Last update: 2015-11-15

The Obsolete Gamer Show #5: The Game Awards 2015

2015-11-15 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
The Obsolete Gamer Show is back and with 95% of the staff playing Fallout 4 and not booking guests we focus on Actifail’s purchase of Candy Crush, the nominees for the 2015 Game Awards and a spoiler free Legacy of the Void review.…

The Obsolete Gamer Show #4: Richard Morgan

2015-11-09 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
Richard Morgan stopped by to talk about his gamebook based on his bestselling series, A land fit for heroes. And we visit TigerDirect's Tech Bash 2016.…

The Obsolete Gamer Show #3: Robyn Sheba Baby Brown

2015-11-01 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
The Obsolete Gamer welcomes professional gamer Robyn “Sheba Baby” Brown and Eli from from Piko Interactive a company that develops and publishes new and previously released games for classic consoles. …

The Obsolete Gamer Show #2: Jordan Weisman, Regina Carpinelli

2015-10-29 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
We welcome Jordan Weisman creator of BattleTech to the show to talk about the BattleTech Kickstarter. Regina Carpinelli, CEO of Stan Lee’s Comikaze talks about what it talks to run a successful convention & we talk to the team behind the Civil War FPS game, War of Rights.…

The Obsolete Gamer Show #1: 20XX, Until Dawn

2015-10-22 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
Beyond the Game Trailer of 20XX, An Until Dark Review, 2 Metal Gear Solid Thieves, A Jeb Bush Game, Twitch bans “Twitch Sluts”, The return of Alt F4, Zelda on Stephen Colbert, Kayne West and much more. …

The Hacknet Show

2015-10-14 :: J.A. Laraque
We go Beyond the Game trailer of Hacknet an intriguing terminal-based game or as they call it a “hacking simulator” that uses actual UNIX commands and talk with Matt Trobbiani about what players can expect when they immerse themselves in his world.…

OGZ: The Korean Factor

2015-10-06 :: J.A. Laraque
The gamers talk about their thoughts on being a Korean gamer and getting owned by them. Diplomats we are not.…

The Fragments of Him Show

2015-09-30 :: J.A. Laraque
We head out to the Netherlands to talk with Mata Haggis about, Fragments of Him, a unique and interesting first-person drama gaming experience coming to PC and Xbox. …

OGZ: The StarCraft Story

2015-09-22 :: J.A. Laraque
The gamers discuss a memorable event at the LAN that dealt with a Sunday Starcraft game and a destroyed keyboard.…

The Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers Show

2015-09-18 :: J.A. Laraque
We’re heading back to New Orleans with the remastered remake of the 1993 classic, and talk with Jane Jensen about what it was like bringing the Sierra hit to a new generation of gamer's.…

OGZ: Couches & Game Food

2015-09-09 :: J.A. Laraque
The gamers discuss the good ol days of crashing wherever you could during LAN parties and events then dwell into the question of what video game food would you eat if given the chance.…

The Wars and Battles Show

2015-09-03 :: J.A. Laraque
We talk with creator of War & Battles War, the tabletop inspired warfare game that offers realistic battle scenarios about their latest trailer for the October War 1973 campaign.…

OGZ: E3 & BO

2015-08-23 :: J.A. Laraque
The Obsolete Gamers discuss the issues with body order at E3.…

The Quiver of Crows Show

2015-08-17 :: J.A. Laraque
We talk with lead developer Chad Ata & lead artist Danny Ata about A Quiver of Crows a twin-stick shooter by and what players can expect when they step into this Grim World Cursed by Demons and Ghouls.…

OGZ: Every black person has a great Voice

2015-08-11 :: J.A. Laraque
The Obsolete Gamers begin with a discussion where they asked the question, if you could put an enemy in any game zone which would it be? Somehow we got on the subject of voiceovers and it wen't downhill from there.…

The Retro Assault Show

2015-08-06 :: J.A. Laraque
We talk with John Mulkey from Big Shiny Games on what to expect from this upcoming title featuring all the weapon upgrades and combat action gamer's expect from a Sci-Fi space shooter.…

