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Truth is Prior to the Body/Mind

2012-01-14 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
In this discourse Adi Da Samraj adresses the fact that Truth or God Realization is not dependent on, nor does it have anything to do with, the functions and activities of the body mind. …

Be Purposed to Realization - Beyond Race, Gender, or Any Form of 'self'-Identity.

2011-07-31 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
In this discourse, a devotee asks Adi Da Samraj about her practice of Adidam as an African-American woman in a predominantly white community. …

Money, Food, and Sex

2010-11-25 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
In an historic discourse from 1972, Adi Da addresses the dilemma those taking up 'spiritual life' encounter when bringing discipline to the areas of money, food, and sex. …

Helping the Dying

2010-10-03 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
In this discourse given May 29, 1980, a student of Avatar Adi Da asks for suggestions to help her dying mother. Adi Da responds both with compassion, and also with very practical and useful advice. …

The Responsibility for Love

2010-07-23 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
An excerpt from a 1977 discourse of Adi Da Samraj, in which he responds to a devotee's question about the difficulty - and apparent inability - to love. …

'My Work Is Urgent'

2010-05-22 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Adi Da speaks to the crisis mankind is in and the urgency for true spiritual practice - the disposition that undermines mankind's assumption of separation. …

Adi Da's Reading of His Love-Ananda Gita

2010-04-04 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
In this historical recording of April of 1986, we hear Adi Da Samraj reciting the final section of his Love-Ananda Gita. In it Adi Da communicates his most 'radical' transcendental teaching regarding true renunciation of the egoic motive of seperation and Realization of the Divine Self-Condition. …

'When you Live you Make Mind...'

2009-12-28 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
In this discourse, given in 1985, Adi Da communciates that while we survive death, that fact is of no consulation. At death there is the falling off of the physical body, but the mind, psych and personality created during one's life continue without the anchor of the body. Without this anchor we drift aimlessly into the disturbances of mind and psyche that remain. Therefore what occurs after death is directly associated with what one does in life. Adi Da goes on to suggest that it would be best to associate and use one's lifetime to grow beyond the limits 'body only' point of view and associate with that which trsnscends the body and the limitations of this life. …

Adi Da's Poetry: Confessional Poems of Liberation and Love

2009-10-25 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Adi Da Samraj communicates his 'Bright' realization and the purpose of his liberating work through poems He wrote between 1971 and 1976. The poems included in this podcast were selected from the full collection of Adi Da's poetry. The recitations are placed in an order that relates to Avatar Adi Da's Lifetime and Realization, and his relationship to the world. You are invited to relax the mind and listen to Adi Da's confessions of love and happiness. …

The Death of Adi Da Samraj

2009-07-12 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
On November 27, 2008 Adi Da Samraj passed from His body in His hermitage sanctuary in Fiji. This extended podcast includes a chronicle of this time of His passing, an audio excerpt from 1999 of Adi Da speaking about His physical death and continuation of His spiritual and world work, and finally interviews with devotees who made the pilgrimage to Fiji for this event. …

The Commercialization of Religion

2008-12-28 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The consumer mentality has infiltrated the area of religion. We hear from the media and the popular psyche that you can buy religion and become 'spiritual' without real change - and this presumption is false. In this episode, which includes two segments from discourses and a recitation from His Teaching, Avatar Adi Da brings His unique clarity and offers commentary on the matter. …

All Religious History is One Great Tradition

2008-09-21 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The history of human spirituality is actually One Great Tradition. In this discourse Avatar Adi Da calls upon us to study and understand the searches, doctrines and spiritual attainments of mankind as a whole, not as seperate traditions or paths. He also urges mankind to transcend merely belief-based religious myths, dogma and "religious provincialism" which only support egoic seperation and conflict. …

The Romanticism of Science

2008-04-28 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Does religion have the answer to truth.. or does science explain it all? In this discourse Adi Da Samraj speaks to what science can serve and what are the limits in its endeavor to discover the truth about Reality. …

