Last update: 2015-03-31

Podcast #59 // Ashley Wilhite on Breaking Into Entrepreneurship

2015-03-31 :: Sarah Bagley Length: 28s
I found Ashley when she was a Stratejoy blogger, and I fell in love with her writing and her personality. She’s just the sweetest....…

Podcast #58 // Melanie Dale on Her New Book, Women Are Scary

2015-03-24 :: Sarah Bagley Length: 33s
Women are scary! Two of the most scariest days in my recent life were: 1) the day I met the  moms in my first...…

Podcast #57 // Cait Sherwood on Art and Perfection

2015-03-18 :: Sarah Bagley Length: 32s
The blank page terrifies me. Whether it’s a blank document ready for words or a blank piece of paper ready for strokes of paint,...…

Podcast #56 // Ling Wong on Business Soul Work

2015-03-10 :: Sarah Bagley Length: 30s
I love something Ling said to me during this podcast. It was something like: do you need to make it perfect or are you...…

Podcast #55 // Michelle Ward on Changing Career Paths

2015-03-03 :: Sarah Bagley Length: 41s
I’m always asking Dan, “what should I do when I grow up?!” It’s a frequent conversation around here. So when I found Michelle, I...…

Podcast #54 // Jessica Turner from The Fringe Hours

2015-02-17 :: Sarah Bagley Length: 36s
Photo via Jessica at The Mom Creative When Jessica contacted me about her new book, The Fringe Hours, I knew I had to interview...…

Podcast #53 // Elizabeth Chapman on Motherhood, Working, and Balance

2015-02-10 :: Sarah Bagley Length: 43s
I adore Elizabeth Chapman. We are most definitely kindred spirits. I totally relate to her blog, and I love linking up with the Mid-Month...…

Podcast #52 // Stephanie Lewis on Trying to Do Everything Perfectly

2015-02-03 :: Sarah Bagley Length: 29s
I feel like I need to do everything. And everything at 100%. So Stephanie and I are kindred spirits because we both feel we...…

Podcast #51 // Sarah Ruiz on Being an Engineer and a Creative

2015-01-20 :: Sarah Bagley Length: 36s
I’m in awe of Sarah Ruiz. She’s amazing! She’s a NASA engineer, mom, wife, crafter, and blogger. We connected on our perfectionism beginning as...…

Podcast #50 // Michele Vaughn on Embracing this Season of Life

2015-01-13 :: Sarah Bagley Length: 37s
Sometimes when it comes to perfectionism, it might take two or three or 25 times to learn a lesson before it sinks in. Do...…

Podcast #49 // Amanda Berlin on Choosing a New Path

2015-01-06 Length: 53s
Hooray! It’s Season 2 of the podcast! I’m so excited to be back! I’ve got lots of amazing guests lined up, and I can’t...…

Podcast #48 // Melissa Marie on Crafting and Perfectionism

2014-12-09 Length: 29s
Melissa Marie is my youngest podcast guest – but she’s wise beyond her years.  As a high school student, she’s got a lot of...…

Podcast #47 // Kristen Tenini on being a Mom of Twins

2014-12-02 Length: 28s
Kristen and I are soul mates.  If we lived near each other, I know we’d have great fun at play dates.  Kristen is a...…

Podcast #46 // Julia Garza on Being a Work At Home Mom

2014-11-18 Length: 33s
Julia has the cutest blog.  It’s full of cute crafts, book recommendations for little ones, reviews, and great tips for being a work-at-home mom. ...…

Podcast #45 // Pam Moore on Listen To Your Mother

2014-11-11 Length: 38s
I connected with Pam right away when she described herself as a sort-of-stay-at-home-mom.  Yep, that’s something I can relate to!  And she’s a producer...…

Podcast #44 // Special Edition of the Podcast Featuring This Is My Brave

2014-11-06 Length: 31s
Today I’m bring you a special edition of my podcast featuring Jenn Killi Marshall and Anne Marie Ames from This Is My Brave, a...…

Podcast #43 // Sherrie Graham on Overcoming Perfection and Finding Joy in the Everyday

2014-11-04 Length: 34s
When I put the call out for listeners to email me if they’d like to be on the show, I thought, what if no...…

Podcast #42 // Wendy Chen on the Novel Writing Process and Perfectionism in Writing

