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Episode 50 - The Finale

2009-08-09 :: Length: 6s
Feeling guilty over the paultry amount left to Jeeves in his will, Mr. Towers revises it much to Jeeves' delight. Unfortunately, there is a nasty turn of events that threatens his happiness.…

Episode 49 - One Final Plan

2009-08-03 :: Length: 4s
Jeeves tries to stop Towers from getting the will to the bank.…

Episode 48 - The Changing Of The Will

2009-07-30 :: Length: 4s
Jeeves attempts to change Towers' will when his employer steps out of the room.…

Episode 47 - The Will That Won't

2009-07-26 :: Length: 5s
Towers changes his will to include Jeeves, but his inclusion is anything but profitable.…

Episode 46 - Suspicion

2009-07-22 :: Length: 4s
Fearing that Towers finally suspects him of embezzlement, Jeeves falls to pieces.…

Episode 45 - Out You Go

2009-07-20 :: Length: 4s
Jeeves thinks he has found a way to get rid of the nephew…

Episode 44 - The Pain The Pain

2009-07-15 :: Length: 4s
Back at Ivory Towers Estate, Jeeves finds the need to eliminate the nephew before he finds the errors in Tower's books.…

Episode 43 - A Cell Of A Deal

2009-07-12 :: Length: 3s
Jeeves discovers that Towers had a cell phone during their entire adventure and reacts rather unpleasantly.…

Episode 42 - The Nephew

2009-07-08 :: Length: 3s
Towers and Jeeves find Tower's nephew in a grass shack on the beach.…

Episode 41 - A Seafood Threat

2009-07-05 :: Length: 4s
Jeeves goes in search of Towers, but runs up against a formidable sea foe.…

Episode 40 - A Pressing Matter

2009-07-01 :: Length: 3s
Towers attempts to get Towers safely down from the battleship, but Towers has a better way.…

Episode 39 - Beached

2009-06-28 :: Length: 3s
Jeeves awakes to find their battleship beached.…

Episode 38 - Towers Under Glass

2009-06-24 :: Length: 4s
Towers becomes delirious with hunger - and Jeeves is starting to look mighty tasty.…

Episode 37 - Perched on a Tuna

2009-06-22 :: Length: 4s
Washed out to sea by a tsunami, Jeeves and Towers find themselves high and dry upon the overturned hull of a battleship.…

Episode 36 - Incoming

2009-06-18 :: Length: 3s
Now at the ocean, Jeeves and Towers make a startling discovery.…

Episode 35 - One Lump Or Two

2009-06-14 :: Length: 3s
Jeeves is cured of his amnesia by Mr. Towers - the hard way.…

Episode 34 - Amnesia For One

2009-06-10 :: Length: 2s
Suffering from amnesia, Jeeves endures Towers' attempts to bring him out of it.…

Episode 33 - The Antidote

2009-06-07 :: Length: 3s
Jeeves is cured of the deadly bug bite but suffers a nasty after-effect.…

Episode 32 - Chew On This

2009-06-03 :: Length: 4s
Mr. Towers attempts to counteract the poison of the deadly bug that has bitten Jeeves.…

Episode 31 - Saved by the Bug

2009-05-31 :: Length: 3s
Jeeves is saved from becoming dinner for the headhunters by an unlikely, and unwanted, source.…

Episode 30 - Boiled ham

2009-05-28 :: Length: 2s
Jeeves and Towers find themselves about to be cooked alive in a giant caldron.…

Episode 29 - Friendly natives

2009-05-25 :: Length: 3s
Towers and Jeeves confront the Chief of the headhunter tribe, although Jeeves has a bit of a problem understanding the strange dialect.…

Episode 28 - Say what?