Transcending the Mood of Doubt

2008-01-24 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Doubt is not a sign that we may be betrayed. Adi Da describes the "solution" to doubt - identifying with the Divine, beyond temporary cycles of body and mind. …

The Only Way Beyond Fear

2007-12-10 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Avatar Adi Da Samraj addresses the root cause of fear which is at the core of all suffering. He speaks about the "self-contraction" or the activity of presumed identification exclusively with the separate and mortal body as the place where fear arises. Rather than avoiding the fear inherent in being a body, or try to come up with techniques to "cure it", Adi Da Samraj Calls us to understand and transcend that self-knot by identifying and the Divine Condition that is Always Already the Case and in Prior Unity to presumed separateness of the body-mind. …

What is Adidam?

2007-06-22 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Adi Da clarifies that the Way of Adidam is based solely on the inherent heart-response to his spiritual state. That heart-response in feeling relationship to Adi Da leads to the self-understanding and willingness to take up the real ego-transcending practice and ultimately to the outshining of conditional appearances and separation. …

"God" Is not the Cause

2007-05-07 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
A devotee askes Adi Da a question about the nature of the "ego", and how the sense of self-separation is caused. In response, Adi Da gives a Radical and profound description of the true nature of the Divine Reality, Stating that the Divine is the substance of all that arises, not the "cause" of anything, Avatar Adi Da goes on to describe how it is our own separation from that which is the very Divine, that causes the assumption of separation. …

Cults and Cultism

2007-04-17 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
In this talk Avatar Adi Da notes that cultism is rooted in the childish need to believe and to depend on a person, group, myth, or symbol - without assuming responsibility for oneself. He then points out that the tendency to create a cult of whatever kind is present in everyone - at every level of human society and culture. Avatar Adi Da criticizes the tendency toward cultism in the world at large and even within His own community of devotees. He calls His Devotees to understand and relinquish all modes of false and childish dependency on Him as a Spiritual Teacher and to make only the most serious and mature approach to Him for the great purpose of spiritual awakening and Divine Enlightenment. …

Death and The Purpose of Existence

2007-03-14 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
In this episode, Avatar Adi Da describes how the habits of attention, or the patterning of mind while alive determine what happens in and after death. He dispels the myth of "when you die you go to heaven", and elucidates the process of life, death and reincarnation. Adi Da also gives a clear picture of how the death process works and why Spiritual life is absolutely necessary in serving that process. In the second part of this episode a devotee recounts a near death experience of a friend and how Adi Da saved that individual from death. …

Beyond Death, Sorrow, and Loss: A Discourse by Adi Da Samraj

2007-02-23 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
In this episode, Avatar Adi Da Samraj responds to a question from a devotee who had lost a grandchild and was asking for some understanding that might ease his sorrow. Avatar Adi Da describes how there is no answer to the pain of loss except for Divine Realization. He Calls His devotee to use the experience of loss to move one to Realize that which transcends the position of separation in which loss can be experienced, through Communion with Him, and ultimately Divine Realization of Prior Unity. …

The Need for The Spiritual Master

2007-02-03 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
You will hear two excerpts from Talks by Avatar Adi Da: In the first excerpt, Avatar Adi Da Samraj speaks of the ancient and time-honored understanding of the indispensable need for a true and fully accomplished spiritual Realizer if anyone hopes to discover the ultimate nature of Reality and Truth. In the second excerpt Avatar Adi Da Samraj considers with his devotees why someone is attracted to a Spiritual Realizer and how that attraction leads one become a devotee of a Realizer. …

The Bright

2007-01-18 :: Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Avatar Adi Da reads His own description of the unique State of Spiritual Freedom He has enjoyed since His birth. From His earliest childhood, He has used the term "The 'Bright'" to convey His experience of the overwhelming Spiritual Radiance of Reality. Adi Da is alive now in our time and the entire purpose of His Life and Work is to freely transmit the Perfect Condition of the "The 'Bright'" to everyone. …

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