OGZ: E3 Celebrity Stalking

2015-08-03 :: J.A. Laraque
The Obsolete Gamers figure out the perfect way to be able to approach their favorite celebrities at #E3, however for J.A. Laraque, his idea backfires.…

The Enola: Nightmare Show

2015-07-27 :: J.A. Laraque
We delve into the world of the physiological thriller, Enola: Nightmare and chat with creative director, Sergio Rosa from The Domaginarium about the game as well as one of his all-time favorite horror games, Silent Hill. …

OGZ: The ReD-EyE Story

2015-07-23 :: J.A. Laraque
The gamer's talk about how many of them met at the Miami Florida based LAN party know as ReD-EyE.…

The Gladiators Online show

2015-07-19 :: J.A. Laraque
Nick Porsche from Dorado games comes all the way from Malta in Europe to tell us a little about Gladiators Online: Death Before Dishonor where you play as a Lanista or gladiator manager in ancient Rome. …

The Rahul Sood Show

2015-07-14 :: J.A. Laraque
We profile Rahul Sood & talk about eSport & his latest company, Unikrn. A true entrepreneur, Rahul founded the gaming PC Company Voodoo & became the global head of Microsoft Ventures.…

The Daryl Rodriguez & Jeanette Garcia Show

2015-06-07 :: J.A. Laraque
We talk with the film makers behind the fantastic video game documentary, World 1-1. Last time we spoke with Jeanette Garcia and Daryl Rodriguez they introduced us to their film. Now after a lot of hard work their film has been released to rave reviews from around the world and just recently, on the Steam platform. …

The Gamer's Take Show: E-Sports vs. ESPN

2015-05-11 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
J.A. Laraque & Joshua Laus take on Colin Cowherds comments on E-Sports and their place on the ESPN networks with guests Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel and Patrick Scott Patteson. …

The Johnathan Fatal1ty Wendel Show

2015-05-05 :: J.A. Laraque
We talk with professional gamer & entrepreneur, Johnathan Wendel, perhaps better known as Fatal1ty in Las Vegas about his gamer career, the Fatal1ty brand and what it took to go from a kid with a dream to a man building an empire.…

The James C. Burns Show

2015-05-04 :: J.A. Laraque
We had a chance to talk with actor James C. Burns about his upcoming film, Coldwater which will be released via Itunes on August 15th. We also talked about his iconic character from Call of Duty Black Ops, Frank Woods.…

The Jay Bartlett Show

2015-05-02 :: J.A. Laraque
We talked with Jay Bartlett the star of the retro gaming inspired documentary directed by Rob McCallum titled Nintendo Quest about what happened behind the scenes of the film and his love of retro games and video game collecting.…

The Rob McCallum Show

2015-04-30 :: J.A. Laraque
Director Rob McCallum sits down with J.A. Laraque to talk about his upcoming documentary, Nintendo Quest.…

The MK Tom Brady Show

2015-04-29 :: J.A. Laraque
In the arena of fighting game tournaments few people have had an impact as large as MK Tom Brady. Whether it is community leadership or stand out competitor Tom Brady has been a staple with in the Nether Realm Community. …

The Derek Smart Show

2015-04-28 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
We talked with Derek about his early days, including what influenced him to get into game development and the struggles one can go through when creating their first game. …

The Lifespiller Show

2015-04-27 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
For this installment we talk with gamer, collector and Youtuber, Lifespiller about a wide array of types from classic games to collecting on a budget and doing it smart & about the challenges of running a Youtube channel and the pitfalls many often fall into. …

The Richard Garriott Show

2015-04-26 :: J.A. Laraque
Our interview with Lord British, Richard Garriott on his upcoming game Shroud of the Avatar interviewed by Video Game Scoreboard's own Grace Snoke at E3 2014.…

The Jan Kavan Show

2015-04-18 :: J.A. Laraque
We talk with Jan Kavan from CBE Software about his love of games such as Zak McKracken & the Alien Mindbenders, Anachronox , A Mind Forever Voyaging & Silent Hill 2 & being a gamer in the Czech Republic & his latest release J.U.L.I.A: Among the Stars.…

