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The Shallow Gene Pool Final Show 15 November 2009

2009-11-15 ::
The final episode of The Shallow Gene Pool. My many and heart-felt thanks to all my listeners and those who have emailed me over the years. My other podcast, A Moment In Reason, will continue. …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 30 May 1 2009

2009-05-01 ::
Comment on gay marriage San Diego police kills home owner's dog looking for a non-existent drug lab Allegheny County sheriff’s Kills dog tied on leash Milwaukee police kills dog by shooting it four times after it jumps a fence PETA reached a new high killing 95% of the adoptable animals in its care Google Street View displays naked child while exec's home is not photographed Teamsters President Jim Hoffa - "Secret ballot voting is not democratic and is something from the Soviet Union" Atheists suing over city-sponsored church beautification Traveling evangelist Jeremy Sonnier suing Louisiana University over freedom of speech John Stewart and Jim Cramer pissing contest Yet another Democrat wants to ban Barbie dolls Minnesota to support Islamic religious financial laws Muslim law supports the right of husbands to have sex with wives or rape wives Christians go ballistic over sin themed prom A Connecticut middle school principal has banned all touching School officials strip search 13 year old to find Advil she never had Two UK clairvoyants have been awarded a $6,661 government grant to set up a school for psychics The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission willfully violated the Fair Labor Standards Act Texas officers assault and arrest a 12 year old in her own front yard for prostitution Parents seek ban on sexting RedShift Award Bill Clinton, John Kerry and others Bill Clinton, again Joe Godlewski, maker of Blessed Christian Salt Blogger Brian Kennedy for this comment …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 29 March 2 2009

2009-03-02 ::
United Nations peacekeepers forcing prostitution, sexual extortion for food and water, and exploiting pre-teen girls for sex. A high-ranking human rights worker with ties to the United Nations arrested with child pornography. United Nation's management of all worldwide treaties and programs for environmental protection is completely out of control and approaching chaos. More concern over the carbon released by the Australian fires than loss of life.  68 year old man saves three people, is hit by a vehicle, seriously injured and fined, for jaywalking.  States looking to make more money from traffic stops.  Chicago police arrested a 14-year-old boy for allegedly impersonating one of their own. Pennsylvania judges paid to send children and teens to jail.  Connecticut Superior Court Judge calls State Trooper a nigger during drunk driving arrest.  President Please organization trying to replace the word nigger and making a change that isn’t. India's Hindu nationalist movement have a new soft drink made from cow urine. Georgia animal control shelter puts down by mistake. Madison Wisconsin middle school teacher placed on administrative leave after posing with a gun.    PETA: the American Kennel Club is the same as the Klu Klux Klan.  Baltimore City man stabs son in but for not wearing a hat in church.  Canadian Bill Murray denies hip surgery since he is too old to enjoy the benefits.  Postal carrier Ney York threatened with suspension because he failed to walk across snow-covered lawns. A California man is under arrest for allegedly trying to sell his 14-year-old daughter into marriage for 100 cases of beer and other items. Police say arranged marriages are common in many cultures and are not against the law as long as both people are over the legal age. President Barack Obama's angers his own Christian supporters with nod to the faithless.  North Dakota House Bill 1399 would provide $450,000 for grants teach American Indian languages. California: middle school spending $10,000 to teach Spanish to students already fluent in Spanish. Chesapeake Va. Local angered over parents public humiliation of failing child.  National Science Foundation employees spending time surfing porn sites and adult chat sites.  Abortion clinic delivers live baby be mistake and then throws the baby into the garbage.  RedShift Award  John Kerry Bethany on Yahoo Answers Pepsi President Obama  …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 28 January 18 2009

2009-01-24 ::
A Pittsburgh family's puppy is dead after he was shot at point-blank range on a leash by an Allegheny County Sheriff's deputy. A Grady County Deputy shot and killed a woman's dog simply for the dog going up to the deputy . You may also want to leave your dog at home if you travel trough Tennessee to prevent it form being shot by police.  New Jersey police officer charged with sexually assaulting three girls now charged with  engaging in sex acts with cows. A Phoenix police officer flashed his gun and wouldn't allow anyone on his property to help the cat that was stranded for nine days. In the United Kingdom, if the cancer treatment is too expensive, you won't get it. Baltimore religious cult starves to death two year old for not saying amen.  Jarek Molski's, an American's With Disabilities extortionist, is now barred form any further litigation. Max Rameau, an activist, is proving housing to the homeless by breaking into foreclosed homes.  Houses built by former President Carter and celebrities falling apart, making people sick and were build on top of a land fill. Scientology faith facilitated murder by mentally ill woman.  Woman sues former church for threatening to publically reveal her sins.  A blind man has been turned away from a fashionable Indian restaurant because his guide dog offended Muslim staff.   British aid worker shot dead in Afghanistan 'for spreading Christianity.  An 11-year-old girl has been set on fire by for wearing lipstick and being inappropriately dressed. Iranian Police have arrested 49 people for "satanic" clothes.  Kleberg County, Texas bans hell for containing the word “hell.” Under state law, God is Kentucky's first line of defense against terrorism. ANSWER member tells Jews to 'go back to the oven'. Salvation Army collectors in the U.K. have been told not to rattle their tins as it could be construed as religious harassment to Muslims.  A Republican state senator says he wants to keep alcohol out of the view of minors in restaurants. RedShift Awards Tara Miller. United Nations United Stated congress Fred R. Shapiro, associate librarian and lecturer in legal research at the Yale Law School. …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 27 December 21 2008

