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Wafu FM

Hi folks, Chris here…for all those that used to listen to Revolving Video and aren’t aware of my new podcast, head on over to the Wafu FM blog, we’re up to episode 16 at the minute, so there’s plenty to catch up on. Hope to see you there – WAFU FM…

‘Top Quality Video Tapes’ Episode 2

2012-05-24 :: Chris Armstrong & Jamie Johnston
So, here we have the overdue second episode of WAFU’s resident podcast. In this show, Adam and I review a short film entitled ‘We Are What We Eat’, as well as Kevin Smiths ‘Red State’ and the box office behemoth that is ‘The Avengers’. There are some spoilers now and then in the reviews, so [...]…

The Top Quality Video Tapes Podcast

2012-04-06 :: Chris Armstrong & Jamie Johnston
Hi folks, Chris here. My new podcast is now online, please check it out! And stick Wafu in your bookmarks, episodes will be going up there every week! ——————————————————- Here we have the debut episode of The “Top Quality Video Tapes” Podcast, hosted by myself and my good friend Adam Wigham (@spuffjockey). Sorry if [...]…

WAFU Podcast

I’m getting back onto the “podcast scene”…or whatever!   All is explained here - Hope all the RV Massive check it out!…

Show Update

I thought i’d post something here incase you haven’t dropped by the facebook page or twitter recently. Sorry that there hasn’t been a new show in nearly a month, I wish I could say this was due to laziness but it’s not, it’s due to needless “behind the scenes” bullshit. So as it stands right [...]…

Episode 39: A Gentleman’s Agreement

2012-02-15 :: Chris Armstrong & Jamie Johnston
We’re back! I’m betting most of you assumed we were on another 6 month hiatus, but no. This show is pretty much all reviews, looking at what we’ve been feeding our eyes and brains since the last show with a little bit of movie news and random banter peppered throughout. If we’re not back with [...]…

Episode 38: The One After 37…

2011-12-14 :: Chris Armstrong & Jamie Johnston
What’s coming up, technical difficulties, random cats, Capsule reviews. Home Media Releases: Blu Ray & DVD releases for the rest of the year. FIVE: Great TV & Movie Vehicles Break – We Plugs Some Sites – Head Full Of Snow/Beardy Freak & The Cinema Snob Movie Review: Universal Soldier: Regeneration Films Of 2012 + Expendables Extended [...]…

Mini Show Downloads

2011-12-09 :: Chris Armstrong & Jamie Johnston
Here are Mp3 versions of the two Facebook shows. Severance Review FIVE: Fight Scenes…

Episode 37: Bustin’ Ass

2011-12-08 :: Chris Armstrong & Jamie Johnston
What’s coming up, random jibber jabber. Chris’ Movie Review: Insidious Home Media Releases: Blu Ray & DVD releases coming soon + Chris’s hope for a 3 disc Blu Ray of ‘Rambu’ someday. Movie News: Clarkson cameo’s in ‘The Sweeney’, Tennis player joins ‘Expendables 2′ cast, Jackie Chan’s ‘Chinese Zodiac’. Break – We Plugs Some Sites – [...]…

Episode 36: Chuck VS Vietnam

2011-12-01 :: Chris Armstrong & Jamie Johnston
Hiya! Capsule Reviews: Four Lions, Rush Hour 3, No Country For Old Men, Weird Science. Home Media Releases: Blu Ray & DVD releases coming soon. Movie News: Ken Russell RIP, The Expendables 2 news round up including a rather detailed plot descriptions *Spoiler Warning* Break – We Plugs Some Sites – Head Full Of Snow/Beardy [...]…

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