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The Game-By-Game Podcast

Welcome to the first installment of our new format: a weekly look at one video game at a time. We’re skipping news and virtual re-releases in favor of an in-depth review of an oft-overlooked classic. We’re sure you’ll find this episode informative!   Download this episode…

Episode 279 – Y’all Ready For This?

This week we can’t remember if the creator of Space Invaders was born in the 90’s or the 40’s. We speculate about going back to relive history or personal memories and we lament about the greed pervading video games. You can either spike the V-ball or get ready to do the Tribal Dance in the […]…

Episode 278 – Zombie Atari

  This week we hope that talking about Pac-Man games doesn’t cause Atari to file a frivolous lawsuit against us. Our dislike of Adam Sandler causes a tangent about movies but we come back to video games that we don’t know anything about other than the name of the main character. The future looks dark […]…

Episode 277 – Don’t sell that game!

This week we’re talking about games with generic or misleading titles and we continue Pac-month. We’ve got homebrew ports with Mode-7 on Sega and some unreleased prototypes. How “90’s” can any one video game be? Find out in this episode! This Week in Gaming History March 14, 1956 – Alexey Pajitnov(the creator of Tetris)’s birthday Hot […]…

Interview – Midwest Gaming Classic 2015

Check out our interview with the organizers of the Midwest Gaming Classic to learn about what’s scheduled for this year’s show. Download this episode…

Episode 276 – Pac-March

This week we’re starting off our celebration of #PACMONTH with the WeTalkGames podcast by reviewing some lesser-known Pac Man games. We give advice on breaking into the RPG genre for the first time and we debate whether or not the Virtual Boy has the best controller. We imagine games that seem like they should exsist […]…

Episode 275 – Recovering Fanboys

This week we look back on a hacking false alarm and a movie about Alan Turing. QTE’s are ruining immersion and there’s a hybrid restaurant and arcade opening for business. We’re driving motorcycles and monster trucks in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming History March 1, 1990 – Steve Jackson Games was […]…

Episode 274 – We expect better from Mortal Kombat

This week our Fury is Fatal and we wonder how the Donkey Kong characters managed to stay the same age for the last 20 years. We prepare to say farewell to Club Nintendo and we poke fun at Instagram. RPG’s no longer need input from the player and we look back on some sci-fi from […]…

Episode 273 – Quest for water

This week on The Retro League we take a slight detour to answer a couple non-retrogaming questions: 1) are Cubs fans the worst people on Earth? and 2) Just what was the deal with the ending of Dune? After we get past that we’re on to the usual rounds including co-op games, which 64-bit Zelda […]…

Episode 272- Family Friendly Live-Action

For what we can only assume is the first time on The Retro League we’re talking about the ill-fated Gizmondo system. Don’t worry though we get right back into retrogaming topics like Atari 7800 prototypes, Dig Dug, Namco Cyberstation, the strange history of Tetris, Sonic CD, and Shanghai Pocket.  This Week in Gaming History February […]…

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