2014-10-28 Length: 30s
About a month ago I decided to go to a knitting night for my mom’s group.  I ended up sitting next to Wendy Chen,...…

Podcast #41 // Brigid Schulte on Overwhelm and Making the Time for Work, Love, and Play

2014-10-21 Length: 42s
Brigid’s book, Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time, speaks to me all too well.  I feel overwhelmed all the...…

Podcast #40 // Sarah R. Bagley on Perfectionism, Motherhood, Working, House Building, and Listening to Her Gut

2014-10-14 Length: 43s
When my friend, Katie, asked me if I would be willing to let her interview me for the podcast, I said, sure!  Why not? ...…

Podcast #39 // Erin and Ellen from the Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms on Making Motherhood and Work, Work

2014-10-07 Length: 37s
I met Erin and Ellen when we were all part of The Listen To Your Mother Baltimore Show.  I felt instantly connected to these...…

Podcast #38 // Amy Schubert on NOT Knowing What We Want to Be When We Grow Up

2014-09-30 Length: 39s
I’ve never met Amy, ever.  We’ve never chatted before this episode.  Yet, the minute we started chatting, I felt like I’ve known her my...…

Podcast #37 // Tamara Branch on Inspring Women and Girls to Shine

2014-09-23 Length: 34s
There are so many things I wish I could tell my younger self.  Stop worrying, everything turns out okay!  Trust me!  Really!  Stop beating...…

Podcast #36 // Jess Lively on Intention and Living from Your Values

2014-09-16 Length: 1s
When I think of the word intention, I think of Jess Lively.  I’ve been following Jess for quite some time, and I love how...…

Podcast #35 // Katie Clemons on the Importance of Your Story

2014-09-09 Length: 36s
When I think of story, I think of Katie Clemons.  To me, she’s the epitome of story.  Telling your story, recording your story, sharing...…

Podcast #34 // Kayla Hollatz on Rebranding

2014-09-02 Length: 34s
I graduated from college almost a decade ago.  But I still remember the pressure I felt at college and the stress of finding my...…

Podcast #33 // Courtney Bowden from Bowdenism on Showing Your Real

2014-08-26 Length: 42s
It was so refreshing to chat with Courtney.  She’s such a real mom.  We’ve never talked before this episode.  But after we chatted, I...…

Podcast # 32 // Kathy Stowell on Fueling Creative Fire and Taking a Meandering Path

2014-08-19 Length: 39s
At this time in my life, I find myself overflowing with creativity.  And also feeling burnt out.  That’s why I love Kathy.  She encourages...…

Podcast #31 // Ali Edwards on Goals, the Creative Process, and Telling Our Real Story

2014-08-12 Length: 47s
Ali  is one of those people I look up to.  And I’ve never even met her!  I found her in 2008, and I fell...…

Podcast #30 // Erica Ladd on Publishing Her First Book

2014-08-05 Length: 36s
Erica’s expecting in a couple different ways.  She’s got a brand new book that just hit the shelves this week.  And she and her...…

Podcast #29 // Sarah Von Bargen on Being Abstainers and Perfectionist Entreprenuers

2014-07-29 Length: 42s
I’m a Virgo, Abstainer, and First Born.  So is Sarah.  So we’re basically kindred spirits.  As struggling perfectionists, it’s tough to be entrepreneurs.  It’s...…

Podcast #28 // Kiran Ferrandino from Masala Chica on Managing Perfectionism and Varied Interests

2014-07-22 Length: 41s
  As perfectionists, we want to do everything 100%.  No, 1000%!  So managing multiple interests is tough, if not maddening.  Kiran, like me, has...…

Podcast #27 with Tiffany Merritt from Stuff Parents Need on Switching Gears & Making a New Path

2014-07-15 Length: 46s
I was a government major.  And I earned my Masters in Public Policy.  I don’t do any of those things now.  Early in my...…

Podcast #26 // Jenn Killi Marshall on Advocating for Mental Health

2014-07-08 Length: 33s
Mental illness are common in the United States.  One in four adults in the US suffers from a mental illness.  Those are high numbers. ...…

Podcast #25 / Kate Hood from The Big Piece of Cake on Focusing on What’s Important

2014-07-01 Length: 54s
A disappointing situation led to me befriending Kate.  I auditioned for the Listen To Your Mother DC Show (that Kate produces), and I wasn’t...…

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