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The Penguin Podcast: The Writing Process feat. Graeme Simsion, Giovanna Fletcher and Meg Rosoff

2013-06-27 :: Penguin Books UK
This episode is all about the writing process, so naturally we've talked to a lot of our authors to find out what it is that inspires them, how they start off their writing day and what keeps them motivated.…

The Penguin Podcast: Heroes feat. John le Carré, Cerys Matthews and the Brownlee brothers

2013-06-12 :: Penguin Books UK
This episode is going to be all about heroes, from sporting legends to literary giants, singer songwriters to fictional characters. And if you’re short on inspiration for Father’s Day (this Sunday 16th June!), then we’ll hopefully provide a helping hand. Or if you just want to hear about some pretty amazing people then stay tuned because we have a brilliant line up for you including an exciting interview with the Brownlee triathlon brothers, an extract from the audiobook edition of Neil Young’s Waging Heavy Peace, a reading of A Delicate Truth from John le Carré and finally a quick song and a chat with Cerys Matthews.…

The Penguin Podcast: Crime, Trials and the Underworld feat. John le Carré and Paul French

2013-05-15 :: Penguin Books UK
We're heading into the dark underworld of crime and trials in this episode of the Penguin Podcast, so prepare for a little sleuthing, a little violence and a lot of intrigue!…

The Penguin Podcast: Nostalgia, Memories and the Not So Distant Past feat. Mollie Moran, Jay Griffiths and a reading from Charles Moore's Margaret Thatcher

2013-04-24 :: Penguin Books UK
In this episode we’re thinking about nostalgia - about periods of history that spark a lot of memories, about personal pasts and things we miss, or things we’re glad are over!…

The Penguin Podcast: Readarama - Fancy a Challenge? feat. Graeme Simsion and Elizabeth Fremantle

2013-04-11 :: Penguin Books UK
[Download mp3] Us Penguins would like to present you with a challenge. Now we know life can be frantic and it sometimes feels like you don’t have time to get round to the things that you want to do. We...…

The Penguin Podcast: London feat. Elif Shafak, Penguin Lines, The Enemy and Iris Jones Simantel

2013-03-26 :: Penguin Books UK
[Download mp3] This year marks the 150th anniversary of the tube, so we thought we’d take a look at the great capital we’ve been journeying around underground since 1863. First up we have a reading from Elif Åžhafak's powerful novel...…

The Penguin Podcast: "Dear Mum" feat. Forgive Me by Lesley Pearse and The Sweetness of Life by Françoise Héritier

2013-03-08 :: Penguin Books UK
In honour of Mother’s Day this Sunday we're taking a look at some suitable Spring publications. …

The Penguin Podcast: Happy Valentines Day! With Lucy Robinson, Sylvia Day and Hugh Aldersey-Williams

2013-02-14 :: Penguin Books UK
We've got a bit of romantic themed podcast for you, and we thought we would try to appeal to everyone’s hearts with a bit of a mixed bag.…

The Penguin Podcast: New Year's Resolutions feat The Allen Carr clinic and Susan Cain’s Quiet

2013-01-16 :: Penguin Books UK
We thought we’d start the new year with some resolutions, and as we’re a bit late hopefully we can provide fresh inspiration for anyone who's already broken theirs.…

The Penguin Podcast: Christmas Bumper, Part 2 feat. The Snowman and Charles Dickens

2012-12-24 :: Penguin Books UK
We’re back, as promised, for the second part of our Bumper Christmas Podcast.…

The Penguin Podcast: Christmas Bumper, Part 1 feat. Dawn French, Clare Balding and Diary of a Wimpy Kid

2012-12-19 :: Penguin Books UK
A bumper festive podcast with something for everyone.…

The Penguin Podcast: Feel Good feat. Clare Balding, Albert Espinosa and Pu Pu Hot Pot!

2012-12-04 :: Penguin Books UK
Our aim in this episode is to make you feel good, be it by improving your life or helping you to improve the lives of others. And as a result we have quite a diverse program for you!…

The Penguin Podcast: War and Writing feat. Patrick Hennessey, Harry Sidebottom & Clive Aslet

2012-11-13 :: Penguin Books UK
Patrick Hennessey takes over the Penguin Podcast on War and Writing to discuss the appear of writing and reading about war.…

The Penguin Podcast: Halloween Special feat. Philip Pullman's Grimm Tales

2012-10-31 :: Penguin Books UK
It's Halloween and we’ve got a frightfully good podcast in store for you - with murder, intrigue, ghosts and death! Featuring readings from our latest and scariest books, an interview with Tim Weaver and a recording from a Philip Pullman event.…

The Penguin Podcast: Action & Adventure feat. Jacqueline Wilson, Karen Maitland and Michelle Paver

2012-08-31 :: Penguin Books UK
Today’s podcast is all about adventure - from medieval crime and Bronze Age Gods to ancient fairies! But what is it about action and adventure tales that readers and writers find so appealing? Perhaps it’s the escape from reality and delving into the strange and unknown? Or maybe it’s joining the characters on journeys filled with intrigue suspense? Well we have three authors lined up to answer these questions. First up there’s Karen Maitland, author of the historical thriller The Falcons of Fire of Ice, sharing her thoughts on medieval Europe. She is followed by Jacqueline Wilson, who talks to us about her retelling of E Nesbit’s classic tale Five Children and It. Next up is Michelle Paver, author of Gods and Warriors, telling us about the adventures she went on to research her book. And finally we end with an extract from the audiobook edition of Gods and Warriors, read by the actor Toby Stephens.…