2009-05-20 :: Length: 3s
Jeeves tries to convince Towers of the impending danger by the jungle drums, but Towers seems to have hearing trouble.…

Episode 27 - Jungle Drums

2009-05-17 :: Length: 3s
The two are confronted with distant jungle drums in the jungle.…

Episode 26 - Elephant Joke

2009-05-13 :: Length: 4s
Back on earth again, Towers and Jeeves find themselves in a sweltering jungle and Towers tries his hand at an elephant joke.…

Episode 25 - The Outcome

2009-05-10 :: Length: 3s
Having had the experiment, The Thing, performed on them, Jeeves and Towers make a startling discovery.…

Episode 24 - The Thing

2009-05-08 :: Length: 2s
The alien prepares Jeeves and Towers for The Thing.…

Episode 23 - The Probes

2009-05-06 :: Length: 3s
After their encounter with the probes, Jeeves introduces Towers to the alien.…

Episode 22 - Reunion

2009-05-03 :: Length: 2s
Jeeves and Towers are reunited aboard the spaceship.…

Episode 21 - Displeasing

2009-05-01 :: Length: 2s
Jeeves meets one of the aliens aboard the UFO, and is told of the probes.…

Episode 20 - Close Encounter

2009-04-30 :: Length: 3s
Relenting on what could possibly go wrong with him in the desert, Jeeves suddenly encounters a spaceship.…

Episode 19 - An annoying mirage

2009-04-29 :: Length: 2s
Having given up on getting any wealth from the Genie, Towers again wanders the desert while confronting an extremely annoying mirage.…

Episode 18 - Gold Mine

2009-04-27 :: Length: 3s
For his second wish, Jeeves instructs the Genie of the toilet bowl to grant him gold.…

Episode 17 - The First Wish

2009-04-24 :: Length: 3s
Jeeves gets his first wish from the Genie of the toilet bowl…

Episode 16 - The Discovery

2009-04-22 :: Length: 2s
The toilet that Jeeves has found in the desert contains a promising surprise.…

Episode 15 - Wandering

2009-04-20 :: Length: 3s
Jeeves suddenly finds himself alone in the vast desert.…

Episode 14 - Deserted in the Desert

2009-04-18 :: Length: 3s
Jeeves suddenly finds himself alone in the vast desert.…

Episode 13 - Cab Ride

2009-04-16 :: Length: 3s
Towers hails a cab and instructs the driver to take himself and Jeeves to Towers' nephew.…

Episode 12 - The Dream

2009-04-12 :: Length: 3s
At the railroad station, Jeeves dreams about what might have happened to Towers on their previous train trip.…

Episode 11 - Train Ride of Terror

2009-04-11 :: Length: 3s
Jeeves, who does not travel well by rail, is sicker than a dog.…

Episode 10 - Packing

2009-04-10 :: Length: 2s
Jeeves and Towers pack for their upcoming train trip.…

Episode 09 - Have your tickets ready.

2009-04-08 :: Length: 3s
Back at Ivory Towers Estate, Mr. Towers reveals his plan to take a trip in order to locate his nephew.…

Episode 08 - A Bag of Towers to go

2009-04-07 :: Length: 3s
Jeeves and the ghost of the nephew's house prepare to take care of Towers once and for all.…

Episode 07 - The Ghost

2009-04-06 :: Length: 2s
Jeeves and the ghost in the nephew's house discuss Leonard Towers.…

Episode 06 - A True Ding Dong

2009-04-04 :: Length: 3s
Mr. Towers' insistence on delivering the letter to his nephew forces Jeeves to lay a trap in the trail to the nephew's house to stop the delivery.…

Episode 05 - Unhappy Trails To You

2009-04-02 :: Length: 3s
Mr. Towers' insistence on delivering the letter to his nephew forces Jeeves to lay a trap in the trail to the nephew's house to stop the delivery.…

Episode 04 - Mail That Letter

2009-03-31 :: Length: 2s
Jeeves goes into great detail in pointing out to Towers all the physical dangers of mailing the letter himself in the hopes that Towers will not mail it.…

Episode 03 - An Evil Plan

2009-03-29 :: Length: 3s
Jeeves hatches an evil plan to eliminate Towers before the letter to the nephew can be mailed.…

Episode 02 - Letter To The Nephew

2009-03-26 :: Length: 3s
Mr. Towers instructs Jeeves to write to his nephew to find out why and where his money is disappearing.…

Episode 01 - The Nemesis

2009-03-02 :: Length: 3s
Meet Mr. Leonard Towers and his faithful house servant, Jeeves. Towers suspects that his vast fortune might be disappearing and Jeeves hopes not to have Towers find out that he is the thief.…

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The Root of all Evil