2008-12-26 ::
A thank you to all of my listeners, shout-out to a few by name. Show 25 Correction North Dakota non-union teacher of the year barred from teacher's union reception held partially in her honor. Union in Detroit preventing volunteer form planting trees. ERIE Pa. union is fighting the firing of bus driver for running over pedestrians. BOSTON Massachusetts police union demands more pay for computer use. NYPD lieutenant blames sexual harassment on “jock itch.” Maryland woman jailed for walking dog on State Troopers lawn. Florida man whose wife and son were killed when an airplane crashed into their home ordered to tear down his new house because by homeowners' association. The City of Milwaukee going ahead with the foreclosure of a mentally and physically disabled over a $50 fine. California code enforcement authority wanted to jail 83 year old grandmother over 30 year old room addition. New York China King shut down over deer butchering in restaurant. RedShift Awards Louis Farrakhan The King Family The Mayor of the City of Batman The Arizona's Hispanic Bar Association (not Arizona Supreme Court Justice Ruth McGregor). …

The Shallow Gene Pool Website Review - The Split/Merge - A Journey of Discovery

2008-11-29 ::
A review of the websites and related thoughts and claims of Mr. David Enjay AKA Enjay B. Davidavitch and DAD1. Main website - Related website - Related Website - …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 26 October 27 2008

2008-10-27 ::
Two off-duty female NYC Police Officers pistol whip a Bronx man in a case of road rage More than one-third of recent Atlanta Police Academy graduates have been arrested or cited for a crime A British man was jailed for five hours after he photographed a cop reversing the wrong way up a one-way street Dearborn Michigan police officer steals marijuana and consume it to the point they believe they are overdosing, without any legal consequences Ozark Montana Police use a stung gun ninteen times on a teen with a broken back U.K. Patients with rare cancers are being left to die because of a postcode lottery that decides who gets access to drugs, according to research from a cancer charity An NHS trust has spent more than £12,000 on private treatment for hospital staff because its own waiting times are too long Newark TSA screener facing 10 years in prison for stealing $200,000 of electronics from airline passenger Reports of movie theaters and theater employees preventing people form seeing a political movie Wisconsin 8th grade public schools are using Barack Obama's memoir Dreams from my Father as "literature." Meanwhile, Warner Brothers has delayed the release of a DVD about the Hanoi Hilton since John McCain is in it RedShift Awards   Almost a third of British Muslim students believe killing in the name of Islam can be justified, according to a poll Google declares “complete privacy does not exists” and sees no wrongdoing in trespassing on private property In Clayton, California, Mayor Gregory Manning shuts down childrens' vegetable stand In Elkhart Indiana, a new law limits residents to holding only one garage sale per month Illinois Food Bank Association's “the $25 Challenge” …

Summer Hiatus 2008

2008-04-26 ::
Podcast Update - Temporary shutdown I hope. …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 25 April 26 2008

2008-04-26 ::
New up-scale housing development style humane prison in Canberra Jewish immigrant to Israel have to prove they are Jewish prior to getting married Man keep his dead wife at home as furniture Ecoterrorists burn more mansions Woman who dyes her poodle pink fined Arab man beheads baby nephew Woman send to jail over overdue library book Kenyan evolution display upsets local clergy Maryland veterans museum had live rocket on display Florida man accused of sexually assaulting his daughter more than 350 times Illegal for adults to French kiss children in Virginia censoring negative reviews about Dianetics Street preacher arrested in Salem for Halloween protest by overzealous police Maryland police refuse to pay speeding tickets Moses high on mind altering drugs when he wrote the ten commandments Convert to tea pot cult sent to jail in Malasia Child molester jumps off courthouse after conviction Teachers banned form social networking site to prevent pedophilia Five year old children committed crime by kissing Man walk out of U.K. operation over dead rat Teen kill father over MySpace restriction Mayor resigns after confessing abduction by Satanists U.K. to send lesbian back to Iran for execution Police officer convicted of killing police dog   N.Y four year old handcuffed for not taking a nap RedShift Award   Rep. Tim Couch of Kentucky - idiotic internet bill Denver Public Schools – expanding gifted classes by lowering standards STD study claiming one in four teens infected MANATEE COUNTY, Florida – Prosecuting a 93 year old man in prostitution sting …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 24 March 29 2008

