metal show ever. Mosh pits, crowd surfing, quests across the floor, bottled sex and a lot more is included in this episode without sparing whatever else was on their minds.

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