The Loris Malek Show

2015-04-16 :: J.A. Laraque
We’ve talked with fantastic people from around the world & Loris from Moon Spider is no different. Their game, Harold is an interesting mix between Pitfall & Lemmings that gives you that hardcore, but unique gameplay that gamers have been asking for. …

The Judy L.Tyrer Show

2015-04-15 :: J.A. Laraque
When you have a passion for games that stays with you your entire life and the drive and focus to peruse what you want in life you can achieve great things. That was just one of the many things we learned in our extended conversation with Judy L.Tyrer.…

The Ryan Culver Show

2015-04-14 :: J.A. Laraque
We talked with actor Ryan about his work on his Sony commercial as well his other work including appearances on Spin City, Charmed, N.C.I.S and Hot in Cleveland as well as his incredible travels around the world.…

The Patrick Scott Patterson Show

2015-04-13 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
We talk with Multi-Media personality, Patrick Scott Patterson, a man who has Guinness World Records in multiple video games, has appeared on television and in movies and documentaries, owns his own website oh and did I mention he was a wrestler as well?…

The Rob Dougherty Show

2015-04-13 :: J.A. Laraque
Our interview with CEO of White Wizard Games and co-creator of Star Realms, Rob Dougherty.…

The Paul Elsy Show

2015-04-12 :: J.A. Laraque
We head to Iceland to talk with Paul Elsy community manager for CCP Games about his early days of gaming and how he came to work for famed computer gaming company. In our talk we learned a bit about the impact CCP has had on Iceland and the people, the gamers and fans and even the difference between gamers in Iceland and those in the States.…

The Nick Clarkson Show

2015-04-11 :: J.A. Laraque
We talk with Nick Clarkson a true gamer who has not only played a large number of classic PC games, but was a pioneer with gaming magazines in the U.K. and worked with a number of great game creators before coming to Merge Games. We talked about his journeyman tour of gaming in the U.K as well as his gaming experiences before diving into Merge’s upcoming titles including, Riot, Albedo and Zombie Kill of the Week.…

The Kevin Mentz Show

2015-04-10 :: J.A. Laraque
When you have a company known for great games you become even more curious about the people behind them so when we had a chance to talk with Kevin Mentz from Daedalic Entertainment we were excited to do so. We were already fortunate enough to have a written gamer profile from Claas Paletta and for Kevin, we learned his favorite classic game is The Battle of Olympus.…

The Jacob Clark Show

2015-04-09 :: J.A. Laraque
Jacob Clark Community Manager for The Unallied joins us on The Gamer Profiles Show to talk about their indie game, Super Dwarf Madness.…

The Ichiro Lambe Show

2015-04-08 :: J.A. Laraque
We talked with Ichiro Lambe from Dejobaan Games their incredible game, Elegy for a Dead World where you explore dead civilizations, write about what you find, and share your stories with the world. You can find the game on Steam. …

The Brad Smith Show

2015-04-07 :: J.A. Laraque
Gamer Profiles heads to the great white north to talk with developer, Brad Smith on his latest project titled, Lizard. …

The Alexander Dergay Show

2015-04-06 :: J.A. Laraque
We head to Belarus to talk with Alexander Dergay of Aterdux Entertainment about their upcoming game, Legends of Eisenwald.…

The Aidan Price Show

2015-04-05 :: J.A. Laraque
We sat down with Aidan Price from East Asia Soft to talk about their upcoming game Lost Sea and about Aidan's gaming influences which included classic games such as the original Super Mario Bros. and Contra for the NES. …

The Agustin Cordes Show

2015-04-04 :: J.A. Laraque
We talk with Agustín Cordes founder of Senscape and designer of Scratches, Serena, and Asylum horror adventures about his upcoming game H.P. Lovecraft’s, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.…

The Hollyanne Setola Show

2015-04-03 :: J.A. Laraque
We were honored to feature Hollyanne Setola in our latest episode where we talked about her history of gaming from being introduced to gaming by her grandmother who worked at NASA, to her Counter Strike days with her teammates. …

The Mike NESquester Wright Show

2015-04-02 :: J.A. Laraque
We talk to Mike "NESquester" Wright about his gaming background, wrestling career and his celebrated writing about classic games.…