2008-03-29 ::
Texas students force to learn Spanish British Minister speaks out against Muslim inbreeding Malaysian customs officials seizing Christian Bibles Retiring police officer tickets 14 patrol cars for expired inspection stickers Man posts bond for women he wanted for sex Fake plaques sent to police may be a federal offence Cops can search you and your phone’s memory if you get arrested Police abuse case takes over three months – Video of the interrogation of the victim   Man who shot a police officer in 1966 charged with his murder when he died in 2007 Intoxicated Chicago police officer attacks two other police officers and a paramedic Man arrested for cursing at police dog Teen arrested for using a potato gun Ted Haggard still gay Israeli MP declares that earthquakes caused by tolerance of homosexuals Pakistan - inclusion of achievements and contributions of non-Muslims in the syllabi for schools and colleges not acceptable Pakistan – voting for women revoked in some territories Tehran father stones daughter to death Two sisters in Tehran sentenced to be stoned to death for alleged adultery after receiving 99 lashes The Iranian parliament may mandate the death penalty for citizens who leave Islam Member of anti-Semitism task force linked to radical Muslim organization President of Sudan wants to ban Danes and Danish products but still wants Danish aid Aarons Rents’ mob-like tactics in collecting leads to $1.2 million verdict U.K. Police – Muslim honor crimes victimize 17, 000 women every year Beirut - Plea to stop execution of a woman found guilty of being a witch   New Islamic prayer tower in South ST. Louis South Africa – Women wearing miniskirts sexually assaulted and it’s their fault New Zealand man killed while wearing fake seatbelt U.K. evicts prison officers to make room for convicts Australia – Muslims students want classes scheduled around their prayer schedule Saudi Arabia – Married university professor sentence to 180 lashes after meeting with female student in religious police sting Massachusetts – Women only gym to appease Muslim students Helping the Amish could be a crime Connecticut – So this is what it takes to be expelled from school RedShift Award Utah – Church sponsored sex education for six year old children Jewish community leader calls national railway operator a Nazi over transportation fees Reading a book about the KKK in public is racially harassing …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 23 March 19 2008

2008-03-19 ::
Homosexuality compared to an epidemic and bird flu The call for international legislation penalizing those who insult heavenly religions or religious icons Muslim women in England refuse to follow hygiene rules due to religious objections Extra welfare benefits for husbands with multiple wives in England Iranian sisters to be stoned to death for meeting with non-related men Iranian 22 year old sentenced to dearth for drinking alcohol Afghanistan journalism student sentenced to death for downloading a blasphemous report Saudi Arabian business woman arrested and strip-searched for meeting a man in a Starbucks who was not a relative France should drop the separation of church and state to fund the building of mosques Muslim petition online to censor Wikipedia in accordance with Muslim religion laws Jewish organization aided and celebrates conviction and censorship in criminal case   Jewish organization declares “It is forbidden to vote for candidates that do not support Torah based morality” Drug testing for those seeking public office Police collecting DNA of “people of interest” during traffic stops New Jersey State Police employee using a nun’s computer to view pornography Department of Children and Families arrested on child pornography and sex with children charges Child and Family Services Agency and many other federal Washington computers used to visit porn sites Man arrested after circumcising two infant sons with a utility knife 60 year old “accidently” kills wife during exorcism Pope Benedict speaks out against “unethical science” like artificial insemination The German Family Ministry is pushing to have a book it says slurs Judaism, Christianity and Islam labeled dangerous for children MySpace shuts down the 35,000 member Atheists and Agnostic Group after Christian hack RedShift Award eBay bans sellers form leaving negative feedback Dr. David Suzuki – Ignore climate change – got to jail Scripps College Dean of Students Debra Wood – A party where people wear white clothing is racist …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 22 March 7 2008