The Penguin Podcast: Crossover Fiction feat. Louisa Reid, Alex Scarrow and Eoin Colfer

2012-08-07 :: Penguin Books UK
Today we’ve got a podcast devoted entirely to Crossover fiction, fiction that appeals to both teenagers and adults alike. You might consider it a guilty pleasure, something to read only on an ereader, but more adults are becoming loud and proud about their love of the genre and we’ve got three crossover authors in this podcast to tell you why! First up there’s Louisa Read, author of Black Heart Blue, reading a short extract and answering some questions. Next we have Alex Scarrow, author of the historical fiction series Time Riders, who will be talking to us about the appeal of YA novels. After that we have an extract from the audiobook edition of Eoin Colfer’s final instalment of the Artemis Fowl series, The Last Guardian, followed by a chat with the author himself. …

The Penguin Podcast: Working in the Media feat. Dillon Khan and A. L. Berridge

2012-07-11 :: Penguin Books UK
We’re sure many people fresh out of college and uni are thinking about taking steps towards finding their dream job, so we thought we’d share tips and stories from some of our authors and some of the creative and smart people that work here at Penguin about working in the Media. This episode features an interview with A. L. Berridge who, before becoming the author of books such as In the Valley of Death, formerly worked in Television. We also have an extract and interview with Dillon Khan, author of The Intern, explaining the benefits of interning. In addition, six Penguin employees share their Top 5 Tips about working in Publishing.…

The Penguin Podcast: Urban Tales feat. Paul French, Dubliners and Greg Baxter

2012-06-29 :: Penguin Books UK
We’ve travelled across the globe to famous cities for this Urban-themed podcast. Paul French tells us about his extraordinary book, Midnight in Peking, taking us to the the capital city of Beijing and an audio extract from James Joyce's classic short story, Araby, from Dubliners brings us back to North Richmond Street in Dublin. What's more, Greg Baxter reads an extract and talks to us about his new book The Apartment, where he alludes to "an old European capital", which described so richly yet never named.…

The Penguin Podcast: Mother's Day Special with Rachel Khoo & Virginia McKenna

2012-03-16 :: Penguin Books UK
In this month’s podcast we’re celebrating Mother's Day. We've got an interview with Rachel Khoo, author of The Little Paris Kitchen, and she'll be giving us a recipe perfect for celebrating the big day on Sunday! Virginia McKenna, famous for Born Free, took time out from recording the audiobook edition of An African Love Story to speak to our audiobook producer ,Roy McMillian, and, if that wasn't enough, we've got an extract from the brilliant Millions Like Us!…

The Penguin Podcast: A Charles Dickens special featuring Claire Tomalin

2012-02-20 :: Penguin Books UK
In this month’s podcast we’re celebrating the bicentenary of Charles Dickens with a podcast special devoted to the great man. We’re featuring a chat between Claire Tomalin, author of Charles Dickens: A Life, and her editor Tony Lacey, as well as an extract from the audiobook edition of her work; we also have some remastered content from an old archive recording of Dombey & Son! …

The Penguin Podcast: "New Year, New You" with Ben Masters, Dr. Mike Dow, John Tierney & Mrs. Moneypenny

2012-01-27 :: Penguin Books UK
[Download MP3] This month's podcast has a “New Year, New You” theme, so we asked a selection of our authors to provide some inspiration for 2012. First, so we can all remember why we made those brutal new years resolutions,...…

The Penguin Podcast: Hollis Hampton-Jones: Comes the Night

2012-01-17 :: Penguin Books UK
In this special podcast, recorded with producer and engineer Roger Moutenot, Hollis Hampton-Jones reads from the opening of her novel, Comes the Night.Drawing on her personal experiences as a model in Paris, she produces an eye-opening insight into the fashion world as well as dealing boldly and compassionately with a range of taboo and controversial subjects. A stark, unflinching novel with a dark heart, Comes the Night chronicles 19 year old Meade’s fevered and tormented journey through the frothy, glossy world of fashion and the shadowy recesses of love.…

Christmas Podcast Special

2011-12-21 :: Penguin Books UK
Hello and Merry Christmas from everyone here at Penguin! We’ve got a very Christmassy themed episode with a big focus on food , so if you’re not hungry now you certainly will be by the end. There's a talk from Pen Vogler, publicist here at Penguin and co-Editor of the Great Food series. She’s going to be telling us all about the history of Christmas food and how things like turkeys and mince pies became associated with Christmas dinner. After that there's a brillantly funny extract from the audiobook edition of India Knight’s festive novel Comfort and Joy. If you've ever been to Oxford Street for some last minute christmas shopping you'll understand her pain. And lastly we have Juliet Annan, the Publishing Director of Fig Tree, reading a lovely recipe for blinis from Felicity Cloake’s Penguin Short, Perfect Christmas Day. …

The Past

0000-00-00 :: Penguin Books UK
Historical fact and historical fiction take over the Penguin Podcast for this episode all about writing and the past. Sarah Blake talks about her World War II novel The Postmistress, as well as the difficulties and rewards of writing about a different tim…


0000-00-00 :: Penguin Books UK
David Shields, author of The Thing About Life Is That One Day You'll Be Dead, and John Gray, author of The Immortalization Commission: The Strange Quest to Cheat Death, sit down in the Penguin offices for a long conversation about mortality; David Vann ta…

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