The Carlos Cuesta Dolz Show

2015-04-01 :: J.A. Laraque
GPS heads to Spain and we're talking Hipsters vs. Zombies with Carlos Cuesta Dolz of Arpic Games.…

The OGX Show #2

2014-04-15 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
This week we talked about companies more concerned about bringing out DLC then fixing bugs and topics such as which video game food would you eat in real life and which video game world would you send your worst enemy.…

The Carl Perfect Legend White Show

2014-04-13 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
We talk with Carl "Perfect Legend" White, 3-Time EVO Champion and member of Team FNATIC about eSports, the life of a pro gamer and the all the haters that come along with it.…

The OGX Show #1

2014-04-13 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
Now while this should is filled will silliness we also ask some serious questions and have some good discussions on topics such as the future of MMO's specifically WildStar and Everquest Next. Beyond that we talk about such silly topics as which video game character would make the best wife.…

The William Volk #2

2014-04-13 :: J.A. Laraque
We profile William Volk COO of PlayScreen as he shares some of his wisdom on the Free 2 Play market, Downloadable Content, The Candy Crush Sage, Flappy Bird, Mobile Gaming and more.…

The Dave Vogt Show

2014-04-13 :: J.A. Laraque
We talk with World Record holder, Dave Vogt about his love of classic gaming and what it took to become a world record holder.…

The Carrie Swidecki Show

2014-02-20 :: J.A. Laraque
We talk with Carrie Swidecki about her world records in Just Dance, Dance Dance Revolution and many more. …

The Best of OGS 2013 Show

2013-12-24 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 3s
A combination of our best interviews and funniest moments from the Obsolete Gamer podcast for 2013.…

The Windforge Show

2013-11-28 :: J.A. Laraque
This week we talk with Evan Hahn, game designer and software engineer for Snowed in studios about their upcoming game, Windforge.…

The World 1-1 Show

2013-11-01 :: J.A. Laraque
This week we talk with the team behind the upcoming documentary on classic gaming, World 1-1. Jeanette Garcia and Daryl Rodriguez are the creative minds behind the project and we talk about their Kickstarter campaign and all things retro gaming.…

The Super Dwarf Madness Show

2013-10-18 :: J.A. Laraque
This week we talk with Jacob Clark from the indie gaming development team The Unallied and their Kickstarter project Super Dwarf Madness.…

The William Watterson Show

2013-08-22 :: J.A. Laraque
We talk with actor William Watterson whose is voicing Jim Peyton in the upcoming Lost Planet 3 game. We talk everything from video games, to comic books, action figures and Hollywood.…

The Clip Show

2013-07-07 :: J.A. Laraque
Well it is a clip show, but not in the sense where we reply old stuff you already heard. We have been a bit busy at OG HQ as of late and with that and Florida Supercon we did not have a change to do our normal podcast. However, we did get a few interviews from the con and have added them to this show. First up the show features a little behind the scenes when we were recording the video for our appearance on 1337 Lounge live. It was fun doing it so we decided to add a little of our prep for it. Next up part one in our audio version of the Gamer Parent series where we talk with gamers who are now parents. This gives a good insight into being both a gamer and a parent and we hope to add more interviews in the near future. Finally we bring you two interviews from Florida Supercon. The first one is an extended version of our interview with Stealth Mobile Gaming and our interview with Florida Arcade & Pinball Exposition. We will be back very soon with our normal podcast so make sure to check that out. …

The E3 Aftermath Show

2013-06-14 :: J.A. Laraque
Our E3 reporter Pat breaks down his time at E3 2013.…

The Legacy of ReD-EyE Show

2013-06-07 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
The lan party that for many of use started it all. We look back at our times at the ReD-EyE lan and all the games and craziness that came with it.…

The Pro Gamer Show

2013-05-31 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
This week we talk about pro gaming and all the in and outs of entering into the world of E-sports.…

The Twin Galaxies Live Show

2013-05-24 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
We welcome Xander Denke from Twin Galaxies Live to the show to talk about their channel. We turned to the Xbox One and the recent press conference & fallout with Grace Snoke & finally we talked classic gaming, especially the ones looked back on with rose colored glasses.…