2008-03-07 ::
Man cuts off own hand and cooks it due to the mark of the beast Man finds wife working in brothel PETA wants cannibal put on vegetarian diet Mother murders children possessed by daemons Nashville cabbie sentences for trying to run down a passenger over religion Man sues guard who prevented him from jumping off of building Mississippi illegal for restaurants to serve obese patrons Man convicted for killing 17 month year old who broke his Xbox Jury selection began for a woman who killed her baby in a microwave Nursing home resident found with maggots in eye Family vacation with dead grandmother Colorado - people randomly served on street for jury duty Three little pigs story banned due to worry over offense Muslim suing hair dresser doublers her claim of damage Saudi Arabia can now stay in a hotel or a furnished apartment without a male guardian Muslim woman divorced from her husband by her relatives England - seven million patients have been unable to see an NHS dentist for almost two years Britons consume more fast food than any other western country Biological reason why people crave junk food Deaf British teen's hearing restored when cotton fell out of his ear RedShift Award U.K. teacher not to assume children have a mom and dad MySpace suicide investigation Australia - Drug counselors called due to chalk licking Seventh grader almost prosecuted for smelling hand sanitizer …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 21 January 18 2008

2008-01-19 ::
Sex education for five year olds The new British health constitution Couple banned for life from a shopping center for taking pictures of their grandchildren Europeans adjust to new nanny state laws Pastafarians rejoice - two Flying Spaghetti Monster miracles 51 year old Chicago man stabbed by wife RIP Netscape Pornography on a child's x-mass MP3 player from Wal-Mart Two men shot while using a gun for a tattoo Two British men fired over insult to Muslim sheep slaughter festival An 82 year old widow sues a bank for not cashing a 20 year old check Muslim father murders two daughters in an Islamic honor killing Family burned to death by father due to caste violation RedShift Award Australian Senator Conroy - mandatory internet filters to protect children RIAA - it is illegal to copy CDs you have purchased to your computer …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 20 Decmeber 21 2007

2007-12-21 ::
The end of free speech has arrived…again Kangaroo bacteria to fight global warming Britain bans samurai swords Teacher calls police over bad karaoke Entire school locked down over broken thermometer AIDS infect Dubai rapist update Turkish lawyer sues Milan football team over racist Crusader symbol Toronto father murders 16 year old daughter for not wearing hijab Muslim man told by Allah to marry his 15 year old daughter Police officer fired after suing family of near drowning victim Pick up a wallet or purse in New York and go to jail Philadelphia narcotics officers upset at Hershey company Philadelphia's Boy Scout chapter facing eviction Teacher fires for preaching personal beliefs during class Sesame Street not suitable for children Vanity Fair sued for interviewing Nazi RedShift Award Three crimes due to race but not hate or racial crimes? Politicians who refuse to vote for Christmas but who voted for Ramadan Hague Museum – censoring artwork PalTalk – threats of violence perfectly acceptable …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 19 Decmeber 04 2007

2007-12-04 ::
Islamic youth leader states “Improve relations or face bombing” Mohamed Teddy Bear for auction on eBay to benefit charity New York Necrophilia Dubai official denial of AIDS presence after rape of 15 year old boy Galveston public school district threatens parent over personal website comments Robotic peace protesters protest robot battles National Children’s museum arrested over child pornography University of Columbia professor claims Muslim scientist have made all discoveries of the current age Muslims ban more books Indian man marries dog United Nations rejects resolution to outlaw or condemn state-sanctioned rape RedShift Award Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and CNN …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 18 Decmeber 03 2007

2007-12-03 ::
Short people are sick, cocky and more likely to be pedophiles, Emergency room doctor drugs and sexually assaults patient, Dentist fondles 27 patients for "legitimate medical reasons", exorcism of 3 years old ends in murder, Westboro Baptist Church sued by Veteran's father, RedShift Award - Nobel Committee, but not for what you think. …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 17 November 02 2007

2007-11-02 ::
Your Asian tattoo doesn't say what you think it does, Protest over a hanging witch by witches who miss one major point, A crowd steal a dying mans groceries, two people worthy of the death penalty, 3 year old boy neglected by parents - rescue by pedophile. RedShift Award - Democrats who accept dirty money from criminals, refuse to return it to the victims of the crime and the lack of reporting from the media. …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 16 October 12 2007

2007-10-12 ::
Man sues Microsoft over porno file insecurity, Pastor jailed over instructional sex with daughters, Belly button stud goes through teenager like a bullet, 7000 lashes for sodomy conviction, German court convicts man for insulting Islam, The obese should have health warnings on their clothes, RedShift Award - Anti Defamation League and the US Navy. …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 15 October 12 2007

2007-10-12 ::
Podcast format change, RedShift Award correction, Taliban hang a teenager for possessing American money, Over 100 Girls School shut down due to Taliban violence and threats, McDonald's employee who over salted burger jailed, Scientology faces criminal charges, RedShift Award - Bank of America, John Travolta and Democrat presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich. …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 14 June 1 2007