The William Volk Show #1

2013-02-21 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
We were honored to talk with William D. Volk and began our conversation with a brief history of how he got into gaming and his work at Avalon Hi, Activation and his current work at PlayScreen and covered a wide array of topics from mobile gaming, the video game violence debate and how technology and games can help with learning and improving education.…

The Raptr Show

2013-02-14 :: J.A. Laraque
We talked with Casey Scheld from Raptr about how that community has grown over the past few years into successful gaming community where gamers can read reviews, share achievements, earn all types of goodies and just hang out and have fun. …

The World of Tanks Show

2013-02-07 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
We were excited when we contacted Jamie King at War Gaming America and was introduced to Caleb Fox who joined us on this week show and answers our numerous and wide ranging questions. For this first podcast we wanted to talk to those newer to the game and those interested in trying it for the first time.…

The Gamer Parents Show

2013-02-01 :: J.A. Laraque
We about what it was like for our parents dealing with kids who were growing up gamers and when our parents began to understand our gaming ways and even joined in on the gaming action.…

The Growing up in Arcades Show

2013-01-27 :: J.A. Laraque
We reminisce about arcade rooms and the various arcade games and establishments we visited in our youth.…

The Dr. Jean-Philippe Chaput Show

2013-01-10 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
This week we had the chance to speak with Dr. Jean-Philippe Chaput on his research study on video game playing and the increase in food intake. We discussed the effects of video games on the body and how it can result in weight gain due to overeating and how even motion games like the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect may not be the answer. There has been many articles on gamers health including the effects it can have on your life. However many focus only on the negative effects and not so much on how to game and still remain healthy and safe. On the panel we discussed various ways to be a healthy gamer as well as the negative effects of playing video games for too long. …

The Standing the test of Time Show

2013-01-05 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
This week featured the Gamer Profile of Amanda MacKay, known for her work on Game Trailers and Spike TV. She talked about some of her favorite classic games and growing up playing games such as Paperboy, Super Mario Bros. 3 and. The Legend of Zelda. For our panel the gang went over some questions featured on our Facebook page and then discussed games that stand the test of time. In other words, classic games that even over 30 years old are still fun and worth playing today. Finally, we discussed classic games that had a lasting impact on us. Games that defined the culture of the time and/or our gaming habits.…

The Memories of Multiplayer Show

2012-12-15 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
This week on the Obsolete Gamer Show we had a chance to interview Ryan Culver who played Nathan Drake for the PlayStation commercial for PlayStation’s All-Star Battle Royale. The guys not only nails the look for Nathan Drake, but is actually a man of action and adventure himself flying people all over the world. In our panel discussion we talk about our memories of playing multiplayer games be it with a bunch of friend in our homes or thousands of players online and all the good and bad the comes with playing with others. …

The One Step Forward, Two Steps Back Show

2012-12-06 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
After a long hiatus the Obsolete Gamer show is back and better than ever. In this week’s episode we welcome gamer extraordinaire Fatal1ty to the show where we talk about his life as a professional gamer and the challenges of being one of the best. We also talked with indie game developer Mike Oliphant creator of the mobile game Kung Fu Fight and his experiences of being an indie game developer especially in the mobile gaming market. Finally the panel discusses what we have gained and what we have lost in the advancement of video games.…

The E3 Rocks, Jimmy Kimmel Sucks Show

2011-06-14 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
This week we talked about our trip to E3 2011 and the various games and products we saw while at the convention. We also discussed how while E3 is awesome it can grow old pretty quick. There was a little Wii 2 hate to be had as we discussed its lack of Blu-Ray, but the most hate came from my story of going to the horrible Jimmy Kimmel show and being given a potato. All in all a pretty funny show.…

The Pre-E3 2011 Show

2011-06-01 :: J.A. Laraque
This week we had a full house as we went over some of the things we are looking forward to at this year’s E3. We began first with a few news items that were posted on our Facebook page. One of the news items talked about married men divorcing their wives to play World of Warcraft and the other was about Chinese prisoners being forced to play World of Warcraft, we felt marriage, prison and W.O.W. went together perfectly.…