2007-06-01 ::
Removing all things non-PC in medicine, Recycling Styrofoam, Top Ten Apollo Hoax Theories, RS- Stephaney Miller. …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 13 May 30 2007

2007-05-30 ::
Patient sues over prescribed sex with doctor, Irreplaceable research lost in Katrina, Intelligent Design: An Ambiguous Assault on Evolution, Red Shift Award - Rashad Akhtar's Burger King jihad. …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 12 February 18 2007

2007-02-18 ::
Show 12 - Fedruary 18 2007- Holocaust denial crime, Coffee benefits, Intelligent Design: Belief Posing as Theory Red Shift Award - Airline Seating Policy. …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 11 February 17 2007

2007-02-17 ::
Show 11 - Feb 17 2007 - Ann Coulter and New Jersey Assemblywomen Joan Quigley and Linda Stender, Spray On Clothing, Anti-Evolution Attacks, Red Shift Award- Councilor Mahbubur Rahman. …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show Ten February 2007

2007-02-10 ::
Show Ten Feb 2007- School bus kicks kids off for speaking English, Scientists' belief in God, ID - the death of science, RedShift Award- Halifax and Nat West Banks …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show Nine April 2006

2006-04-27 ::
Show Nine April 27, 2006 - problems, Statistical nonsense, Ethanol E85 and Hybrid troubles. RedShift Award - AOL email "tax". …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show Eight April 2006

2006-04-11 ::
Show Eight April 2006 - Flexitarians, Magnetic Microchips Replaces Electronic Semiconductor, Top ten vestigial organs. RedShift Award - Katrina Conspiracies. …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show Seven March 2006

2006-03-31 ::
Show Seven March 2006 - Rev. Fred Phelps, Is ours the only universe?, Is Intelligent Design a Scientific Theory?. Redshift Award - Air America scandal and cookie cutter news media lack of reporting. …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show Six November 2005

2005-11-20 ::
Show Six November 2005 - Canadian supreme court rules Canadian health care system is inherently flawed, Brain repair during pregnancy, Alternative energy sources, Ethanol not a green fuel. RedShift Award - Josh Earnest Democratic National Committee spokesman. …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show Five October 2005

2005-10-20 ::
Show Five October 2005 - British doctors seek knife ban, 10th planet discovered, Calorie restriction diet and longevity. RedShift Award - Cindy Sheehan. …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show Four September 2005

2005-09-20 ::
Show Four September 2005 - Rape victim must marry rapist, Breasts grown from stem cells, Fish nerve regeneration in mammals, Top Ten: Ways to destroy planet Earth. RedShift Award - Apple Computers and Mac fanatics. …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show Three August 2005

2005-08-20 ::
Show Three August 2005 - Britain government bans communal combs, Moderate drinking aids intelligence?, American obesity myth, CDC manipulated figures and the food police. RedShift Award - NEA. …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show Two July 2005

2005-07-22 ::
Show Two July 2005 - PETA, Bone Rings, Cognitive Studies. RedShift Award - Dick Durban. …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show One June 2005

2005-06-22 ::
Show One June 2005 -Drunk Canadian, Ghost Detector, UN Members' Human Rights Violations, Blue Rose, Why did sex evolve?, Ectogenesis. RedShift Award - Terri Schiavo fiasco and the death of the Pope. …

The Shallow Gene Pool Show 31 July 23 2009

1969-12-31 ::
Podcast announcement.  Woman upset over her car repossession. Woman murders her four daughters due to demon possessions. 17 year old and a 14 year old mother sentenced in 500 degree kitty roast.   Raid on a gay bar that that leaves one man hospitalized with a serious head injury. Police entrapment in Illinois teen drunk driving conviction. D.C. police chief upset of use of technology to avoid speed traps and checkpoints. Swine flu affecting as Islamic pilgrimage. Teacher accused of sexual harassment okay to fired after seven years of paid leave. The Red Cross wants U.S. School to teach the Geneva Conventions, or at leasts a version of it. Tracfone to cash in on 3.2 million dollar federal plan. “Imagine No Religion” billboard causes the expected results. China's to stop using shock therapy for Internet addiction. Socialized Medicine news from the United Kingdom. English retirees may be forced to pay upon retirement to fund social care system. How about a nine month wait for the treatment of Arthritis? Obamacare example: Federal Medical system allowed 5 year old to die painfully of cancer in a know failed system.  RedShift Award Our illustrious Government and the media incapable of keeping it in check. …

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The Shallow Gene Pool; Examining examples of the shallow end of the human gene pool