The You are full of Sh*t Show

2011-05-26 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
This week we continued our attack on SOE and the community letter sent out by Lorin Jameson which led to the topic of how game companies and the people that work for them often bullshit us. We also talked about the decision to removed blood and the original fatalities from Mortal Kombat for the SNES. Overall, we spent the time calling people out and had a great time at it.…

The Your MMO Blueprint Sucks Show

2011-05-19 :: J.A. Laraque
This week Ignacio and I asked for some topic recommendations via our Facebook fan page. We began the show talking about Ignacio’s continuing addiction to League of Legends and then moved into the topic of Atari dumping Cryptic like a ugly prom date. In addition, we covered some of the ongoing Sony troubles after being hacked and the future of MMO’s and the fact that the days if pumping out tons of MMO’s to make millions looks to be over.…

The Osama got Ganked Show

2011-05-04 :: J.A. Laraque
This week on the Obsolete Gamer Show we were joined in the studio by Mark who you may have seen from the Starfox gameplay video we did. The show began by talking about Sony’s recent hacking of their database where access to over 25 million accounts may have been gained. When then turned to our main topics of the night. In honor of Osama getting ganked we talked about our favorite wartime and counter terrorist games. We had a great time and we hope you enjoy the show.…

The Back to Business Show

2011-04-28 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
This week we had our flame-war starting writer, Umar back in the studio and the talk focused on most of the staff playing League of Legends. We also talk about failing or failed MMO\\\\\\\'s and pricing of games and MMO and the differences between a rabid gamer and a rabid sports fan. …

The Girls Girls Girls Show

2011-04-21 :: J.A. Laraque
What happens when you have a bunch of gamers talk about girls, well you have this week’s Obsolete Gamer Show. Ignacio, Tom and J.A dive into the lovely subject of getting, retaining and dealing with girls as a gamer.…

The Worst Show Ever

2011-04-07 :: J.A. Laraque
Everyone has off days and pretty much every day the staff at Obsolete Gamer is a little off. This time for the show, we wanted to focus on horrible things you have done during gaming. Examples of horrible things you would do during gaming world be like pooping in a sock or forgoing a shower for days on end. While we were able to hit on that topic, we kind of went off mark into rants about gamers versus non-gamers, race relations and the horrible new Commodore 64. …

The Q and A Show

2011-03-15 :: J.A. Laraque
This week on the Obsolete Gamer Show we turned to our fans to answer their questions from our Facebook Fan page. …

The Rants and Rewind Show

2011-03-10 :: J.A. Laraque
In our latest show we discuss the changes in our gaming habits and as a special bonus a rant on Activision and Sony Online Entertainment.…

The E3 2010 Show

2010-11-19 :: J.A. Laraque
Obsolete Gamers interviews from the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010…

The Alex Agulia Show

2010-11-12 :: J.A. Laraque
J.A. Laraques exclusive interview with Alienware co-founder Alex Agulia.…

The NES Show

2010-10-28 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
Team OGS talks the Nintendo Entertainment System with guests Luis, Umar and Edgar…

The Build vs Buy Show

2010-09-02 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
The debate has raged for years, which is better, to build or to buy your gaming pc?…

The PVE versus PVP Show

2010-08-26 :: J.A. Laraque
With guests Edwin and Liz PoisonKiss …

The MMO Show

2010-08-19 :: J.A. Laraque Length: 1s
With guests Edgar, Candis, Javier and special guest interview with Sairys Rodriguez from the film Second Skin…

The Umar Khan Show

2010-08-12 :: J.A. Laraque
What do you get when you put three crazy geeky gamers in a room for an hour, uncommon hilarity. On this week’s OGS our famed editorial writer Umar joined us to talk about everything from Farmville hate to Pokemon love. …

The Origin PC Show

2010-08-05 :: J.A. Laraque
We talk with COO of Origin PC Hector Penton.…

The Alienware Breed Show

2010-07-29 :: J.A. Laraque
Guest Jay Garay president of District Creative Studios …

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